The parties discussed innovative technologies in agrarian sphere at the meeting with the Chair of the Agrarian Issues Committee

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 11:25
The Chair of the Committee, Otar Danelia and the representatives of the Company “Biocom Technologies” discussed future cooperation between Georgia and Belarus. Belarusian guests serve the visit to implement pilot project on automated and computerized animal farm. They have already visited Abasha and Martvili municipalities and met with various officials of executive authority. At the meeting in Parliament, they informed Georgian MPs about Company capacities and innovative technologies being the pre-condition for high quality production and reducing the prime cost of the product. As noted, Georgia is interested in establishment of high technology companies in agrarian sphere to ensure safe product. The parties also touched upon animal husbandry development and various respective project implementation in Georgian regions. The meeting was attended by the professor Levan Tortladze, the Advisor to the Agrarian Minister, Omar Kacharava and the Head Agrarian Project Management Agency Project Support and Development Office, Mikheil Kuchava.

The Agrarian Issues Committee discussed new pests in Western Georgia and elimination thereof

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 11:10
The parties heard the information about the new pest (Asian Cassida) in West Georgia and outlined eliminative measures at the meeting of the Committee with the Heads of Regional Administrations and Municipalities. The Head of the National Food Agency, Zurab Chekhurashvili provided comprehensive information about new pest causing the highest damage last year to Western Georgia. Asian Cassida was first detected in Georgia in 2015. We did not have any experience who to eliminate this pest and hence, we will be guided under international practice. The problem is wide scale evidenced with the fact that the pest damages more than 300 species of plants, preferring apple, peach, wine and berries. Particular damage last year was inflicted to nuts. This pest is characterized with unforeseeable movement, feeds on plants from spring to late autumn and spends winter in houses and other premises. According to international experts, in case of mass distribution of the pest, the damage may constitute 70%. “We have the emergency situation and shall undertake measures for a couple of years to at maximal extent control population of the pest until its total elimination”, - Z. Chekurashvili stated. He introduced the scheduled measures envisaging public awareness and exploitation of pesticides on agrarian land plots. US Development Fund will render aid to Georgia. 12 ml GEL is already allocated for elimination of the pest on land plots. The picture is alarming and the project shall apply to wider area. The scale entails extension of the project to the state program for elimination of pests. Phyto-sanitary control shall become stricter on the state border to prevent diversion. Inasmuch as the pest cannot be limited within administrative border, the measures shall be complex to cover all the regions. The Chair, Otar Danelia resumed the meeting. “We still have time to undertake respective measures because tomorrow it will be late leading us to catastrophe. We will undertake wide scale measures and convert the project into the state program. We shall make stricter phyto-sanitary regulations on the border”. The consultations will continue within the working group format in the nearest days.

The meeting of Otar Danelia with the representative of BIOCOM TECHNOLOGY

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Monday, 27 February 2017 13:35
The Chair of the Agrarian Issues Committee, Mr. Otar Danelia held the meeting with the representative of the Innovative Company of Belarus, BIOCOM TECHNOLOGY, Yuri Malevich, Dimitri Yanets and Alexander Zinovenko. The parties discussed implementation of pilot projects of automated and computerized animal farm in Abasha and Martvili Municipalities. “Arrangement of such farm will create favorable conditions for provision of manufacture of natural milk. All in all, we will have the product safe for health which is one of the pre-conditions of FCFTA”, - O. Danelia stated. The parties spoke about cooperation and future perspectives in agrarian sphere. The Belarusian guests introduced the capacity and new technologies of the Company and noted that hereof approach guarantees high rentable production as the technical means reduce prime cost of the product. The meeting was attended by the Head of Agrarian and Food Department of Agrarian Ministry, Tengiz Kalandadze, the Advisor to the Agrarian Minister, Omar Kacharava and the professor, Levan Totladze.

