The Friendly Match in the frames of the 25th anniversary of Georgian-Canadian friendship and diplomatic relations

Published in Sport
Monday, 30 October 2017 17:06

On October 28, 2017, The Georgian National Baseball Team held a friendly match with Georgian Baseball youth team. This friendly match was organized by The Georgian and Canadian Friendship Association and fully devoted to the celebration of 25th years of Georgian-Canadian Friendship. Before the match, Director of the Georgian and Canadian Friendship Association Mr. Ilia Zukakishvili addressed the guests to the stadium. He said aim of organizing this match was to bring Georgian and Canadian communities closer.  

Today our friendly game again highlights the strong relationship and partnership between Georgia and the Canada. As I am Director of the Georgian and Canadian Friendship Association, I will do my best to deepen the friendship between Georgian and Canadian people. I am always ready to cooperate with our strategic partners to achieve the best results for our country. I believe that the Canadian will always be loyal to Georgia and I believe the main reason for this is that Georgia is loyal to friends and to friendship. Long live to Georgian and Canadian people and we cheers for the friendship between Georgian and Canadian people. God bless our friendship! Georgian audience and Canadian guest enjoyed the friendly match and Georgian snacks.

The official supporters and Sponsor of the event were: Georgian Baseball and Sophthabol National Federation, Aviation Company “Georgian Airways”, Company “TELAVI WINE CELLAR“ News Agency “NEWSDAY.GE”, “FRONTNEWS”, “GEOMEDIATV.GE”and  English  Newspaper  “The Messenger ".

In honor of  25th anniversary of Georgian-Canadian friendship and diplomatic relations, the Georgian and Canadian Friendship Association will organize various activities throughout  Georgia by the end of  2017.

Congress Electoral Assessment Mission to Georgia

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Friday, 20 October 2017 19:42

Strasbourg, 20 October 2017 – A delegation from the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe is carrying out an Electoral Assessment Mission to Georgia from 20 to 22 October 2017, in order to monitor the local elections scheduled for 21 October.

The delegation, composed of the Thematic Spokespersons on election observation, Stewart DICKSON (United-Kingdom, ILDG) and Jos WIENEN (Netherlands, EPP/CCE), as well as Congress’ Vice-President Barbara TOCE (Italy, SOC), is joining efforts with the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

Further to the Election Day, Stewart Dickson will present, together with Corien Jonker, Head of the OSCE/ODIHR long-term election observation mission, the preliminary post-election statement at a joint Press Conference scheduled  for 22 October 2017, 3 pm  (venue: Biltmore Hotel, 29 Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi).

The press conference will be live streamed on the OSCE/ODIHR website at:


No threat in terms of recognition of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity from Italy – Davit Zalkaliani

Published in Politics
Thursday, 19 October 2017 14:15

As First Deputy Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani has declared, there is no threat in terms of recognition of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by Italy. 

As Zalkaliani has declared, the ‘working visit’ to Italy by so-called ‘South Ossetian Foreign Minister’ Dimitri Medoev is only an individual initiative. 

‘We have seen similar initiatives earlier. It should be noted that Georgia enjoys Italy’s official support in terms of its territorial integrity and sovereignty,’ Zalkaliani has remarked. 

‘The policy of non-recognition of Georgia’s breakaway region is irreversible’ he has added. 

‘Private persons invite them on behalf of different private organizations and we react on such events without delay. The Italian official government gives us a permanent guarantee that they will never officially respond to the facts and offer no prospect to establish any official contacts with the breakaway regime representatives,’ Zalkaliani has remarked. 

South Ossetia intends to expand international contacts, - Dmitry Medoev, de facto South Ossetian Foreign Minister told RIA Novosti news agency during his working visit to Italy. 

EU Delegation to Georgia releases statement on Constitution of Georgia

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:36

The EU Delegation to Georgia has issued a statement on the Constitution of Georgia in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Georgia. 

The Delegation of the European Union encourages all relevant political actors to work together further to complete the adoption of the new Constitution. 

“From early this year, the European Union voiced its expectation that the introduction of extensive amendments to the Constitution of Georgia would strengthen democracy and the rule of law, based on wide-ranging and inclusive consultations. We welcomed the commitment of the Georgian Parliament to consult the Venice Commission and fully incorporate its recommendations.

The Delegation of the European Union concurs with the Venice Commission's opinion, released yesterday, which positively assesses the constitutional reform, stressing that it will complete the evolution towards a parliamentary system.

Nevertheless, we note that the Venice Commission regrets the postponement of the introduction of the proportional electoral system. It also formulates several specific recommendations concerning freedom of religion and in the area of the judiciary.
Regarding the process of political consultations between the parliamentary majority, opposition forces and other participants, the Delegation of the European Union regrets that a valuable opportunity has not been properly seized to build broader consensus around the amendments to the Constitution.

In light of the Venice Commission's opinion, we are confident that the parliamentary majority will keep to its commitment to allow electoral blocks and apply a three percent threshold for the 2020 parliamentary elections, as well as to abolish the bonus for the winning party, when fully introducing proportional parliamentary elections in 2024. The Delegation of the European Union encourages all relevant political actors to work together further to complete the adoption of the new Constitution”, says the statement. 

