The American Friends of Georgia Club celebrated the national independence day of the USA with a festive reception

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Wednesday, 06 July 2022 18:21

The party was organized at the Biltmore Hotel to celebrate the 246th anniversary of signing the Delcaration of Independence and the Independence Day of the USA. The official reception was attended by the members of legilsative and executive authorities of Georgia, the diplomatic corps, NGOs, representtaives of the busienss sector and media. President of the American Friends of Georgia Club Ilya Zukakishvili gave a welcome speech.

It is my pleasure to inform you that this year it is the 18th time that we are celebrating July 4th and we are proud that throughout these years we honor the independence day of the devoted friend and rigirous ally of Georgia together with the organizations supporting Georgian-American friednship. 

I will not exaggerate to say that July 4th gives joy to not only American people but also those who wish to be friends of freedom. This implies the fact that this day is festive for all those people for whom democracy serves as the system of values.

Besides, I get convinced every time that the Independence Day of the USA is especially precious for Georgians as well. The environment created at the event is full of happy emotion and further draws supporters of Georgian-American friendship together.

This year is the anniversary of 30 years of establishing diplomatic relations between our countries. Throughout these years, American people have numerously proved strong friendship with Georgian people and today, in the most critical conditions for the world continue to give political support of our country. 

Allow me to use this opportunity and note that the party organized on behalf of the Georgian people gave us the opportunity to send the message of rigorous friendship to the American people and express gratitude for many kind deeds for the Georgian state throughout three decades.

At the same time, July 4th is one of the best days for letting everyone see both inside and outside of the state what the attitude of the freedom loving Georgian nation is towards American people.

At the end, let me thank all those organizations and people who joined the initiative of celebrating the 246th anniversary of signing the declaration and at the same time support strengthening Georgian-American friendship.

Company PSP; Liberty Bank; Telavi Wine Cellar; Radisson Collection Hotel; Radisson Blu Iveria; Le Méridien Batumi; Hotel Ambassadori Goderdzi; Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi; Natali Group; Company “Prestige ICI Paris”; McCANN Tbilisi; Coca Cola bottlers Georgia; McDonald's Georgia; Company Sarajishvili; Company PL Naturals; American company KVG; Embassy of USA in Georgia; Company Vake; Company Energy; Information support of this year’s event is provided by TV companies Mtavari and Pirveli.   

I would like to state a few words about severity of the Russian Federation which it continues to apply to the Ukrainean people. I consider that no matter where we are and what an important date we celebrate, we should express our support towards brave Ukrainean people. It is only through confirming this declared friednship in the offcial part of the Independence Day of the USA that we paid respect to people who died for independence with a minute of silence at the background of the Ukrainean anthem – stated Ilya Zukakishvili, president of the American Friends of Georgia Club.

On July 4, Ambassador Hotel was decorated with American accessories where a truly American environment was created. After the official part ended, visitors had the opportunity to listen to the repertoir of the enthic folk group “Shara”, enjoy most beautiful Georgian dances, take part in the 4th of July festive draw and taste the special delicious 4th of July cake.

The celebration ended with grandiose fireworks.

American Friends of Georgia Club

July 4, 2022. Tbilisi, Georgia  

A short-distance run “Together for the Victory of Ukraine and Freedom”

Published in Sport
Wednesday, 01 June 2022 12:18

Under the aegis of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the USA, the 15-kilometer run was held at the dendrological park which was organized by the American Friendship Club.

A number of experienced runners gathered at the dendrological park to take part in the sport run and gain victory. The event was also joined by amateur runners, volunteers and those fans for whom strong friendship between Georgian, American and Ukrainian people has always been a priority. The oldest participant was 72 years old while the age of the youngest was 10.

The marathon to celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the USA and support Ukraine is one more step forward on the way to Georgian and American friendship. As the way of encouragement, after the run the winners were given monetary gifts, specialized sport drinks and, of course, personal awards of gratitude. The motto of crossing the finish line was “Together for the Victory of Ukraine and Independence”. We thank the association of veteran runners of Georgia, each participant of the marathon, volunteer and supporter for taking part in the event.   

