Municipal Elections is being conducted in Georgia

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Saturday, 21 October 2017 11:10

Today, Municipal Elections is being conducted in Georgia. All election precincts were open for voters, at 08:00 am.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) held its first news briefing to announce the start of the polling.

According to Ana Mikeladze, the CEC Spokesperson, the polling process is being conducted in a peaceful and accessible election environment. Today, the voters will elect 2058 members of 64 Sakrebulos and 64 mayors. As for the number of voters, 3 440 123 voters are included in the unified voters’ list.

“We would like to remind the voters that at election precincts they will receive three types of ballot papers: one - blue ballot paper is intended for proportional elections to elect the political party or election bloc, second – pink ballot paper - for electing majoritarian member of Sakrebulo, third – light green ballot paper - for electing mayor of self-governing city or self-governing community” - stated Ana Mikleadze

It should be also stated that the ballot papers in Georgian-Azerbaijani, Georgian-Armenian as well as trilingual ballot papers in Georgian-Azerbaijani-Armenian languages are available for ethnic minority voters at respective election precincts.

Magnifying sheets are accessible for voters with visual impairments at election precincts and tactile ballot guide for blind voters. The deaf and hard of hearing voters as well as beneficiaries of support will receive information about the polling process via special poster. Special voting booths are available for voters using a wheelchair at 1153 adapted election precincts.

54 389 representatives of election subjects, 20 641 of local and 581 international observers will monitor the election process. In addition, 4 820 accredited journalists will cover the elections.

After closing the polling stations at 20:00 pm, the vote counting procedures will start at the election precincts. Upon receipt of summary protocols, the CEC will gradually upload them on the special webpage

“Hereby, let me remind you that agitation at polling stations is prohibited by the election legislation. It is also prohibited to place any paid or free political advertisement on television and radio. It is also prohibited to publish public opinion poll results before 20:00” – announced Ana Mikeladze.

According to Ana Mikeladze, the CEC Call Center - 2 51 00 51 and online chat will operate for 24 hours on E-day.

”Citizens and electoral stakeholders may apply to the Election Administration in order to receive or provide any election-related information. Hereby, the Election Administration urges voters to participate in elections and appeals to the election stakeholders to support the conduct of elections in calm and free election environment” - stated Ana Mikeladze.

The Election Administration will be delivering the information on polling process and voter turnout during the whole E-day. Six news briefings will be conducted during the day.

Municipal reform-enhancement of cooperation

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016 11:15

The Chairman of Parliament noted that there is much to do in this direction. “We have the greatest space for reforming. Unfortunately, fiscal data we have fails to allow making drastic steps in terms of fiscal decentralization, though we shall have a very concrete approach and strategy to achieve progress and higher quality decentralization in a mid-term perspective. As much as possible authority shall be delegated to the Municipal Boards. Municipalities shall be equipped with respective financial resources to enhance the system in general”.

The Municipal and Household Wastes

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Thursday, 24 September 2015 17:15

The meeting of the Working Group was held at the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee regarding the Municipal and Household Waste.

The Committee discussed accumulation, withdrawal and storage of the household wastes on the highways and municipal territories. The invitees were the respective agencies of the Ministries of Environmental Protection, of Infrastructure and Regional Development, as well as patrol police representatives.

MPs asked about the mechanisms to prevent littering on the roads and settled areas, as well as about the legislative changes necessary for problem solution.

After discussions, G. Zhorzholiani stated that the complex measures are to be undertaken for solution. The Committee will at the nearest sitting make the relevant decision.

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