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Thursday, 30 August 2018 18:27

"Georgia and Azerbaijan are strategic partners. Our kind neighboring and friendly relations have been exemplary throughout centuries" stated Mamuka Baktadze, Prime Minister of Georgia at a face to face meeting with Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Baku today. Host leader expressed his gratitude to the Georgian dignitary for his visit soon after his appointment to the position of the Prime Minister of Georgia and noted that this fact underlines the high level relations between the two countries.

"Our nations have been living in a friendly and kind neignhouring environment for over centuries. Today, relationship between these two independent states is based on a solid foundation. Georgia and Azerbaijan jointly implement significant projects. Our shared initiatives carried out in the transport sector have a great importance throughout Europe and Asia. Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are actively cooperating within the scope of all these projects. I believe that additional efforts need to be mobilized to increase the trade volumes. I know that Georgia has a very favorable investment climate. We are thrilled that size-wise Azerbaijan is the largest investor in Georgia. We will discuss a number of topics today and will touch upon the regional cooperation" stated President of Azerbaijan.

Strategic partnership between the two countries was accentuated by the Prime Minister of Georgia.

"We are delighted to be in Baku today. This city is becoming more alluring day after day. I have had a lot of visits to this country, when I managed the Railway of Georgia JSC and I think that it demonstrates the great economic progress in Azerbaijan very well. Georgia and Azerbaijan are strategic partners and this is a tremendous achievement. People to people relations are most important to us. Our neighboring relations and friendship has truly been exemplary throughout centuries. Our great ancestors have laid such foundation to this relationship that we are indeed very fortunate and strive to solidify and strengthen it further. Regional projects, which we implemented jointly are of international and historic importance and magnitude. We have truly great achievements in terms of regional projects in the sectors of transport, energy and many others. Nevertheless, potential is higher and I am confident that we will be absorbing it to a greater extent through a shared effort. I am thrilled that trade volumes are increasing between our countries. According to our expectations, we will hit one billion this year, however neither this is anywhere close to our full potential. I am convinced that we can increase trade volume by 50-60% in two years through a mutual cooperation. In addition, it is gratifying that our cooperation in many other areas, including arts, culture and sport, is fruitful and exemplary. We are glad that Azerbaijani tourists and investors feel themselves comfortable in Georgia. I am confident that we will achieve more goals through a shared effort" stated the Prime Minister of Georgia and thanked the President of Azerbaijan for a friendly greeting in Baku.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan hosted the Head of the Government of Georgia at Zagulba Palace. 

Prime Minister's Press Office

The Government of Georgia will finance a 60-credits teacher program

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Monday, 13 August 2018 11:29

Mikheil Batiashvili - the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia presented the Educational Training Programs at the government session today, which will facilitate the introduction of young and talented teachers to the education system and, hence enable the development of the general education platform.

The government has allocated a sum of GEL 1,498,500 for the 60-credits program, which will be funded in various ways. 

The program will enable young people to carry out successful pedagogic practices in conjunction with acquiring new knowledge.

Results of Blockchain Conference Georgia 2018

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Thursday, 19 July 2018 18:16

On June 20, for the first time, Tbilisi hosted Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia organized by Smile-Expo, an international conference dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO. It brought together entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, investors, lawyers, bankers and public officers. The main issue covered during the event is the prospects of mining and blockchain in the digital economy of Georgia.

Results of the event

The conference was attended by 357 participants from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, the USA, Japan, Gibraltar, Saudi Arabia and Malta.

The Association Blockchain Georgia and the Blockchain Association of Ukraine signed a Memorandum on Cooperation.

The reports were presented by speakers from IBM, ZenCash, Aleinikov & Partners, Kuna Exchange, PwC.

The conference was supported by the Georgian government: the Ministries of Justice, Economy, Finance, the national registry, the Agency for Innovation and Technology.

Projects and startups received bids from investors worth more than $10 million.


Key topics of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia are as follows:

  1. 1. Mining features in Georgia.


