Manana Kobakhidze Opened the National Youth Forum

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 18:02

In Holiday Inn Hotel the Forum “More Investment to Development of Youth” was open with cooperation with GEC, European Youth Parliament, UN Population Fund Regional Youth Law Company “Voice of Youth” and with financial support by UN and Swedish Government within the program Gender Equality Facilitation in Georgia.

The Forum participants: MPs, field Ministries, experts and youth organizations heard the opinions of youth on their needs, considered opportunities for development of better environ for youth in Georgia and introduced approaches and measures planned.

The Forum will facilitate to ICPD action plan implementation after 2014 and public awareness, as well as development of recommendations on the national level. The plenary sessions and discussions were held. After case analysis, ICPD action plan was introduced and implementation frame as an integral part of country international obligations.

The relevant Ministries summed up the steps made by the state, including youth policy action plan measures. UN Population Fund regional law company Voice of Youth initiative group introduced so-called law document, reflecting the priorities. Forum participants discussed the following issues:

1. Protection of rights of women and girls, consideration of special needs of adult girls and facilitation to implementation of assumed obligations, including elimination of violence in gender terms.

2. Investment in capacities of youth and adults, facilitation to realization of their rights, increase their access to education, including education on sexual and reproductive health and rights, dignified employment and their participation in decision-making.

3. Provision of universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for youth, increasing facilitation and complexity to healthcare systems.

After consideration of these issues, the working groups developed the relevant recommendations.

The Sitting of the Bureau at the Georgian Parliament

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 14:22

The Bureau discussed the agenda for April 29 plenary session. MPs will consider up to 60 drafts, including for the I reading: Criminal Code of Practice. The changes correct the specific terms to the convict under criminal persecution prior to enactment of hereby Code and to whom the term of conviction has been terminated. In this event, prior to pre-trial sitting, the conviction term shall start again from May 1, 2015 and defined with 9 months, or shall continue from May 1, 2015 in the events of the remaining time prior to expiration of 12-month term of conviction under the Criminal Code of Practice of February 20, 1998; Facilitation to Elimination of Legalization of Illegal Income, defining the rule of issue and implementation of instructions by the financial monitoring service on termination of the transaction.

The head of the service shall be authorized, in case of questionable transaction, to issue written instruction on termination of the transaction or restriction of professional service. Monitoring persons shall be authorized to notify the transaction parties about undertaking of hereof measures. The draft defines the obligation of the monitoring persons to outline the rule and procedures of implementation of the instructions.

With the II reading: Medicine and Pharmaceutical Activity; Rights of the Patients. MPs will consider the draft resolution on Financial Agreement between Georgia and Agricultural Development International Fund on AMMAR”, will hear the report by the personal data protection inspector activity and by LEPL Legal Aid service for 2014.

The Bureau considered organizational issues and registered new legislative initiatives.

The sitting of Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 11:45

The Committee heard the organizational issues and future plans introduced by T. Chkuaseli. He spoke about importance of active cooperation with diaspora organizations and Caucasian people and noted: “We actively cooperate with field specialists and experts, as well as NGOs. The working process shall involve more persons concerned and all interesting ideas shall be supported”.

He touched upon cooperation with diaspora organizations in Russia. “Increase of the role of Georgian diaspora is important for restoration of cultural and humanitarian relations with Russia”. He stated that the Committee will soon hear the State Minister on Diaspora, G. Dumbadze.

The Deputy-State Minister, Z. Sarajishvili spoke about activities by the Ministry regarding Diaspora Day on May 27. “This year this event bears the slogan: Share your experience to your motherland. The conference will take sundry days. It will be the first professional forum dedicated to diaspora. Main directions are investment and business, science and education. The Government has allocated 200 000 GEL for the measures”.

The main objective of the forum is financial and intellectual capital evaluation in emigration, creation of mechanisms for usage of these resources for development of the country. In the end, G. Sanikidze summed the activity by the Committee and stated: “I would like to delegate the issues where we succeeded and the issues where we so far failed. MPs, majority and minority are unanimous in the Committee and we are ready to work on these issues. Together we can do much more and I am ready to support you”.

CoE Human Rights Commissioner answered the questions of Georgian MPs

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Monday, 27 April 2015 10:16

The CoE Human Rights Commissioner, Nils Muižnieks delivered the report at the April 23 session. After the speech, he answered the questions.

