Turkmenistan marks the World Bicycle Day

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Monday, 04 June 2018 14:45

The World Bicycle Day instituted by the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly by the initiative of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was observed for the first time in many countries on June 3.

The Resolution of the UN general Assembly greeted and support huge work carried out in Turkmenistan for support of sport, physical training and health improving movement, formation of ecological culture of the society and cooperation in this sphere between the states and nations.

By the suggestion of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the Vehicle-free Day was timed to the World Bicycle Day in Turkmenistan. The Head of the State took part in mass action together with the compatriots, which became an exemplary input too health-improving movement in the country, to support of cycling, popularization of sports in general as well as the call for assertion of new ecological understanding, for improvement of responsibility of the society for the environment.

According to the President’s opinion, such actions support the improvement of health of the population, growth of ecological wealth and popularization of cycling. Such events motivate the participants for further going in for favourite sports more systematically. In addition, sports mass actions together with health-improving and educational direction bring positive emotional charge combining entertainment and propaganda functions.

Participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in this event highlights the status of not only current event but also all projects related to health of the nation, serves as vivid evidence that formation of integrated national system of physical, spiritual and moral improvement is the government political dominant.

These days, cyclists of all ages can be seen everywhere. Together with boys and girls, many adults recall the feeling of the childhood riding two-wheel vehicle. There are many of those who ride the bicycles for the first time. every day, the number of supporters of this transport grows. It is obvious that the idea has not just been adopted but found wide response and numerous followers, which indicates its appropriateness and requirement.

Early in the morning, numerous capital citizens gathered on the bikes in picturesque place of Turkmen capital near Kopetdag Avenue and Julge Street roundabout from where beautiful panoramic view of Ashgabat opens.

There are members of the Government, leaders of the Parliament, military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments of the country, representatives of non-governmental organizations and mass media, diplomats and youth among the participants. Joyful elated mood and energy of nice and healthy morning reign among them.
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov came there, to the starting point of mass cycling raid. Talking to the heads of famous international organizations and world cycling champions, the Head of the State expressed the gratitude to them for the participation in current event and had joint photo with them by their request.

When everything was ready to start the race, the President of Turkmenistan addressed greeting speech to the participants.

Having reminded that relative Resolution co-sponsored by 56 countries was adopted after proposal of Turkmenistan at the 82nd plenary meeting of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly on April 12, 2018, the President mentioned that declaration of June 3 as the World Bicycle Day was the evidence of unanimous recognition of the initiatives of our state aimed at the consolidation of peace, friendship and fruitful cooperation.

This historical event is another evidence of growing international authority of Turkmenistan and its commitment to the principles of peace-loving, humanity and efficient cooperation. The Head of the State also expressed special gratitude to President of International Cycling Union David Lappartient for his support in development of cycling in Turkmenistan.
The cycling is widely spread in the world and in one of the most known sports included in the programme of the Olympic Games. Its history began front he first big races held in France between Paris and Rouen in 1869, the Head of the State continued.

At present, the cycling not only reflects the changes in sport sphere but also is the evidence of the triumph of peace-loving goals, friendship and solidarity of humankind, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said, having highlighted that our country pays great attention to rapprochement of the nations, consolidation of peace, positive relations and cooperation in the planet.
Turkmenistan intensifies and consolidates the collaboration with International Olympic Committee, Olympic Council of Asia, the UN Office on Sports for Development and Peace, the World Health Organization as well with other competent interregional associations in this direction.

Turkmen leader highlighted that bicycle helps to take care of the environment and to improve health among the main advantages of such ecologically friendly transport as bicycle, which has been used by people for more than 200 years.
Famous guest from different world countries took part in current cycling raid. There are triple Olympic Champion Vyacheslav Ekimov, World Champion Sergey Nikitenko and other titled sportsmen and lovers of cycling.

Taking the opportunity, the Head of the State expressed the gratitude to them for the participation in this event as well as to the representatives of the Guinness World Record Book for the Certificate for the largest cycling awareness lesson. This prestigious award supplemented the list of our entries to the collection of the world records.
Having again cordially congratulated the participants on the World Bicycle Day, the President wished them strong health, prosperity and great success.

After, Sheida Subashi, the Official Representative of the Guinness World Records made speech.

First of all, the guest congratulated President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and people of Turkmenistan on the first World Bicycle Day and expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to come to our country again and to take part in these events dedicated to new remarkable date.

After, Mrs Subashi informed that new world record has been registered during cycling awareness lesson in Ashgabat Stadium on June 1, 2018. 3246 people took part in this event, during which master class on riding a bicycle was given and awareness work on traffic safety and ecological education was carried out. As for today, this was the largest by number of people cycling training.
This fact was officially registered by the Guinness World Records and confirmed by relative certificate, which was presented during current event on occasion of the World Bicycle Day. Therefore, Turkmen capital was entered again into the World Records Book, having continued the series of its achievements including in sports. There are already the facilities of Ashgabat Olympic village in the Book. These are the image of Ahalteke horse at the Olympic Stadium and Water Sports Complex with the largest indoor swimming pool.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave start to mass cycling race and headed the column. The Head of the State was followed by the members of the Government of the country. As it was mentioned in the speech of the Head of the State, members of Russian delegation – President of ARETI International Group of Companies I. Makarov, President of Russian Cycling Federation V. Ekimenko, World Champion S. Nikitenko and other famous sportsmen, who arrived in the country were honourable guests of the event.
During the raid, the Head of the State had a conversation with I. Makarov who noted again that weather and climate conditions in Turkmenistan allow conducting cycling trainings and competitions almost all year around.

