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Saturday, 21 October 2017 16:22

At the CEC news briefing Ana Mikeladze, the CEC Spokesperson presented to media information on voter turnout as of 12:00pm.

“Voter turnout according to 3 644 election precincts is 16.5% (567 699 voters). As of 12:00 pm, the highest voter turnout was observed in Racha-Lechkhumi with 27.9%, and the lowest voter turnout in Shida Kartli - 13.9%. The voter turnout in Tbilisi is 14.8%.

For comparison, we would like to inform you that during the 2014 Municipal Elections, voter turnout as of 12:00 pm was 16.6%” –stated Ana Mikeladze.

As for the information about the incoming calls at the CEC Call Center: in total 473 calls have been received from 07:00 am until 12:00 pm in the morning. The majority of the calls referred to the verification of personal data in the unified list of voters.

Ana Mikeladze also presented information to media on minor procedural shortcomings:

“Majoritarian ballot papers were absent at #13 Dusheti election precinct. The other two type ballot papers for mayoral and proportional elections were at the election precinct. District Election Commission made the decision by adopting the relevant ordinance and the majoritarian ballot papers are already delivered to the election precinct. A complaint has been submitted in this respect and the relevant election administration will make the final decision. Flashlight for inking verification was absent at #34 Martvili election precinct and the device has been provided to the commission immediately. At #20 Bolnisi election precinct protocol on withdrawal was drawn up against the representatives of “Press Media” due to hindering the activities of Precinct Election Commission multiple times” – stated Ana Mikeladze.

Municipal Elections is being conducted in Georgia

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Saturday, 21 October 2017 11:10

Today, Municipal Elections is being conducted in Georgia. All election precincts were open for voters, at 08:00 am.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) held its first news briefing to announce the start of the polling.

According to Ana Mikeladze, the CEC Spokesperson, the polling process is being conducted in a peaceful and accessible election environment. Today, the voters will elect 2058 members of 64 Sakrebulos and 64 mayors. As for the number of voters, 3 440 123 voters are included in the unified voters’ list.

“We would like to remind the voters that at election precincts they will receive three types of ballot papers: one - blue ballot paper is intended for proportional elections to elect the political party or election bloc, second – pink ballot paper - for electing majoritarian member of Sakrebulo, third – light green ballot paper - for electing mayor of self-governing city or self-governing community” - stated Ana Mikleadze

It should be also stated that the ballot papers in Georgian-Azerbaijani, Georgian-Armenian as well as trilingual ballot papers in Georgian-Azerbaijani-Armenian languages are available for ethnic minority voters at respective election precincts.

Magnifying sheets are accessible for voters with visual impairments at election precincts and tactile ballot guide for blind voters. The deaf and hard of hearing voters as well as beneficiaries of support will receive information about the polling process via special poster. Special voting booths are available for voters using a wheelchair at 1153 adapted election precincts.

54 389 representatives of election subjects, 20 641 of local and 581 international observers will monitor the election process. In addition, 4 820 accredited journalists will cover the elections.

After closing the polling stations at 20:00 pm, the vote counting procedures will start at the election precincts. Upon receipt of summary protocols, the CEC will gradually upload them on the special webpage www.results.cec.gov.ge.

“Hereby, let me remind you that agitation at polling stations is prohibited by the election legislation. It is also prohibited to place any paid or free political advertisement on television and radio. It is also prohibited to publish public opinion poll results before 20:00” – announced Ana Mikeladze.

According to Ana Mikeladze, the CEC Call Center - 2 51 00 51 and online chat will operate for 24 hours on E-day.

”Citizens and electoral stakeholders may apply to the Election Administration in order to receive or provide any election-related information. Hereby, the Election Administration urges voters to participate in elections and appeals to the election stakeholders to support the conduct of elections in calm and free election environment” - stated Ana Mikeladze.

The Election Administration will be delivering the information on polling process and voter turnout during the whole E-day. Six news briefings will be conducted during the day.

On October 21, voters will elect 2058 members of 64 Sakrebulos and 64 mayors

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Saturday, 21 October 2017 11:01

Municipal Elections will be held on October 21.  On October 21, voters will elect 2058 members of 64 Sakrebulos and 64 mayors.

22 political parties, five election blocs, and one initiative group is registered at the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia, and 200 initiative groups are registered by District Election Commissions (DEC) for October 21, 2017 Municipal Elections.

369 mayoral candidates are registered, including 13 in Tbilisi for upcoming elections. A number of registered majoritarian candidates amounts to 4727.  According to party lists, a number of candidates running for Sakrebulo membership stand as 12 902.

3,644 polling stations are fully ready (including 10 election precincts created in exceptional cases) to conduct elections.

