The NATO Military Committee to visit Georgia

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Monday, 25 March 2019 17:21

The NATO Military Committee and its Chairman, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach will be in Tbilisi, Georgia on 27 and 28 March 2019. 

As a show of support to its long-time partner, the NATO Military Committee will hold a meeting in the NATO-Georgia format chaired by the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Air Chief Marshal Peach and the Georgian Minister of Defence, Mr Levan Izoria. The opening remarks will be open to the media. The NATO Military Committee will receive an overview of the regional security situation, including the occupied regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and the Black Sea. The NATO Military Representatives will then be briefed on the ongoing implementation of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package, the ongoing Georgian Reforms as well as the continuing Georgian contributions to NATO operations and exercises. 

On the 28th of March, the NATO Military Committee will head to the Vaziani Military Base to receive a briefing from the Combat Training Centre and visit the Georgia Defence Readiness Programme, a bilateral programme designed, by the US, to improve Georgian troops’ combat readiness and develop a self-sustaining institutional capacity to man, train and equip their national missions. 

The NATO Military Committee will then proceed to the Joint Training and Evaluation Centre to observe the “NATO-Georgia Exercise 2019”. This joint multinational brigade-level, Command Post exercise aims to further develop the interoperability of Georgian, Allied and Partner Forces, as well as Georgian command and control capabilities.


Visit of NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation SACT to Georgia

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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 15:00

“We have a good common objective, which is to strengthen our defense and how we build more peace and security together”, - this was the message from the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation SACT General Denis Mercier declared after meeting with the Georgian Defence Minister Levan Izoria. 

After the official welcome ceremony at the headquarter of the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces General Denis Mercier held meetings with the Georgian Defence Minister and Chief of General Staff of GAF. 

Levan Izoria thanked General Mercier for the steadfast political and practical support of NATO towards Georgia and introduced implemented and ongoing defence reforms to him which are directed at strengthening the defence capabilities of Georgia and bring Georgia closer to NATO. 

According to the Defence Minister, visit of General Denis Mercier to Georgia demonstrates the support of the North Atlantic Alliance to the NATO aspirant country - Georgia. 

During the meeting the sides talked about the progress Georgia achieved on the path towards NATO integration. Special focus was made on implementation of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package (SNGP), in particular on NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Center (JTEC) which is closely cooperating with the NATO Allied Command Transformation.

Georgian Aviation Day marked at Alekseevka Military Airfield

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Thursday, 21 September 2017 11:21

The 25th Jubilee of the Georgian Aviation was marked at the military airfield of Alekseevka Combined Air Squadron. Minister of Defence Levan Izoria, Chief of the General Staff of the GAF Major General Vladimer Chachibaia, Aviation and Air Defence Commander LTC Sergo Ninua, Ministry of Defence representatives and high ranking officers attended the 25th anniversary .

Before beginning the celebrations, Minister laid wreath on the memorial of hero warriors fallen in fights for the territorial integrity of Georgia. A solemn ceremony was opened by the Georgian State Anthem. To honour the memory of the fallen soldiers, the invited guests held a minute of silence.

Defence Minister addressed the military personnel and congratulated them on the 25th anniversary of the formation of Georgian aviation. Minister Levan Izoria focused on the implemented defence reforms and informed the audience about the future plans of modernizing military equipment in cooperation with Georgia`s strategic partners and purchasing unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The MoD leadership awarded the military servicemen with service medals and presents. Minister Levan Izoria granted four military servicemen a 7,62X54 mm sniper rifle and Major General Vladimer Chachibaia awarded two military servicemen with service guns. LTC Sergo Ninua bestowed medal “Devoted to Motherland” on five military for 20 or more years of outstanding military service and II rank medal “For Impeccable Service in Defence System”- on one military serviceman. 

After the event, the military equipment was displayed at the military airfield.

The formation of the Georgian military aviation dates back in August 20 1918, when the first Georgian Military Aviation Unit was formed under the decision of Georgian Parliament. In February of 1921, Georgian military pilots fought vigorously against the Soviet occupation and carried out several successful attacks against the adversary near Tbilisi.

