IRI Releases Georgia Technical Assessment Mission Final Report

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Friday, 12 March 2021 12:43
RI Final Election Report Reveals Increased Participation, Need for Continued Reforms.
Tbilisi, Georgia – Demonstrating its support for Georgia’s recent democratic advancements, the International Republican Institute (IRI) organized a Technical Election Assessment Mission (TEAM) to assess the country’s parliamentary elections in October 2020. Drawing from expert observations before, during and after Election Day, IRI has released its final report, informed by six long-term analysts (LTAs) deployed to Georgia between September and November 2020.
“This October, Georgians took to the polls for the first time since passing key reforms to enhance the transparency and competition of future elections,” said IRI Regional Director for Eurasia Stephen Nix. “Though far from perfect, the reforms marked a milestone for Georgia and brought forth a more democratic and pluralistic pre-election period than in years past.”
During the mission, the LTAs engaged with government officials, political parties, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and election-commission officials to assess the election administration, campaign environment, legal framework, political inclusion and media space. Ultimately, the mission observed an electoral process that was mostly peaceful and competitive, and more politically diverse and transparent than previous parliamentary elections.
However, IRI’s TEAM report also found that though the Central Election Commission achieved success in educating and mobilizing voters amidst COVID-19, there were administration issues that impeded the integrity of the process. In addition, though voter turnout saw a marked increase since the 2016 elections, other irregularities did emerge during the electoral process.
The mission urges Georgian stakeholders to consolidate the democratic gains made prior to the 2020 elections by addressing the shortcomings identified by international observers and prioritize their recommendations.
Follow the link for the full report:

The meeting of the Speaker with the representatives of NDI and IRI Observation Missions

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Friday, 07 October 2016 10:23

The Speaker, Mr. David Usupashvili held the meeting with NDI and IRI Observation Missions. He thanked the mission members for visiting Georgia and their activity and spoke about importance of international observation missions. The parties discussed pre-election milieu and current situation.
After the meeting, Mr. Usupashvili noted that on October 8, NDI and IRI, along with OSCE, CoE and the representatives of other Parliaments will observe the elections.
“I met with two very important observation organizations – NDI and IRI. These two US organizations are one of the most active observers in election processes. We host the highest rank delegations of these organizations, composed of the European politicians and as always, intend to develop an unbiased conclusion.
We unanimously noted that no comparison can be made with the situation in August-September, 2012, though they expressed their concern about the recent events and grave consequences of violence entailing threat that should be prevented.
I believe that presence of NDI, IRI, OSCE, CoE and other observers will be productive. I personally appealed to the Speakers of up to 30 Parliaments to dispatch the observers. Most of them responded and I hope that this fact will cool those hot guns down who try make impact on electors through other means, is it explosives or conversations of explosives, is it direct violence or psychological pressure on electors.
So, once more, I would like to address Georgian citizens that their free choice will be guaranteed, including due to presence of international observers because you will not be allowed making mistakes before the elections and the citizens themselves shall make their choice about our future. This is why presence of international colleagues is important today”.

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