New program provides financial and technical support to women in the Marneuli and Lagodekhi Municipalities

Published in Economics
Wednesday, 17 August 2022 14:55

The Rural Development Agency is launching a new program, providing financial and technical support to women, who are willing to set up a greenhouse in the Marneuli and Lagodekhi Municipalities. 

According to the administration of the Rural Development Agency, the program aims to integrate economically inactive women from Marneuli and Lagodekhi municipalities and help them to become full-fledged members of society, improve their socio-economic status and stimulate women's involvement in agricultural activities.

The pilot program was developed within the framework of the UN Women project " Women’s Economic Empowerment in the South Caucasus". The Swiss and Austrian Development and Cooperation Agencies funded the project.
The total budget of the program amounts to USD 300,000, out of which USD 240,000 is donor financial resources, and USD 60,000 – is the participation of the Rural Development Agency.
According to the program, female beneficiaries will have the opportunity to set up a greenhouse on a small plot of land and produce agricultural products throughout the year for further sale.
The financing of the Agency shall be not more than 90%, not more than GEL 25,000 per beneficiary for setting up a greenhouse. Under the program, the plot of at least 200 square meters will be financed for the arrangement/building of a greenhouse.
The potential beneficiary can be an adult woman, not more than 60 years old, who owns or co-owns a plot of land not exceeding 5,000  square meters.
Within the program, technical assistance will be provided to the beneficiaries - a theoretical course on greenhouse management and maintenance of specific crops, also practical training for specific crops.
The priority will be given to those women who have the status of socially vulnerable or have a minor child(ren)while reviewing applications of the potential beneficiaries. 


Georgia: EU and UNICEF to support social programmes for children

Published in Economics
Friday, 11 March 2022 10:41

Children and families in Georgia will benefit from child-centered municipal social programmes as a result of a new initiative funded by the EU and implemented by UNICEF.

The 18-month project, ‘Supporting Municipalities in Developing Municipal Social Programmes for Children and Families with Children’, will assist ten selected municipalities in developing social programmes tailored to the needs of the children and families with children. 

The project, based on the methodology used by the EU Member States, will develop social needs assessment guidelines and tools, and provide trainings and on-the-job coaching to members of the local task force in pilot municipalities. They will also learn how to monitor the implementation of social programmes.

The project is implemented in partnership with the National Association of Local Self-Government of Georgia.


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The CEC Chairperson Calls on Voters to Actively Participate in Elections

Published in Society
Saturday, 30 October 2021 10:59

Today, Giorgi Kalandarishvili, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission of Georgia held a conclusive news briefing. 

“On October 30, the second round of municipal elections will be held. You will elect the mayors at 5 self-governing cities and 15 municipalities, and 42 majoritarian members at 24 election districts. I would like to call on the voters registered in those election districts wherein the second round of elections are being held to be active from 08:00 am, visit the election precincts, realize your constitutional right and participate in polling.  

1830 election precincts are opened for the second round of elections, in addition, 8 election precincts created in exceptional cases will serve the voters, and 29 special polling stations which will serve the voters placed in intensive care units and isolation.

The total number of voters for the second round of elections constitutes 2 088 722.

On E-day, you will find the polling booths with a renewed design that has the cut from the front side, so that the secrecy of polling is ensured. We would like to remind you that voting is secret and photo-video shooting at the polling booth is prohibited. During the October 2 elections, redesigned ballot booths were used only in Tbilisi, and thereafter the CEC decided to utilize them at all election precincts for the second round of elections.

Similar to the October 2 elections, voting will be conducted by using electronic technologies at 31 election precincts of the N4 Krtsanisi election district.

By the CEC decision, the video recording of vote counting procedures will be conducted at all 1750 election precincts where the number of registered voters exceeds 300. Recounting of election results of randomly selected polling stations will be also recorded.

I would like to underline, that registration was prolonged for all observer and media organizations registered for the October 2 elections. Electoral stakeholders will monitor the October 30 elections with an increased number.

5 309 representatives of electoral subjects, 35 198 observers of local observer organizations, and 1 102 observers of 52 international observer organizations are registered for the second round of elections, and 3 711 representatives of 119 media organizations will cover the upcoming elections.

I will take this opportunity to call upon the election commissions at all levels not to spare any effort and to hold the second round of elections with high responsibility and professionally.

Well-conducted elections - are an indicator of the level of democracy in the country - in which all employees of the Election Administration, all election administrators, participate equally, and all their roles are equally important. Our team works diligently and will continue their work on E-day to ensure voters cast their votes in a safe and free election environment.

I would like to call upon the observers to monitor the election process accurately and evaluate the process and E-day objectively. I urge the media to cover the process widely, impartially, and in detail and deliver complete and objective election-related information to citizens. I would like to also appeal to the members of political parties to join us and together with election administrators and precinct election commission members support a peaceful election environment.  

Please note that on October 30 you will find a COVID-safe environment. All COVID-19 regulations will be followed and you will have a possibility to cast vote in an electoral environment safe for your health”.

Irakli Garibashvili: We are launching a nation-wide renovation, involving 63 municipalities. First phase of the project has been budgeted at 500 MLN GEL

Published in Politics
Monday, 26 April 2021 14:07

"We are launching a nation-wide renovation!" It was announced by Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia at the Executive Government Meeting today.

Explanations on the components of the program were thereby given by the Prime Minister of Georgia.

"This program envisages the urban renovation of 63 municipalities, rehabilitation of cultural and historic sites of heritage, along with the rehabilitation of municipalities, administrative centers, arrangement of recreation areas, development of infrastructure for tourism in recreation parks, construction of landmark facilities in all municipalities, cities and all public buildings. Urban renovation of municipalities, resorts and settlements will be made within the scope of the initiative. Also, new leisure, tourist and public areas will be created within the program.

Of course, you are all aware that many places exist in Georgia that need to be made even more attractive for our citizens in the first instance and for the guests of our country - our tourists - at the same time" stated Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia.

In the opinion of the Head of Government of Georgia, equal socio-economic development needs to be facilitated in the regions of the country.

"Advancement of living conditions, labor and development opportunities for our citizens everywhere in the country should become the main goal of the state. Creation of new attractions of tourism for the local population in the regions of the country, improvement of the social environment will, of course, contribute to the recovery, renewal, development and new opportunities for the population of each region.

First phase of the regional renovation project has been budgeted at 500 MLN GEL. The initiative envisages the creation of new jobs in the first instance. We estimate that approximately 15 000 new jobs will be created under the project and that the local residents will be employed in regions of the country.

Tenders for projects envisaged within the scope of the nation-wide program will be announced this week and as I told you, we will launch a series of large-scale works in 63 municipalities from June of the current year" stated Irakli Garibashvili today.

As the Prime Minister noted, the projects envisaged within the program will be implemented by the Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) along with municipalities.

"Expenditures of the program will be funded with 500 MLN GEL from the state budget and with support of international financial institutions (IFIs). As for the program itself, all the best architects will be involved in the program and the project. Of course, the authenticity of all regions and municipalities will be maintained on the ground and this will be a very strong start for a large-scale renovation of our country.

We will be launching these works very soon. Mr. Irakli Karseladze and his team have been working on the blueprints very actively for the last 2 years and I want to thank him. Now we have to move on to the actual work. We must establish a new standard pretty much everywhere and equally in all municipalities. It will be a new, European standard that will change the overall picture of our country completely. Now we need maximum mobilization, more endeavours, more hard work to support and assist our people" stated the Head of Government of Georgia.

Press Service of the Government Administration  

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