On behalf of the American Friendship Club our special words of gratitude go to the company PSP - the main supporter of events to mark the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the USA, which is an unmatched partner and main sponsor of Georgian-American friendship.  

Besides, we jointly created this story and, respectively, their participation in the marathon once again proves devotedness towards the Club and support of the healthy way of life. As a rule, company PSP has always demonstrated that strength of Georgian-American friendship is of top priority.

Please, also be informed that the activities dedicated to diplomatic relations and friendship between Georgia and the USA will end with the charity event for supporting the Ukrainian people and the exhibition-sale will be held. The amount received for the humanitarian aid will be fully transferred to the special account of the Ukrainian embassy - stated president of the American Friendship Club Mr. Ilia Zukakishvili.   


June 1, 2022 - Tbilisi, Georgia

President of American Friendship Club, Ilia Zukakishvili Circulates a Special Letter Addressed to the PM of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili and Government of Georgia

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Friday, 25 March 2022 13:13

Authorities of the ruling party "Georgian Dream" deliberately try to get into the trap of Kremlin.  

Throughout the last two decades observation of researchers of world politics clearly demonstrated that the notorious bloody Putin remains to be the leader of lethal diseases. However, I will not focus your attention on this issue now since sooner of later the logical end of this disease is clear to all of us. 

I personally do not care much about the fate of uncontrolled Putin. It is much more important for me to see the unreconciled resistance of authorities of my country towards the vigilant enemy of Georgia and now the world peace - bloody Putin. 

However, unfortunately, antagonistic attitude of the Georgian authorities towards authorities of warring Ukraine and strategic partners of our country has been clearly revealed, which makes me think that the autorities of the ruling party "Georgian Dream" is trying to get into the trap of Kremlin intentionally. 

After the atrocious intrusion of Russia into Ukraine, I had a feeling that the rating of the prime minister and the authorities both inside and outside of the country has been reduced to almost zero. What serves as the basis for my assumption is special inadequate behaviour of the prime minister. Mainly, the unclear manner of statements made by him recently which harms and dismantles the roads leading to the north-atlantic alliance. 

Dear Prime Minister and members of the government, I would like to sincerely believe in your policy of justifying your opinion - regarding cooperation with partners but facts prove absolutely the opposite. In other words, you do not pay attention to the worry of strategic partners of our country and still continue to have close cooperation with pro-Russian groups while at the same time try to regain trust with European partners. 

I think, in order for you not to hinder the process of EU integration, you definitely need oxygen but I will tend to doubt the regaining of trust since I get the impression that you deliberately try to confuse the society with the view of not letting the people harshly depict the crimes committed by the Russian military executioners. 

You must be analyzing very well the fact that our country is facing a great threat and it is one of the central objects for Russia after Ukraine to submit to its power.  

If you still do not understand, let me state once again that as executive authorities of the country, before the special events for the country, you should be paying tribute to those people who sacrificied their lives to the fight for world independence and we call them heroes. To make it clearer, leaders of freedom loving countries identify fearless flight of Ukranineans with great freedom, share the flight of the world for liberty and prove support of the people of this country with their deeds. as for your statements, they are not supported with facts. 

Finally, I intenionally enriched my letter with extreme feelings especially for you since I intended to once again address you to urge you to discontinue formulating national interests of our country in your own way in the light of economy. 

Allow me, as the ordinary citizen of my country, to be direct and let you know that with such an option you are entering a very dangerous game which is double loss-making for your authorities. 




Putin is the Symbol of Blood Thirsty System of Evil !!! The aggressor army of tyrant still continues to annexation of Ukraine and atrociously slaughter little dreamers and happy children with no regard whatsoever to the fact that God indeed exists

Published in Politics
Friday, 18 March 2022 12:17

In our adulthood, sooner or later, we all realize that life is not as holy and humble as we considered it to be while being children. However, we are still as happy as children when we discover ourselves and do many good things.

