Czech Parliamentary Delegation Visited Vaziani

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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 10:19

The parliamentary delegation fo the Czech Republic visited Vaziani IV Mechanized Brigade today. Deputy Chief of General Staff of the GAF, Colonel Omar Begoidze hosted the foreign guests.

The members of the delegation delivered information about the military unit. Following the presentation, the Czech guests viewed virtual simulation center and armament of the brigade, they also observed the training process of the Georgian military. “The members of the delegation are very satisfied to visit IV Mechanized Brigade, where they got acquainted to the infrastructure and training abilities of the unit. Our Czech friends positively evaluate Georgia’s contribution to the global security. They especially outlined IV mechanized Brigade which is significant in this respect. Currently a battalion level unit of the Brigade carries out its task in Afghanistan”, stated Colonel Omar Begoidze.

Later on, the Czech guests moved to Alekseevka Air Brigade and got acquainted to the Georgian air capabilities.

Davit Usupashvili meets Counterparts and other Officials in New York

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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 10:51

David Usupashvili held the bilateral meetings with the Vice-President of the Parliament of France, Laurence Dumont, the Speaker of the Czech Chamber of Representatives, Jan Hamacek and theSpeaker of the Swedish Parliament, Urban Ahlin.

At the meeting with L. Dumont, the Speaker underlined close cooperation and thanked L. Dumont for support to Georgia. L. Dumont noted that links between two countries are valuable and that France attaches high importance to bilateral relations with Georgia. The parties spoke about Georgia-EU AA, ratification of which is accomplished in the National Assembly and the document is sent to Senate. The Speaker noted that the further important step for Georgia will be visa liberalization and for the end of the year Georgia expects positive results.

The parties spoke about EU integration of Georgia at the meeting with U. Ahlin. The Speaker noted that the Parliament of Georgia, during the year, worked on the drafts to accelerate visa liberalization. The parties spoke about Georgia-Sweden Parliamentary cooperation program.

At the meeting with J. Hamacek, the parties spoke about bilateral cooperation. “Georgia is not only very popular in Czech Republic but we also have been through the difficulties that Georgia now encounters on EU integration path. We would like to express our full support”, - J. Hamacek noted. The Speaker spoke about Georgia-Russia relations and underlined the fact that Euro-Atlantic course of Georgia is not directed against anyone but serves for peace and stability in the region.

Autumn Session 2015 of Georgian Parliament is open

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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 10:34

The Bureau, according to the Rules of Procedures, opened the autumn session. As the Bureau Chair, Manana Kobakhidze stated, the Parliament will convene on September 2. She echoed the changes in the Government and expressed her hope that the old and the new members will further continue their activity for the benefit of the country.

She congratulated the students with their first day in the Institutions and wished them luck. MPs discussed the agenda of September 2-4 sessions and defined the list of the issues. One of the issues is the remarks of the President to the draft changes to the organic law on National Bank.

MPs considered the new initiatives and defined the leading Committees and the Committees for mandatory conclusion. The plenary session will start at 13h00 after the Bureau.

Parliaments Autumn Sessions Open Today

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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 11:00

The Georgian Parliament will open autumn sessions today. 

The first plenary session will be held on September 2 and one of the topics of discussion will be the vetoed bill on the National Bank of Georgia.

The parliamentary majority is sure that the President’s vetoed bill will be overridden, while the opposition says they will not support the separation of the supervisory function from the National Bank.

The Members of Parliament will also consider the bill on the Prosecutor’s Office and the amendments to the Law on Public Service.

Interim Elections in Georgia to be held on October 31

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Monday, 31 August 2015 17:49

Interim elections of the parliament and the Council of Georgia will be held on October 31. Majoritarian MPs will be elected in Sagarejo and Martvili, while Municipal Council members will be elected in Dmanisi, Vani and Khobi. The  Central Election Commission releases an information.