  • Alex Sudadze (Bitcoin Embassy Georgia).
  • Vakhtang Gogokhia (Golden Fleece).
  • Shota Siradze.
  • Tornike Darjania.

Giorgi Avaliani, the Project Manager at Bitforx, the second largest cryptocurrency mining data center in the country told about the company.

  1. 2.  The future of blockchain technologies in government control segment.

The Co-founder of Association Blockchain Georgia, Vano Narimanidze, told about state regulation of the cryptocurrency industry in Georgia.

The panel discussion on the blockchain prospects in state administration involved:

  • Professor David Kiziria (Blockchain Systems Institute).
  • Mariam Turashvili (Project Management Department at National Agency of Public Registry).
  • Nodar Kakriashvili (Revenue Service Of Georgia).
  • Davit Sivsivadze (Legal Department at University of Georgia).
  • Avtandil Kasradze (Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency, ex-Ministry of Justice of Georgia).

The issue of promoting the country on the IT market was covered by the author of the revolutionary decree On the Development of Digital Economy Denis Aleinikov (Aleinikov&Partners). He shared the details of the document development, thanks to which Belarus became the first country in the world to implement a smart contract in the legal field.

Gordon Einstein, the Partner at CKR LAW LLP, spoke about the regulation system for the securities market in the USA.

3. Success of ICO campaigns: investments, marketing, trends. The third section consisted of a panel discussion on the successful promotion of ICO projects and the report of Shelf.Network founder Lasha Antadze.

Other conference participants are:

  • Robert Viglione, Co-founder of ZenCash;
  • Mike Chobanyan, President of Blockchain Association of Ukraine;
  • Nata Drik, CEO at Blockchain Association of Ukraine;
  • Igor Porokh, Analyst at iTuber;
  • Andrew Thornhill, Co-founder of Spotcoin.
  • Piotr Darwaj, executive Consultant at IBM.

The event was opened by the President of the Association Blockchain Georgia Mikhail Sandadze and the Bixtrim founder Artur Arabyan.

The event host was Nino Epkhoshvili, the Project Manager at the Agency for Innovation and Technology of Georgia.

Demo zone

The demo zone featured drawings of miners and other souvenirs. It also presented the reports of 12 companies:

  • Bixtrim – platform for the cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Bitforx – large miner, equipment supplier;
  • Glorymine – consultant in the field of mining;
  • ZenCash – decentralized anonymous platform dedicated to content management;
  • Bitferma – developer and manufacturer of mobile farms for mining;
  • Coinmania – service for buying and exchanging cryptocurrency with Georgian interface (accepts the national currency – lari);
  • Keepmycoin – decentralized marketing platform;
  • Powershare – crowdfunding platform;
  • Empleos – blockchain-based ‘labor market’ with a smart search for vacancies;
  • Safecoin – anonymous and secure cryptocurrency;
  • RPCM – remote power management systems;
  • Gminer – manufacturer of ASIC miners.



Organizers and sponsors

The event was supported by the following sponsors: Bixtrim, Bitforx, ZenCash, Glorymine and Cointraffic. The organizer is Smile-Expo, which carries out international B2B and B2C events.

The conference partners are the pioneering blockchain companies of Georgia: Association Blockchain Georgia, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia and Blockchain Systems Institute.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia is part of the event network held by Smile-Expo in various countries around the world. In 2018, 26 blockchain events are scheduled, including those in Kyiv on September 19, Baku on September 27, and Astana on October 17.