Otar Danelia attended the PABSEC Standing Committee sitting

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Friday, 24 February 2017 12:10

The Standing Committee accomplished activity in PABSEC Head Office in Istanbul, attended by the Head of the Parliamentary Delegation, Mr. Otar Danelia.
According to him, the Committee discussed the Changes to the Rules of Procedure and the Regulations of PABSEC. “Albania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine – these are the countries introducing the draft changes. Consideration will be held on May 17-18 in Kishinev at the Legal and Political Committee sitting. Simultaneously, PABSEC members initiated the Transport and Trade Development Forum to be held”.
The Delegation members discussed publication of the book on 25-year cooperation dedicated to the PABSEC jubilee date.

The Address by Otar Danelia to the International Conference Delegates

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Friday, 27 January 2017 14:50

The Chair of the Agrarian Issues Committee, Mr. Otar Danelia, attending the Rural Development International Conference in Rome on January 25-27 held under the aegis of IFAD, participated in the panel on “New Financial Approaches and Instruments to Small Farms and Petty and Average Agrarian Enterprises”.
He spoke about support of the Government and donor organizations in development of petty and average enterprise and stated that Georgia-IFAD cooperation is particularly successful.  He introduced the achievements and challenges of agricultural sphere. Speaking about agrarian product export, he noted that trade balance has significantly improved during the last 3 years.
Delegates asked about the opinion of O. Danelia about agricultural development. He noted that it requires intact support by the Government and donor organizations and stated that the respective conditions shall be created for development of agrarian sphere.
O. Danelia spoke about the programs implemented in Georgia for agricultural development, including “Preferential Agro-Credit”, “Agro-Insurance”, as well as grants for agro-tourism. The programs are effective and he will support further implementation of similar programs in Georgia.
Mr. Danelia is invited to the IFAD in capacity of the honorary Speaker with invitation by the IFAD President, Mr. Kanayo Nwanze. The conference is organized by the Government of Italy and the Brookings and Warwick Universities.

Otar Danelia visits Italy

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 15:10

Otar Danelia, the Chairman of Agricultural Committee of Parliament takes part in the international conference in Rome, Italy.
According to the press-office, Otar Danelia is invited as the honorable speaker. He receives an invitation by the fund Director. “Investments in Village Transformation”-is the main topic.
Otar Danelia will deliver a speech on January, 26. He will discuss reforms, challenges and result of the Agricultural Committee of Parliament of Georgia.

The meeting of Otar Danelia with EU Ambassador

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 11:15

The Chair of the Agrarian Issues Committee, Mr. Otar Danelia held the meeting with the EU Ambassador, H.E. Janos HermanThe parties discussed agrarian development of the country, EU support in this sphere and future cooperation. “We have always had particular relations with Mr. Herman. He is one of the supporters of development of agriculture in Georgia”, - O. Danelia stated.
Georgia has obtained the significant aid in agricultural development within European Neighborhood Policy, such are ENPARD-1, ENPARD-2 and ENPARD-3. Supported by EU, various spheres of agriculture have successfully developed through interesting programs.
We already have successful directions, such are: cooperative development, agro-financing, agro-credits, agro-insurance, “plant future” program, processing plant co-financial program etc. An important novelty for Georgia is new concept of rural development envisaging establishment of the tomorrow’s village model, concluding the pre-conditions for rural development, one of the components of which is development of agriculture”.
The parties agreed on intensive cooperation between Georgia and EU in agrarian and rural development spheres. As noted, the parties will strive to facilitate to active engagement of Georgian farmers in EU projects.

Otar Danelia met with Giedrius Puodžiūnas

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Friday, 09 December 2016 13:35

The Chair, Mr. Otar Danelia held the introductory meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Georgia, H.E. Giedrius Puodžiūnas. The parties discussed bilateral relations and inter-Parliamentary cooperation and touched upon cooperation in agriculture. The parties considered the issues, such are market development, experience exchange, best practice of Lithuania in agriculture, expert exchange etc.
“Along with other issues, we are interested in Lithuania’s experience in agriculture – reforms, such are cooperative and land market development, value chain facilitative state programs giving more impetus to foreign investors. Lithuania is one of the most attractive countries in terms of investments and we want to share their experience to make Georgia as attractive as Lithuania is”, - O. Danelia stated.

