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Initially, I wish to congratulate you all with the Day of Didgori. We are celebrating the most significant day of our great history and marvelous past today. Victory in the Didgori battle is an example of unfading strength and perseverance, military glory, heroism and daring of Georgian people that defined the following development of our country in many ways. It was announced by Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia when delivering a speech at the celebration of Didgori Day.

As the Head of Government of Georgia noted, the brilliant victory attained 9 centuries ago was a “marvelous triumph” belonging to a number of greatest achievements of military strategy in world history, turning into a solid foundation of unification, solidification and statehood of our nation.
“Victory in the Didgori battle made the liberation of our country possible and gave rise to the Golden Age in the history of Georgia – political, economic, cultural, religious and educational renaissance. With this victory, Georgia eventually got established as the strongest state in the region.
At the same time, I wish to once again remind our future generation – especially our children and youth – that it was the day of national victory with Christian values, which serves as a basis of our culture, history and traditions of our country. These very values support us to this day. It is the only solid basis” noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.
According to the Head of Government of Georgia, the Didgori battle and victory guides every single citizen of the country.
“We know it well that unequal powers stood opposite each other in Didgori Valley, however unbending spirit, Georgian firmness, daring and courage were on our side – of course – with the wisdom and bravery of our grand ruler, Saint King David the Builder.
I wish to once again recall the words of our prudent Patriarch, which – may be said – best express the significance of this day – a true public feast: Didgori battle is yet to be won! Didgori is the fight and victory that guides each citizen of the country. We should remember that future generations need to know that with the unity of our country and people, with a daily work for and to our homeland, we can succeed in any challenge – great or small – be that unification of our nation and gaining our territorial integrity. Once again, let me congratulate you all on this day and wish unification, solidification and integrity to our homeland. God be our protector!” stated Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia.
Various cultural events were held to celebrate Didgori Day. Three military officers were awarded with a Didgori Cross. Event was attended by Juansher Burchuladze, Minister of Defense of Georgia; Irakli Karseladze, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia; Lasha Khutsishvili, Minister of Finance of Georgia; Larry Barnabishvili, Department Head for Regional Coverage at the Government Administration;  Giorgi Dokhturishvili, Governor of Kvemo Kartli; Revaz Javelidze, Head of Government Administration and officials of the local authorities.

Press Service of the Government Administration

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What does China's financial opening-up mean for foreign institutions and global investors? Samuel Fischer, a Swiss finance executive who has been in China for nearly two decades, shared his thoughts about the Chinese market. 

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Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia met Yıldırım Demirören, Chairman of Demirören Holding today.

Parties discussed the prospects of future cooperation. Focus was made on the investment opportunities in various directions, including the hospitality industry, real estate sector, energy and information technologies. It was noted that a large investment will be injected by the company for the construction of a new, 5-star hotel branded as Old Iveria in Tskaltubo.
Potential of the country was highlighted at the meeting.
According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, a stable and favourable business environment exists in the country for investors, with low rates and small number of taxes and unique location of the country, making Georgia particularly attractive for foreign investors.
Meeting held at the Government Administration was attended by Ziya Alemdar, Vice-President of Demirören Holding and Supervisory Council Members – Sinan Oktay and Alaattin Aykaç; Kıvanç Oktay, Chairman of Lidya Yapi A.S. and Ivane Nakaidze, Founding Partner and CEO of Petrocas Energy Group.

Press Service of the Government Administration

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EU and UNDP help introduce youth work in schools and vocational colleges  

TBILISI. 12 August 2022 – On the path to creating a high-performing educational system, Georgia introduces new educational models and tools to inspire young people to study hard and strive for professional success. These efforts aim to improve youth education and close the gaps between Georgia and the European countries in the areas related to youth participation and engagement.

For now, around 34 percent of Georgian youth are not engaged in employment, education or training (NEET), compared to 13 percent on average in the EU. Youth unemployment in some of Georgia’s regions exceeds 40 percent (13.3 percent on average in the EU). Only five percent of Georgian secondary school graduates choose to enter vocational education programmes (48 percent in the EU).

To help Georgia make education more responsive to the needs and aspirations of young people, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) support the Ministry of Education and Science to introduce a concept of youth work in schools and vocational colleges. The initiative is implemented in partnership with ‘Sunny House’, a non-governmental youth organization.

In 2022, a new cohort of 18 youth workers went through professional training to join nine schools and vocational colleges across Georgia. Youth workers took a lead in establishing youth clubs at the educational institutions and arranging non-formal learning programmes.   

In July and August, over 100 young people – high-school or college students, engaged in enjoyable and interactive educational activities organised by youth workers with EU and UNDP support.

In Kachreti, ‘Aisi’ community college grounds turned into a magical world of lost treasures where students had to show their physical and intellectual abilities and team-working skills to win the game.

In Kobuleti, young people will enjoy a rare opportunity to discuss generational challenges with well-known Georgian writers. The discussion will be organised and hosted by the youth club at ‘Akhali Talga’ (‘New Wave’) college.

“The European Union helps strengthen links between formal education and non-formal learning to ensure that young people have access to high-quality education and training and improve their transition from education to employment,” said Nino Kochishvili, Programme Officer at the European Union Delegation to Georgia.

“Getting more young people into employment – jobs that pay well, with real career paths ahead – is a big social and economic opportunity for Georgia. The EU and UNDP join hands with our national partners to curate new and more effective youth education and training programmes. Greater youth employment creates a brighter future for young people and contributes to developing a larger and more dynamic economy for everyone’s benefit,” said Nick Beresford, UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia.

“We shape our work around the single most important goal – to help young people build skills they need to establish their place in society. Youth work blends formal and informal education to make the educational process richer and more effective,” said youth worker Tamuna Khalichashvili.

Starting from the new academic year in September, nine youth clubs across Georgia will resume their work to continue supporting young people in their personal development and social integration.

The EU and UNDP support draws on the EU-funded US$1,000,000 programme which contributes to creating new educational services in vocational education and training (VET), ensuring the sustainable and inclusive development of the VET system and the labour market. The programme is implemented in close partnership with Georgia’s Ministry of Education and Science, educational institutions and the private sector.

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