Having said that Turkmenistan realizes programme measures for popularization of cycling and attraction of all population especially the youth to this environmentally friendly sport, the President gave number of valuable recommendation to the guest on expansion and development of international cooperation in this direction. Exchange of practices, establishment of bilateral contacts will provide the creation of necessary opportunities for integrated development of cycling.

It is worth mentioning that 190 national federation and 5 continental cycling confederations as well as great numbers of lovers in parts of the planet joined the celebration of the World Bicycle Day. They are all united by the idea of Turkmen leader to create and develop cycling culture for the citizens of all ages and physical abilities would be able to take part in this movement and to enjoy the riding with the use for their health.

Cycling raid and cultural events of occasion of the World Bicycle Day will promote the improvement of the image of Turkmenistan as a country of health and sports.
Turkmenistan adopted the state programmes developed at the request of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on training of high-class sportsmen and started integrated reforms. All regions of the country including Avaza National Tourist zone have sport facilities, stadiums, equestrian complexes, specialized sport schools, entertainment and recreation centres and sanatoriums.
Ashgabat itself has around 40 facilities equipped in accordance with the requirements of International Olympic Committee including the Olympic village, which has 16 structures designated for various sports. Having successfully conducted V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017, Turkmenistan appeared in front of the world as the country with the capabilities of organization of international sport competitions.

The programme of the Games also included the track racings. Competitions of this spectacular discipline were held at one of the facilities of the Olympic Village – an excellent Indoor Racing Track. Its track meet relative international standards and modern requirements for such facilities by all parameters.
Facilities of the track allow conducting international competitions and tournaments including the world championships. The facility has all necessary infrastructure making optimal conditions for sportsmen and coaches, technical and service personnel and, of course, for the spectators - the lovers of this sport.
New page in the history of national cycling movement has been opened after the opening of indoor track at the Olympic village in Ashgabat as the such kind of facility was built for the first time in Turkmenistan. The quality of the facility was appreciated not only by the participants of test national competitions but also by the specialist of International Cycling Union, having expressed the interest in organization of the world championships there.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went the distance of 8,500 metres along Kopetdag Avenue and finished at the Path of Health.
In the conversation with the members of the Gvernment and leaders of military and law enforcement agencies, the Head of the State noted that Turkmenistan hosts big international competitions this year – International Rally Amul – Hazar 2018 and the World Weightlifting Championship. We have good experience in organization of such large-scale events, the President said, having requested to prepare thoroughly to coming competitions and to provide their high level.

The President also instructed to familiarize the course of preparation to the start ceremony of International rally Amul – Hazar 2018 on site as well as ordered to hold the session with relative managers for coordination of the activity of different departments and structures involved in organization of the races.
Having said goodbye to the participants of cycling raid, the Head of the State left the place of event and went to the Motorsport Centre located in the north of the capital, having added training driving to the sport part of the holiday.

Other cyclists continued their way along the streets of Ashgabat. Overall length of the route was 30 km.
There were representatives of working collectives of the ministries and departments, offices and organizations, which have their own team with appropriate equipment, among the cyclists.
There is a tendency of the development of sport participatory in the country and cycling is one of available and “folk” type of physical activity. Finally, cycling is a great emotional pleasure and wonderful opportunity to study the world, visit sanctuary parts of the nature without making any harm to environment. Therefore, it is no wonder that bicycle was the winner of the international poll on the most outstanding invention of humankind. By number of votes, it took over the telephone and internet together.
The fact that 56 countries representing almost all regions of the planet were the co-authors of the UN document of International Bicycle Day speaks of the appropriateness and importance of this initiative, its requirement in modern world.

The celebration was held not only in our white-marble beautiful capital but also in all velayats. Live assertion power of the urge to physical and spiritual perfectness brought out numerous supporters of healthy life style to the roads and highways all around the country.
* * *
International Bicycle Day was also marked in many countries of the world where sport and entertainment actions were held on June 3. Turkmenistan Embassies to foreign countries initiated cycling races. Such mass raids with the participation of Turkmen and foreign diplomats, heads of non-governmental, sport organizations, the youth including Turkmen students studying in foreign universities were held in the capitals of the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand and other countries.

Turkmenistan to Become Transcontinental Bridge for Economic Cooperation

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Wednesday, 02 May 2018 13:41

Speaking at the International Forum “The Great Silk Road: Towards New Frontiers of Development”, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov outlined Turkmenistan’s priorities in international partnership in the field of transport and communication.