More than 54 000 representatives of elections subjects (54 389), more than 20 000 (20 641) representatives of local observer organizations and 581 observers from international organizations will observe the elections. More than 4000 (4 820) journalists cover the election process.

On October 21, at 08:00 a.m. all election precincts will be ready to receive voters. Ballot papers, protocols are already handed to DECs and active process of delivery of election documentation and relevant materials is underway. Election precincts are equipped with all the necessary equipment. All the members of polling station have undergone training courses and they are ready to conduct the elections.

2 magnifying sheets are accessible for voters with visual impairments at every election precinct, whereas blind voters may use tactile ballot guide. Deaf voters and voters with hearing impairments as well as beneficiaries of support may access posters reflecting polling procedures at every election precinct. 1153 special ballot booths at the identified election precincts are available for the voters using wheelchairs.

3 440 123 voters are in the unified list of voters. In order to facilitate the data verification of voters and their family members, we offered a number of innovative services to the electorate; It should be noted that 681 824 voters used these services.

9 546 450 ballot papers are printed for Municipal Elections. It is worth underlining, that ballot papers for ethnic minorities are printed into Georgian-Azerbaijani and Georgian-Armenian languages. 208 election precincts are supplied with ballot papers in Georgian-Azerbaijani language, and 133 election precincts with Georgian-Armenian. In addition, trilingual ballot papers (Georgian-Azerbaijani-Armenian languages) will be printed for four election precincts. 

We offered innovative service to deaf voters and voters with hearing impairments, namely, they may receive information through video call and in sign language at CEC Call Center.

We have important news for electoral stakeholders – we have created online registration programme which is absolutely unique. As I mentioned before, more than 54 000 representatives of election subjects will observe the elections and majority of them, nearly 95 % of representatives were appointed online at all levels of commissions.

I would like to remind you that according to the election legislation, the agitation on E-day is banned at polling station premise. I would like to address as voters so all authorized persons at election precincts, not to show up at polling stations with advertising/agitation attributes of political subjects. This action may result in fine.

Additionally, on 21 October it is also prohibited to broadcast paid or free commercials on TV and radio and publish public opinion polls about election results until the end of the elections.

We also would like to remind representatives of election subjects and local observers regarding violation of procedures, and submit application/complaint to the relevant precinct election commission (PEC) once the violation is detected; if the response on complaint fails, appellant may immediately submit the same application/complaint to upper DEC. Herewith, we would like to remind you that any kind of complaint submitted to the CEC with regard to violation of procedures in election precincts, based on the legislation, will remain undiscussed.

Following the completion of polling process, vote counting procedures will start at 20:00 p.m. on October 21. Once PEC summary protocols are composed, relevant DECs will deliver them to the CEC in the shortest possible time and immediately after receiving, summary protocols will be uploaded to the special website www.results.cec.gov.ge.

Summary protocols are being uploaded to the CEC results summarizing center and operators enter the summary protocol data in the special program.

With this, today we present another new initiative, which implies to the direct involvement of NGOs in the process of summarizing the results.

Those non-governmental organizations which actively attend CEC sessions, monitor activities of the Commission and participate in the activities organized by Election Administration, may engage in process of summarizing results, namely, their representatives along with CEC operators may enter PEC summary protocol data in the special program.

It should be noted that for the purpose of ensuring the conduct of October 21, 2017 Municipal Elections in a transparent and democratic way, CEC allows anyone to observe the process of summarizing the preliminary results at CEC via internet livestream. A 360-degree camera will be used to broadcast the process through Facebook, Youtube and CEC official webpage.

The CEC call Center - 2 51 00 51 and online chat will work for 24 hours. On October 21, the media center will work for 24 hours at the CEC, where media and observer organizations may receive relevant information on interesting topics. News briefings will be held at the CEC media center during the E-day.

Finally, we call on the voters with due civic responsibility to actively participate in the elections. We also call upon all election stakeholders to respect public interest, take responsibility, act in accordance with the principles of rule of law, and support the conduct of elections in a free and peaceful environment and freedom of expression.




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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 15:45

The CEC meeting will be held today, on November 1 at 16:00.
As you know, the Election Administration of Georgia is an independent administrative body, which, within its authority, is free of any influence from other state bodies and acts according to the Constitution (of Georgia) and the Electoral Code of Georgia.
The Election Administration ensures the preparation and conduct of referendum, plebiscites, and elections of the President of Georgia, the Parliament of Georgia, local self-government representative body – Sakrebulo, and of a local self-government executive body - Mayor/Gamgebeli, controls the fulfillment of requirements of the electoral legislation on the whole territory of Georgia and its uniform application.


