Preliminary Results of Presidential Election according to 1181 Counted Election Precincts

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Thursday, 29 November 2018 10:38

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia shared with society the information about the preliminary results of the second round of Presidential Election. Ms. Zhvania presented the results according to 1181 (32%) counted election precincts.

According to the CEC Chairperson, preliminary election results stand as follows:

№5 Grigol Vashadze - 195 305 votes (43%)

№48 Salome Zourabichvili - 262 826 (57%)

“First of all, I would like to thank each Georgian voter, who actively participated in election and cast vote. The voter turnout was very high, almost two million voters were ready to express their will. In addition, I would like to thank all electoral stakeholders, local and international observer organizations, which were committed ensuring transparency of the electoral process and during the whole day were supporting the entire electoral process. I would like to express my gratitude towards the media representatives for their great work. I would like to also thank each member of Election Administration for the hard work they have performed, which is still in the process”- stated Tamar Zhvania.

As the CEC Chairperson underlined, all media outlets, society will have an opportunity to receive updated information on preliminary election results from the Central Election Commission.

“District Election Commissions still receive the summary protocols. The protocols are being uploaded only after completing all procedures by election precincts. After submitting summary protocols to the DECs and uploading the protocols in the system, the official preliminary election results are counted. However, there are several election precincts, where the process is ongoing and we are waiting for the summary protocols. Accordingly, during the night we will update results and you will have an opportunity to gradually receive preliminary results”- stated CEC Chairperson.

Tamar Zhvania also talked about the complaints submitted to the DECs. As of now, 289 complaints are submitted. “Complaints are being submitted according to the certain rule. Within two days after drawing up the summary protocols, they can be appealed at the DECs. DECs discuss the complaints within the two-day term. During the E-day, Election Administration was ready to ensure relevant response to any procedural or any other type of malpractices. All complaints having considerable grounds, and not only, will be discussed and the relevant decision will be made within the term defined by the law”- stated CEC Chairperson at the news briefing.


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Sunday, 22 October 2017 07:31

Tamar Zhvania, the CEC Chairperson presented preliminary results of October 21 mayoral elections of self-governing cities as of 03:30am – “I would like to announce preliminary results currently submitted to the CEC. The votes are being counted at the Precinct Election Commissions and the summary protocols are drawn up. Afterwards, the protocols are sent to the District Election Commissions, where the data are uploaded in the electronic system, from where the CEC immediately receives the protocols and then they are uploaded at the special website Preliminary results are processed by our operators. I would like to underline, that the certain number of election precinct protocols are received, however, we do not have the full picture yet. Since there are three types of ballot papers at each election precinct, the counting process may require the certain time. Hereby, I would like to mention, that the protocols that reflect the existing results were immediately uploaded on the CEC official website upon their receipt and everyone had the opportunity to see each summary protocol.

I would like to present the preliminary results of mayoral elections in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi and Poti. These preliminary results are counted according to certain election precincts and the data is the subject of change. The information will be updated accordingly. As for the mayoral elections held in self-governing communities, we will upload the preliminary data online according to municipalities. The information will be accessible for all electoral stakeholders. In several hours, data of proportional and majoritarian elections will be also available. The CEC continues uploading the received summary protocols on its official website and updating preliminary results” – stated CEC Chairperson.


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Monday, 31 October 2016 15:42

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia presented to the media representatives the preliminary results of second round Parliamentary Elections conducted through majoritarian contest.
“Second round elections and vote counting process is completed. Elections were held in a peaceful environment and the voters were able to freely express their will,” stated Tamar Zhavnia at the news briefing. Mrs. Zhvania singled out certain cases and noted that generally, the process was transparent and the voters cast their vote in a free environment without delay.
“I would like to thank each voter since they showed high civic responsibility and participated in the second round elections. I would also like to thank each representative of Election Administration (EA) for their work. They did their best to provide the voters with a high level service and organized the elections on a professional manner. I would like to thank all electoral stakeholders, international and local observer organizations, since they along with us contributed to the transparent election processes.
As for the preliminary results, on October 30 from 22:00 the CEC started uploading the summary protocols on the official web-page Livestreaming was ensured through the 360 degree video camera and broadcasted via social networks and the CEC webpage enabling everyone to observe the election results’ counting process at the CEC. By 24:00, October 30, the CEC operators have counted and processed more than 50% out of all summary protocols (according to the 1250 election precincts). The CEC simultaneously was publishing the preliminary results of second round elections of Mayor of Akhaltsikhe and second round Extraordinary Elections of Gamgebelis in Zugdidi, Kharagauli and Bolnisi as well as Sakrebulo By-elections at Lagodekhi and Senaki municipalities,”- noted the CEC Chairperson.
Tamar Zhvania informed journalists about the preliminary results of the elections conducted through majoritarian contest, covering all 50 majoritarian elections districts (out of 2 229 election precincts). Mrs. Zhvania also updated the media on the second round Extraordinary Elections of Mayor of Akhaltsikhe and Sakrebulo By-elections of Lagodekhi and Senaki municipalities.
Tamar Zhvania talked about the complaints and noted that 195 complaints were filed on E-day at DEC level based on the data provided on October 30. “According to the legislation, there is still time to submit the complaints, however, it should be mentioned that most of the complaints refer to the technical-procedural issues and what is more, majority of them requests imposing the disciplinary liability measures.
It is highly important, that the process of discussing the complaints is conducted transparently and  in line with the legislation, and after completing all the essential processes no later than 11th day respective DECs will summarize the results of the elections at majoritarian election districts, while the CEC no later than 19th day will summarize the results of the 8 October elections and second round elections conducted on October 30”, - stated Tamar Zhvania.


