“The Parliament should adopt the veto of the President"-Eka Gigauri

Published in Politics
Wednesday, 25 January 2017 14:23

“The Parliament should adopt the veto of the President of Georgia” – Eka Gigauri, the Director of Transparency International Georgia said. According to her, the process should not be delayed in Parliament and it should be adopted soon.
“We have discussed the so-called third wave reform which is too important. But the other side, there are a lot of problems, for example the appointment procedures of judges and court chairman,”-Eka Gigauri said. 

"The Prosecutors Office is inactive,"-Eka Gigauri

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Monday, 11 April 2016 16:29

“It was possible to response 7 people in the case of 3 staffs when 26 000 staffs we have in our country. No responsibility issue hasn’t been raised,”- the representative of the campaign “This Affects you”, Eka Gigauri said today. According to her, the representatives of non-governmental organizations have been required the investigation for years.
“We have asked to the prosecutor to determine who was behind those 26 000 staffs and who was performing illegal. The Prosecutors office is inactive and ineffective,”-Gigauri said. 

Political responsibility should be raised on Irakli Shotadze -Eka Gigauri

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Friday, 01 April 2016 17:03

According to the Director of "Transparency International Georgia", Eka Gigauri, the political responsibility should be raised on Irakli Shotadze because he failed to do his job and couldn’t investigate the case of private life public recordings.
The Prosecutor’s office made a comment after this request:” This is a fact that we are doing our best,”-said the First Deputy of Prosecutor, Mamuka Vasadze.

“MPs put a Pressure and Made an Aggressive Statements against Constitutional Court”

Published in Justice
Tuesday, 22 September 2015 17:50

"We witnessed that MPs put a pressure and made an aggressive statements against the chairman of the Constitutional court and decisions of the Constitutional Court, which were based on the international standards.  This was a  pressure, lack of respect for independent institutions,"- said a head of Transparency International Georgia Eka Gigauri.

The statement about importance of independence of Constitutional Court was made by other NGO’s too. The representatives think, that announcements oagainst Constitutional court are unacceptable. 

Building International Standards on Parliamentary Ethics

Published in Politics
Tuesday, 15 September 2015 13:39

The last meeting of the first working day was dedicated to development of international standards of the Parliamentary ethics.

The moderator, The Executive Director of TI-Georgia, Eka Gigauri spoke about aspects of attitude to the Parliamentary ethics and noted that the Parliament itself attaches high importance to this issue. The Parliamentary ethics document has been developed in 2004, though mandatory nature was not initially defined. The civil society put this issue in the stoplight in 2012 but no novelty is still evident. She raised the issue how mandatory is to share ethics and conduct norms and what sanctions shall be established for violation.

The former member of the West Australian Parliament, the Chair of GOPAK Oceania, John Hyde spoke about attitude to the ethics in his organization and noted that observance of ethic norms in Australia and Oceania regions is considered simultaneously with combating corruption. In this context, active participation of civil society and control are very important. He spoke about the facts and name Vanuatu examples.

Dirk Toornstra, Independent Parliamentary Governance Advisor, UNDP; Former Special Advisor on Democracy Promotion, European Parliament spoke about importance of development of the democratic culture in democratic countries. It is necessary to create the environ to define the correct behavior. As to the Parliamentary ethics – according to former MEP, they shall be mandatorily observed. “The actions by the persons with authorities shall be controlled and defined. It is the requirement of the civil society, though the Government itself shall be interested in it”. Individual actions by the politicians impact the rating of the institutions they represent.

The NDI representative, Greg Brown spoke about the joint project developed by NDI with various organizations – compendium of the norms of the Parliamentary ethic, onset 15 years ago. Establishment of ethic norms shall be gradual.

Peter Mossop, Democratic Governance Officer, OSCE ODIHR spoke about supportive events in development of ethic norms. As he stated, it is important for MPs to themselves define own code of conduct, though OSCE fundamental principles shall be observed in every document.

After the speeches, the delegates expressed their opinions and spoke about necessity of observance of the Parliamentary ethics.

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