G. Magradze asked about forceful settlement and treatment of sound mind persons. According to N. Muižnieks, the law shall be non-discriminative. “It is necessary to have objective criterion. European states shall monitor on forceful settlement and treatment to reduce such cases. The main principles shall be that the treatment shall be based on free and informed consent by the person. Frequently others make decisions and I see it in many countries”.

Z. Kvachantiradze asked about human rights violation of the territories of Georgia occupied by Russia. “Georgian education in schools is extremely restricted and Georgian language is discriminated on the whole territory when Russian is emphasized. Do you have any real and effective means to protect interests of the population?”

As N. Muižnieks stated, in the end of the year he plans to work on this issue, including in Abkhazia and his agenda includes minority issues as well. It would be preferable to have more effective means. Joint efforts are necessary to solve the problems. “You can help me at the local level”.

Ch. Taktakishvili asked about human rights violation in Abkhazian occupied territories. Last month the state in Gali region especially was terrible. Some lawyers are under pressure in Georgia.

The Commissioner replied that he will visit Georgia and study these issues at the place.

100th anniversary of Çanakkale (Gallipoli) War

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Thursday, 23 April 2015 18:21

On April 23-24, the ceremony dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Çanakkale (Gallipoli) war shall be held in Istanbul, Turkey with participation of the Chair of Defense and Security Committee.

The events will start on April 23 with peaceful movement in Istanbul and will be accomplished on April 24 on the Çanakkale (Gallipoli) peninsula.

Meeting with the Ambassador of Sweden to Georgia

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Thursday, 23 April 2015 18:19

As T. Khidasheli and G. Agulashvili noted, the Ambassador made the statements on problems for investors in public space. He has lodge some claims regarding the court. “We know Mr. Bechler as a friend of Georgia and thus, his statement was very important for us. We decided to meet him to directly hear the details”, - T. Khidasheli noted.

G. Bechler spoke about foreign investors. Georgia is an attractive country for investors. “Georgia is a democratic country, holding the significant reforms in EU integration but you have to make emphasis on protection of business sector. Foreign businessmen shall be protected in Georgia”. He introduced the information about the investors encountering problems with audit service and judicial system.

T. Khidasheli decided to convene the meeting with the investors and Committee Chairs to consider all the problems. She stated that it is important what problems are known to the Ambassador. “It is important to consider specific examples after which the Parliament shall response and adopt changes to the laws”.

According to G. Agulashvili, it is necessary to make positive steps in terms of cooperation with investors, to let them know that we care for solution of their problems as they actually are the ambassadors of Georgia to their countries and positive messages delivered about Georgia are very important as in terms of improvement of investment climate so for attraction of new investments”.

The parties discussed EaP Riga summit and importance for Georgia, as well as considered economic and agrarian development of Georgia, also support by Swedish Development Agency.

G. Bechler noted that the agency plans to increase aid for Georgia for consumption in agrarian sphere. Currently the agency implements Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kakheti and Ajara region projects.

G. Agulashvili noted that he is interested in Swedish education in agrarian sphere and would like to have more information in this regard. “As to biological production, it is without alternative and we work to develop this direction”.

Defense and Security Committee' Sitting

Published in military
Thursday, 23 April 2015 11:16

The Committee considered the drafts on Weapon and on Nuclear and Radioactive Security, as well as discussed the draft on Tax Code.

According to the Deputy-Head of Relations with the Parliament and Legal Issues Department at MOD, V. Grigalashvili, the changes to the laws on Weapon and on Nuclear and Radioactive Security envisage replacement of the title “Standing Commission on Military Technical Issues at MOD” with “MOD Standing Commission on Military Technical Issues”. The draft on Tax Code envisages relevant changes to the sub-paragraph “m”, part 2, article 39. The Committee supported the draft.

The Committee considered with the I reading the drafts by I. Chikovani on State Purchase and on Trust Group. The draft on State Purchase envisages MIA to provide the Committee with the information on non-classified state purchases if the value constitutes 2 ml. GEL and construction material exceeds 4 ml. GEL. As well as at least once per year, to submit the report on activity. The draft on Trust Group envisages MIA to provide the Trust Group with the information of classified state purchases if the value constitutes 2 ml. GEL and construction material exceeds 4 ml. GEL. The draft also defines reporting at least once per year.