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Monday, 10 October 2016 10:00

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia evaluated the voting and vote counting process. Ms. Zhvania thanked voters, all electoral stakeholders and Election Administration (EA) staff for their input in electoral processes. At the news briefing, the CEC Chairperson presented information to the media on October 8 Election results.
Please see the statement of the CEC Chairperson:
“Vote counting process at election precincts is completed. Overall elections were conducted in a peaceful environment, despite some specific cases, although the voters exercised the right of suffrage freely during the Election Day. I would like to thank voters, who fulfilled their civil duty and expressed positive attitude towards the election process by their active participation. I would also like to convey my gratitude to each EA member and employees; since they have put a great effort to ensure high quality service to the voter and contributed to the expression of voters’ free will. It should be emphasized, that various services suggested by the CEC ensured advanced voting process. Accessibility and transparency of these processes are guaranteed and consequence of the mentioned was observed on E-day. In order to ensure the efficiency of the process, it is highly important to perform various activities to refine legislative procedures in terms of vote counting and simplifying in this respect. The EA expresses full readiness to cooperate with all electoral stakeholders.
We have got introduced with the evaluations of international observer organizations regarding the EA. Almost all assessments were positive. Hereby, I would like to thank all electoral stakeholders, international and local observer organizations for their effort and support.
As for the election results – they are available at the CEC official webpage. At this stage, election results of proportional election system from more than 3 667 election precincts are accessible on the CEC webpage. At the same time, 3 446 majoritarian protocols are already included in the results. Based on the preliminary results, more probably, the second round of Parliamentary Elections will be held in 50 – 53 majoritarian election districts.
The summary protocols and information from the PECs on Sakrebulo By-elections and Extraordinary Elections of Mayor and Gamgebeli are uploaded at the CEC webpage. The results are entered with exception of few election precincts and it appears that the second round of Gamgebeli Elections might be conducted in several election districts and municipalities”.


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Friday, 07 October 2016 13:20

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia along with the Election Administration (EA) officials hosted the members of Polish Senate. Tamar Zhvania, delivered information about the pre-electoral environment and preparation process for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Delegation received the information on significant election procedures, including counting procedures and composition of precinct election commissions.
The CEC Chairperson emphasized the role of observers in the election processes and stated that, compared to the previous years number of local and international observers and media organizations has increased. Members of Polish Senate will observe voting procedures at various election precincts on October 8.


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Friday, 07 October 2016 11:20

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia met with William-Bill Sweeney, President of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). At the meeting, preparatory processes and pre-election environment for the upcoming parliamentary elections were discussed.
At the meeting, Tamar Zhvania discussed the projects Election Administration (EA) has implemented with the support of the IFES. Mr. Sweeney emphasized the importance of the memorandum signed between the CEC and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia that serves to ensure equal voting for everyone as well as safe and transparent election environment. The memorandum was developed in cooperation with the IFES.
IFES Regional Director of Europe and Asia, Senior Program Manager in Caucasus and Central Asia, as well as Chief of Party of IFES in Georgia and Deputy Chief of Party attended the meeting together with the President of the organization. The meeting participants gave a positive feedback on the activities implemented by the CEC and stated that EA’s initiatives, including a possibility to observe the counting process online is another step forward.