Prime Minister presented new Ministers of Agriculture and Energy

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Saturday, 10 September 2016 16:38

Levan Davitashvili will be appointed to the post of the Minister of Agriculture and Ilia Eloshvili will take the post of Minister of Energy. Ministers of the agriculture and energy have previously held the positions of the deputy ministers.
As it was noted by Giorgi Kvirikashvili, changes in the cabinet of ministers are caused by the election process, since the Vice Prime Minister Kakha Kaladze will participate in the elections as a party-list candidate, whereas Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia will run a majoritarian candidate.
"levan Davitashvili has held the position of the deputy minister of agriculture for the last two years, whereas prior to this he served as a head of the National Wine Agency. Levan is an economist, and holds a MA degree from the Tbilisi State University and School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic University. Mr. Davitashvili has a vast experience of working with the NGO sector, international organizations and the private sector. Throughout the several years he has worked for the USAID agricultural sector development project and performed functions of the World Bank's business consultant. Many achievements attained in the wine export sector are due to his endevours in the recent years and I am glad that I have an honor to present him as a Minister of Agriculture - an area carrying particular significance for our country," - Prime Minister noted.
Ilia Eloshvili has held the position of the first deputy minister of energy since 2012. He has studied in the leading higher educational institutions of Georgia, America, Luxemburg and Holland.
"Ilia has a many years of experience in the field of energy. He has held leading positions in the number of private companies and international organizations, such as the USAID and the Millennium Development Goals. He has obtained a solid experience within the frames of the said programs. Ilia is a truly distinguished person. Personal qualities of Levan and Ilia are truly exceptional and I am glad to have an opportunity of presenting these individuals to the important posts," - Prime Minister indicated while wishing good luck to the new members of the Cabinet.
The head of the Government also thanked Kakha Kaladze and Otar Danelia who have engaged in the election process today. According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, both of them have an important tasks.
"I believe that they will be successful in achieving these goals," - Prime Minister noted.
The head of the Government also responded to the question concerning the possible appointment of David Kirvalidze to the post of the Minister of Agriculture. Prime Minister noted that he discussed such possibility with David Kirvalidze.
According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, David Kirvalidze is a high-ranking professional who has an important international position - he is the board member at the CNFA and has particular directions he cannot leave so easily.
"As for the future cooperation, I offered him the position of the Adviser of the Prime Minister in the agricultural area and there is a chance that he will cooperate with us in this area. David is a very good person and we will definitely cooperate with him in some form, however, today he cannot join the government for many reasons," - Giorgi Kvirikashvili noted.
As for the question of the journalists concerning the fact that the majoritarian candidates are not on the leading positions in the party list, Prime Minister responded that the political team decided to include the majoritarian candidates in the lower party-list positions due to the fact that their victory is not doubted and the party is willing to motivate the voters by not insuring the Parliament seats of their favourite candidates by placing them in the top of the party list.
"During the second round, it is particularly important to ensure that the voters are active. In some districts there may be a need of the second rounds and we would like to preserve the motivation to our voters to actively participate in the elections and support a person they would like to see in the Parliament.
As for the new faces presented in Saguramo, the first 11 comprised the top dozen of the party-list, whereas another group - those were selected to run as majoritarian candidates due to their particular potential. Following the principle adopted by us, the majoritarian candidates should not take the top ten positions of the party list - they had to take lower positions in the list following the alphabetical order. Otherwise, new members presented in Saguramo would take the leading places of the party-list. Political council shared this principle and enabled them to be fully engaged in the competition - this was the decision of our country," - Prime Minister noted.

Otar Danelia resigned

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Friday, 09 September 2016 15:38

After resignation of the Energy Minister, the Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia has also left the post. According to the Ministry, Danelia will not be the leader and he is in Samegrelo now. Otar Danelia holds meetings within the frames of pre election campaign.
Otar Danelia is the majority candidate of Martvili and Abasha from Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia. According to Law, the candidates should resign after they make statement for registration.
As you know, Kakha Kaladze resigned today too. 

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