The sitting of the Bureau

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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 12:45

The Bureau discussed the drafts on Constitutional Changes and on Autonomous Republic of Adjara. According to the procedures, the drafts shall be submitted to the Procedural Issues and Rules Committee to verify authenticity of signatures to be followed with set up of the steering commission of public consideration and promulgation of the Constitutional draft.The agenda of May 3-5 plenary sessions includes more than 90 drafts, new initiatives and organizational issues.MPs will consider with the I reading the draft on Entrepreneurship and the draft on Securities Market. MPs will discuss the issues for II and III reading.The Bureau registered new legislative initiatives, including the draft Resolution of the Parliament on Declaring the Resolution on Set up of the State Constitutional Commission and Endorsement of the Regulations of the State Constitutional Commission Void, declaring the Resolution of December 15, 2016 void.The Bureau decided to start consideration of the drafts on General Administrative Code and on Special Penitential Service. The organizational issues included the reports by the Ministry of Finance, National Bank, National Statistics Office and Board of Trustees of the Public Broadcaster. The plenary session will be held on May 3 at 12h00.

The sitting of the Bureau

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 12:50

The Bureau considered the agenda for April 19-21 plenary sessions and assigned the leading and mandatory Committees for new initiatives.
The agenda includes 15 issues: for I reading the drafts on: Higher Education; Red Cross Society; Rules of Procedure; for the II reading the drafts on: State Property; Machakhela National Park; Regulation Fees. MPs will hear the report by the Personal Data Protection Inspector on activity for 2016.

The Chairman echoing the statement of the President regarding activity of the State Constitutional Commission

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Monday, 06 March 2017 10:30
It is the deliberate attempt to mislead the society and discredit the State Constitutional Commission. I cannot give any other estimation but this, which is grave for me – to the statement of the President, as the Chairman stated at the joint sitting of the SCC. He noted that the position declared in the SCC regarding the election of the President was based on prevention of any of the decisions to be based on the subjective opinions. “According to our position, the next Presidential elections should be held in direct manner followed with transition to the indirect elections”, - he stated. The Commission practically omits the status of the President and the respective agreement has been achieved. In the statements concerning the authorities of the President, the Chairman noted that the changes are minimal. “The authorities of the President are restricted at the extent on the basis of the changes of 2010 that even we had this intention we would not be able to adopt any essential changes in view of restriction of the Presidential authorities”. Deriving, the statement that the only objective of the Commission allegedly is to restrict authority of one particular politician is a deliberate misleading of the society. “We deal with the deliberate attempt to discredit the Commission. No one shall mislead the society in such form. I cannot give any other estimation to this fact”. The statement of the President that “with support of the President we were forced by the society to transit to the indirect elections only after conduct of the direct elections next year”, was incorrect. The Chairman noted that if the President further makes incorrect statements, the position might be revised and the direct Presidential elections might not be held next year. “We took lots of things into account. Deriving from the systemic approach, we presume that it would be preferable to transit to the indirect elections of the President and this opinion is based on the common approach. One of the reasons we introduced this position - direct elections followed with indirect elections – was that we took the position of the President into account and thus made our choice for the two-stage reform. If the President continues making incorrect statements and if tries to mislead the society, we might think of revision of the position to omit the direct elections next year and transit to the indirect elections”.

The joint sitting of the Health Care and Social Issues and the Education, Science and Culture Committees

