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Sunday, 03 March 2019 13:18

The International Overseas Real Estate and Investment Congress, a unique event that was overwhelming with its revolutionary and innovative format, completed its work in Berlin On February 18, 2019.

The De-Luxe Berlin Capital Club, a private business "club of millionaires”, in which only those who are lucky enough to receive a membership: influential investors, businessmen and politicians has hospitably opened their doors for participants from 27 countries!

During the event, world-class experts not only discussed the main problems, trends and prospects for the development of international business, but also told the participants about 40 ways of profitable investments.

The organizers awarded outstanding politicians and entrepreneurs who have made a special contribution to the development of interstate relations and economic ties (according to the Kongress Awards & The Los Angeles Journal, Yahoo Finance, The New York Journal):

· Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Germany - Bolat Nusupov;

· Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Germany - His Excellency Sheikh Saud bin Abdulrahman Al Tani;

· Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Belarus - Chermen Shokanov;

· Sergei Chernyavsky, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Central Governmental Committee of the CSU of Bavaria for Migration and Integration;

· Bundestag deputy from the FDP party-Alexander Kulitz;

· Honorary President of the Prussian Society, Senior Adviser on International Politics and Defense in the BWA e.v. Volker Čapke;

· Commissioner for combating anti-Semitism and dialogue with religious communities in the state of Brandenburg from the Union of Jewish Communities of the State of Brandenburg - Diana Sandler;

· Governor of the Central Council of Muslims of Germany - Hamza R. Wördermann;

· Chairman of the Society of Holocaust Survivors and witnesses of the time state of Brandenburg Dmytro Olidort;

· Chairman of the Social-Integration Union of Immigrants of the region Barnim, founder of the social consultation center on issues of anti-discrimination, culture and integration - Viktoria Gottselich;

· Governor of the Land Union of the Jewish Communities of Schleswig-Holstein Land, a member of the board of the Union of Progressive Jews of Germany - Inna Shames.

· Chairman of the Jewish Community of Barnim - Dr. Leah Floh;

· Founder, Chairman and CEO of the CCA Group of Berlin Capital Club Companies Owner - Dieter R. Klostermann.

 Also, a special award by the Congress Awards & The New York Journal was given to:

· Nabijon Kasimov - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Germany;

· Denis Sidorenko - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Federal Republic of Germany;

 The international congress was attended by the head of Stankevicius MGM - Paulius Stankevichius, millionaire of real estate in Germany, South America and the USA - Ingo Pyko, Victor Gharbuk - President of IPAK AG, founder of the IMEX economic alliance - Valentin Kilber, Vice-President of the Slavic World Group of Companies - Sergey Kretov, Andrei Gault - entrepreneur, investor, founder of Golt Capital, Marko Henriks - extreme swimmer from Germany, speaking for the Russian Federation, Dr. Volker Ulrich - Professor and Doctor from the Department of Economics, as well as many companies and investors from around the world!

Among the invited guests of honor: the head of the Bavarian-Russian Cultural Society - Roman Naidich, the creator of the online exhibition platform Online Expo - Vadim Romashov, the Parisian designer - Veronika Jeanvie, the owner of Georgia Times - Malkhaz Gulashvili, the general director of Crown Consulting - Olga Troll, managing director of the company “Union of Developers of Bulgaria” - Anastasia Konovalova, CEO of EspanaTour - Alexander Dashevsky, Founder of Pacalaubau GmbH - Sergey Pekalau, CEO of Ecolit GmbH - Denis Lozenko, Real Estate Consultant Porta Mondial - Olga Muller, owner Scatrealty Estate - Aigul Tleuliyeva, owner of Danlux Invest - Maria Luis Calpe Garcia, founder of RII Projektmanagement GmbH - David Holdenried, chairman of the board of the Aunite Group - Eugene Schelkonogov, owner of Nivaria Isla Tur - Irina Ksenevich, general director of Kaiser Estate GmbH - Boris Bronstein, the commercial director of Is Molas Resort Villas is Inga Primak, the founder of Monte Pro is Svetlana Aksenova, the managing partner of RocketCon is Alexander Kuzin, the director of The Leading Properties of the World is Sergey Sander.

The combination of official and behind-the-scenes communication allowed participants and guests of the congress to get maximum benefit, and tasting exclusive drinks from the world's best sommeliers, a buffet from Michelin-starred chefs, participation in a golf tournament, the opportunity allowed to enjoy elite cigars in the refined atmosphere of the main German business club. Participation in a festive concert with Catherine Kulik (the finalist of the contest “Voice. Lithuania”) and Helena Goldt (voice of the Berlin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra), contributed perhaps to make many new contacts.

“Today, the sphere of investments and real estate can be called the company of world domination with full confidence, so I decided to unite people who want to increase their capital,” Anna Stukkert noted. “According to my personal opinion, the contacts that you received at such events turn into good contracts. As a rule, it is from 3 to 10 percent. And, let someone this figure does not seem so high, but it is not invented. "

Information: The International Congress of Real Estate and Investments is held annually.


