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Having nurtured a passion for environmental protection from a young age, a Malaysian has now worked with the China Railway Group Limited (CREC) to pursue her passion, and gain experience and knowledge in the construction sector.

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Let me introduce today a new Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Giorgi Amilakhvari. He has acquired a very good education and is a very successful individual. It was announced by Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia at a media briefing held within the Government Administration today.

The Head of Government of Georgia thanked Mikheil Chkhenkeli, Ex-Minister of Education and Science on behalf of the team for the past service. As Irakli Garibashvili noted, Mikheil Chkhenkeli was a successful minister in serving the country and its youth for 4 years. He carried out a lot of significant projects and launched a lot of reforms. He is now returning to academic life at his own wish.
“I want to let you know that today I will be introducing a new Minister of Education and Science – Giorgi Amilakhvari. Prior to that, I want to tell you that I already met Mikheil Chkhenkeli, who is leaving at his own desire. I wish to note that Mikheil Chkhenkeli was a successful minister in serving our government, our country and our youth for 4 years. He carried out a lot of significant projects and launched a lot of reforms. It was his own decision and desire to return to academic life. Namely, Mikheil Chkhenkeli will continue working as a Chairman of the International Advisory Board at Kutaisi International University (KIU). On behalf of our team, myself and the Government of Georgia, I wish to thank Mikheil Chkhenkeli for his past service and wish him success in future endeavors.
As for our new Minister – Giorgi Amilakhvari – he is a very successful individual. I wish to tell you that he has a very good, decent education. He studied in the United States and later in Hamburg, Germany.  He worked at the Max Planck Research Institute on his dissertation thesis. He has been awarded an LLM and is an associated professor. Also, I wish to note that Giorgi has a successful work experience as he is a founder of one of the very successful universities in the country. During his tenure as a Rector of the referred higher education institution, it achieved a lot of success and serves as one of the truly good examples of how a young, motivated person can create a very modern, European university with western quality. Such is the university created by Giorgi. Herewith, I wish to note that Giorgi has been successfully chairing a parliamentary committee on education and science till present. A number of significant initiatives are associated with him within the legislature. Giorgi has been engaged in the system of education for years and knows the situation at large and within every pillar of the education system, having a good grasp of its challenges that remain within the sector. I believe and I am confident that Giorgi will be a successful Minister of Education and Science. He has a very good vision. We have talked a lot during the past two years on topics related to education. He knows very well how to address the pending issues and I think that Giorgi will be a successful minister. Lastly, let me say that we need good managers, sector-specific managers. At the same time, I wish to say that Giorgi Amilakhvari has a lot of scientific papers published with monographs in Georgian and English languages. In parallel, he worked on his academic pursuits. Hence, I want to once again wish success to Giorgi Amilakhvari and once again thank our Ex-Minister Mikheil Chkhenkeli” stated Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia.
Giorgi Amilakhvari expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister of Georgia for the demonstrated trust and noted that he will soon present his own vision and action plan to the Head of Government of Georgia.
Press Service of the Government Administration
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