Senator Roger Wicker: I want to congratulate Georgia on the progress that we look for in countries that would like to join the Western alliance

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Thursday, 19 July 2018 09:39

Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS), chairman of the U.S. Helsinki Commission underscored in his opening remarks that Helsinki Commission holds this Hearing to make sure American people and international community do not lose the sight of illegal occupation of Georgia as well as its costs and implications. “We also intent to ensure Georgia’s contribution to our common security recognized and we advance along its path to Euro-Atlantic integration and Full NATO membership” - Senator noted.
He paid special attention to the democratic progress of the country: “Mr. Ambassador I want to congratulate Georgia on the progress that you are making on the rule of law and independent judiciary and all of the things that we look for, in countries that would like to join the Western alliance. We are not going forget you. We are going to continue speaking up about this, we are going to be guided by the testimonies of the three outstanding witnesses today.” Senator Roger Wicker said.
The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the US Helsinki Commission, which is an independent agency of the US government, has held a hearing about the illegalities committed by Russia on Georgian territory.
The hearing was titled "On Violations of the OSCE Principles and Commitments by the Russian Federation, and Severe Human Rights Situation in the Illegally Occupied Regions of Georgia – Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia” and the Ambassador of Georgia to US David Bakradze, Damon Wilson of the Atlantic Council of US and Luke Coffey of the Heritage Foundation participated in the talks.

David Zalkaliani: the President’s visit is a proof that Georgia is high on the Italian agenda

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018 11:01

Italian President Sergio Mattarella arrived in Georgia today on his first official visit to the country.
The arrival will give a new impulse to Georgian-Italian relations. It is a very important visit. Italy is Georgia’s strong supporter on its way to the EU and NATO. We have very good dynamics in bilateral relations,” the Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani stated.
Zalkaliani said that economic and political issues will be discussed during the visit, an economic forum will be held and several bilateral agreements will be signed.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry reported that Mattarella will meet the Georgian president, prime minister, parliament speaker and patriarch and will also visit Tbilisi State University with Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze.

According to David Zalkaliani Georgia has strong ambitions to get closer to the EU

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Monday, 16 July 2018 13:18

The programme presented by the Georgian Prime Minister is based on five main principles of which the most important is Georgia’s full-scale integration with the European and Euro-Atlantic structures” - Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs David Zalkaliani said at the joint meeting of the three committees of the Parliament of Georgia.  
"The first meeting will be held on November 21 and we are currently preparing for it”, Zalkaliani told lawmakers in parliament. 

The format will entail a meeting between the Georgian PM and EU President once a year to assess the progress made by Georgia on its way to the EU and involve different ministers upon necessity.

Georgia has serious ambitions to get closer to the EU, Zalkaliani said, adding that appropriate steps are detailed in the government’s EU Integration roadmap initiated in May to ensure European integration at a faster rate.

EU and Georgia to strengthen cooperation in civil protection and disaster risk management

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Friday, 13 July 2018 12:40

The European Commission and the Emergency Management Service of Georgia will sign an administrative arrangement in Tbilisi enhancing ties in civil protection and disaster risk management.

The document outlines key areas of cooperation on disaster prevention, preparedness and response on issues such as forest fires, floods, and search and rescue missions.

To attend the signing of the agreement, the Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides, is visiting Tbilisi. During his visit, he will also meet with the Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtaze, the Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhizde, and other officials.

"The signature of this arrangement is an important step to foster even closer cooperation between the EU and Georgia,” said Commissioner Stylianides.

“To protect people, property and environment from disasters more effectively, we all need to be better prepared.”

In line with the administrative arrangement, the EU will further support the development of civil protection capacities in Georgia, gradually bringing the country closer to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The Mechanism enables coordinated assistance from its participating states when the scale of an emergency overwhelms the response capabilities of the country.

Georgia has recently adopted a new law on civil protection, an important legal accomplishment that will allow a comprehensive reform of the national civil protection system.

The new Georgian Emergency Management Service was established as part of this reform, in response to the 2017 Borjomi forest fires.

Since 2010, the EU has provided close to €4.5 million for disaster preparedness in Georgia. The EU is preparing further assistance targeting civil protection, emergency management and the implementation of Georgia's Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear strategy.

We’ve come to Learn about Peace, Georgia Peace Camp

Published in World
Friday, 29 June 2018 15:54

Instructors and students from Cervantes Gymnasium Aia-Gess, Georgia visited the Republic of Korea between the 14th and 23rd of February to systematically learn about HWPL peace education through a peace camp and experience Korean culture.

