Giorgi Kvirikashvili to Participate in World Economic Forum in Davos

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Monday, 22 January 2018 11:24

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili will participate in the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Head of Government will visit the Swiss Confederation on January 22-24.

During the World Economic Forum, the Prime Minister of Georgia will deliver a speech at the Strategic Outlook—Eurasia discussion. Giorgi Kvirikashvili is scheduled to hold bilateral meetings with political leaders from different countries, European Commission leadership, and founders of large international companies.

The Georgian delegation under the leadership of the Prime Minister includes Vice Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze, Finance Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, and Co-Investment Fund CEO Giorgi Bachiashvili.

Georgia - 107th in the World, 44th in Europe

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Monday, 16 October 2017 18:03

FIFA revealed new world ranking and Georgia is in the 107th place. In Europe our team is in the 44th place. It is ahead of Azerbaijan, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Andorra, Lithuania, Moldova, Malta, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Gibraltar.

By the way, Russia is in the 65th place. As for the Caucasian neighbors, Armenia is in the 90th place and Azerbaijan – in the 115th place.

1 (1). Germany – 1631
2 (2). Brazil – 1619
3 (3). Portugal – 1446
4 (4). Argentina – 1445
5 (5). Belgium – 1333
6 (6). Poland – 1323
7 (8). France – 1226
8 (11). Spain – 1218
9 (9). Chile – 1195
10 (12). Peru – 1160

107 (103). Georgia – 306


Trophy Visits Kutaisi

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 10:16

After visiting high altitudes in Svaneti, World Rugby U20 trophy visited Kutaisi last week. The second largest city in Georgia that hosts Group B matches is also parliamentary capital of Georgia.

This time trophy was accompanied by Kutaisi born veteran Georgian International Besik Khamashuridze along with Lexo Gugva. Obviously trophy made its first stop in Parliament of Georgia, where the Speaker of parliament Irakli Kobakhidze and MPs – the Lelos ex captain Irakli Abuseridze, veteran rugby players Giorgi Kakhiani, Beka Natsvlishvili and Bidzina Gegidze (ex GRU President)- welcomed it.


It is significant that one of the venues of the tournament and the host stadium of probably future Champion was on the list after the parliament.

AIA Arena in Kutaisi is in full preparations to host Future Stars of World Rugby from New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and Italy in less than month’s time. There the trophy was warmly welcomed by veteran and current players of RC AIA, boys and girls from local clubs, probably the future stars of Lelos.

EU Approach to the European Neighborhood and Challenges for the Slovak presidency

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Friday, 15 July 2016 14:05

The Speaker, David Usupashvili took part in the panel discussion of the ongoing conference in Batumi on “Georgia’s European Way” – “EU Approach to the European Neighborhood and Challenges for the Slovak presidency”.
He spoke about the European way and the progress in this regards, as well as importance of EaP and underlined that Georgia, being the part of the world, shares its success and challenges. Speaking about Slovak EU presidency, the Speaker stated that Georgia and EU could wish no better presiding country at this stage. 
“I would like to tell my Slovak friends that we have great expectations from their presidency as they understand it best what EaP means, what it needs and why it is so important for EU. At the same time, I could wish no better time for Slovak presidency as they are the best experts in peaceful political “divorce” in Europe. When we speak about the Great Britain seceding EU, we hope that the Great Britain and EU both will find the optimal way to implementation the choice of British people with help of Slovakia”.
The Speaker spoke about importance of Visegrad states and noted that upon gaining independence of Georgia, Visegrad states as individually so united, always supported Georgia.
“When we were seeking for friends in the world, Visegrad states stood beside us. In would like to thank them and state that we have greater expectations for the future as the role and importance of this region increases. We, in Georgia feel that the center of political gravitation moves to East and these countries will play more important role in EU enhancement, in leadership of the spheres EU needs most of all. For us, Georgians, being the greater EU patriots, this issue is vital”.
The Speaker underlined importance of inter-Parliamentary relations and stated that Georgia needs more knowledge and experience for better involvement in EU related issues. The Speaker spoke about Russian Federation and stated that Russia is the number one problem not only for Georgia but for Europe. As the Speaker stated, Visegrad states, deriving from their experience, know the problems of communism system better and will better strive to eliminate them.
“Russia is the greatest problem not only for Georgia but for Europe. We do not want our problems to be exported to EU but I do not speak of the problems of Georgia right now. I speak about the problems EU encounters and they shall be better realized. We believe that EaP or EUAA will be successful against the background of the events such take place in Ukraine for instance? We can think that if there is a player underestimating the fundamental rules of the modern world system and acts as it acts, would we be successful? I guess not. Visegrad states have experienced the most inhuman political system – communism and we Georgians and our friends from Visegrad states do better understand the reasons and the problems of the system. Therefore, they will better strive to eliminate the problems”.