EU experts visit Georgia to assist with cinema digitalisation processes and development of film distribution systems

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Friday, 06 October 2017 15:39

On 9-13 October, experts from Estonia and Poland will visit Georgia to share best practice in cinema digitalisation processes and film distribution mechanisms in the EU.

The expert mission has been organised through the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX), in cooperation with the Georgian National Film Centre.

Using examples and concrete case studies from their countries, the EU experts will show how the Audiovisual Media Services Directive of the EU is being applied. They will also talk about how Poland and Estonia went through the transition to a post-socialist model to assist their Georgian colleagues in addressing the issues that they are now facing.

The experts will also formulate concrete recommendations for the development of cinema halls and a film distribution system in Georgia.

TAIEX is a demand-driven tool that supports partner countries with the adaptation of national laws, regulations and quality standards to match those of EU Member States in the framework of Cooperation or Association Agreements signed with the EU. In the Eastern Neighbourhood, TAIEX works with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

Literature across borders: translating culture to build connections between Georgia and Europe

Published in World
Saturday, 29 July 2017 17:04

By Tamar Khurtsia

Laurence Plazenet, Carl Frode Tiller, Isabelle Wery, Katri Lipson, Daniel Pennac … these are just a handful of the 20 European authors, whose works will be translated into Georgian with the support of the European Union's Creative Europe programme and its support to literary translation, allowing Georgian readers to get acquainted with important works of European literature.  

Leila Kirtadze is Head of Monitoring of Copyright and Translation at Elfi, a Georgian publishing house: she says European literature is modestly represented on the Georgian book market, compared to English-language works. Elfi is one of the publishing houses that won support from Creative Europe in 2016 for literary translations into Georgian, allowing it to translate the works of 10 European authors.   

Elfi and another Georgian publisher Agora received funding from Creative Europe in 2016 to translate, publish, and promote 20 books in two years. Creative Europe does not allocate 100% funding, so publishers also need to find some of the money themselves.

This opportunity enables the translation of literary works from many European languages into Georgian. The fund aims to support cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe, promote the transnational circulation of high quality literary works, and improve access to these literary works so that they can reach new audiences.  


Elfi has called its project the "First time in Georgia: 10 EU Literature Prize winners". Within this project, it is translating such novels as 'Encirclement/Innsirkling' by Norwegian writer Carl Frode Tiller, 'God Is My Witness' by the Greek author Makis Tsitas, and 'Ice Cream Man' by Finnish writer Katri Lipson.

“In the last 20 years, Norwegian literature has never been published, and only a few books are translated from Greek and Italian. In order to fill the vacuum, Elfi selected the kind of European authors which Georgian society doesn’t know and which will give our readers some ideas about modern European literature and writers,” says Leila Kirtadze.

Elfi has been on the market for 20 years. Most of the books it publishes are for children. But the publishing house is convinced that translated literature will be greatly appreciated by Georgian readers.

While selecting authors and works, publishers consider the relevance to the time and the readers' taste. That’s why Finish author Katri Lipson is one of the 10 authors who will also be translated into Georgian. Dimitri Gogolashvili is the translator working on Katri Lipson’s book Ice Cream Man.  

Generally, I select the book that I would like to translate but in this case they offered me this author and I got interested. The book is about the most recent history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, where a director sets out to mimic real life by creating a film without a script, where the actors learn the story and their part in it as they go. The picture of the communist era is well illustrated and in this regard it should be close and understandable to Georgian readers."

Mzia Gomelauri is translating The Ski Bum, a novel by the Lithuanian-French author Romain Gary, for publishing house Agora, which, among other things, focuses on the translation of French literature.  

"The translation of Romain Gary is not new to me. I have already translated his Promise of Dawn, which is a very important work. If it were not for Agora, he would be completely unknown to Georgians. Gary is a very European author. He is also cosmopolitan, because he has a lot of different roots," says Mzia Gomelauri.

She was very happy to be offered to translate this work. "He is a great writer, and writes in a various ways, so you think it's a different person. It’s very interesting to translate his works, perhaps because two cultures cross here. The main character is the American, not French. He expresses himself in a different ways. This all makes it difficult to translate," says Gomelauri.

The director of Agora, Marina Balavadze, puts quality above all else. "The author should not be lost in the translation and we have the right translators, so we can give a guarantee. We have an opportunity to introduce some new translations. So we thought, why not and decided to expand it now and translate books not only from French but also from other languages,” said Balavadze.

Agora's project was named the "European Literature Mosaic" and covered 10 European writers, including Irish author Donald Ryan's novel The Spinning Heart and Italian author Italo Calvino's The Baron in the Trees.

"There is a great demand for books in Georgia. But as a publisher we wouldn't be able to do anything if it wasn't for programmes like 'Support to literary translation'. Our publishing house could offer two or three new translations for our readers, but now with the project we can offer 10 new authors. All this helps to increase the cultural level in the country. I’m very glad that Georgia is doing its best to be involved in this programme,” said Balavadze.  