Turkmenistan sees the Central Asia as an integral and important link of the Great Silk Road, stressed the head of state. Due to several historical, geopolitical and economic factors this region has played and continues to play a special role not only in continental but also global processes. And it is the Central Asia, what it becomes and which tendencies dominate this region that will largely define the vector of development of the global politics in the foreseeable future.
Throughout centuries these lands were crossed by caravan roads that connected civilizations, and it was on these lands that the natural bridge between the East and the West was created to become the center of intercivilizational dialog. Our aim is to revive this historic predestination of the Central Asia in new conditions and new realities, said the Turkmen leader.
One of the most important activities in reaching these goals is ensuring successful integration of the region into international ties and creating a relevant transport, transit and communication systems. This implies the construction of an extensive, integrated, incorporated transport and communication infrastructure that will cover continental Eurasia and provide access to marine terminals of the Black and Baltic Sea, South and South-Eastern Asia and the Middle East.

This project also involves connecting to the transport infrastructure in southern and eastern directions, creating links to such powerful economic centers as China, India, Pakistan, countries of Asia-Pacific, said the President.

Turkmenistan intends to play the role of a transcontinental economic bridge for cooperation of the European, Asia-Pacific and South-Asian economic systems. Therefore, apart from progressive integration into the global transport system, expansion of the national infrastructure along the key routes and points of connection in the East-West and North-South directions, a set of measures is envisaged to ensure maximum effectiveness of transport routes, decrease the share of transport costs in the value of end products in domestic, transit, export and import traffic.
One of expected outcomes of implementing this strategy is creating a network of intermodal transport and logistics centers. New transport corridors help expand the service market in this sphere. Which in turn requires active marketing and foreign economic policy, optimized tariffs with countries along international transport corridors and a flexible system of tariff preferences, said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Turkmenbashi port opens up new opportunities of cooperation with international and regional structures

Speaking during the International forum “The Great Silk Road: Towards New Frontiers of Development”, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the new sea port in the strategically important Caspian region provides a large platform for enhancing interregional cooperation, increasing the volumes and improving the quality of transportation, and contributes to establishing the new configuration of the transportation flow.
In addition to the economic and commercial viability of the project, as well as the environmental parameters, it is also of the great geopolitical significance. In this regard, the Turkmen leader expressed belief that the new Turkmenbashi port would have a great positive impact on the political situation in the region and beyond, would promote the cooperation between the Caspian states on a variety of important political issues, would contribute to the stability of the whole system of the continental interstate relations on the principles of trust and balance of interests.
According to the Turkmen leader, it is the multivariate model of traffic flows, the creation of new routes and directions that can ensure the necessary stability and new dynamics to global development, which is especially important against the background of those complex and sometimes crisis phenomena that are observed today in the world economy.
With the commissioning of the new port, the additional prospects for cooperation with international and regional structures are opening up. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that Turkmenistan was ready to discuss its various aspects and directions with the partners from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and invited these structures to close interaction.

International Forum on Transport Is Launched in Avaza National Tourist Zone

Representatives of foreign countries, international organizations and major transport and logistics companies were brought together in Turkmenbashi at the International Forum “The Great Silk Road: Towards New Frontiers of Development”.
Members of the Government, representatives from the ministries and sectoral agencies and other relevant authorities participate from the Turkmen side. Among invited guests are the heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Turkmenistan and foreign media professionals.
President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, participated in the plenary session. The agenda of this high-level meeting covers a wide range of issues pertaining to the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in all spheres of transport and logistics, including through the effective harnessing of potential of ports.
This representative forum precedes a milestone event, the opening of the new Turkmenbashi International Seaport that aims to become an important transit and transportation hub of regional and continental significance.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Addresses Forum “The Great Silk Road: Towards New Frontiers of Development”

The President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, addressed the International Forum “The Great Silk Road: Towards New Frontiers of Development” that is being held at the Avaza Congress Hall in Turkmenbashi.
The forum began after the picture-taking ceremony for the participants of this high-level meeting.
In his opening remarks, the President of Turkmenistan expressed profound gratitude to all participants for accepting the invitation to attend the International Forum “The Great Silk Road: Towards New Frontiers of Development” and the opening of the Turkmenbashi International Seaport.
Then President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued his welcoming address in Russian, one of the official languages of the UN.
We are truly delighted to see high-level representatives of many countries, ministers, heads of international organizations, prominent diplomats, political and public figures from different corners of the world; such broad participation can quite rightly be viewed as a sign of respect for Turkmenistan, said the head of state.

Speaking about the idea on convening this forum, the Turkmen leader noted that the time has come to give thorough and serious consideration to the significance of reviving the Great Silk Road in this century; to analyze those enormous opportunities it may open up for the development and progress of dozens of countries and hundreds of millions of people in the world.
The Great Silk Road today is more than a traffic route between certain geographic locations. It takes on important political, humanitarian, philosophical dimension. Especially in current conditions, against the backdrop of complex, sometimes painful processes that we are witnessing.
The Great Silk Roads aims to connect the East and the West, Asia and Europe, the peoples of these continents based on the principles of mutual respect, equality, trust, and promote mutual understanding and openness.