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017 13:10

The Committees discussed rehabilitation of children with disabilities and inclusive aid. According to the human rights protection action plan, the NPLE “Studio ADC” and “Child, Family, Society” representatives and parents of disabled children discussed implementation of the facilitation to inclusive aid.
The parties discussed the problems emerged upon provision of equal possibilities for persons with disabilities. As noted, the child early development program shall be further extended to cover wider geographical area. Despite existence of rehabilitation centers and family services, it is not enough as the number of children pending is still highOne of the factors impeding inclusion of children into early development program is scarcity of funds and training of qualified personnel. As the specialists stated, particular attention shall be attached to civil integration of disable children of ethnic minorities. The sitting was attended by NGOs, representatives of the Ministries of Labor, Health and Social Protection and of Education and Science. They introduced problem solution ways and recommendations.
According to MP, Rati Ionatamashvili, “Protection of rights of persons with disabilities is one of the acute challenges of the Government. My mandate in the Parliament does not belong to me only but it belongs to all persons with disabilities. However, I have to state that the issue covers various directions and simultaneous solution is impossible. It shall be solved stage by stage, though we shall not waste time as it is an important factor”.
The Chair of the HealthCare and Social Issues Committee resumed the sitting. “Today, we started consideration of important issues and the sittings will further continue. We will get resumed to the issue, especially upon consideration of the budget. We will discuss the issue in working regime with all the parties and I hope we will achieve a lot”, - Akaki Zoidze stated.
The Committees also considered the draft on Status of Military Serviceman, introduced by the Deputy-Defense Minister, Nukri Gelashvili. The draft envisages improvement of conditions for conscripts – establishment of new rules for temporary leave and vacation for the military-men in Defense Ministry to allow them better master the profession.
The change is entailed with the circumstance that in view of obtained skills according to the combat training and profession of a military-man, the serviceman shall pass the initial training similar to NATO Forces.
The serviceman shall be trained in physical terms and shall obtain necessary skills allowing him continuing his military career in the future. The Committees supported the draft.

The sitting of the Legal Issues Committee

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 14:43

The Legal Issues Committee supported the draft resolutions with majority of votes. According to the first draft resolution, continuation of consideration of 32 drafts initiated in the preceding Parliament has been recognized expedient as decided by nine Committees.
According to the second draft resolution, continuation of consideration of 9 drafts initiated in the preceding Parliament has been recognized inexpedient. The draft resolutions shall be submitted to the Bureau to be considered at the plenary session.

The sitting of the Defense and Security Committee

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Monday, 28 November 2016 14:44

The Committee discussed expediency of continuation of consideration of the drafts initiated in the preceding Parliament. The First Deputy Chair, Irakli Beraia introduced 3 legislative packages. The Committee voted for consideration of one package only: changes to the law on Occupied Territories; Criminal Code; Code of Administrative Offenses.
As to the drafts on changes to the laws on Military Obligation and Military Service; Military Police, the Committee considered to end considerations.
The Committee considered the Agreement between Georgia and EU on Exchange and Security Procedures of Classified Information. According to the reporter, the Head of International Relations Department of State Security Service Administration, Nana Beridze, the document is the frame agreement. Georgia has signed the similar agreements with 17 various countries, including EU and NATO member states. Ratification will facilitate to reliable and effective cooperation between Georgia and EU and enhancement of further approximation to EU. The Committee supported the document.

The first sitting of the Bureau of the 9th Term

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016 11:10

Newly elected Parliament held the first Bureau sitting, chaired by the Chairman, Mr. Irakli KobakhidzeHe congratulated MPs with the successful first plenary and the Committee sittings.
During consideration of the agenda issues, the Bureau took note of the Decrees of the President of Georgia on acting Government prior to formation of the Government of Georgia and nomination of the candidate by the Electoral Subject – Political Union of Citizens “Georgian Dream – for Democratic Georgia”, Mr. Giorgi Kvirikashvili to the position of the Prime Minister of Georgia as having the best results in the Parliamentary Elections of 2016.
The Bureau discussed the address by MP, Sandra Roelofs about termination of the authority of the Member of the Parliament. As the Chair of the Procedural Issues and Rules Committee, GIorgi Kakhiani elucidated, the issue will be considered in line with the Rules of Procedure. “As you know, the Committee sitting can be held within one week upon submission of the application and next week, within the respective term we will initiate the process”. The Bureau endorsed the minutes of the first organizational sittings and the draft Regulations of the Committees.} The Chairman appealed to the Committees to submit the conclusions concerning the issues under consideration. “The preceding Parliament has considered the number of issues now under consideration and we have to make the decisions about consideration of the hereof issues by our Parliament. I hereby appeal to the Committees according to field specialization, to submit the conclusions regarding the issues considered expedient to continue”.
He noted that the issues are preferably to be developed for the next session week and hence, he addressed the Committees to consider the issues at the Monday sittings and submit the relevant conclusions to the Legal Committee. As the Chairman stated, tomorrow, the candidate to the Prime Minister, Mr. Giorgi Kvirikashvili plans to nominate the PM candidate and hence, the Bureau will be held tomorrow at 15h00.