I will not take away your valuable time to read my childhood feelings, since it is extremely hard to even depict in thoughts the cruelty which bloody Putin has committed during the last several weeks.

It is not strange for the free world for a long time that Russian state TV stations serve as one of the key instruments of Kremlin propaganda and violence over the will of people. I can’t say that so far I have noticed special self-sacrifice of the Russian Federation to protect human life, freedom, respect and dignity. However, what is happening these days in this country of 140 million inhabitants, contradicts any Christian and human morale. The only chance left there today to continue living everyday life is forceful submission to patriotism.

From the humane point of view, it is clear that fear is the natural phenomenon and everyone is required to show heroism. However, what is mostly surprising is the fact that in this country of 140 million people, the great majority is going to use this chance “as the person having the status of without rights”.      

I am even more discouraged by the fact that the majority of Russian citizens do not even try to seriously treat the grave and deadly mistake of Putin. On the contrary, the narrative of propagandists is justified and mentally supported. This fact is extremely significant to clarify to what extent the situation is grave in present-day Russia.     

Despite the fact that the war-instigating propaganda is doing its job, fortunately, there are progressively minded people left in Russia, who, despite the hardest period and the risk of losing lives, by means of civil insubordination, still continue fighting against the Kremlin regime. I admire the people constantly being in the minority. Their heroism is indeed worth valued. The bold protest of news editor Marina Ovsianikova should be mentioned here with due respect. She was the one who let the banner against the war saying, “Do not believe in propaganda – they are lying here”, fly during the live coverage of the TV station controlled by the Kremlin. This lady for me is the face of new Russia in which tyrants like Putin will no longer exist. I consider that this political performance at least slightly opened the eyes of Russia zombie by propaganda. As for the opponents of the Kremlin regime, it added much more self-confidence to continue the fight.  

The aggressor army of tyrant still continues to annexation of Ukraine and atrociously slaughter little dreamers and happy children with no regard whatsoever to the fact that God indeed exists.


All these inhumane actions are added by a more powerful activation of the tyranny spreading machine. Kremlin propaganda disseminators Vladimir Solovyov, Maria Zakharova and Margarita Simonyan, are trying their best through their worst actions to make the views of Russian people’s opinion even more zombified  - to create false patriotic mood.   

To demonstrate the Russian glory, war instigating propagandists give live open threats and in everyday TV shows continue to justify the war of the dictator by means of the anti-western propaganda “in terms of the impudent morale”. Therefore, it is the fact that the brain of the majority being zombified is not yet capable of having the moral power to get confronted with the dictatorship reigning in Russia by striving for freedom.

Additional information – Since the beginning of war 15 000 protestants have been detained in big cities of Russia at the rallies against the war. These are the people who are trying to show the world that their life and future are not connected with blood-thirsty Putin. It is the protest of these people which serves as one of the pre-conditions and the reflection of the fact that soon freedom will win in the Russian federation and we will undoubtedly witness the “Revolution of Awakening of the Russian Awareness”  

Dedicated fight of the Ukranian people against occupation laid the foundation of the start of the new cycle of the history of humanity while official Kyiv has come much closer to the political status of European Ukraine.

Freedom always wins! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!


Ilia Zukakishvili

President of the American Friendship Club in Georgia  

March 18, 2022 – Tbilisi, Georgia

Prime Minister Garibashvili Sacrifices Himself to the Political Torture - States President American Friendship Club ILIA ZUKAKISHVILI

Published in Politics
Friday, 11 March 2022 15:21

The ruling party has numerously found itself in the light political ditch in recent years. In the majority of cases it could manage to get out of it for at least some time and gain height in the clouds of the dream again. After the full-scale war of Russia against sovereign Ukraine it became obvious that the ruling party is quickly approaching the deep political pit which, at this time is for a long period of time and even forever.

The reason for this is the dry statement with which he directly contradicted the modern world. To be more specific, on February 25th, the day of making Georgia soviet, PM Garibashvili stated that taking national interests into consideration, the country does not join the sanctions imposed by many world countries towards Russia.     