After Georgia regained independence in 1992, Military-Air Force and Air-Defence Division was established which was made into the Main Division in 1993. In spring of 2010, Military Air Force became subordinated to Land Forces. Today, Aviation and Air Defence Command is in the subordination of the General Staff of the GAF.

In the last period of time, the qualification and combat preparation level of engineer-technical personnel and pilots has significantly improved through numerous exercises and trainings on the basis of multi-annual cooperation with NATO and Partner countries. With the help of the allied countries, Georgian military education system was streamlined as result, National Defence Academy and Giorgi Antsukhelidze  NCO Training Centre are preparing aviation officers and sergeants.

MoU concluded on the implementation of GDRP

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Thursday, 31 August 2017 12:01

With regard to the implementation of Georgia Defence Readiness Programme (GDRP), Defence Ministry of Georgia and the United States European Command (EUCOM) concluded Memorandum of Understanding. Minister of Defence Levan Izoria and Director of Strategy and Policy for U.S. European Command Maj. Gen. David W. Allvin signed the MoU.

Minister Levan Izoria thanked the U.S.official for a vigorous cooperation with and support of Georgia and stressed the significance of the GDRP for the Armed Forces of Georgia.

According to Minister, the MoU envisages strengthening territorial defence capabilities of Georgia, especially in a military training area:  “In cooperation with our U.S. partners, we plan to staff, equip and train 9 Georgian battalions to enhance the national defence capabilities and security of the country.

GDRP is being implemented within the Framework Agreement on Security singed between Ministry of Defence of Georgia and the U.S. Department of Defence for 2016-2019.

Prior to signing the Memorandum, Minister hosted Major General David Allvin personally. Chief of the General Staff of the GAF Major General Vladimer Chachibaia, First Deputy Minister of Defence Lela Chikovani, First Deputy Chief of the GS COL Nikoloz Janjgava as well as the Sergeant Major of the GAF Koba Tsirekidze attended the meeting.

Defence Minister Visited Wounded Warriors in Germany

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Thursday, 17 August 2017 10:35

Minister of Defence of Georgia Levan Izoria and Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, Major-General Vladimer Chachibaia visited the Georgian military service members who had been wounded in Afghanistan as a result of terror attack near the Bagram Airfield on August 3 and undergo medical treatment in Germany, the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

Defence Minister received detailed information about the health condition of wounded warriors from the doctors and thanked them for their attentiveness. Levan Izoria wished quick recovery and awarded Captain Mikheil Gvirjishvili and 1st Lieutenant Giga Khakhutashvili with the “Medals for Combat Wound”. Chief of General Staff granted them with the GS coins.

Two military service members of the 23rd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade were transferred to Germany immediately and they underwent various surgical procedures. They health condition is stable.

Defence Minister Levan Izoria arrived in Germany from Afghanistan. Sergeant Mdinari Bebiashvili was killed as a result of terror attack near the Bagram Airfield on August 3.

Statement of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia

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Monday, 07 August 2017 10:29

An attack was conducted on a combined motorized patrol in the vicinity of the Bagram Air Base, in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. As a result, Soldier of the 23rd Battalion of the II Infantry Brigade who served in the “Resolute Support” mission, Junior Sergeant Mdinari Bebiashvili (23.10.1991) was killed in Action. Junior Sergeant Bebiashvili served in the Georgian Armed Forces since 2010. He participated in the ISAF mission in 2012 and 2014. He has received medal for “Participating in Peacekeeping Operations”.

Three Georgian servicemen were wounded in an attack. The health condition of Captain Mikheil Gvirjishvili is stable but critical; the wounds of two other servicemen, Senior Lieutenant Giga Khakhutashvili and Corporal Gela Kharshiladze are not considered life threatening. All three of them are receiving treatment at Bagram Air Base Hospital.