Noting that in 2018 Turkmenistan celebrates the slogan “Turkmenistan is the Heart of the Great Silk Road”, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that throughout many centuries the territory of our country served as a crossroad of Eurasian routes, the meeting point for cultures, civilizations, customs and traditions. And today, at the new phase of our history, we revive timeless values of the Great Silk Road and do this together with our friends and likeminded allies all over the world.
Issues that will be raised at the Forum are of tremendous practical significance in the context of modern trends of universal development. Global challenges affect all countries and regions and seriously influence the political and socio-economic situation. This is especially important for our region that is rapidly advancing towards becoming a key site for world politics, said the President of Turkmenistan.
A brand new dimension, the transport diplomacy, co-founded by our country that initiated a substantive multilateral dialog on the issue within the UN and other international organizations, is better anchored in global cooperation today.
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed his confidence that the substantive dialog on the role of the Great Silk Road will promote a better understanding between the countries, convergence of positions and development of innovative schemes and models of partnership in the long term.


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Tuesday, 01 May 2018 10:58

On April 30, 2018, in Ashgabat, the High-Level Meeting "Towards a Comprehensive Implementation of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in Central Asia" was held, and the third phase of a joint project supporting the Joint Action Plan for Central Asia (SAP) was launched.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA), with the participation of the UN Under-Secretary-General, Head of the UN Counter-Terrorism Department Vladimir Voronkov, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Central Asia, the Head of the UN Regional Center for Preventive diplomacy for Central Asia Natalia Herman, deputy foreign ministers of the Central Asian states, as well as UN regional structures.

As is known, the first and second phases of the project were implemented in the period 2010-2017 and were devoted to the consideration of four main directions of the Global Strategy for drawing up recommendations on the development of SAP, which is the first of its kind and was adopted in Ashgabat in December 2011.

In the long term, it is expected that the new phase of the joint regional counter-terrorism initiative of UNRCCA and the UNCCT, entitled "Towards a comprehensive implementation of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in Central Asia", will be aimed at further strengthening the capacity of the Central Asian states in the field of combating terrorism and preventing violent extremism in a strategic basis.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Voronkov noted that the main activities of the project will include the provision of targeted support in the development of national and regional strategies to combat terrorism and prevent violent extremism, further strengthening the capacity of the Central Asian countries in the priority areas identified in the SAP for Central Asia and facilitating the exchange of best practices in the region and beyond.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan S.G. Berdimuhamedov stated about Turkmenistan's further readiness to offer cooperation with the UNFC on the implementation of the Ashgabat Action Plan of the UN Counter-Terrorism Strategy. In this context, the Turkmen side made a number of concrete proposals in this direction using the UNRCCA.

In turn, Ms. Herman noted that in accordance with her mandate in the field of regional and preventive diplomacy, UNRCCA will jointly implement this initiative and promote regional and cross-border cooperation in preventing violent extremism and combating terrorism in coordination with other regional partners active in this field in Central Asia.

At the end of the forum, a Statement was adopted following the results of the High-level Meeting "Towards a Comprehensive Implementation of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in Central Asia".

At the end of the meeting, a press conference was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan for foreign journalists, accredited in Ashgabat and representatives of the national media.



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Sunday, 25 March 2018 12:56

In recent days, distorted information about allegedly illegal activities of Turkmenistan's border services with respect to the Iranian vessel has spread in the media of Iran and other countries. The Turkmen side states that on March 21, 2018, the border services of Turkmenistan suppressed an attempt to smuggle a large consignment of narcotic drugs by a group of citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran that violated the state border of Turkmenistan on the motorway boat in Turkmenistan's territorial waters, 3-4 km from the coastline of Turkmenistan.

During the detention, these smugglers, not submitting to the commands of the border patrol, took provocative actions against the Turkmen border guards, regarded as an encroachment on life, as a result of which violent methods of coercion were applied against violators in strict accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan.

Currently, in the case of the incident, the parties, within the framework of the existing border commissar meetings, take appropriate procedural steps.

The Turkmen side, speaking about the above, stresses that any attempts to politicize this issue, from whom they would not proceed, will be regarded as unfriendly towards Turkmenistan and immediately refuted by the Turkmen side.

The President of Turkmenistan: Central and South Asia is the space for active international economic cooperation

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Saturday, 24 February 2018 15:06

Ceremonial events on occasion of the launch of new construction phase of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India gas line (TAPI) and power and fibre optic lines Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan as well as opening o Serhetabat – Turgundy railroad were held in Serhetabat etrap, Mary Velayat. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Shahid Hakan Abbasi and State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India Mabashar Javed Akbar who arrived in our country took part in the ceremonies.

In the morning, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov left Mary by helicopter for the place of ceremonial events in Serhetabat etrap. After the flight, the helicopter landed at special helipad.

After, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India arrived in the place of events .

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and high-rank guests proceeded to the ceremony staging place.

Exhibition symbolically dedicated to the Great Silk Road was organized at the same place. Its exhibits allow getting visual impression of original traditions and customs, rich culture of the nations of four countries participating in TAPI project, which territories this ancient trade route used to cross.

The exposition of our country bears the slogan of this year “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road” and gives an opportunity to familiarize with the history of legendary path that run across Turkmen land, which is told by the map presented there. The displays introduce world known historical and cultural monuments of Turkmenistan located along the Great Silk Road as well as the samples of applied art including beautiful jewelleries and famous Turkmen carpets.