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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 17:35

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia, Giorgi Sharabidze, Deputy Chairperson and Giorgi Javakhishvili, Secretary of the CEC met with the representatives of short-term observer mission of National Democratic Institute (NDI). STO mission will monitor the October 8 Parliamentary Elections.
Pre-election environment was discussed at the meeting. Tamar Zhvania, delivered the information about the activities carried out by the Election Administration (EA) for conducting democratic Parliamentary Elections on a high professional level.
The mission will also conduct meeting with the representatives of political parties, government, civil society, media and international organizations. Later, they will leave for the regions as well.
After meetings in Tbilisi, teams of observers will deploy to locations around the country. On Election Day, the NDI observers will visit polling stations for the opening, voting, closing and counting processes in their assigned regions. They will then return to Tbilisi for debriefing and to prepare a preliminary statement, which will be released at a press conference, scheduled for October 9.


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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 10:55

The Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia held the meeting with the representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations and delivered information on the activities implemented for the October 8, 2016 Parliamentary Elections.
“Today we have presented comprehensive information to the representatives of diplomatic missions and I would like to underline that all the successes that the Election Administration has achieved, is the achievement of the international organizations as well. We receive a very important support for the international partners in accordance with the internationally recognized principles and best practices”- stated Tamar Zhvania.
After the meeting the participants also visited the CEC center for election results counting were the process will be broadcasted online using the 360-degree video camera. As the CEC Chairperson announced any interested persons will have an opportunity to online observe the process of election results counting at the CEC through the internet using the social networks and the CEC webpage.
As the representatives of the diplomatic missions stated today, they received detailed information about the election processes.
“I would like to underline that it was a very good idea to briefly present the information about the preparation process and certain detailed with this respect. This information is necessary not only for Diplomatic missions but it is essential for ensuring transparency. We positively evaluate the preparatory activities, which were implemented in each district and region. We are looking forward to the E-day and the reports that our monitoring groups will issue. It should be noted that we will closely monitor not only the E-day but also the second round in case of its appointment” – stated Cristian Urse Head of the Council of Europe Office in Georgia while making comments for journalists.
The representatives of 20 embassies and six international organizations attended the meeting held at the CEC today.

Tamar Jvania met with the Ambassador of Great Britain

Published in Politics
Wednesday, 28 September 2016 11:05

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia met with H.E. Justin McKenzie Smith, Ambassador of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Georgia.
Preparation process for the upcoming parliamentary elections and pre-electoral environment were discussed at the introductory meeting. Tamar Zhvania underlined, that the Election Administration is ready to conduct free, credible, transparent elections in line with international standards.
“H.E. Justin McKenzie Smith, Ambassador of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Georgia visited the CEC for the first time. The Ambassador visited the country a few weeks ago and showed interest in the current processes related with elections. H.E. Justin McKenzie Smith expressed his great support for conducting the elections in a peaceful environment and active participation of voters in electoral processes. The meeting was very important and productive. I am confident that the support of the British Embassy to Georgia, as well as the support of all international observers for transparency and electoral processes will be completely positive for the elections in Georgia” – stated Tamar Zhvania to journalists after the meeting.
H.E. Justin McKenzie Smith singled out the importance of elections with media – “I think, that these elections will be of high importance for Georgia and its citizens. I also hope, that the electoral environment will remain peaceful and there will be active participation on E-day”- stated the Ambassador.


Published in Society
Tuesday, 27 September 2016 09:50

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia presented the interim report of October 8, 2016 Parliamentary Elections to the representatives of local NGOs and international organizations.
The report covers the period from the date of appointing elections - June 8, to September 8, 2016 and reflects the activities implemented by the Election Administration (EA).
“Election Administration (EA) adopted a new standard in terms of reporting.  Following the presentation held for media, today, we present the interim report to NGOs and international organizations. It is worth noting that during recent three months, we put a lot of effort and EA publishes information on its activities through this interim report and informs the society about the implemented work”- noted Tamar Zhvania.
During the presentation, Tamar Zhvania paid attention to several important issues, including, voters, Precinct Elections Commissions, observers, CEC information campaigns, cooperation with the stakeholders and CEC Gender Policy.
According to the CEC Chairperson, one of the most important innovations EA will offer to the society during the October 8 elections, is the online broadcasting of the election results counting process at the CEC. Every interested person will have possibility to observe the election results counting process via social networks - Facebook, YouTube and the CEC official webpage by using 360 degree video camera at the CEC.
As the CEC Chairperson noted, EA will maintain the current policy and actively cooperate with the election stakeholders and inform them accordingly about important activities in the future which are essential for ensuring transparency of election processes and election environment in line with international standards

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