European Union launches 2020 EU Prize for Journalism in Georgia

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Tuesday, 05 May 2020 13:15

On 3 May, the EU marked World Press Freedom Day in Georgia by launching the 2020 EU Prize for Journalism. This is the ninth edition of the prize, run jointly by the EU Delegation and the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia.

The 2020 EU Prize for Journalism will be awarded in six categories covering print, online and broadcast media. It also includes the Special Prize for Peace Journalism, which is awarded by the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) for conflict-sensitive journalism contributing to confidence building and peace.

Each winner in the six categories will receive €1,500. The winner of the EUMM Special Prize for Peace Journalism will receive a one-month fellowship with the Institute of War and Peace Reporting in London.


The deadline for submission of all entries is 15 December 2020. The application form, rules and submission guidelines are available at

The EU Prize for Journalism was introduced in 2012 to highlight and encourage high-quality media work in Georgia. According to the EU, this is now one of the longest running journalism competitions in the country.

Find out more

Application details and guidelines

68 Georgians Appointed as Young European Ambassadors

Published in Education
Tuesday, 06 November 2018 17:11

On 9 November 2018, newly selected Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) will meet H.E. Carl Hartzell, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, at an official meeting in Tbilisi.

68 young Georgians were selected to take part in the third round of the YEAs initiative. During the meeting with the Head of the Delegation Hartzell, Young European Ambassadors will present their previous activities, discuss the ways of empowering youth and initiate plans of future activities. Young European Ambassadors, who have actively participated in various events in Georgia and abroad, will share their volunteering experience and to receive certificates in recognition of their active role.

Within the week of 12 -16 November newly selected Young European Ambassadors from Georgia will visit “Young Farmers Centers” in Tetritskaro Municipality. They will make presentations in order to raise awareness about the European Union, shared values, inform about the EU funded youth initiatives and opportunities for Georgian youth in the field of education and mobility as well as brainstorm on the next activities.

The ‘Young European Ambassadors’ initiative aims to foster cooperation and sustainable links between young people and youth organisations from the European Union (EU) and its Eastern Partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. The initiative facilitates the mutual exchange of ideas and information on the EU, as well as the engagement of young people in informative activities. It is focused on people-to-people contacts and dialogue-driven activities that contribute to an enhanced understanding and perception of the EU and a greater appreciation of its relationships with the Eastern Neighbourhood.

Young European Ambassadors Initiative

‘Young European Neighbours’ Network group on Facebook

Young European Ambassadors in photos and videos

Official Facebook Page of the European Union Delegation to Georgia





Results of Council of Europe/European Union joint projects in Georgia

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Friday, 03 November 2017 18:25

Today, the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia and the Council of Europe have presented the results of their eight joint projects in Georgia conducted in 2015-2017 with a total budget of 3.7 million euros, funded by the EU (90%) and Council of Europe (10%) and implemented by the Council of Europe.

The country-specific projects have assisted with the application of the European Convention on Human Rights; civic integration of national minorities; strengthening the Georgian Bar Association; improving healthcare in prisons; countering money laundering; promoting freedom, professionalism and pluralism of the media; protecting internet freedom; as well as ensuring free and fair elections.

“Such projects and active co-operation with European institutions are very important for the reform process in Georgia, especially on its way towards the European and Euro-Atlantic integration,” said David Zalkaliani, First Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia who opened the event.

Cristian Urse, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Georgia, said: "We are taking stock of three years of extensive cooperation with the EU in Georgia, and the results are very positive. Our Partnership for Good Governance has enabled the Council of Europe and the EU to develop and implement cooperation activities with many national partners – ministries and public institutions, media or law professionals, and NGOs. As a result, the Georgian stakeholders' capacity to upheld and promote human rights, democracy and the rule of law in many fields has been raised and consolidated." He underlined the readiness of the Council of Europe to continue co-operation with the Georgian authorities and other actors in the years to come.