“We are with our friend here"-Giorgi Margvelashvili

Published in Politics
Friday, 08 July 2016 17:18

The President of Georgia with the Delegation of Georgia has already come to the NATO Warsaw Summit.
“We are with our friend here. We are working on the strategy how to make the world, Black Sea and Georgia more secure place,”-said Giorgi Margvelashvili before the Summit.
According to the Presidential Administration, the official ceremony of welcome will be held. President of Georgia will also attend working dinner in the evening. 

First NATO AGS aircraft gets off the Ground

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Friday, 25 December 2015 17:01

The first of five NATO Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) conducted a successful first flight in California on Saturday (19 December). Taking off from Palmdale Airbase, NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) UAV aircraft successfully soared to 40,000 feet before landing at Edwards Air Force Base 2.5 hours later.

“The NATO-owned and operated AGS Core System will enable the Alliance to perform persistent surveillance over wide areas from high-altitude in any weather conditions. The system will give commanders a comprehensive picture of conditions on the ground,” said Dietmar Thelen, Programme Manager from the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Management Agency (NAGSMA). “This is a significant step forward for NATO in ramping up its organic Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities”.

These NATO Global Hawks will be the first Alliance-owned and operated Aircraft since NATO purchased a number of AWACs aircraft in the early 1980s.  NATO is developing its own ground surveillance capability with significant contributions from 15 Allies (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United States). The Core System consists of air, ground and support segments. The Unmanned Air Vehicles will be piloted from the AGS main operating base in Sigonella, Italy.

NATO Secretary General discusses key security challenges with Turkish Prime Minister

Published in World
Tuesday, 01 December 2015 16:12

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu met to discuss a wide range of pressing international issues, including the crisis in Syria and last week’s incident which led to the downing of Russian Air Force aircraft.

All Allies fully support Turkey’s right to defend its territorial integrity and its airspace” the Secretary General said after the meeting. “I welcome Turkey’s efforts to establish contacts with Moscow and through its contacts with Russia, to de-escalate the situation. It is important to stay calm and to calm tensions”, Mr Stoltenberg added.

The Secretary General also highlighted the need to avoid similar situations in the future. “Last week’s incident shows how important it is to strengthen international mechanisms to build stability, transparency and predictability in our relationship with Russia. This is key to reducing the risks of incidents and accidents.” Mr Stoltenberg said.  Looking ahead, he stressed that risk reduction and transparency on military activities will be discussed at the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers on 1 and 2 December.

The Secretary General urged Russia to play a constructive role in Syria by targeting ISIL, which is our common enemy. Mr Stoltenberg emphasized that NATO strongly supports the renewed international efforts to find a genuine political solution to the conflict in Syria.

The Most Serious Kid in the World! (Video)

Published in Video
Tuesday, 20 October 2015 14:06

Children are the happiness of the World! This Video is the proof!

NATO’s most ambitious Exercise

Published in World
Thursday, 16 July 2015 08:00



NATO’s most ambitious exercise for over a decade is Trident Juncture 2015.

The exercise involves 36,000 personnel from more than 30 Allied and Partner Nations, will take place throughout Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and also Canada, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Trident Juncture 2015 will demonstrate NATO’s new increased level of ambition in joint modern warfare and will show-case a capable, forward-leading Alliance equipped with the appropriate capability and capacity to meet present and future security challenges. More than 12 major International Organizations, aid agencies and non-governmental organisations, such as the EU and AU will also participate in the exercise, demonstrating NATO’s commitment and contribution to a comprehensive approach.

As the culminating event for units, military and civilian staff belonging to more than 30 participating Nations, Trident Juncture 2015 will provide an opportunity for them to refine their operational capabilities. Air, Land, Maritime, and Special Forces will participate simultaneously in several locations and from different Headquarters to train in a complex environment to improve Alliance’s full spectrum capabilities. 

At the conclusion of Trident Juncture 2015, the Headquarters Staff from Joint Force Command Brunssum will be officially certified to lead the NATO Response Force, if activated, throughout 2016.



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