During the meeting with David Zalkaliani, Kelly Degnan thanked the Georgian government for its support to Ukraine

Published in Politics
Wednesday, 02 March 2022 12:24

The Vice Prime Minister/Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Zalkaliani met with the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, Kelly Degnan. The main topic of discussions was the ongoing war in Ukraine, the current security environment and the partners’ support of Ukraine. The U.S. Ambassador thanked the Government of Georgia, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs for their political and practical support for Ukraine. The Minister of Foreign Affairs once again affirmed the close coordination with the strategic partner in the light of the ongoing processes.
"I again received unwavering support from the United States, our main strategic partner, for Georgia's European and Euro-Atlantic integration course, and the assessments that followed our statements of support for Ukraine are fully backed and shared by the United States," - he said.
"The United States welcomes Georgia's clear support for Ukraine," Kelly Degnan said after meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry. The American diplomat underlined the support of the Georgian government and people of Georgia for Ukraine, including the importance of the humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine, as well as the support the Ukrainians citizens in Georgia. "We should also mention the very generous donations by the Georgian people, business community and the government, and the humanitarian assistance, as well as the support to Ukrainian citizens, including those here, in Tbilisi, Georgia," Kelly Degnan said.
The U.S. Ambassador also welcomed the Georgian Foreign Ministry's clear support for Ukraine in both bilateral and multilateral formats:
"We strongly welcome the important statements made by Minister David Zalkaliani and the Foreign Ministry regarding Russia's aggression, as well as their clear support within the multilateral organizations like the UN, United Nations, the OSCE and the Council of Europe, where Georgia made very important statements of support for the Ukrainian people."

 MFA Georgia

EU to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons worth €450 million

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Tuesday, 01 March 2022 10:36

On 27 February, the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council gave its political approval to a support package for the Ukrainian armed forces, new sanctions, diplomatic engagement to isolate Russia to support Ukraine and the region, as well as measures to counter disinformation.

According to EU High Representative Josep Borrell, the Council decided to use all its capabilities to provide the Ukrainian army with lethal weapons worth €450 million and another €50 million for non-lethal supplies – fuel and protective equipment. 

Borrell also thanked Poland, which has offered to act as a logistics hub for transferring this material aid to Ukraine.

The High Representative also said that the EU would strengthen Ukraine’s cyber defence.

The ministers also agreed to expand the list of sanctions against individuals who play a key role in Putin’s system. The list will be published on Monday 28 February. 


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cooperation with its Eastern partners

GLOBALink | Russia-Ukraine talks kick off in Gomel region: media

Published in World
Monday, 28 February 2022 16:17

Talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations have started in the Gomel region in Belarus, media reports said Monday.

Produced by Xinhua Global Service

GLOBALink | China's position on Ukraine issue is consistent and stays unchanged: FM spokesperson

Published in CHINA
Thursday, 24 February 2022 13:25

China's position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and stays unchanged, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Wednesday. #GLOBALink

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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Published in Politics
Thursday, 24 February 2022 13:18

We are extremely concerned about the developments in Ukraine. Russia’s military actions undermine Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty as well as the UN Charter and fundamental principles of the international law that will have severe consequences not only for Ukraine, but also for the entire international community. We express strong solidarity with our friends, Ukrainian people and call on the international community to take all the necessary steps towards de-escalation and to stop the violence.

Strongly condemns Russia’s « recognition » of Ukraines’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions - S. Zourabichvili

Published in Politics
Tuesday, 22 February 2022 12:00

"Strongly condemns Russia’s « recognition » of Ukraines’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions, repeating the scenario that led to the occupation of 20% of our territory", - Georgian President Salome Zourabishvili tweets.

Source: https://bit.ly/34XKhgj

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Published in Politics
Tuesday, 22 February 2022 11:48

Georgia is following with concern the latest developments around Ukraine, which pose yet another serious challenge for the European and Global security.
Recognizing Ukraine’s territories - Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states by Russia represents yet another flagrant violation of the fundamental principles of international law, and in fact repeats the scenario of Russia’s military intervention into Georgia’s Tskhinvali region in 2008 and subsequent recognition of the independence of this region and of Abkhazia/Georgia, and their occupation. 
Georgia unequivocally supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. We express the hope that the international community will give its strict assessment and response to this yet another violation of the fundamental principles of international law, and to the absolutely unacceptable attempt to redraw forcefully the state borders in East Europe.

The Russian Government can announce today – that Russia will not invade Ukraine!

Published in Politics
Friday, 18 February 2022 17:31
The Russian Government can announce today – with no qualification, equivocation, or deflection – that Russia will not invade Ukraine. State it clearly. State it plainly to the world. And then demonstrate it by sending your troops, your tanks, your planes back to their barracks and hangars and sending your diplomats to the negotiating table.
In the coming days, the world will remember that commitment – or the refusal to make it". - Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Spotlight on Ukraine: Interview with Vitalii Rubak

Published in Interview
Thursday, 17 February 2022 12:22

With continued Russian military build-up around Ukraine’s borders, Vitalii Rubak talks about Russian disinformation and how Ukraine can tackle it.

Vitalii, who is chief analyst at Internews Ukraine, outlines his analysis based on the following questions:

  • How does Russia use disinformation to undermine Ukraine’s resilience?
  • How effective is this effort?
  • What could be done to strengthen the resilience of Ukrainian society against aggressive information?

The video was produced by Public Interest Journalism Lab.

In Ukraine, complex and fluid internal dynamics are in motion as a result of the ongoing struggle between the system of old rules and vested interests on the one hand, and a strong demand and pressure from society and a new generation of policymakers for new rules on the other.

The Ukraine Forum brings together a dynamic group of stakeholders, including politicians, practitioners, civil society leaders, academics and journalists to examine the political situation in Ukraine.


Source: https://www.chathamhouse.org/2022/02/spotlight-ukraine-interview-vitalii-rubak?fbclid=IwAR2IVBCQxwqN2FY_DPvYnB5clUgBIhVze0E1vdMc8BBa81hxXUcRSOR4Sd4



We express solidarity and strong support to the brotherly Ukrainian people in the fight for freedom, we will always stand by you - David Zalkaliani

Published in Politics
Wednesday, 16 February 2022 14:43

"We once again express our solidarity and strong support to the brotherly Ukrainian people in the fight for freedom. We are always by your side, because we know the value of freedom and the fight for it" – the Vice Prime Minister/Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani said when speaking before the audience gathered to mark Ukraine’s Unity Day at the Embassy of Ukraine. Administration of the MFA Georgia announced it recently.

According to David Zalkaliani, recent developments have shown that the world today faces significant challenges, especially when it comes to violating territorial integrity and sovereignty. As the Minister highlighted, Georgia became target of Russian aggression in 2008, and this was followed by the recognition of Georgia’s regions as independent states and the occupation of 20 percent of its territories. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people became refugees in their own country.
"Our brotherly nation - Ukraine is going through the same ordeal today. The Russian Duma’s decision to recognize Donetsk and Lugansk is alarming. Georgia condemns this action” - Georgia's first diplomat pointed out.
According to the Foreign Minister, the foregoing poses a threat not only to Georgia and Ukraine, but also to the entire European architecture. "No one has the right to forbid sovereign nations to choose their own path of development, friends and alliances. We are confident that we will continue to work with our brotherly Ukrainian people to realize the historic choice they have deserved. "- said the Vice Prime Minister of Georgia.
According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, this day should be a day of unity not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole of progressive society.

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