Thematic paintings, works of national handcrafts masters demonstrating their skills in production of national dress and headdress, felt mats, wooden souvenirs, ceramic and copper items, horse harness encrusted with silver, musical instruments, etc. have been presented at the exhibition.

The showrooms of Pakistan demonstrated decorative and applied art items including the samples of traditional painting and musical instruments. The exhibits of Pakistani partners also allow getting the impression on natural places of interests of friendly country.

The exposition of Afghanistan is mainly represented by the northern province of Herat. Souvenirs, samples of national painting art, original works of the artists and other were demonstrated there. The carpets especially those made by the representatives of Turkmen diaspora in Herat attract greatest attention.

The President of Turkmenistan and high-rank guests looked around the exhibition with the great interest. Masters of arts prepared their artistic gift on occasion of remarkable events and enthusiastically performed bright sing and dance composition.

The President of Turkmenistan, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the State Foreign Minister of the Republic of India went inside the building where numerous participants of the ceremony have been gathered in the conference hall. There were the Chairperson of the Mejlis, Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, leaders of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, non-governmental organizations. The heads of diplomatic missions accredited in our country, delegations of number of the states, representatives of competent international financial structures including Asian and Islamic Development banks, business circles, foreign and national ass media were also among the participants.

Welcoming high-rank guests and all the participants in ancient Turkmen land, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that the construction of Afghan part of TAPI pipeline, which is to serve for the sake of fundamental interests of fraternal nations of the region would be launched as well as foundation stone of 500 KWt power line and fibre optic line Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan would be laid.

Having congratulated the participants on the launch of the above-mentioned facilities, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed the confidence that implementation of such significant projects would be another important step toward further consolidation of beneficial friendly relations of independent neutral Turkmenistan with the states of the world.

Having informed that it is planned to open new Turkmenbashy International Seaport soon, the President of Turkmenistan taking an opportunity invited the participants of the events to the opening ceremony.

After, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Shahid Hakan Abbasi and State Foreign Minister of the Republic of India Mobashar Javed Akbar addressed the participants of the ceremony.

After the speeches the documents signing ceremony took place. The following documents have been signed:Intergovernmental Agreement on Electrical Power Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan between the Government of Turkmenistan, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan;The General Conditions of the Agreement with the Government of Receiving State on Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India pipeline project.

Later in the ceremony, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave start to the construction of Afghan part of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India pipeline and power and fibre optic lines Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan as well as opened new railroad Serhetabat – Turgundy by direct TV bridge.

The participants watched with the interest the welding together two steel pipes of another part of TAPI energy route, start of construction of power and fibre optic cables carried out using special machinery and equipment.

After, the participants of the events witnesses of the first train leaving border Turkmen station Serhetabat for neighbouring Afghanistan, Herat Province.

After the ceremony, the official photographing of the President of Turkmenistan, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the State Foreign Minister of the Republic of India took place on the background of the State Flags of four countries.

After, the Heads of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the State Foreign Minister of India left Serhetabat etrap for Afghan city Herat where the ceremony was continued.

Congress Centre «Möwlana Jelaletdin Balh» was the place of celebration events where at the main entrance, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was welcomed by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

Having shaken hands, the leaders of two countries entered the hall of the building and traditionally were photographed on the background of the State Flags of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.

Joint photographing of the heads of the delegation of the background of the State Flags of participating countries has also taken place before the start of the event.

Welcoming high-rank guests and all participants of the ceremony on Afghan land, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan highlighted that ancient city Herat witnessed the historical events that are important not only for Afghanistan but also for entire region and future generations.

Having noted that after completion of the construction of TAPI, connecting corridor between our countries would be made, Mohamad Ashraf Ghani expressed the confidence that Afghan youth would also take active part in the project.

Afghanistan places a lot of hope on the realization of big projects initiated by Turkmenistan in energy, transport and communication spheres that bring the progress and prosperity to the region.

In this regard, the Head of neighbouring state expressed sincere gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for constant support and help in peaceful restoration of Afghanistan, having highlighted that Afghan people highly appreciate this fact and value the friendship with fraternal Turkmen nation.

The floor was given to the Head of Turkmenistan. Addressing the participants of the ceremony, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed sincere gratitude to his Afghan colleague Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for the hospitality and high level of organization of this event.

The launch of construction of the next phase of TAPI pipeline, power and fibre optic line between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Serhetabat – Turgundy railroad visually demonstrate responsible approach of all member states of these projects, their foresight, consent, commitment to their obligations, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted.

These projects open new opportunities for further activation and expansion of international cooperation, attraction of other countries, world economic unions and financial organizations and business communities to this work.

All of these serves as visual confirmation of successful practical realization of common strategic purpose – active integration of our states to the world economy in continental and global scales.

Mentioning great importance of current events for Afghanistan, the President expressed firm confidence that opening of such important facilities would give strong impulse to economic development of neighbouring country and to revival of its industrial and social infrastructure.