The special statement narrative of PM Garibashvili indirectly justifies fierce and barbarian actions of Russia in Ukraine and is made to please Putin’s sinful passions. The important thing is that part of society which before were extremely critically inclined towards Russia, hold the neutral side today and act mute like fearful mice.

Instead of our government to express growing hatred against the invaders, its political inclinations changed gradually and Russian companies closely related to Kremlin in recent years won various types of tenders of public procurement in Georgia amounting to up to one billion laris. I would like to let everyone know that this specific fact is the quality of the Russian soft power.

The fact that the government of Georgia supports people of Ukraine is false and cynical. The scheme played out by them is actually built on pleasant interpretations and directly affects the certain part of people who are yet positively inclined towards bloody Russia.  

At the same time, as it is already known, this statement of the prime minister was followed by lifting economic sanctions by Russia on Georgian milk and wine. I would like to let everyone know that this specific fact is the quality of the Russian soft power. It is not excluded that quite soon direct flights to Russia are back which will presumably be made by air company Georgian Airways. This will again be followed by cynical statements from authorities about the fact that direct flights will promote development of Georgian economy and tourism, regulating relations with the Russian federation and strengthening people ties. I would like to let everyone know that this specific fact is the quality of the Russian soft power.

The prime minister committing such an evil thing thinks in vain that by making statements pleasing Kremlin, he will get rid of the problem. However, he is not even aware that the power of word is great and he sacrifices himself for the political torture.  

P.S. You, being an adult, could not yet manage to realize the most critical condition in Ukraine. I am confident that freedom-loving people of Georgia will soon make a deserved verdict and assist in realizing that your verbal assault against the Ukrainian president in hostilities is equal to declaring war. Would it be safe for Georgia?              

The negative statement of the prime minister of Georgia about the war in Ukraine is not a message only for the Georgian population. It is a clear message for our strategic partners as well.

Therefore, in order to exactly diagnose the statements of PM Garibashvili, I have a request to the diplomatic corps to make a better analysis of these hypocritical actions.

Freedom Always Wins - March 11, 2022


President of American Friendship Club, Ilia Zukakishvili circulates a special letter regarding Ukraine addressed to the prime minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili

Published in Politics
Saturday, 26 February 2022 09:57

Despite everything, I value the people for whom politics of either Georgian Dream or National Movement is acceptable. I did not express humiliation/disrespect towards any of the but today I have to admit that nothing will make me appreciate untasteful politics of shameful politicians.

This is why I address you, esteemed prime minister and would like to underline the fact that your today’s statement regarding Ukraine is very much far from today’s reality and integration into European community.

You made a very serious mistake today and at the same time openly demonstrated to the civilized world that you are equipped by fearful respect towards Cremlin. Today you humiliated not only Georgian-Ukrainian friendship but also turned your back to the whole democratic world. Besides, today you stimulated a lot of people who are equipped by the sense of respect towards Cremlin and left them unhealed forever.

Russia’s initiation of wide-scale aggressive military activities towards sovereign Ukraine is no longer a lesson for us. It is just the beginning of the sad historical reality.

Militaristic qualities of Russia are not a surprise for our country but events in Ukraine observed these days and the statement of prime minister Garibashvili made it much clearer to us that implementation of political intentions of Cremlin in Georgia are even closer. Georgian statehood is further threatened and this process may very quickly get unfolded in Georgia.

I am strongly convinced that your academic education is very weak to the extent that even your allies got convinced in it.

All-in-all, let me remind you that the Georgian nation used to defend the sovereignty of the country and will do so further on. And it will protect the friend of Georgia as well!!! European roots of Georgia are deep and strong. Even stronger than you can imagine. 

   President of American Friendship Club, Ilia Zukakishvili

Georgian people express their solidarity to the Americans and condemn this terrible terrorist act

Published in World
Saturday, 11 September 2021 13:34

This year is the 20th anniversary of the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept 11.