The Ministry of Defence of Georgia expresses deepest condolences to the family of fallen peacekeeper, Junior Sergeant Mdinari Bebiashvili.  

The Defence Minister of Georgia Levan Izoria expresses deepest condolences over the death of the Junior Sergeant Mdinari Bebiashvili in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

“I express my deepest condolences over the death of the Junior Sergeant Mdinari Bebiashvili who served in 23rd Battalion of the II Infantry Brigade. The Junior Sergeant and his platoon was on patrol with the American and local military forces when two suicide bombers carried out a terrorist act. Three Georgian servicemen were wounded in an attack. The wounds of two servicemen are not considered life threatening, and the condition of the third military serviceman is stable but critical, but everything is done in the hospital to improve its condition. In this very difficult period of time, we offer our deepest condolences to the family of our fallen comrade”, - said Defence Minister.

The US Ambassador to Georgia H.E. Ian Kelly has also expressed his condolences over the death of the Georgian servicemen. During his telephone conversation with the Defence Minister, Ambassador said that he expresses deepest condolences over the incident to the Georgian Armed Forces and the family members of the fallen soldier.   

Mikheil Janelidze – “Noble Partner - 2017 contributes to peace and stability in Georgia and in the region”

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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 11:38

Georgian Vice Premier, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze attended the official launch of Noble Partner - 2017 multinational defence exercise.
Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Defence Minister Levan Izoria Chief of General Staff of Georgian Armed Forces Vladimer Chachibaia and U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly spoke at the opening.
“The drills contribute to peace and stability in Georgia and in the region and strengthen Georgia’s defence capacity and its European and Euro-Atlantic integration” – Mikheil Janelidze told journalist following the opening ceremony.
Georgia for the third time hosts the annual Noble Partner defence exercise with its European and regional partners with troops from eight countries joining forces for the training at the Vaziani military air base outside the capital of Tbilisi.
Service members from Georgia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Slovenia and Armenia  participate in the drills focused on improving defence and attack skills.
The Noble Partner 2017 is a part of drills of the European Command in the Black Sea region, which is being held on the territory of seven countries.
Noble Partner 2017 will continue Saber Guardian in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary and Sea Breeze in Ukraine.
Established in 2015, the Noble Partner exercise was initially founded to train service members from the Georgian Armed Forces and NATO member states for the NATO Response Force (NRF) unit and to improve the Georgian troops’ interoperability with NATO units.

Defence Minister delivers report at the Higher National Defence Course

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Thursday, 13 July 2017 13:37

The second day of the Higher National Defence Course was dedicated to the discussions around national security affairs.

Defence Minister acted as a main speaker at the session of defence policy priorities. Levan Izoria began his speech highlighting significance of high level of combat preparedness of Georgian Armed Forces in light of current global challenges and outlined that the strategic mission of Georgia`s defence policy is to strengthen national defence capabilities, insuring adequate response to the challenges faced by the world, deterring and inflicting damage to a  potential aggressor. Minister Levan Izoria placed a special focus on Georgia Defence Readiness Programme to be implemented in cooperation with Georgia`s strategic partner-the United States. According to Minister`s words, the GDRP must provide the high level of combat training, manning and equipping of the Georgian Armed Forces. In the framework of GDRP, the Georgian military servicemen will be prepared for international Peacekeeping missions as well.

Defence Minister also underlined significance of implementing Substantial NATO-Georgia Package (SNGP) initiatives in synchronization with GDRP to fulfill the common tasks.

Minister also touched on Total Defence Concept and stressed importance of public representatives` maximal engagement in this process and active interagency communication. Levan Izoria emphasized that the first steps have been already undertaken with regard to total defence reflected in the recent resumption of a conscription system. When speaking on Total Defence Concept, Minister referred to the upgraded reserve system as well.

Towards the end of the speech, Defence Minister highlighted Georgia`s involvement in the international peacekeeping operations led in Afghanistan and African Continent under the aegis of NATO and EU. As Levan Izoria underlined, Georgia, as the most reliable partner of the Alliance, remains committed to its obligations and continues contribution to the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission.

