Tina Khidasheli demands Government to send protest note to Ukraine

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Friday, 07 October 2016 17:08

“This is a case when the liability issue should have been raised” – the Former Defense Minister and one of the leaders of Republicans Party Tina Khidasheli said. She estimated video connections of Mikheil Saakashvili in pre-election period.
As Khidasheli said, the government also has not answered the question, why it does not send protest note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
“When I was a Minister, Mikhiel Saakashvili had an interview with BBC and he politically attacked to Georgian State. I demanded to send protest note to Ukraine. We have had a lot of similar cases since then,”-Tina Khidasheli said. 

The Statement by the Government of the Republic of Korea on the DPRK’s Fifth Nuclear Test

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Friday, 16 September 2016 15:35

1. The DPRK conducted its fifth nuclear test on September 9, 2016, in Punggye-ri, North Hamgyong Province.

2. Despite the clear warnings sent again by the international community at the G20 Summit and East Asia Summit, the DPRK conducted another nuclear test since 2016 in flagrant violation of relevant UN Security Council resolutions. The ROK government strongly condemns such a grave provocation, which must not be condoned.

3. The DPRK regime is continuing its dangerous provocations, focusing solely on the advancement of its nuclear and missile capabilities while completely ignoring the poor human rights situation of its people and their livelihood. However, the DPRK regime must clearly realize that it has nothing to gain from such behavior. The more reckless provocations the DPRK conducts, the stronger international sanctions and more severe diplomatic isolation it will face, leading to the collapse of its economy and eventually self-destruction.

4. The ROK government again strongly calls on the DPRK to immediately abandon its nuclear weapons and missile programs in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner. The ROK government will continue to cooperate with the international community and make all the necessary efforts to seek much tougher sanctions at the UN Security Council and bilateral levels.

5. Furthermore, the ROK government will maintain a high readiness posture against any further provocation by the DPRK which threatens the safety of the ROK and the lives of its people and will demonstrate an unwavering response.

The Government disagrees with the President’s reasoning to hold referendum

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Thursday, 25 August 2016 11:50

The Government will countersign Presidential Ordinance on "Refusal to the Request to hold a Referendum", nevertheless, the Cabinet disagrees with the arguments provided to support this decision. 
During today's Cabinet session the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili indicated that an argument, according to which referendum cannot be held due to the breach of territorial integrity of the country, remains disputable.
"This statement is not correct and we disagree in the part of the reasoning of the said decision. However, due to the legislative omissions, the executive and legislative branches of the government shall adopt an amendment within 1 month, whereas adoption of constitutional amendment requires at least 2 sessions that will take up to three months. We fully share the desire of the initiators of the referendum that the phrase "Civil marriage is a voluntary union of a man and a woman in order to create a family" be recorded in the Constitution. Our political force was the initiator of said constitutional amendment. This process has already began," - Prime Minister indicated and noted that constitutional amendment will be introduced after the elections.
According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, unfortunately, due to the boycott by various political forces in the current Parliament and other reasons, amendments were not finalized. Head of the Government hopes that after the elections respective amendment will be reflected in the Constitution of Georgia.
Prime Minister also outlined that an argument according to which striving to the Western civilization implied legalization of the same-sex marriage is a pure speculation.
"Georgian Dream" is apolitical force that fully combines western and national traditional values. Europe wants us this way and this is why Georgia is so valuable and precious for Europe - an entity that values traditional values. After the elections we will introduce respective constitutional amendment," - Prime Minister stated.

UNDP and Government of Georgia commit to GEL 6.8 million rural development initiative funded by EU and Government of Adjara

Published in Economics
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 21:17

Shombi Sharp, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. in Georgia, and Otar Danelia, Minister of Agriculture of Georgia signed an agreement to continue assistance to rural development in the country through a GEL 6.8 million project funded by the European Union and the Government of Adjara.

This initiative will assist in the development of a national Rural Development Strategy of Georgia and a specific strategy for the Ajara Autonomous Republic, and support their practical implementation.

95% of the GEL 6.8 Million (Euro 2.63 million) project budget is provided by the European Union and 5% by the Ajara Government.

The two-year initiative is part of the European Union funded European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) which launched its second phase in Georgia a month ago.

Through ENPARD, the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia works closely with the European Union, UNDP, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Government of Ajara Autonomous Republic to promote rural development all over the country, and specifically in Ajara, and enhance institutions – respective ministries, national agencies, associations and educational bodies – engaged in this process.