The date, September 11, will forever evoke recollections of unimaginable tragedy, of lives callously lost and brutally cut short and of unspeakable horror and sorrow in the hearts and minds of all of us. We have all suffered.

We have all felt the heartbreak of loss in lives. It was a horrible realization of the depths of the hatred that a select few in the world have for the United States, and a terrible tragedy. We must never forget the depths of inhumanity to which terrorist fanatics are willing to sink in the name of their depraved cause as they seek to destroy the very principles of freedom and democracy on which this great nation was founded. America has never made a mistake in its policy.

Remember that we were attacked not for what we do wrong but for what we do right. We will not crumble under terror or tyranny! America are strong and resilient. Today is a day to remember the heroes of that day, the lives and loved ones lost, and to dedicate anew that every day we live on, we have already defeated hate. That is why each and every September 11, we as friends of the American people honor them who lost their lives that fateful day.

On this 20th anniversary of 9/11, let us never forget the nearly 3,000 Americans who lost their lives and continue to support their families. Let us also never forget the service and sacrifice of our brave first responders and servicemembers who answered the call to serve the greatest nation on earth. May God continue to bless the United States of America.”

 Ilia Zukakishvili

President of the American Friendship Club

September 11, 2021 Tbilisi, Georgia.

The American Friendship Club gave a special celebration of the American Independence Day on July 4th at the State Palace of Ceremonies

Published in Society
Thursday, 08 July 2021 11:48

In the open space of the palace of state ceremonies the festive celebration of the 4th of July of the devoted friend and strong ally of Georgia was held.

Members of the legislative and executive authorities of Georgia, representatives of diplomatic corp, busienss sector and various fields of society attended the festive party dedictaed to the 245th anniversary of signing the declaration of independence.

The open space of the palace was decorated with the colors of the USA flag. Visitors were given bracelets and badges immediately upon entering the place. Zura Khutsishvili’s band played several American jazz pieces especially for this day.       

The president of the American friendship Club, Ilia Zukakishvili and her excellency, Ambassador of the U.S. to Georgia, Kelly Degnan addressed the public. Then anthems of both U.S. and Georgia were sung.   

The president of American Friendshop Club Ilia Zukakishvili stated in his address speech:

The  American Friendshop Club, as the organization supporting American values, has been celebrating the American Independence Day for the 17th time. Therefore, we get convinced  that through its essence July 4th grants happiness to not only American people but also those who wish to be the partner of the U.S. to achieve common goals and mainitain values and interests.   

At the same time I am extremely happy about the fact that we, Georgians, together with our strategic partners celebrate our common values of independce, freedom and democracy of the U.S.  

Several thousand kilometers distance Georgia from the U.S. but, despite this, celebrating the independence day of the U.S. in our country is extremely emotional since any activity related to July 4th is especially precious for Georgian people and is full of best emotions of happiness. The environment created during this special celebration gets Georgian-American frinedship which started three decades ago even closer. It was indeed three decades ago that the dynamics of the process which started then laid the foundation and determined special attitude of our nation towards American peple.

One more factor to celebrate the Independence Day in the capital city of Georgia is demonstration of the clear message of strong friendship and what the value connection between USA and Georgia is rather than just the frienship process at the level of one-off words and phrases and the intention of caring about one’s interests.

As already mentioned, July 4th is one of the best days and opportunities to send a message full of gratutude to official Washington for the good deeds is has done throughout last three decades for the state of Georgia and rigorous support of the Georgian people. The 4th of July   festive mood is the reflection of the gratitude which is called rigorous Georgian-American friendship.

At the same time I consider that the format of  similar events enables us to demonstrate to everyone inside or outside of the state that freedom-loving Georgian nation is devoted to the principles based on common values and a reliable partner which is obviously able to serve as the strong friend of the future.  

July 4th is another clear example of the fact that fight for independence always has a point and the history of July 4th is indeed a vivid celebration of perosnal freedom and future happiness granted by God. We are proud that during 17 years together with Georgian companies we have been celebrating the existence of the idea which serves as the basis of the USA.  