A publisher can apply for support for a project involving the translation, production and promotion of 10 works of fiction. Eligible costs include the translation, production and promotion of European literature. A publisher can apply for a grant of up to €100,000 (maximum 50% of the eligible costs), and the project must be delivered over a maximum of 2 years. 

According to Kati Shengelia, the Head of the Programme Creative Georgia, five applicants applied for funding last year. She hopes the number of applicants and winners will increase in the future.

"This programme is good, because it means a lot of books will be published which wouldn't have been translated otherwise. Also, it is important to understand that you offer work to the translators. The translator's profession is more or less forgotten, in fact the purpose of this financing is also to raise a translator's profile and to make people realise that this is a real profession,” said Shengelia.

While the programme means European authors are translated into Georgian, it also means the works of Georgian authors have a chance to be translated into European languages. And Shengelia feels that for Georgia, joining Creative Europe meant that "Georgian culture was entering the European family”.

 "The programme emphasises European identity. By joining this programme, Georgia has taken a very important step. Georgia has a great creative potential and this potential should be developed," says Shengelia.

Kati Shengelia says there is a lot of enthusiasm among Georgian publishers who are preparing to apply for more funding to translate European authors into Georgian. In Georgia, there is a hope that there will be more projects like this in the future, so that EU-Georgian cultural connections can become even stronger. The support of the European Union in strengthening these links is very much appreciated.

This article was produced in the framework of the EU Neighbours east project. The views expressed are solely those of the author of the article.

Danish Neigbourhood Programme 2017-21 prioritises Georgia

Published in World
Wednesday, 14 June 2017 10:51
Georgia and Ukraine have been selected as "priority countries” to receive Danish support for the next four years.

The Danish Foreign Ministry presented the Danish Neigbourhood Programme 2017-21 in Copenhagen on 12 June. The meeting was attended by Georgia’s Ambassador to Denmark Gigi Gigiadze.

The DANEP programme will focus on two directions in the priority countries: 1) Democracy and human rights 2) Sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

The meeting was opened by Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen. Speaking about Georgia he stressed the recent "exemplary reforms” in the country.

Danish Neigbourhood Programme 2017-21 will be approved in autumn of 2017.


Published in World
Tuesday, 06 June 2017 17:35

Strasbourg, 06.06.2017 - The co-rapporteurs of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) for Georgia, Boriss Cilevics (Latvia, SOC)  and Kerstin Lundgren (Sweden, ALDE) expressed their concerns regarding

the alleged abduction and unlawful transfer to Azerbaijan of Azerbaijani  journalist Afqan Muxtarli. They urged the Georgian authorities to fully investigate all allegations made in relation to this case and to be kept

abreast of the outcome of these investigations, which they will follow closely.

Communique of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Published in Politics
Monday, 05 June 2017 16:02

On the 5th of June, 2017 Georgia and the Kingdom of Belgium are marking the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Since the restoration of Georgia’s independence, the ties between the two countries have developed into extensive and fruitful collaboration. While sharing the core European values, both states have achieved close political cooperation and continue to coordinate their policies on a wide range of international issues.

Partnership with Belgium – a host country of European and Euro-Atlantic institutions – has been particularly important for Georgia due to Belgium’s special place in Europe’s recent history as one of the founding members of the EU and NATO and a loyal supporter of European integration.

In this respect, Belgium’s contribution to advancing Georgia`s relations both with the EU and NATO to a qualitatively new level as well as support to Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, should be underlined.

Furthermore, Georgia and Belgium are holding regular political dialogue at various levels. As a latest example of high level bilateral visits, recently Georgia had an honour to host the Chairman of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives H.E. Siegfried Bracke and Belgian MPs.

Importantly, people to people contacts are expending too. Brussels is often a host to Georgian artists and cultural events, allowing Belgian public and aficionados of art and music to get better acquainted with the contemporary Georgian art in all its diversity.

The last 25 years have laid solid foundation of bilateral relations between Georgia and the Kingdom of Belgium, which can only be further developed and strengthened. The two states will continue working closely in order to ensure peace, stability and security on the European continent.

President Trump Congratulates President Margvelashvili on the 25th Anniversary of Georgia-US Diplomatic Relations

Published in Politics
Wednesday, 17 May 2017 17:43

Dear Mr. President,
On the 25th anniversary of our countries’ diplomatic relations, I extend to you and the Georgian people my warmest wishes and sincere appreciation for our longstanding friendship and cooperation.
In the first quarter century of our partnership, the United States and Georgia have established a strong trans-Atlantic bond. We share common values, and have stood together under difficult circumstances to defend those values against international terrorism and regional instability. The United States supports Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internally recognized borders. We also recognize Georgia’s right to chart its own future. Georgian independence and democracy remain an aspiration to the world.
My Administration and I look forward to future collaboration with you and the Georgian government to advance the shared values and prosperity of our two countries.
Donald J. Trump

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