Organ trader -shouted youth group to Sandra Roelofs in Zugdidi

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Monday, 05 September 2016 17:19

There was an incident in Zugdidi during the meeting with the Majoritarian Candidate of National Movement in Zugdidi Sandra Roelofs.
According to the local media, Sandra Roelofs was holding a meeting with locals in Jikhashkari Village when the youth group began shouting: “organ trader.” The group left the territory after that.
According to National Movement this incident is in connect with the government. 

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  • Sofio Katsarava, Tamar Khulordava and the Ambassadors visited the Tech Park

    The Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sofio Katsarava and the Chair of the Committee on European Integration, Tamar Khulordava along with the Ambassadors of Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia visited the Tech Park.
    According to Ms. Katsarava, Tech Park, as the Centre for Innovations and Technologies of Georgia, allows establishment of new technologies as on local so on global markets and is competitive. “I had the greatest desire to introduce our innovative project to the Ambassadors, which was established in capacity of Tech Park in Georgia. It is an effective platform for realization of creative ideas, which is important for stimulation and motivation of our new generations. We also considered the visit of the Chairmen of the Parliaments of NB8 states scheduled in spring in Georgia”.
    According to her, Tech Park is as well now operating in Zugdidi and will be further extended.

  • Loan Agreement between Georgia and ADB-Bureau discussed

    The Bureau discussed the agenda for November 30-December 2 plenary sessions. As the Chairman, Mr. Irakli Kobakhidze stated, the agenda will include four draft resolutions on termination of authority ahead of time for MPs: Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Kakha Kaladze, Giorgi Gakharia and Sandra Roelofs. The authority of Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Kakha Kaladze, Giorgi Gakharia is terminated due to appointment on the Governmental positions, while authority of S. Roelofs is terminated on the basis of the personal refusal. The plenary agenda also includes four documents for ratification:

    • Loan Agreement between Georgia and ADB (ordinary transactions)(internal resource mobilization improvement for inclusive growth program – sub-program 3);
    • Loan Agreement between Georgia and ADB (special transactions)(internal resource mobilization improvement for inclusive growth program – sub-program 3);
    • Loan Agreement between Georgia and IBRD of September 3, 2014 (E-transmission line enhancement project), Change N1;
    • Agreement between Georgia and EU on Exchange and Protection Security Procedures of Classified Information.

    MPs will also consider two draft resolutions on expediency and inexpediency of further consideration of the drafts initiated in the preceding Parliament. The Bureau took note of the statement of the citizen, Zaza Rukhadze on non-consideration of his candidacy on the position of the Member of the Constitutional Court.

  • We are holding the consultations on enter Parliament-Sandra Roelofs

    We are holding the consultations on enter Parliament – this statement was made by one of the leaders of United National Movement Sandra Roelofs.
    According to her, she will often attend partial sessions but she didn’t specify with whom she had consultations yesterday.
    It should be noted that the some of the members of National Movement didn’t know that Sandra Roelofs was in partial office yesterday. But their position is unchangeable. They support to have mandates in Parliament. 

  • Citizens of Zugdidi will be provided with 24 hour water supply

    Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Nodar Javakhishvili inspected water supply system rehabilitation in Zugdidi. Centralized water supply system was not existed in Zugdidi. After finishing the work the problem will be resolved and the residents of Zugdidi will be provided with 24 hours, a steady water supply.  
    Under the project construction of the water supply distribution network, pumping stations and reservoirs is ongoing. Also, there will be arranged main pipeline for water supply.
    Construction of water supply system is financed by the Asian Development Bank. The project, which cost more than 84 million GEL, will be completed in December 2018.


    Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia presented to the media representatives the preliminary results of second round Parliamentary Elections conducted through majoritarian contest.
    “Second round elections and vote counting process is completed. Elections were held in a peaceful environment and the voters were able to freely express their will,” stated Tamar Zhavnia at the news briefing. Mrs. Zhvania singled out certain cases and noted that generally, the process was transparent and the voters cast their vote in a free environment without delay.
    “I would like to thank each voter since they showed high civic responsibility and participated in the second round elections. I would also like to thank each representative of Election Administration (EA) for their work. They did their best to provide the voters with a high level service and organized the elections on a professional manner. I would like to thank all electoral stakeholders, international and local observer organizations, since they along with us contributed to the transparent election processes.
    As for the preliminary results, on October 30 from 22:00 the CEC started uploading the summary protocols on the official web-page Livestreaming was ensured through the 360 degree video camera and broadcasted via social networks and the CEC webpage enabling everyone to observe the election results’ counting process at the CEC. By 24:00, October 30, the CEC operators have counted and processed more than 50% out of all summary protocols (according to the 1250 election precincts). The CEC simultaneously was publishing the preliminary results of second round elections of Mayor of Akhaltsikhe and second round Extraordinary Elections of Gamgebelis in Zugdidi, Kharagauli and Bolnisi as well as Sakrebulo By-elections at Lagodekhi and Senaki municipalities,”- noted the CEC Chairperson.
    Tamar Zhvania informed journalists about the preliminary results of the elections conducted through majoritarian contest, covering all 50 majoritarian elections districts (out of 2 229 election precincts). Mrs. Zhvania also updated the media on the second round Extraordinary Elections of Mayor of Akhaltsikhe and Sakrebulo By-elections of Lagodekhi and Senaki municipalities.
    Tamar Zhvania talked about the complaints and noted that 195 complaints were filed on E-day at DEC level based on the data provided on October 30. “According to the legislation, there is still time to submit the complaints, however, it should be mentioned that most of the complaints refer to the technical-procedural issues and what is more, majority of them requests imposing the disciplinary liability measures.
    It is highly important, that the process of discussing the complaints is conducted transparently and  in line with the legislation, and after completing all the essential processes no later than 11th day respective DECs will summarize the results of the elections at majoritarian election districts, while the CEC no later than 19th day will summarize the results of the 8 October elections and second round elections conducted on October 30”, - stated Tamar Zhvania.

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