The Head of Turkmenistan noted that Central and South Asian is the space for active international economic cooperation. These are the territories, through which ancient trade routes connecting Europe and Asia used to run for many centuries. At present time, the states of these regions occupy important positions in the intensification of global economic partnership, which main parts are composed by energy and transport spheres. Realization of the projects in these directions opens colossal perspectives for optimization of transport and energy relations in Eurasian space.

The projects of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India pipeline, Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan power and fibre optic lines as well as Serhetabat – Turgundy railroad turn into fundamental geopolitical condition. Their realization will make big positive effect on general situation in Asia and beyond its borders, having turned into the factor of the provision of sustainable development and security in the region.

Turkmen leader highlighted that current events are very important for our state as energy, transport and communications projects that just have started would support rapid development of the economies of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Greeting the participants, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Shahid Hakan Abbasi congratulated the participants of the ceremony and nations of four countries on current remarkable event – the launch of construction of Afghan part of TAPI pipeline, having highlighted the historical significance of the implementation of this large energy projects for the provision of peace, stability and sustainable development in the region.

Having emphasized that this project would be some sort of messenger of the beginning of new age in the history of the region, the Prime Minister of Pakistan addressed special congratulations to Afghan people.

Having expressed the gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and President of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for the hospitality and high organizational level of the ceremonies, Prime Minister Shahid Hakan Abbasi assured them in the commitment of Pakistan to its partnership obligations.

The floor was given to the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the republic of India who, having congratulated the participants of the ceremony on the start of the construction of another phase of TAPI pipeline, power and fibre optic lines as well as on the opening of new railroad, highlighted that these events vividly indicate dynamic long-term character of interstate partnership.

India attaches great importance to this large-scale project, expressing the interest in supplies of gas and providing reliable market for it as well as to other infrastructural projects, which are important for all countries of the region, especially for Afghanistan, Mobashar Javed Akbar said.

Mobashar Javed Akbar expressed the confidence that joint efforts of participating countries will result in successful completion of the project and would be visual example of goodwill of the sides and efficient and equal cooperation.

Teleconference connecting the Congress Centre with the construction site where Afghan specialist started the construction of Afghan part of transnational energy route took place afterwards.

Video about the opening of recently built railroad Serhetabat – Turgundy with departure of the first train was demonstrated after the teleconference.

In the end, having said warm goodbye to his Afghan colleague and high-rank guests and shared best wishes to friendly states and nations, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to the helipad and left Herat for Mary Velayat.

Mubashir Javed Akbar: TAPI gas pipeline is an important project for the economy of India

Speaking during the ceremony of launching the construction of the Afghan section of the TAPI gas pipeline, State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India Mubashir Javed Akbar emphasized that he was glad to visit Turkmenistan in this historical moment. The State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India emphasized that the peoples of Turkmenistan and India had centuries-old ties of friendship and cooperation, noting that these relations are an important foundation for further expansion of the partnership.

In this context, Mubashir Javed Akbar told that the mausoleum of Abdyrrahim khan, the son of the outstanding Turkmen commander Bayram Khan Turkmen was located in his country. Speaking about the great deeds of Bayram Khan, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India presented the poetic lines, celebrating the honour of the man, who was able to share his wealth and inspire to good deeds, linking them with the modern initiatives of Turkmen leader, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, aimed at using the wealth that Turkmenistan possesses in the name of the universal peace and prosperity. The State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India supported this idea with the well-known proverb: "Knowledge grows with time, and prosperity increases if it is shared".

Focusing on the significance of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project, Mubashir Javed Akbar noted that its implementation symbolized the common goal, allowing us to look to the future with hope. Speaking about the social aspect of TAPI, the high-ranking guest stressed that the construction of this transnational energy bridge would significantly improve the living conditions of the population in the region and would offer dynamics to its further development, since gas carries not only energy but also progress. The TAPI gas pipeline is an important project for the Indian economy as well. Mubashir Javed Akbar underlined that the pipeline not only connected the countries, but also created new prospects, especially taking into account the opportunities available in the region. Thus, TAPI is a new page in history, Mobashar Javed Akbar stated.

Speaking about the future of the Turkmen-Indian cooperation, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India emphasized the prospects of the bilateral cooperation in various fields, and especially in the field of IT technologies. The high-level guest said that India welcomed the forward-looking policy pursued by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the successful implementation of which made the TAPI project a reality.

In conclusion, Mobashar Javed Akbar cited the words of the Turkmen leader that in modern conditions the Great Silk Road stood as the revival of the ancient creative traditions. Laying of the new fiber-optic communication line will continue them. Congratulating everyone on the start of the next stage of construction of the TAPI gas pipeline, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India addressed the best wishes of progress and prosperity to the peoples of the countries participating in this grandiose project.

Prime Minister of Pakistan: TAPI Projects Creates New Opportunities for Productive Interstate Cooperation

It is a great honor for me to be here today, said the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, at the ceremony dedicated to the launch of the next stage of the TAPI project.

The head of Government of Pakistan expressed sincere gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, for the pragmatic approach to the issues of international energy cooperation and constructive initiatives put forward in this strategic sphere.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan stressed that the concept of construction of the TAPI pipeline is coming to fruition, which means that long-standing historical bonds between the peoples of the region are reborn and new opportunities for productive interstate cooperation are created.