The first sitting of the EU Integration Committee

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Monday, 21 November 2016 17:45

The Chair of the Committee elected Irina Pruidze as the First Deputy and Beka Natsvlishvili from majority and Giorgi Kandelaki from minority as the Deputies. The Committee also developed the Regulation.
The first sitting was chaired by the Chair, Tamar Khulordava. “It is the greatest responsibility for me to chair the Committee and to work with you. I hope our cooperation will be productive. I would like us to be active because EU integration is the directions which is most important not only deriving from the foreign policy but in terms of domestic political processes and reforms. We have much to do to contribute our mite in and facilitate to effective implementation of EUAA in Georgia. In terms of implementation of legislative initiatives or Parliamentary oversight, we shall be extremely active. One more important direction is relations with EU structures and we are aspired to maximal approximation therewith. I hope for your support during all these processes”. The Committee is composed of: Irina Pruidze, Beka Natsvlishvili, Sofio Katsarava, Giorgi Mosidze, Irakli Abuseridze, Tsotne Zurabiani, Guram Macharashvili, Merab Kvaria, Gia Gachechiladze, Giorgi Kandelaki, Tinatin Bokuchava, Salome Samadashvili, Giorgi Lomia.



The sitting of the Budget and Finance Committee

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 15:24

The Committee heard the report on efficiency of management of state debt, introduced by the State Audit Service. The sitting was attended by the Sub-Committee on Audit of German BundestagThe Deputy-Chair, Nodar Ebanoidze thanked the guests and spoke about the experience of the Committee in terms of Parliamentary oversight. He underlined assistance by German colleagues. “When we started the Parliamentary oversight, it was not easy to make first steps but it was important that we started with the best practice learning from the countries with centuries of experience and high standard. The list of achievements of the Parliament includes our success in this direction”.
He spoke about the report by SAS and introduced the remarks and the recommendations of the Committee. The Deputy-Finance Minister, Giorgi Kakauridze introduced the position of the Ministry regarding the report, stating that the reports are important, facilitating to the Ministry in planning of the budget. As to the remarks, the Ministry works on them and shares some of the remarks. “Though, there are some principal issues that we disagree with”. The SAS representatives introduced the position of the SAS and answered the questions.
“The issue we consider is regulated in general, though we move to the new level and we want to comply with the international standards in this sphere. I think, cooperation between the Parliament, Ministry and SAS is on a normal level and soon we will have accounting according to the world and European standards”, - David Onoprishivli stated. The recommendations by the member of German Audit Sub-Committee, Bettina Hagedorn were concerning the relations between the Parliament, Government and the SAS and the result-oriented policyThe Committee supported the report.

The sitting of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee

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Friday, 10 June 2016 15:38

The Committee considered with the I reading the draft on International Protection, introduced by the Deputy-Minister of Refugees, Grigol Giorgadze. The draft conditions development of the legal mechanisms to eliminate gaps in the legislation and envisages approximation of Georgian legislation with international and European standards.
The draft envisages stricter control mechanisms for asylum seekers and persons with humanitarian and refugee status to be in compliance with EU directives. International protection for a foreign citizen or stateless person provides accessibility to asylum and conditions protection of rights of the persons with humanitarian or refugee status.
The draft provides the number of new norms and technological explanations. The draft declares the Law on Refugee and Humanitarian Statuses of December 6, 2011 to be void. The draft, developed with participation of the Office of UN High Commissioner on Refugees, entails changes to 16 laws. The Committee supported the draft. 

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