Vincent Rey, Head of Co-operation at the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, stressed: “These projects and co-operation are based on our shared goal to promote European values in Georgia in line with the EU-Georgia Association Agreement. Across the eight areas, we have already recorded tangible results – from improved health in prison to training of law professionals on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the training of media regulators.”

  • Among the results of the country-specific projects are the following:
  • More than 1,300 judges, prosecutors and lawyers have been trained on European Human Rights Convention provisions, and the database of the European Court case law in Georgian is to become operational by the end of 2017;
  • Georgian Bar Association has received operational support, with electronic examination procedure for conducting the Bar entrance exam having been updated;
  • Some 100 journalists have received training on fighting cultural and gender stereotypes, responsible reporting during pre-election campaign and on the mission and role of regional broadcasters;
  • Expert advice has been given to the Georgian authorities in developing strategies for improving healthcare quality control in prisons and managing crises in the penitentiary system;
  • Legal support was provided in the run-up to the October 2016 parliamentary elections and September 2017 local elections; 
  • Three sessions of Georgia’s Internet Governance Forum were supported;
  • Work to combat money laundering has intensified and will continue in 2018 when a National Risk Assessment is to be finalised.

In April 2014, the European Union and the Council of Europe agreed to implement targeted cooperation activities with EU’s Eastern Partnership countries to bring them closer to European standards in the fields of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. In addition to eight country-specific projects, Georgia has also participated in 14 regional initiatives.

 Factsheet on results of projects in Georgia
 Factsheet on results of regional projects in which Georgia participated


Tamar Khulordava congratulated Georgian citizens with enactment of visa free travel

Published in Politics
Monday, 27 March 2017 14:17

On March 28 the EU decision on visa free travel for Georgia enters into forceThe decision on visa free travel to Georgia was made by the European Parliament on February 2. March 28 is a historical day for modern Georgia as it his opportunity becomes real for Georgian citizens. I would like to congratulate our citizens with this significant progress and wish Georgia good luck on EU integration path”, - the Chair of the EU Integration CommitteeTamar Khulordava stated at the briefing
This decision is a result of the reforms held in Georgia with active participation of all Governmental branches. “It is valuation of the wide-scale legislative and institutional reforms we started in February, 2013 since Georgia was granted VLAP. Georgian citizens were the witnesses of the entire process. We expected the day when we would be able to state that since now on Georgian citizens with biometric passports are entitled to travel visa free to EU”.
This day and this decision are historical not only because travel to Europe will be technically simplified but because this day is the symbol that Georgia regains its appurtenant historical place in European family amongst the countries to which Georgia always belonged according to the value system, approaches and ambitionShe also spoke about active campaign on visa liberalization for public awareness. “We shall take due responsibility to realization of this right. I am glad to see the active campaign by Georgian Government to inform Georgian citizens about visa free travel to Europe and Schengen. All the citizens shall realize the responsibility imposed on us as we all saw the vast time realization of this opportunity took. It is no reality and it is the matter of our dignity how we will realize it”.
She called on Georgian citizens to have high responsibility and adhere to the regulations established in EU. “Once again, let me congratulate you with this progress and I wish it not to be the last step of our progress to European family. We have higher ambitions and we are aspired to make our European wishes come true. Europe is our common future and we shall stand united on this path”.

Georgia: EU Support to the Georgian Bar Association - updated entrance examination software

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Friday, 03 June 2016 20:44

An updated version of the professional entrance examination was launched yesterday at the Georgian Bar Association, following support from a joint EU/Council of Europe (CoE) project aimed at assisting the association in assessing and modernising the exams that select lawyers wanting to enter the profession. The examination sessions will be carried out in 3 sessions and will be adjourned on 9 June 2016, the EU/CoE Programmatic Cooperation Framework press release said.

The joint EU/CoE PCF aims to provide extensive and substantial expertise on strengthening the capacity of institutions in the six Eastern Partnership countries to implement domestic reforms and bring them closer to Council of Europe and European Union standards in the fields of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, and improve the lives of citizens. The EU’s contribution to the PCF is EUR 30 million. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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