Thanking the governments of all countries taking part in the TAPI project for active contribution to its implementation, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi noted Pakistan’s major interest in the new energy route due to the dynamic pace of economic development and, consequently, the growing demands for energy of the country with a population of 270 million people.

The head of Government of Pakistan also stressed the importance of projects in the field of electric energy and establishment of international transit and transport corridors aimed at promoting comprehensive development and economic prosperity of Central Asia.

Pakistan is ready for future active cooperation in this field, stated Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, and renewed his congratulations to the TAPI project partners and to the Asian Development Bank with the launch of the new stage of construction of the pipeline.

President of Afghanistan: TAPI is Foundation for Cooperation of Future Generations

Today we are laying the foundation not only for the further construction of the pipeline, but also for cooperation of our future generations, said President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, at the ceremony dedicated to the launch of the next stage of the TAPI project.

The Afghan leader noted the tremendous significance of today’s event from the standpoint of regional development: “The countries of Southern Asia – Indian, Pakistan and others – are actively developing intestate links in all fields. At the same time, Central Asia is expanding cooperation with Southern Asian countries, being a bridge in strengthening productive cooperation”.

The dignified guest also stressed that Turkmenistan’s deliberate foreign policy course, based on the principles of neutrality, is of specific importance for Afghanistan. He emphasized the productive nature of relations between our countries that are developing both in bilateral format and on regional and multilateral levels.

Noting the successful holding of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, the Afghan leader highlighted that this was a success not only for Turkmenistan, but for the Central Asia as a whole.

The far-sighted and wise policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is an important positive factor in the region, stated Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, and continued by stating that dynamic economic development, social stability and availability of vast potential define today’s Turkmenistan.

The Afghan leader placed a special emphasis on the fact that, thanks to the policy and concrete steps taken by the Government of Turkmenistan, the construction of the TAPI pipeline reached the stage of practical implementation. Thanking the Turkmen side for the tremendous contribution to the realization of this project that will engage thousands of construction workers, the President of Afghanistan addressed the head of Turkmenistan with a request to continue supporting this project that is important for the whole region.

Currently, TAPI is deemed to be not only a gas pipeline, but also a corridor uniting our countries. This project is not only of economic, but also of political significance. Construction of electric power and fiber-optic lines along the pipeline’s route will help link Turkmenistan, Central Asia with Chabahar Port, and Afghanistan will play a role as a bridge between the countries of the region, stated Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, and reiterated his country’s readiness to perform this function.

Agreement on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan electricity transmission line signed

The Intergovernmental Agreement on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan electricity transmission line between the Government of Turkmenistan, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as well as the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project Heads of Terms - Host Government Agreement were signed during the solemn ceremony of launching the construction of the next sstage of the TAPI project and laying the electricity transmission lines and fibre-optic lines along the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan route.


A briefing was held at the MFA of Turkmenistan

Published in Politics
Thursday, 01 February 2018 22:01

On February 1, 2018, a briefing was held in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan on acquaintance with the main results of the social and economic development of Turkmenistan in 2017, with the results of the Foreign Ministry activities for the past year in the context of the implementation of the Foreign Policy Concept of Neutral Turkmenistan for 2017-2023, and also with the planned for 2018 events.

The briefing was attended by representatives of Embassies and international organizations and foreign media accredited in Turkmenistan.

At the briefing the participants were informed in details about large-scale events held in Turkmenistan in the past year. First and foremost, it is necessary to note the successful holding of the grandiose sports event - the V Asian Games, which have become a vivid example of the huge attention shown to the development of the mass sports and health movement and sport in the country. It was also stressed that, along with the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan's membership in the UN, the country marked the 10th anniversary of the opening in the capital of the UN Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA), the creation of which is a landmark event in the history of bilateral cooperation.

The participants of the briefing were told in detail about the three resolutions adopted in 2017 at the initiative of Turkmenistan, which confirmed that the creative initiatives put forward by the head of the Turkmen state in such an important direction, as well as in other relevant areas, are approved by the world community.

It was also told that on the proposal of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat in mid-November, the 7th Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA VII) was held. As a result of the forum, the Ashgabat Declaration was adopted, which reflected the readiness of the participating states and international organizations to further build a mutually beneficial partnership.

Last year our country presided at the International Energy Charter Conference. The 28th session of this organization in Ashgabat gathered more than 200 delegates from 50 countries, once again confirming its high status as an authoritative discussion platform for discussing the current state and trends of world development, including on global energy issues.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan informed the participants of the briefing, in general, in 2017 our country was visited by the 584 delegations of various levels. At the same time, 624 Turkmen delegations were sent abroad. To date, Turkmenistan has established diplomatic relations with 145 countries around the world. There are 35 diplomatic missions and consulates in Turkmenistan, as well as 15 representative offices of international organizations. 226 bilateral and multilateral international documents were signed. In 2017, Turkmenistan joined the 6 international conventions. Last year, 47 bilateral political consultations, 18 joint intergovernmental commission meetings and 14 bilateral business forums took place.