Georgian Government is sure Parliament will overcome President's Veto

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Monday, 31 August 2015 10:15

Georgian government is sure that the parliament will overcome the veto and the law developed by the ruling team will soon enter into the force.

The Georgian deputy Prime Ministe Kakha Kaladze made an announcement, in which he mentioned, that the veto of Geogrian President on a law on the National Bank is not a problem.

" I think there will be no problem, the parliament will discuss the issue and the draft initiated from our side will enter into the force. This was achieved after consultations,"- the Georgian deputy Prime Ministe Kakha Kaladze said to Journalists.

David Usupashvili visited the rehabilitation works after the natural disaster

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015 11:30

The Speaker of Georgian Parliament David Usupashvili attended the operative briefing in Saburtalo Governor’s Board and heard the information about the disaster liquidation works. The Governor, B. Mikauradze spoke about the damage, accommodation of the local residents and measures by the coordination headquarter.

The Governor’s Board provided all damaged with alternative dwelling and this problem in Saburtalo region is eliminated. Five families refused to be evacuated from the hazard zones.

The Speaker expressed his commitment to be involved in the problem solution. He is ready to personally meet these families to convince them to leave the hazard territory.

After the briefing, the Speaker visited the restoration works at the Zoo and the Hero’s Square and attended the sitting of the ad hoc headquarter for rehabilitation works. He also made comment for media and expressed his condolences to the families of deceased.

“After this tragedy, the response was the most effective and correct – fast coordination of the City Hall and the Governmental structures which is very important. Tbilisi residences and volunteers were of great help for the city and for each other. It made possible to have the current situation – all damaged are sheltered, they are taken to various safe places. Response to the tragedy by the state structures and people is an evident example that we can be united during the hard times. I would like to live with this unity further, in order to reduce such tragedies and to establish better standards for safety of our compatriots. Infrastructure is to be developed of course but it is necessary to realize to prevent such wide-scale tragedies. I express my condolences to all the families who lost family members and I would like to wish us no more tragedies to increase standards as in construction so in planning terms. We need to better take care of our country”.

The Speaker spoke about involvement of the Parliament in rehabilitation works and noted that the Bureau will make the decision for aid to the damaged. “The Parliament will hold the hearings regarding the restoration works and will detect the reasons. We can allocate some finances for rehabilitation works and aid for the damage”.

The vast precipitates last night and river swell caused casualties and damaged infrastructure. The natural disaster damaged houses and Zoo habitants.

The Meeting of the Speaker with PACE President (Video)

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Thursday, 07 May 2015 16:36

David Usupashvili met with Anne Brasseur. The parties spoke about events in Georgia and in the region, Russian occupation of Georgian territory and situation in Ukraine.

The Speaker thanked Mrs. Brasseur for adoption of the supportive resolution for Ukraine and noted that Georgia will always support the resolution. The parties also considered the Constitutional, electoral, judicial and municipal reforms and agreed to enhance relations between Georgia and CoE.

The meeting was attended by T. Japaridze, L. Berdzenishvili, I. Chikovani and T. Bokuchava. After the meeting, the parties made the joint statements.

“This visit is one more expression of enhancement of Georgia-CoE relations. We agreed to work in this direction. Sometimes, when we have the problem with quorum in the Parliament, it is due to the fact that 10-12 MPs are occupied in PACE, striving not only for Georgia but for Europe. This is the platform, where Georgian politicians participate in construction of Europe, solution of European issues”, - the Speaker stated.

PACE is an important European institution, actively facilitating Georgia to hold the democratic reforms and creation of institutional environ. “Let me remind you that in line with CoE recommendations, we have implemented the most important reforms in judicial sphere, municipal sphere, in political system, legislation on political parties, electoral system and many other spheres. Let me also remind you that the Venice Commission, well-known in Georgia, acts under the aegis of this organization and many other instruments, with which CoE supports Georgia”. “For me, as for the PACE President, it is important to visit the countries first of all to have the personal contacts; also to better understand the country, people, politicians and civil society, to meet media. So, I thank you for the interest, expressed in my visit”, - Mrs. Brasseur stated.

