Declaration of NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 10:02

Within the framework of its spring session from 26 to 30 May 2017, NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly passed a Declaration in support of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration, which contains highly important political messages. 
The NATO PA Declaration reaffirms the importance of the Alliance’s Open Door Policy and the progress Georgia has made as an aspirant nation on its integration path.
The Declaration emphasizes the Assembly’s firm commitment to Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration and the fact that Georgia’s relationship with the Alliance contains all the practical tools to prepare for eventual membership,
The declaration therefore urges the member governments and parliaments of the North Atlantic Alliance to advance further the political dimension of Georgia’s NATO integration in order to create the conditions to grant the Membership Action Plan to Georgia in the future.
The Document deals in detail with all important aspects of NATO-Georgia practical co-operation urging the member governments to continue strengthening Georgia’s defence capabilities, including by helping Georgia enhance its ability to tackle hybrid threats.
The Document declares unequivocally that Georgia makes a significant contribution to the common Euro-Atlantic security.
The Assembly Reaffirms its strong support to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia condemning the continuous illegal occupation of the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions of Georgia, steps taken towards the de facto annexation of these regions by Russia and other illegal activities.
The Assembly calls upon the Russian Federation to reverse the recognition of Georgia’s occupied regions as independent states and withdraw its military forces from these territories.
The Declaration highly appraises Georgia’s reforms in various areas bringing the country closer to Euro-Atlantic standards.
The meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Tbilisi and the Declaration adopted provide a clear proof of the increasing dynamics of NATO-Georgia relations serving the ultimate goal of speeding up the process of Georgia’s integration with NATO.

OSCE parliamentarians will observe the upcoming parliamentary elections in Georgia

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Saturday, 24 September 2016 12:42

Leading members of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly election observation mission to the 8 October parliamentary elections in Georgia today concluded a three-day visit to the country, noting the active participation of many parties in the campaign.

OSCE parliamentarians will observe the upcoming parliamentary elections in Georgia and provide leadership for the OSCE’s short-term observer mission.

OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Frank-Walter Steinmeier has appointed Ignacio Sanchez Amor (MP, Spain) as Special Co-ordinator to lead the short-term OSCE observer mission for the 8 October vote. Guglielmo Picchi (MP, Italy) will serve as Head of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly delegation, which will include almost 40 observers from 17 OSCE participating States.

“I’m pleased to see that Georgian politics are as active as ever, with a range of parties putting forward their platforms and competing for voters,” Special Co-ordinator Sanchez Amor said. “Almost all those we met with remarked that campaigning was more free and open than the previous parliamentary elections. I hope that this will continue, and our assessment of the elections will take close note of any developments.”

The delegation noted the active competition between parties, including political parties that have long been in politics, as well as new entrants to the political scene. While most interlocutors noted a polarized campaign environment, it was reported to be less tense than the previous parliamentary elections. The delegation took note of allegations of instances of intimidation and disruptions to campaigning, and called on all stakeholders to exercise restraint. They encouraged stakeholders to make use of official procedures for complaints and investigation of any campaign incidents.

“Everyone we met welcomed the strong atmospheric change since the 2012 elections and I hope that this opportunity for debate on the future of Georgia will be fully seized. This country has many challenges remaining, and politicians must avoid increasing tensions, and instead present real forward-looking options to the voters,” said Picchi.

They welcomed the general confidence in the work of the Central Election Commission, and stressed that observers would be closely monitoring the performance of precinct and district election commissions particularly on election day. The delegation expressed concern that sharp rhetoric about the conduct of the elections by electoral contestants might undermine public confidence in the system.

“The active and diligent work also of experienced civil society groups is an additional important contribution to the electoral process. They add crucial transparency to the process that will be helpful particularly to parties in the coming weeks and on election day. I welcome and encourage efforts to reach agreement among parties on campaign conduct, including through a code of conduct,” said Secretary General Montella.

The delegation met with the President of Georgia, members of the Central Election Commission, and with representatives from major political parties, observers from the OSCE/ODIHR, civil society representatives, as well as members of the diplomatic community in Tbilisi.

Special Co-ordinator Sanchez Amor serves as Chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s human rights committee and as Head of the Spanish Delegation to the Assembly. He has extensive experience in election observation, including having led missions in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan.

Guglielmo Picchi, who will lead the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly delegation of observers, is the Vice-Chair of the Assembly’s political affairs committee. He has observed more than 20 elections in the OSCE region.

The OSCE PA observers work closely with observers from the OSCE/ODIHR, as well as with parliamentary observers from the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the European Parliament.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly previously observed parliamentary elections in Georgia in 2012, 2008, 2004, 2003, 1999 and 1995, as well as presidential elections in 2013, 2008, 2004, and 1995.

For more information about the OSCE PA's election monitoring work in Georgia, click here.

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