The Legal Issues Committee considered the changes to the Code of Imprisonment

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 15:58
The Committee considered with the I reading the draft on Code of Imprisonment, envisaging establishment of additional mechanism for re-socialization/rehabilitation of the convicts, establishment of penitential agency for preparation of convicts for release and higher education, improvement of mechanism for release of convicts ahead of time, elimination of offenses on the adjacent territory of the penitential department and provision of due functioning of the penitential department. The draft was introduced by the Deputy-Corrections Minister, Kakha Kakhishvili. The changes are for continuation of the reform launched in 2012 in terms of provision of human rights protection in penitential system and compliance with standards. “These are the issues we considered with the international organizations and which will put the human rights protection process in the penitential system on a higher stake”. The essential change envisages establishment of the agency for preparation for release to prepare the low and average risk convicts for release, the detention term of which does not exceed 6 months. The convict, in the agency, on the basis of the permit of the Director, shall be allowed temporarily leaving the penitential department if he/she works, studies or wants to spend days-off outside, though the release term shall not exceed 3 days. Another significant change envisages substitution of the remaining term with the lighter punishment. The local council of the Corrections of Ministry shall be entitled in case of written application of the convict and after preferential period under the law, to substitute the remaining term with house arrest. The changes also regulate the rendezvous issues. The female convict shall have the family rendezvous only with the permit of the Director. The draft envisages different regulations for TV use – the convict in the agency for release or the low and average risk convicts shall be allowed without permission acquiring TV and radio. The draft entitles the Court solely to release the convict due to disease in case of the health state is not compatible with serving penalty and if expert concludes that no improvement of health state is expected. The Court shall consider expediency of enforcement of the penalty, personal peculiarities of the convict, past committed crimes, nature, motive and objective of the crime etc. One of the most important issues is opportunity for education. The convict in the agency for release or the low risk convict shall be entitled to realize the higher education right on the first stage of academic education (bachelor). The female convict having a child under 3 in the department and the childe turning 3 has left the department, shall be entitled within one year, to leave the department on week-ends. The Minister stated that the change will facilitate integration of a child with the external world and will minimize mental traumatization of a child due to separation with the mother. The current law entitles the life convict after serving 15 years to appeal to the local council for alleviation of the penalty. The changes entitle the life convict to appeal to the Court instead of the local standard, which is the higher stage. The life convicts serving 20 years shall be entitled to appeal to the Court for release. The Ministry, upon development of the draft, considered the part of the changes submitted by the NGOs and Public Defender. The Committee decided to further specify formulation of some changes.

Kakha Kakhishvili met with Janos Herman

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Friday, 28 October 2016 17:10

Penitentiary and Probation Minister of Georgia met with EU Ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman. The sides discussed the cooperation of European Union and Ministry of Corrections, joint projects and penal reforms.
According to Kakha Kakhishvili, the new project was highlighted which is implementing by the financial support of European Union. It provides correction ministry’s development.
As Kakhishvili said, EU has important role in this process. He thanked to Herman for involvement in development process of Georgia.

The Ambassadorial has discussed the issues of Georgia’s democratic development

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 17:27

The participants of the Ambassadorial discussed the issues of Georgia’s democratic development in the frames of the working session.
The Heads of the Georgian diplomatic missions  met Minister of Justice of Georgia Tea Tsulukiani, Minister of Corrections Kakha Kakhishvili and First Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Manana Kobakhidze, who addressed the representatives of the Georgian diplomatic corps focusing on the reforms carried out by the Georgian Parliament and Government and on the future plans.
Manana Kobakhidze summed up the Georgian legislative branch’s four-year activity and main achievements and focused on the legislative reforms. 
Minister of Justice of Georgia highlighted the progress achieved in the sphere of human rights protection, focused on the pre-election environment and once again underlined the strong will and readiness of the Georgian Government to hold the elections in compliance with the high democratic standards. Tea Tsulukiani also presented a new project of the Georgian National Archives, which serves the purpose of highlighting the history of the Georgian diplomacy. 
Kakha Kakhishvili spoke about the important reforms carried out in the penitentiary system and underlined that today Georgia’s penitentiary system is in full conformity with the EU standards.
Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze thanked his colleagues for participation in the Ambassadorial. First Deputy Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani was a moderator of the working panel. 

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