The Parliamentary Delegation of Georgia plays an important role at PACE sessions. “You shall be proud of your delegation, which is very active, particularly at Committee sittings, playing an important role. The Georgian delegation, in terms of attendance, is the 4th country amongst 47 countries. I think, it is important for MPs, to have contacts with their counterparts but it is also important to better understand Georgia. It helps us in development of democracy, rule of law and human rights protection. All democratic forces shall stand beside the civil society and religious leaders to fight against hatred and intolerance as it undermines democratic system and is a real threat – it is the message from CoE” – A. Brasseur stated.

Geo-political situation and Ukraine vents touched particularly the region and Georgia. “We shall find the joint solution. Violence can never be the solution, it is hard but we shall proceed. On our turn, by means of the Parliamentary delegation, we shall find the way out. After termination of suffrage to Russian delegation, they decided not to work with us. They still are the members. We want to talk with them and I hope we will find the way to continue this dialogue but one of the main principles CoE is based on, I will reiterate it here, in Georgia, is territorial integrity. No one has right to violate this principle and it concerns Abkhazia and South Ossetia as well”. She also spoke about Constitutional, electoral Code and judicial reforms. “Some steps have been made but it is important that there is no impunity, is it a civil society or a politician – all breaches shall be punished. Jurisdiction shall be transparent and the system – reliable”. Solution of the problems in the country is possible with bilateral dialogue and mutual respect. “I hope you will find the solution for your problems to continue protection of your citizens”.

The visit started on May 6 and will be accomplished on May 9. A. Brasseur will meet the legislative and executive, as well as judicial authorities.

President of PACE makes official visit to Georgia

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Wednesday, 06 May 2015 11:37

Anne Brasseur, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), will make an official visit to Georgia on 7-8 May 2015.

In Tbilisi, she is due to meet the President of Georgia, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Parliament and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Ms Brasseur will also have meetings with representatives of different political groups.

In addition, talks are scheduled with the Georgian delegation to PACE, the Chairperson of the Supreme Court, the Public Defender, and with representatives of civil society and the diplomatic and international community.

Ms Brasseur will also visit an internally displaced persons’ settlement in Tserovani and the administrative boundary line at Khurvaleti.

She will also give a lecture to students at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

David Usupashvili, Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, and PACE President Anne Brasseur, will make a press statement at the Parliament on Thursday 7 May at 11 am.

CoE Human Rights Commissioner answered the questions of Georgian MPs

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Monday, 27 April 2015 10:16

The CoE Human Rights Commissioner, Nils Muižnieks delivered the report at the April 23 session. After the speech, he answered the questions.

G. Magradze asked about forceful settlement and treatment of sound mind persons. According to N. Muižnieks, the law shall be non-discriminative. “It is necessary to have objective criterion. European states shall monitor on forceful settlement and treatment to reduce such cases. The main principles shall be that the treatment shall be based on free and informed consent by the person. Frequently others make decisions and I see it in many countries”.

Z. Kvachantiradze asked about human rights violation of the territories of Georgia occupied by Russia. “Georgian education in schools is extremely restricted and Georgian language is discriminated on the whole territory when Russian is emphasized. Do you have any real and effective means to protect interests of the population?”

As N. Muižnieks stated, in the end of the year he plans to work on this issue, including in Abkhazia and his agenda includes minority issues as well. It would be preferable to have more effective means. Joint efforts are necessary to solve the problems. “You can help me at the local level”.

Ch. Taktakishvili asked about human rights violation in Abkhazian occupied territories. Last month the state in Gali region especially was terrible. Some lawyers are under pressure in Georgia.

The Commissioner replied that he will visit Georgia and study these issues at the place.

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