According to I. Chikovani, the draft reflects the remarks by the Committee. “This is the initiative concentrated on transparency and accountability of two closest agencies and increase of the role of the Parliament in all aspects”.

According to the Chair, I. Sesiashvili, there are risks. “After consultations and expressing of our expectations, MIA soon will accomplish reforming and I’d better have uniform approach to all state agencies on state budget. I do not support the draft”. After voting, the Committee did not support the draft.

As I. Sesiashvili stated, the Committee soon plans the field sitting with participating of military attaché. MPs agreed to set up the working group to study activity of the MOD at the place.

Georgian Parliamentary Delegation's visit to Montenegro

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 16:29

The Georgian Delegation, headed by David Usupashvili, visits Montenegro on April 22-24. The meetings are scheduled with the Speaker of Parliament of Montenegro and the joint press-conference afterwards. The working meetings are as well scheduled with MPs.

On April 23, the Delegation will hold the meetings with the Friendship Group, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior Affairs and EU Integration. The Delegation will visit the ancient royal Capital and various cultural places.

Prior to the visit, the Speaker made the comment: “We, somehow, are in simultaneous regime in terms of NATO integration. We will have this topic for the meetings. The pace may be different for NATO integration but it is important to continue NATO enlargement policy. Thus, progress by Montenegro to NATO is the most important for Georgia to prevent enhancement of sentiments often heard that NATO enlargement may not be the right step. Another topic is EU relations”.

The Georgian Delegation is composed of David Usupashvili, Tedo Japaridze and Pridon Sakvarelidze. The visit will be accomplished on April 24.

David Usupashvili met Prime Minister of Ukraine

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 16:11

A. Yatsenyuk thanked David Usupashvili for the visit. According to him, Georgia and Ukraine have particular friendly relations. He noted that both countries have common problems and they shall cooperate.

According to D. Usupashvili, Georgia and Ukraine have not only common problems but common aspirations and foreign datum. Unfortunately, the world failed to pay due attention to the policy of Russia against Georgia, which entailed similar events in Ukraine. He noted that the two countries shall develop institutional links and exchange experience. Both countries shall at maximal extent support each other to develop.

“We feel support by Ukrainian people and your personal support”, - he addressed to A. Yatsenyuk.

The parties spoke about economic situation, conflicts, common challenges, cooperation and joint efforts towards EU and Western structures. The meeting was attended by Georgian MPs, T. Japaridze, T. Khidasheli, G. Vashadze and the Ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine, M. Ukleba.

After the meeting, the Speaker made the resuming comment. “Our main task was to speak about the situation in Ukraine, in the region and in Georgia. We were once more assured that Georgian and Ukrainian people have intact friendship and Georgian and Ukrainian Governments and the Parliaments shall have close relations with each other, support each other. We were thanked by Ukrainian people, by the Speaker and the Prime Minister for what Georgia has done and still does and we agreed to continue this trend. We schedule very interesting events in the nearest future. In the beginning of May the two-day working meeting of Ukrainian, Moldovan and Georgian Parliaments Foreign and EU Integration Committee Chairs, as well as EuroNest representatives will be held in Tbilisi. We will schedule further cooperation between the three countries. In June we plan the Georgia-Ukraine economic Commission meeting in Batumi to schedule specific joint projects, common cooperation regarding Riga summit. we agreed to have the common position in EU integration and to intensify cooperation in EUAA terms. It is useful for Ukraine and for Georgia as well of course. Georgia, when supporting Ukraine, is sure that we support our own country as if Russian aggression does not end in Ukraine and Georgia, if Russian military occupation in Georgia and Ukraine does not end, then not only our countries but the whole region will be put in the graver situation. So we agreed to have more coordinated and close cooperation on international theatre”.

The Sitting of the Bureau

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 10:55

The Bureau considered the agenda for April 29 to May 1st plenary sessions. According to the Vice-Speaker, Zviad Dzidziguri, the agenda includes drafts subject to be considered on April 15-17 sessions. The new initiatives were assigned to the leading Committees.

The Bureau, on the basis of the conclusion by the Budgetary Office, discussed expediency of consideration of the draft on Tax Code by Mikheil Machavariani.

As Z. Dzidziguri noted, after consultations with the Budgetary Office and the Ministry of Finance and specification of some issues, the consideration shall onset.

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