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    Berlin’s large-scale tourism exhibition, ITB Berlin 2023 is officially closed. Georgia, as the official host country of the exhibition, provided detailed information about the potential of the country’s tourism sector, traditions, hospitality and other attractions to the representatives of over 180 states and up to 200,000 visitors. Georgia’s slogan at the exhibition was “Infinite Hospitality. About 5000 media representatives from different countries of the world covered the exhibition.

    “We had an exceptionally interesting and comprehensive pavilion at the Berlin exhibition. We introduced our guests to Georgia with its unique cultural heritage, natural monuments, distinctive folklore, delicious cuisine and 8000-year continuous history of winemaking, due to which the world rightly calls our country the cradle of wine. At the same time, we can be proud of modern achievements – sustainably developing resorts. We are actively working to make Georgia a well-developed four-season tourist country, which is why investments are made in various directions. Among them, the development of new, attractive tourist places, balneological resorts, cable cars and other infrastructure, competitive services is taking place,” – Deputy Minister stated.

    Mariam Kvrivishvili noted that Georgia’s participation as a host country at ITB Berlin 2023 will significantly increase the number of international travellers to Georgia and will successfully take the country to new target markets, including Germany and other EU countries. Kvrivishvili also emphasized the growth dynamics of the civil aviation sector of Georgia. “We are actively working to bring more new airlines to the local aviation market, and existing carriers to increase destinations and flight frequencies. This is especially relevant for European destinations so that more European tourists can travel to Georgia,” – Deputy Minister commented.

    At ITB Berlin 2023, Georgian pavilion was set over an area of 1000 square meters, where 80 Georgian companies were represented. Along with the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, the Tbilisi City Hall, Adjara Tourism and Resorts Department, tourist associations, destination management organizations and the Union of Georgian Airport also participated in the exhibition.

  • Keynote Speech Delivered by Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia at the Opening Ceremony of ITB Berlin 2023

    Good Evening Your Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

    I am delighted to welcome Mr. Robert Habeck, Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany; Mr. Dirk Hoffman, Managing Director of ITB Berlin; Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili, my dear friend and Secretary-General of the UN World Tourism Organization; Ms. Julia Simpson, President and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council; and, Ms. Franzisca Giffey, the Governing Mayor of Berlin.
    Dear Friends, we are extremely honored to host you on behalf of Georgia in this beautiful city of Berlin. Welcome!

    Within the Caucasus region, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, our country has been the heart of many civilizations for millennia, being the target of great empires and often serving as the subject of contention between them. Entire history of humankind is represented in Georgia. The country was forming and evolving in constant struggle, in the pursuit of development and freedom, and at the same time, in active interaction with other cultures. It is the cooperation of these cultures that gave rise to the intercultural and tolerant nature of which we, Georgians, are so proud!

    Georgia stands out with its unique nature. It is hard to find a land with similar natural diversity and perpetual culture elsewhere.

    Almost all climate zones of the planet can be found in Georgia – from subtropical to those of eternal snow and glaciers.

    The Georgian nation with its character was formed in such an environment and historical process, with Georgian identity and culture, which is tolerant and respectful of all cultures.

    Very few countries exist in the world that have a 3,000-year old history of statehood and a multi-thousand-year national culture. This very culture is one of the fascinating achievements of world civilization and is as old as humanity itself.

    Indeed, our history begins from ancient times. The oldest human ancestor in Eurasia was discovered in Georgia. You may well be aware of Homo Georgicus – the first Europeans who lived on the territory of our country almost 2 million years ago and gave rise to the population of modern Europe.

    The Georgians have always had a close connection with the ancient civilizations of the Near East or Mesopotamia. The oldest reference to Georgian political establishments can be found in Assyrian sources. The Georgian kingdoms of Colchis, Diaokhi, and Iberia became an integral part of world civilization.

    In ancient times, we were an important center of the Western civilization. “Golden Colchis” – this is how the kingdom is mentioned in ancient written sources, next to such important cities as Mycenae, Babylon and Athens. Philosophy flourished in ancient Colchis. The philosophers of Ancient Hellas tell us about the Philosophical School of Phasis, where the Greeks received education themselves.

    Archaeological discoveries and artefacts reveal a connection between the Hellenic myth about the Golden Fleece and our reality. Even the ancient Greek historians did not doubt this connection. It was thanks to Colchis, being the country of the Golden Fleece, that Georgia found its rightful place in European culture for the first time. The whole cycle of Greek mythology is dedicated to the campaign of Argonauts in Colchis, while the Greek myths are the main source giving rise to ancient and later European culture.

  • GLOBALink | Investment fair displays confidence on China's economic rebound

    Attracting more than 1,000 company representatives from home and abroad, an investment fair for China's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is boosting global investor confidence.

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  • GLOBALink | Symposium held to foster understanding of key CPC congress

    BEIJING, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- Diplomatic envoys to China, think tank experts and journalists from nearly 80 countries exchanged their views on the guiding principles of the recently concluded 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at a forum on Wednesday.