The attendees were also informed of the activities of national importance planned for the first quarter of 2018.

At the end of the briefing, it was stressed that independent, neutral Turkmenistan will continue to do everything necessary to strengthen peace and security on our planet, to contribute to the development and progress of human civilization.

“Turkmenistan - is the heart of the Great Silk Road. XXI century global transport diplomacy initiated by Turkmenistan”

Published in Interview
Thursday, 01 February 2018 12:53

On December 31, 2018, the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Georgia held the briefing entitled “Turkmenistan - is the heart of the Great Silk Road. XXI century global transport diplomacy initiated by Turkmenistan”.

The briefing was attended by the Head of media holding “Akhali Sakartvelo”, the honored journalist of Georgia, political scientist Mr. B.Nachkebia, Editor of a newspaper ”Resonance” Mr. A.Gvimradze, Editor of the international magazine “Geo Traveler” Mr. N.Iloshvili, General Director of “Georgian Business Week” Mr. V.Miroshnichenko, Director of the “News Day Georgia” news agency Mr. A.Otinashvili, Editor of a newspaper “Free Georgia” Ms. M.Muradova, and other representatives of Georgian media.

In his speech, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan in Georgia D.Muratov noted that building new roads and railways, seaports and bridges, Turkmenistan revives the Great Silk Road in the third millennium. He also stressed that 2018 is held under the motto “Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great Silk Road”.

The participants were informed of the success of the Turkmenistan’s transport diplomacy. The Ambassador also underlined that unanimous adoption of the new UN resolution "Strengthening the links between all modes of transport to achieve the Sustainable Development goals" is another confirmation of growing authority of Turkmenistan in the world arena, dynamic character of the dialogue with the UN and high trust of the UN that sees Turkmenistan as a reliable and responsible partner.

Taking active position in consolidation of common efforts in this direction including in the UN and other competent international organizations’ format, neutral Turkmenistan initiates and successfully implements large infrastructural projects together with foreign partners making considerable input to the formation of combined transport infrastructure in regional and global scale.

At the end of the briefing, representatives of the Georgian media  expressed their gratitude to the Embassy of Turkmenistan and personally to the Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Georgia D.Muratov for organizing and conducting the briefing and noted that initiating important proposals, including on the implementation of major projects in the transport and communication sphere, Turkmenistan makes its significant contribution to the formation of the architecture of the new geo-economic space.




Georgian Prime Minister’s Upcoming Official Visit to Turkmenistan

Published in Politics
Wednesday, 30 August 2017 15:15

On August 30, Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili will hold an official visit to Turkmenistan where the Head of Georgian Government will meet with Turkmenistan's President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow and Chair of the Mejlis Assembly Akja Nuberdiyeva.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to pay homage to the memory of the first President of Turkmenistan by laying a wreath at his memorial and to visit  Olympic Village.

Led by the Prime Minister, the Georgian delegation includes First Vice Prime Minister and Finance Minister Dimitri Kumsishvili, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Giorgi Gakharia, Energy Minister Ilia Eloshvili, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Zurab Alavidze, Deputy Foreign Minister Davit Jalaghania, and the Prime Minister's Foreign and Energy Advisers Tedo Japaridze and Gogi Vashakmadze, respectively.

Turkmenistan Interested in Investing in Georgia

Published in Economics
Thursday, 28 January 2016 15:55

Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dimitry Kumsishvili held a meeting with the Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan, Bayar Abaev. The Ministers discussed the current bilateral economic and trade relations between the countries as well as the further prospects of deepening of the cooperation.
Dimitry Kumsishvili introduced to his Turkmen counterpart the on-going and up-coming projects to be implemented in Georgia. As it was noted at the meeting, Turkmenistan is interested in investing in Georgia, in transportation through our country and in developing the logistic centers.
Turkmenistan is an important trade partner to Georgia. Prospects of cooperation in such fields as trade, energy, transportation, agriculture, investments, tourism as well as the issues related to arranging bilateral economic legislation are actively discussed during the bilateral meetings.
Compared to 2014, the turnover with Turkmenistan in 2015 was increased by 52,1% amounting to 127,26 million USD, which is the 1,3% of Georgian total turnover. Georgia’s export to Turkmenistan was increased by 12% (16,05 million USD) and resulted in 0,7% of Georgia’s total export while the import was increased by 60,4% (111,21 million USD) and amounted to 1,4% of Georgia’s total import.

Turkmenistan is interested in the Project of Logistics Center in Black Sea Region

Published in Politics
Thursday, 28 January 2016 15:30

Turkmenistan in interested in the Project of Logistics Center in Black Sea basin - respective declaration was made at the meeting of Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili and the Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan Mr. Bayar Abayev.
Relevant negotiations are ongoing with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.
Turkmenistan also intends to increase volume of oil products imported to Georgia.
The discussions also covered development of the transportation corridor and increase of the cargo turnover.
The meeting held at Administration of the Government was attended by Vice Premier, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Dimitry Kumsishvili, secretary of the Economic Council and assistant Prime Minister for economic issues Giorgi Gakharia and executive director of "Georgian Railway" Mamuka Bakhtadze.

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