Giorgi Kvirikashvili – Impression that the executive branch of the Government is ruling Prosecutor’s Office is being deliberately created

Published in Politics
Wednesday, 27 July 2016 17:26

Impression that the executive branch of the Government is ruling Prosecutor's Office is being deliberately created. This is not correct and this shall not be this way, - Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili responded to the question of press concerning his meeting with the head of the Constitutional Court. 
Prime Minister noted that in the past Prosecutor's Office was managed by the executive branch of the Government, but this is not like this today. 
Pursuant to the head of the Government, it is bizarre that Giorgi Papuashvili has not addressed Prosecutor's Office. However, Giorgi Kvirikashvili will meet him before the presentation of the team of MP candidates.
"However, I would like to remind him that Prosecutor's Office is not completely subjected to the executive branch of the Government. It is independent ad the foundation of this independence has been created by us throughout past several years, by adopting the important reformative decisions and ensuring that the Prosecutor's office is accountable to the Parliament. I would like to remind them this fact, since impression that the executive branch of the Government shall manage the processes is being deliberately created and this is not correct. We definitely bear political responsibility for the processes ongoing in this country and we feel this responsibility. I will meet him and hear out his pretensions," - Prime Minister noted. 

Prime Minister’s condolences to France

Published in Society
Tuesday, 19 July 2016 09:50

Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili once again extended his condolences to French Government and people on the tragedy that took place in France on July 14.
Head of the Government left a record in the condolence book in Tbilisi.
"I would like to express my deepest condolences and profound sympathy on the occasion of the appalling terrorist attack in Nice that claimed lives of innocent people. This heinous act against humanity is one more indication of the need of joining efforts in fight against terrorism and the global extremism. In this fight, Georgia will always be France's closest ally and partner. In these times of grief each Georgian national stands with French nation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members and relatives of the victims," - is indicated in the condolence message of the Prime Minister. 

Turkey mulls death penalty after failed coup attempt

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Monday, 18 July 2016 16:50

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey will consider reinstating the death penalty after the failed attempt to overthrow his government.
"In democracies, decisions are made based on what the people say. I think our government will speak with the opposition and come to a decision," he said on Sunday, reacting to crowds in Istanbul calling for capital punishment.
"We cannot delay this any more because in this country, those who launch a coup will have to pay the price for it," he told supporters after attending funerals for victims of the coup attempt.
Turkey abolished the death penalty in 2004 under reforms aimed at obtaining European Union membership.
Reinstatement would create further issues between the EU and Ankara in the already stalled membership talks.

13th South Caucasus Media Conference: Multi-faceted challenges to free media and freedom of expression

Published in Society
Tuesday, 05 July 2016 15:27

July 6-7, in Tbilisi, the Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media will bring together international experts and journalists, government officials and academics for the 13th OSCE South Caucasus Media Conference. 

The participants will discuss fundamental media freedom issues, such as safety and security offline and online, content regulation, and the challenges for new and traditional media. 

Irakli Abesadze criticizes Tea Tsulukiani and the government

Published in Politics
Friday, 01 July 2016 16:21

Instead of preparing for the elections the government started preparation for electoral manipulation and electoral fraud. This statement was made by the member of the National Movement Irakli Abesadze. He commented on the changed in the electoral law by the Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani.
“Very active pre election process has begun and the government tries electoral manipulation and electoral fraud instead preparing for the elections, for the plans and projects. The government will not be allowed for it by us. Tea Tsulukiani issued a decree that significantly eases the issue of receiving identity card or passport. Some hundred people we have in Georgia. They live abroad,” Irakli Abesadze said.  


Published in World
Tuesday, 14 June 2016 15:51

Managed service solution delivers critical weather alerts and seismic data throughout the Pacific Region

RESTON, VA, AND ST HELIER, JERSEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS, 14 June 2016 -- SES Government Solutions (SES GS) and O3b Networks announced today that the companies have jointly completed the first O3b managed services installation for NOAA’s National Weather Service Office (NWSO) at Pago Pago, American Samoa. This remote station is responsible for providing critically important tropical weather alerts and cyclone warning information to a large part of the Pacific.

An uninterrupted high-speed data connection between the Pago Pago NWSO and the primary Pacific National Weather Service (NWS) centre in Hawaii is essential for NOAA to update forecast models and issue safety warnings in near real-time.

The task order is part of the NOAA Worldwide Satellite Communications Systems II (WSCS II) contract. The O3b service will provide a highly reliable, low latency link for passing critically important weather information between the NSWO in Pago Pago and the NWS headquarters Office on Ford Island in Honolulu, Hawaii. As a result, NWS can now rapidly deliver large weather files from observation offices in American Samoa to scientists and meteorologists in Hawaii and across the US mainland.

“SES GS is proud to provide uninterrupted, high speed data connections that are critical for NOAA’s continued push to understand and predict changes in in the natural environment that might impact safety or commerce,” said Pete Hoene, President and Chief Executive Officer of SES GS.

“O3b Networks is excited to work with SES GS and the team at NOAA on such an important project,” said Jack Deasy, Vice President, Government Sales of O3b Networks. “O3b is a game-changing technology for the US government, bringing a fiber-like connection to any difficult-to-reach place.”

The implementation included the procurement and installation of the O3b terminals, radomes and the ground segment network. Once the hardware was installed, the team supported the end-to-end service testing. The service was delivered on-time and within service level specifications, including the cutover of live traffic through the O3b network on 23 May 2016.

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