Prior to the report made by Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikheil Janelidze focused on Georgia`s foreign policy priorities and achievements. Minister highlighted the priorities of South Caucasus region and outlined that Georgia, considering its geopolitical location, has a good potential of sustainable economic and trade development. The primary objective of the national foreign policy is to strengthen Georgia`s sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders and to continue building modern, stable, European and democratic state. Mikheil Janelidze focused on the key global challenges and the threats posed by Georgia-frozen conflicts and the current developments in the occupied regions. Minister outlined that resolution of the conflict must be achieved through diplomatic channels, a dialogue and peaceful means. Mikheil Janelidze also discussed a number of issues regarding Georgia`s relationship with its strategic partners, Euro-Atlantic organizations and cooperation in the format of East European Partnership.

Higher National Defence Course is ongoing in Kachreti Hotel “Ambassador” during four days and aims at reviewing Georgia`s security environment in regional and international context, as well as analyzing each citizen`s role and responsibility in the formation of National Defence and security system.


NCO Corps Day celebrated in Kojori

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Friday, 30 June 2017 10:59

From the next year, the salary of NCOs will increase that will be additional motivation for the career and professional development of sergeants”, declared Minister of Defence of Georgia Levan Izoria in Giorgi Antsukhelidze NCO Training Centre where the NCO Corps` Day was marked.

Marking the NCO`s Corps Day began by a life-fire exercise in Kojori. The military personnel of the NCO Training Centre conducted an ambush operation after receiving an operative order.

Defence Minister Levan Izoria and Chief of the GS of the GAF Major-General Vladimer Chachibaia congratulated the sergeants on their professional day and focused on the future prospects. A new educational programme is being developed in the NCO Training Centre, which covers the necessary knowledge for the Brigade and Battalion sergeants. Besides that a new concept of professional and career development is in the process of discussion that serves to the further improvement of NCO selection system, their professional education and career development.
The solemn ceremony continued with awarding of sergeants. Defence Minister Levan Izoria granted the Order of Honour to Master Sergeant Koba Tsirekidze for a special personal contribution provided in the building of independent Georgian state. The military of NCO Training Centre were also bestowed on I and II rank medals for “Impeccable Service”.

The NCO Corps was created soon after formation of the GAF. Today, Georgia has one of the best Centres corresponding to NATO standards and is oriented at the enhancement of professional standards of sergeants. The role of NCOs is significant for the Armed Forces as they are the pillar and the main core of the army.

Memorandum of Understanding concluded between Defence Ministry and National Library

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 10:36

One of the key priorities of Ministry of Defence of Georgia is to foster  development of educated, intellectual and intelligent armed forces. Just with this purpose, Ministry of Defence and Ilia Chavchavadze National Parliamentary Library of Georgia concluded Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at I Artillery Brigade base.

Minister of Defence Levan Izoria and Director of National Library Giorgi Kekelidze signed the Document.

As Minister outlined, in parallel to military education, the MoD offers the GAF personnel multilateral intellectual development capabilities.

According to Giorgi Kekelidze, the book corners will be arranged at military bases on a step-by-step basis and National Library will supply the military personnel with books.

At the MoU signing ceremony, the National Library representative presented the Artillery Brigade library with 500 books.

The MoU aims at facilitating the implementation of different cultural and educational events. Under the Document, the National Parliamentary Library will provide the opportunity to MoD personnel to use the exhibition and conference halls, a digital library and the material protected in the archive. In the framework of the cooperation, the Georgian writers and historians will meet the military servicemen. The National Library will also provide assistance to the MoD to retrain the librarians.

Today, the exhibition of military thematic photos protected in the Archive of National Parliamentary Library was held in the Readers` Room of the military unit.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the GAF Brigadier General Shalva Jabakhidze, Trainings and Military Education Commander LOL Malkhaz  Makaradze , Deputy Director of National Parliamentary Library Mirian Khositashvili as well as Artillery Brigade military attended the event.

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