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Monday, 31 October 2016 10:10

Polling process of the second round Parliamentary Elections held through majoritarian contest is completed.  Currently the vote counting procedures are being conducted in a peaceful environment.  Summery protocols are gradually submitted at the CEC. Starting from 22:00 protocols are already being published at the CEC special webpage www.results.cec.gov.ge and are available for all interested persons. The process of counting election results at the CEC is being broadcasted via the CEC webpage, Facebook and Youtube. Livestreaming is ensured through the 360 degree video camera and everyone is able to observe the process.
As the second round elections were held through the majoritarian election system, results of each election precinct may have an essential effect on the final results. Accordingly, the CEC will hold the news briefing and announce the preliminary results after the election results of almost all election precincts in each election district are counted.
As of now operators have already processed and the results of 50% of all summery protocols are already counted (according to 1250 election precincts). Currently, publishing the preliminary results is in the process. Everyone can access the first preliminary results in all 50 election districts.
It should be noted that simultaneously the CEC publishes the preliminary results of Extraordinary Elections of Akhaltsikhe Mayor, as well as preliminary results of Extraordinary Elections of Gamgebelis of Zugdidi, Kharagauli and Bolnisi, in addition Sakrebulo By-elections of Lagodekhi and Senaki municipalities.
The preliminary election results will be updated online during the whole night; the mentioned data is available everyone and is delivered to media sources in live.


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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 10:45

The summary protocol of the Central Election Commission of Georgia for summarizing the election results is drawn up on the basis of the enacted summary protocol submitted by District and Precinct Election Commissions. The CEC draws up its summary protocol at its session and without voting. The signatures of all commission members are mandatory only on the summary protocols of DECs and PECs. According to the paragraph 3, article 70 of the Election Code of Georgia, only the CEC chairperson and its secretary sign the summary protocols and none of other the CEC members.
The dispersed information concerning one of the CEC member’s refusal to sign the summary protocol does not represent the reality, since except the CEC chairperson and secretary, not a single commission members have the authority to sign the protocols.
On October 23 meeting, the summary protocols were finalized and signed accordingly by commission chairperson and secretary. The three members appointed by political parties at the CEC have expressed a different view on the compiling summary protocols, which, according to the law was reflected in the meeting protocol.
Summary protocols of elections are public and available on the CEC web-page.


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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 10:59

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia prepared the statistics of the annulled ballot papers according to elections held in Georgia since 2002. The data covers average percentages of the annulled ballot papers.
According to the preliminary data (as of 18 October), the average percentage of the annulled ballot papers during the 2016 Parliamentary Elections held through proportional election system is 3.43%. As for the elections held through the Majoritarian election system, the average percentage of the annulled ballot papers is 4,11%. The final data will be published after officially summarizing the election results of the Parliamentary Elections.


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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 10:15

Information was disseminated by social networks and media sources declaring that the sum of the percentages of election results’ that are published on the CEC web-page exceeds 100%, which leaves an impression of deliberate attempt to discredit the Election Administration (EA).
It should be noted that, publishing percentages in accuracy of hundredths, serves only the simple perception of the results. Consequently, direct summarizing of the percentage indicators is wrong and incorrect.
The CEC may offer to any interested persons the percentage indicators even in millionths for greater accuracy which can eliminate the speculations on direct summarizing of percentage indicators. 
It is essential, that the votes received by each election subject which are published on the web-page are accurately reflected in the preliminary results and the final results are based on the votes received by the election subjects.


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Friday, 07 October 2016 11:20

Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia met with William-Bill Sweeney, President of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). At the meeting, preparatory processes and pre-election environment for the upcoming parliamentary elections were discussed.
At the meeting, Tamar Zhvania discussed the projects Election Administration (EA) has implemented with the support of the IFES. Mr. Sweeney emphasized the importance of the memorandum signed between the CEC and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia that serves to ensure equal voting for everyone as well as safe and transparent election environment. The memorandum was developed in cooperation with the IFES.
IFES Regional Director of Europe and Asia, Senior Program Manager in Caucasus and Central Asia, as well as Chief of Party of IFES in Georgia and Deputy Chief of Party attended the meeting together with the President of the organization. The meeting participants gave a positive feedback on the activities implemented by the CEC and stated that EA’s initiatives, including a possibility to observe the counting process online is another step forward.


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Thursday, 29 September 2016 12:30

Zurab Khrikadze, Member of the Central Election Commission of Georgia together with Natia Zaalishvili, Director of the Center for Electoral Systems Development Reforms and Trainings of Georgia participated in the 25th Annual Conference and General Assembly organized by the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO).
Conference and General Assembly took place in city of Tirana, Albania on September 21-23. Participants discussed the issues related to the development of electoral systems and electoral technologies in the last 25 years. The meeting of Executive Board and the General Assembly was organized during the conference. Participants of the meeting also approved the 2015 Annual Report.
Association of European Election Officials celebrated its 25th anniversary in the frames of the conference.

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