The peace camp taught them how the core values of promoting peace from HWPL peace education can be applied in their daily lives. One of the programs implanted in them the heart to cooperate, love, and express gratitude, through which they realized that each one of them should become a messenger to bring peace, which is not far from them.

Students from Georgia actively interacted and exchanged culture of Korea. Through the peace education, they have become able to accept differences among people as well as recognize each other as global citizens who ought to live in harmony which were the key elements to end conflicts and disputes.

The students also took time to truly discover the values of peace by listening to the explanation of HWPL’s Peace Education. Also, during the time of learning about “mutual cooperation” they were divided into teams and had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports that required cooperation. In particular, they were able to directly experience the importance of unity through a traditional Korean cultural activity that is similar to tug-of-war. One student in the class emphasized the importance of cooperation by stating, “Today’s activity taught us how to love one another, have respect for each other and become one.”

Another field trip took place in the Yongsan War Memorial of Korea. While Georgian students indirectly experienced the brutality of war through the history of the Korean War, Korean students could also share mutual empathy for the tragedy of war with Georgian students after learning about the 2008 Russo-Georgian War.

“I imagined one of our students, the smallest boy who is fourteen-years-old. When I imagined him in the war, it was so hurtful for me,” said Mairam Lomauridze, who wanted to share with her peers the true meaning of peace and the heart for peace she felt at the camp after she went back to Georgia.

Food also brought them together. The Georgian and Korean students cooked and shared both the Georgian traditional dessert, Churchkhela, and the Korean traditional food, Bibimbap. They also expressed their grateful heart for their parents and teachers by making carnations at the session.

On the last day of the camp, a ‘Mini WARP’ was organized, modeled after the WARP Summit which takes place every September with the leaders of each sector of society hosted by HWPL. Performances choreographed to express the sincere heart for a peaceful world without war deeply touched the Georgian students. They took solidarity in working together in the hope of bringing about world peace when they go back home.

Rusudan Bolkvadze, Director of Cervantes Gymnasium Aia-Gess and instructors including Darejan Lordqipanidze and Tamar Lolishvili were designated as peace education instructors who could actively implement HWPL peace education. Tamar Lolishvili, English teacher of Cervantes Gymnasium Aia-Gess, who has closely communicated with HWPL, highlighted the importance of peace education, “We must teach our students to take care of the world. They can’t do anything without knowledge. I am against wars...against fights. The best tool in this case is education.”

The instructors also promised to teach their students to become peace messengers through special lectures in Georgia. Students promised to take the responsibility of spreading and teaching the core values of HWPL peace education, such as understanding, respect and cooperation, to other student organizations.

After they returned, instructors and students continued teaching the core values of peace based on HWPL peace education curriculums.

US Congress initiates resolution for 100th anniversary of the 1st Republic of Georgia

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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 11:36

The resolution, which was submitted to the Senate on May 24, reiterates the US support to Georgia and condemns the occupation of historic Georgian lands by Russia.

The authors of the resolution are Senators David Perdue, Ben Cardin and Johnny Isakson.

The resolution supports the partnership between Georgia and the US for defence and security and initiates even higher level of cooperation in the fields. The resolution also encourages more intensive trade and commercial ties between the two countries, based on mutual interests.

The resolution reaffirms US strong support to Georgia’s NATO membership and praises Georgia’s role for international peace and security". 

The  resolution condemns the occupation of Georgian territories by Russia and calls upon the country to withdraw its forces from the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali (South Ossetia).

The resolution speaks about the severe violation of human rights in and near the occupied territories of Georgia.

Georgian woman detained in Spain for fraud and robbery

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Monday, 26 February 2018 16:38

Three Spanish men and a Georgian woman have been detained in Spain for fraud and robbery, - Catalonia’s National Police reports. 

According to their information, the detainees pretended to be employees of a gas company. The victims of the criminal group were mostly elderly and lonely people often suffering from Alzheimer or Parkinson. 

The citizen of Georgia had been playing the role of a telephone operator. She used to call victims and informed them of the arrival of alleged representatives of the gas company.

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