Published in Justice
Wednesday, 04 November 2020 17:37

As a result of the international police cooperation coordinated by Europol, an unprecedented international police operation - 2BaGoldMule was held. The operation involved law enforcement agencies from 16 states, as a result of which 20 members of the criminal network QQAAZZ were arrested, for attempting to launder tens of millions of EUs under the orders of the world's leading cybercriminals.
The operation was preceded by a complex investigation held by the police of Portugal, the United States and Spain, as well as the law enforcement agencies of the United Kingdom, Georgia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Australia, Sweden, Austria and Belgium under the coordination of Europol.
The Center for International Cooperation in the Law Enforcement Sphere and Cybercrime Division under the Main Division for Combating Organized Crime of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were actively involved in the course of the mentioned investigation.
It was established that QQAAZZ network, whose members were from Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Belgium, had opened hundreds of corporate and personal bank accounts around the world, where money illegally appropriated from the accounts of victims was transferred by cybercriminals. The mentioned funds were then transferred to QQAAZZ-controlled accounts and often converted into cryptocurrencies.
International police cooperation is one of the priority directions for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and actively continues to provide operational support to Europol, Interpol and various countries within the frames of the existing bilateral cooperation agreements.

Source: https://police.ge/en/evropolis-da-qartveli-samartaldamtsvelebis-tanamshromlobit-kriminaluri-qsel-qqaazz-is-20-tsevria-dakavebuli/14098 


Hikmat Hajiyev: Armenia's illegal settlement policy across Azerbaijan's occupied territories is a military crime

Published in World
Sunday, 13 September 2020 12:28
“Armenia is conducting a policy of illegal settlement across Azerbaijan's occupied territories and recently launched a policy of resettlement of Armenians from Lebanon there. Yesterday news of a family from Lebanon resettled in the city of Shusha – a destination of utmost historical and moral significance for Azerbaijan has been posted on social media. As the world countries, including Azerbaijan, are dealing with the issue of elimination of tragedy's consequences that befell Lebanon and offering humanitarian assistance, Armenia is exploiting this tragedy and people's hardship, pushing their sordid agenda. Thereby, Armenia has once again demonstrated that it recognizes no moral values” Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev has told AZERTAC. Hikmat Hajiyev said: “I wish to emphasize that the population resettled in our occupied territories has become victim of Armenia's reckless and adventurist policy. It must be said that the policy of illegal settlement across Azerbaijan's occupied territories has no validity, and Azerbaijan rejects its outcome categorically. Armenia is also using the people from Lebanon and Syria resettled in the occupied territories as mercenaries. Armenia aims to alter the demographic situation across Azerbaijan's occupied territories by pursuing the illegal settlement policy. The same policy is a flagrant violation of the international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Convention of 1949. According to the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, the occupying power cannot transfer its civilian population into the territory it occupies. During the 1946 Nuremberg International Military Tribunal for the Trial of Major War Criminals, two of the defendants were convicted for changing the ethnic composition of the occupied territories. According to international law, the pursuit of illegal settlement policy by the occupying power in the occupied territories should be classified as a military crime. In this regard, Armenia's illegal settlement policy across Azerbaijan's occupied territories is a military crime. Ironically, such actions are considered a crime under Armenia's own legislation. In Article 390 of Armenia's Criminal Code, the occupying power's deportation of the local population and transfer of its people to the occupied territories is a grave violation of international humanitarian law, punishable by 8-12 years of imprisonment. Armenia's act of aggression perpetrated in the direction of Tovuz district, along the state border between the two countries this July and an attempt to carry out a subversion operation across the Line of Contact reveal that Armenia is preparing for yet another provocation and military adventurism. Moreover, in recent days, Armenia has once again begun to declare explicitly; through the puppet regime, it installed in our occupied territories its intention to occupy Azerbaijan's other areas and threatened to launch a missile strike on the city of Ganja. Inflammatory rhetoric by Armenia's Prime Minister and Defense Minister and their actions and other steps of such nature, once again confirm that the goal of the brazen Armenian leadership is to dismantle the negotiation process and secure the annexation of Azerbaijan's occupied territories. The responsibility for perpetrating provocations and escalating the situation lies with Armenia's political and military leadership. Armenia must withdraw its troops from Azerbaijan's occupied territories to achieve progress in the resolution of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. The conflict must be resolved only and solely in line with Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, sovereignty and inviolability of its internationally recognized borders.” Source: https://azertag.az/en/xeber/Hikmat_Hajiyev_Armenia_039s_illegal_settlement_policy_across_Azerbaijan_039s_occupied_territories_is_a_military_crime-1582895

The President of Georgia: “This is the Battle of the Criminals against the Society”

Published in Politics
Wednesday, 05 October 2016 16:13

The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has evaluated the car explosion of the MP, Mr. Givi Targamadze as a terrorist act and addressed the politicians, the law enforcement agencies, and the public sphere.
The President demands the localization of the criminals in the Georgian political parties and refers to their activity as the battle of the criminals against the society. He hopes that the injured citizens will recover in the nearest future and this terrorist act will not have any victims.
"This is the battle of the criminals against the society. This is the battle not only against the politicians, but also the normal, democratic processes.  I would like to address the political forces, though I do not know how seriously they realize the depth of the problem that they and the political system face.
Unfortunately, the political forces include some lawless individuals, the criminals, who understand the political processes as the physical confrontation of one other. They think that using such methods they participate in the political processes.
I would like to address the political forces; these individuals are dangerous not only for democracy, but also for the normal development of our society and citizens. Any political force that collaborates with such criminals is doomed. I ask the politicians to localize such individuals.
Once again, they are dangerous, not only for the public, but only for the political system. Get rid of them for your own benefit.
I would also like to address the law enforcement agencies. It is your primary duty to discover, localize, and neutralize the criminals. Fulfilling your duty is the precondition of the peaceful co-existence and the development of our country. You must be independent from any political context. If you face any hardship, I remind you that I stand by you and support your engagement in defending the normal social and political processes and the peaceful conduct of the elections.
I would also like to address our society; you see how peacefully and quietly the social and political processes are developed. We do not aim to confront one another. We are conducting the normal elections based on the European style; however, a certain group is trying to diverge us from this path. This is beneficial for those individuals for whom the success of Georgia represents a threat.
I would like to ask all of you to be united under the shared values of stability, peace, and democratic development of our country and to localize such criminal acts. Unfortunately, we have already seen a number of such distressing incidents; however, I am confident that the attitude of our society, which refers to the elections not as a battle, but as a step toward the country’s reinforcement will celebrate the triumph. There are many people sharing this attitude who do not see the physical beating, shooting, and exploding of each other as the method of participation in the political processes.
Therefore, I would like to remind you our main goal and mission – to conduct the Parliamentary elections as the most important democratic process”, - stated the President of Georgia. The President has made the above mentioned statement during the meeting with the youth in Vaziani.

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