    The symposium titled "Hong Ting Forum: Understanding the 20th CPC National Congress" was jointly hosted by the Institute of Party History and Literature of the CPC Central Committee and Xinhua News Agency at the Museum of the Communist Party of China in Beijing.

    Speaking at the forum, Qu Qingshan, president of the Institute of Party History and Literature of the CPC Central Committee, said the pivotal CPC congress reviewed the work of the past five years and the great transformations seen in the first decade of the new era, laid out the Party's missions and tasks on its new journey of the new era, and outlined the development goals and major policies of the Party and the country for the next five years and beyond.

    Think tank exchanges are important because they provide a platform for the international community to comprehend the new concepts, domains and expressions pertaining to the CPC's history and theories, thereby paving the way to gain a deeper understanding of China, its people and the Party, said Qu, who is also chairman of the National High-Level Think Tank Council of the institute.

    Fu Hua, president of Xinhua News Agency, shared his insights on the milestone CPC congress. The report to the 20th CPC National Congress is a political declaration and a program of action for the Party to bring together the Chinese people of all ethnic groups and lead them in securing new success for socialism with Chinese characteristics, Fu said when addressing the forum, adding that the report serves as a window for the world to understand China.

    To comprehend the 20th CPC National Congress, it is imperative to gain a profound understanding of the Party's new theories, its distinctive character featuring self-confidence and self-reliance, as well as the global vision the CPC has maintained, said Fu, who is also director of the Academic Committee of New China Research of Xinhua News Agency.

    The agency will continue to boost its global communication capabilities, better convey the stories of China, the CPC and the new era, and serve as a bridge connecting China and the rest of the world, Fu said.

    The opening of the forum was presided over by Lyu Yansong, editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency and deputy director of the Academic Committee of New China Research.

    Other participants also exchanged their insightful perspectives both online and offline on topics covering the key role of the Party, Chinese modernization and China's fine traditional culture.

    Produced by Xinhua Global Service


  • China Focus: Senior officials explain key report at Party congress

    BEIJING, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- The report of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), adopted at the recently concluded 20th CPC National Congress, serves as a political manifesto and a guideline for action to achieve new victories on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, a senior official said Monday.

    Jiang Jinquan, director of the Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, at a press conference held in Beijing said it is a crystallization of the collective wisdom of the CPC and the people, born from a process embodying intraparty democracy and whole-process people's democracy.

    The report will have profound and significant influences on the cause of building a modern socialist country in all respects and advancing national rejuvenation on all fronts, and will help the international community better understand the CPC's governing philosophy, its approach to governance and its ability to govern, he said.


    The report has a special section on theoretical innovation. It has elaborated what the CPC has done and plans to do to integrate the basic tenets of Marxism with China's particular realities and fine traditional culture, said Sun Yeli, vice head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, at the same press conference.

    The report also explained the worldview and methodology of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Sun said.

    China is firmly opposed to other countries imposing their own development model on China, and will never "export" the Chinese model or ask other countries to "copy" China's practice, Sun said.


    The report places the "quality of development" in a more prominent position and underscores high-quality development in various aspects, including economy, society, culture and ecology, said Mu Hong, deputy head of the Office of the Central Commission for Deepening Reform and deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission, at the press conference.

    It confirms high-quality development as the top priority for building a modern socialist country, and such confirmation shows why the quality of development is important to the overall picture and in the long run, Mu said.


    An entire section of the report is dedicated to the rule of law, reflecting the great importance the CPC Central Committee attaches to the matter, said Chen Yixin, secretary general of the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the CPC Central Committee, at the press conference.

    It is a political declaration of the CPC to advance law-based governance in all respects and a programmatic document for the CPC to advance the rule of law in China, said Chen.

    The report provides a comprehensive explanation of the role, overall requirements and key tasks of the rule of law, Chen noted.


    The report has put forth the idea of improving the systems for exercising full and rigorous self-governance, marking a first for a report at the Party national congress, said Tang Fangyu, deputy head of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, at the press conference.

    In light of the major risks and grave challenges facing the Party, full and rigorous self-governance of the Party should be exercised in a holistic, systemic, continuous manner and with high-caliber, said Tang.

    Therefore well-structured, scientific, well-rounded, unified and efficient systems will be formed for exercising full and rigorous self-governance, Tang added.


    The report urges the whole Party to bear in mind that full and rigorous self-governance is an unceasing endeavor and that self-reform is a journey with no end, said Wang Jianxin, chief of the publicity department of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Commission of Supervision, at the press conference.

    Noting the remarkable achievements of the anti-corruption fight over the past decade, Wang said the situation still remains grave and intricate, and the battle against corruption is fierce and must be won.

    The strategic plans rolled out in the report should be implemented, and an unstoppable anti-corruption momentum should be sustained to ensure that officials do not have the audacity, opportunity or desire to become corrupt, said Wang.

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