Therefore, once again I, as all those freedom-loving individuals, would like to once again confirm my respect towards the American people, express gratitude towards the American people and the USA government for all implemented and ongoing projects and wish to be part of the effort which will further strengthen and enhance friendship between Georgia and the USA.

Allow me to use this opportunity and express special gratitude to the Stable Partner and General Sponsor of 4th of July company PSP which has been supporting us for the last 3 years and plays a special role in organizing the U.S. independence say celebration.

It is with great pride today that I can state that in the recent period  the amount of supporters of Georgian-American friendship has got further expanded which was clearly demonstrated on the banner of the event. The festive reception dedicated to the U.S.  independence day was finalized with a grant firework and the ceremony of cutting the 4th of July cake.

God bless United States of America, native Americans within or outside its borders, Georgian-American friendship and all those devoted friends who shows respect to the U.S.

Happy U.S. independence day!

American Friendship Club – 8 July, 2021

Heroes Never Die. They Have Eternal Life and Get Born Again - Ilia Zukakishvili

Published in Society
Saturday, 09 January 2021 10:51

The American Friendship Club president visited the families of military servicemen who heroically died in the war in August 2008 to congratulate them with the holy Christmas and handed New Year presents to them.    

Within the scope of the holy Chritsmas celebration, we again were given the opportunity to implement the national project “Let’s Commemorate Our Heroes”. The mentioned initiative will make the names of heroically died military servicemen in the August war eternal and serve strengthening of the dignity of the nation.  

Allow me to use this opportunity and congratulate with Christmas families of every soldier who died in hostilities with the Russian Federation thus expressing sincere gratitude towards them.  Undoubtedly, memory of soldiers and policemen who died in the battle for protecting territorial integrity of the country deserves especially humble and dignified respect. I am sure that the names of our devoted warriors will never be forgotten. Heroes Never Die. They Have Eternal Life and Get Born Again.     

The American Friendship Club expresses its sincere gratitude to each and every organization for supporting its national project “Let’s Remember Our Heroes” by joining the act of Christmas greetings and got involved in the process of implementing this event: LIBERTY Bank, Companies - ENERGE, AVERSI, Piel Naturals, brand Supremo , McDonald's Georgia and Coca Cola Bottlers Georgia.

Let me once again wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Let the year 2021 be the year of many pleasant emotions full of lots of happiness. I love and respect you, am proud of you and have the honor to be your friend.   


Ilia Zukakishvili

President of the American Friendship Club

The American Friendship Club organized a Christmas charity event “Remember Our Heroes” in hotel Biltmore.

Published in Society
Thursday, 09 January 2020 13:40

The American Friendship Club organized a Christmas charity event “Remember Our Heroes” in hotel Biltmore.   

Spouses and children of military servicemen who died as a result of defending territorial integrity of Georgia during hostilities with the Russian Federation in 2008 were invited to the Christmas reception.  Members of families of military servicemen who died in international missions also attended the Christmas event.    

It has been the 11th year that the project “Remember Our Heroes” has been implemented and its aim is to overcome the unreimbursable loss as a result of the war. Despite the intense pain, let’s commemorate the soldiers of armed forces of Georgia and make our modest contribution to eternalize the names of our devoted warriors, thank family members of hero soldiers and convince them that the Georgian state together with the international community is grateful to  them. Once again, let me congratulate entire Georgia with this precious holiday which we all celebrated with brilliant mood – stated Ilya Zukakishvili, president of the American Friends of Georgia Club.

Within the scope of the event, Christmas presents were given to the members of the families of military heroes.   

The American Friends of Georgia club extends its gratitude to the following partner companies for sponsoring the event and making Christmas charity: the American company KVG, company PSP PHARMA, Biltmore Hotel, Liberty Bank, Tbilisi Sakrebulo (Local Assembly), Company Energy, Company Pier Naturals and McDonald's Georgia.

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