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The Tamar Shioshvili Center for American Studies was opened at the International Black Sea University. US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan attended the opening ceremony.

The rector of the university, Dr. Saffet Bayraktutan mentioned the following at the opening of the center: "The English-language program of American Studies has been operating at IBSU for 20 years, which is headed by Professor Tamar Shioshvili. "It is the result of Mrs. Tamar's efforts, that today we have such an outstanding program at the university and have so many successful graduates and students. By opening the center, we are commemorating the 30th anniversary of US-Georgia diplomatic relations, and I hope that the cooperation with the strategic partner will continue successfully in the future".

US Ambassador Kelly Degnan thanked Tamar Shioshvili for the activities she has been conducting for years to popularize America in Georgia. The ambassador noted that the opening of the Center for American Studies and the discussion of American studies issues here help to deepen the friendship between the people of the two countries.

The Tamar Shioshvili Center for American Studies houses a library that has been filled with books donated to the American Studies program over the years. In the center, BA, MA and PhD programs students of American studies will work on their research topics and those researches will be reviewed by the Georgian and American professors of the field.

The International Black Sea University's American studies undergraduate program was opened in 2002, after Professor Tamar Shioshvili participated in the American studies curriculum design program forum in 2001, with the funding of the US State Department. The forum intended to get to know and study the specific, traditional and leading programs of American studies in the US universities of George Washington, Michigan, New Mexico, Penn State and Memphis.

In 2004, Tamar Shioshvili became the holder of a Fulbright grant from the US State Department and a researcher at the George Washington University's Department of American Studies. This gave her an opportunity to develop a bachelor's program and create an English-language master's program and in 2007, the only English-language American studies doctoral program was opened in Georgia.

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The Defense and Security Committee, serving the official visit to Turkey held a meeting with the Chairs and members of three Committees (the Defense, the Intelligence and Security, and the Internal Affairs) of the Grand National Assembly. Georgian MPs also met with the head of the Turkish Parliamentary Delegation to NATO PA and the Chair of the Turkey-Georgia Parliamentary Friendship Group.

As the Head of the Georgian Delegation, Chair of the Committee Irakli Beraia noted, the meetings were productive and successful.

“We overviewed the security milieu in the region, security challenges of Georgia and the threats to our common interests, as well as the security and foreign policy priorities of Georgia, enhancement of the strategic partnership between our countries and the significance of the cooperation in the defense and security spheres. The latter acquires particular importance against the background of the aggravated regional security situation when the Georgia-Turkey cooperation is of critical importance for the successful implementation of the transport and energy projects, as well as the economic development of the region and energy security of Europe.. and what’s most important, for provision of the security of the Black Sea region and Euro-Atlantic area. Georgia has numerous supporters and friends in Turkey and Turkey is intact in its support to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, NATO and EU integration of Georgia. I would like to express our gratitude to the Ambassador of Georgia to Turkey, H.E. Giorgi Janjgava for organizing our visit, and our diplomats for their devoted efforts to organize such a productive visit within the shortest terms”, - I. Beraia stated.

The Delegation is composed of the Committee Deputy Chairs – Alexander Tabatadze and Vladimir Chachibaia, and members – Alexander Elisashvili and Hermann Szabo.

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At a train maintenance center in Urumqi, the capital of northwest China's Xinjiang, a multi-ethnic team of technicians has been working around the clock to ensure the safe operation of bullet trains.

Produced by Xinhua Global Service

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Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia participated in a Panel Discussion on Eurasia Middle Corridor: From Pathway to Highway, held within the scope of 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos today.

“First of all, thank you very much for organizing this panel. This is very important. You mentioned the war in Ukraine. It is catastrophic for the entire region. Of course, it affects us as well. I think this war has shown us that countries and nations need to diversify their economies. I think before the war less countries paid less attention to the Middle Corridor, but after the war the attention is growing. It is increasing. So, therefore, as President Aliyev has mentioned, I also want to repeat that we have an excellent relationship with Azerbaijan, with Kazakhstan; with Turkey we have a strategic partnership. And, I think, the chemistry is here and we have a strong foundation to work together” it was stated by Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia at a Panel Discussion on Eurasia Middle Corridor: From Pathway to Highway, held within the scope of 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos today.
As the Head of Government of Georgia noted, the country is investing heavily in its infrastructure.
“We in Georgia are investing heavily in infrastructure right now. First of all, I want to mention that we are building highways, which will be completed by the end of 2024. We are spending 2 or 3 BLN USD to complete this highway. Of course, this will facilitate transportation. Secondly, I want to mention the ports.
Port capacity of the Black Sea of Georgia is quite big, but we need to increase it. Therefore, I want to mention one particular project, which is Anaklia Deep Sea Port. We have decided that the Government of Georgia will start the construction of this port. 51% of this port or consortium we want to build will be owned by Georgia – by the Government of Georgia. The rest – 49% – will be put on an international tender. We are talking with many potential investors about this. Now, why are we doing this? Why do we want to build this port? President Aliyev mentioned about the increase of capacity of Azerbaijani ports. I think Kazakhstan has the same intention. So, Georgia now has a capacity of about 550 000 TU in Poti Port, around 200 000 in Batumi Port. This is not enough. So, that is why we want to implement this project” added the Prime Minister of Georgia.
The Head of Government of Georgia focused on the Black Sea Submarine Electricity Cable, as an ambitious project, thereby referring to it as a very interesting initiative.
“Thirdly, I want to mention that we are together with Azerbaijan in developing different initiatives. For example, I want to mention the Black Sea Submarine Electric Cable, which is also very interesting. We are doing this together with Azerbaijan, Romania and Hungary. This initiative is backed by the European Union. In fact, we were in Bucharest in September, where we signed a Memorandum. All 4 countries will implement and invest in this – I would say – ambitious project. But this is very interesting. And, therefore, we must be ready for the increased flow of goods. I also want to mention that this corridor and this route is the shortest to connect Asia with Europe. For example, trains from China can come to Georgia within 15 days, maximum 20 days. Compared to transportation by sea, it takes 45 days, right? So, therefore, this is a very interesting, very important corridor. Of course, all these countries are definitely motivated and determined to develop this corridor” noted Irakli Garibashvili.
The Head of Government of Georgia, similar to other panel participants, responded to the questions posed by Mirek Dušek, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum (WEF).
According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, the country is modernizing its railway. Besides, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Project is underway.
“We are talking about the highways and railways. Right now our railway capacity in Georgia is 25 million tons. We are now implementing the modernization of our railway. It will be completed by the end of 2024. Capacity will be about 48 million tons. Besides that, together with Azerbaijan, we are now building a Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway. In fact, several months ago, Azerbaijan provided additional funds to complete this project. So it will also be ready by 2024. This is another 5 million tons of cargo. So, these are strategically very important projects.
I also want to mention the relationship between Azerbaijan and Georgia. This relationship is tested and reliable. We have implemented very important, historic projects together, such as the oil and gas pipelines. Now comes this railway project and many others which will come in the future” noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.
Press Service of the Government Administration
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The European Union has adopted its initial annual humanitarian budget of €1.7 billion for 2023.

EU humanitarian aid helps those affected by natural disasters and military conflicts, including forcibly displaced or trapped populations as well as host communities. Assistance is mainly provided through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

A total of €207.8 million from this budget will be directed to Southeast Europe and the European Neighbourhood, addressing mostly the consequences of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, as well as funding projects for ongoing needs in the Caucasus.

Another €141.5 million will be used to answer sudden onset emergencies in 2023, €122 million are reserved for unforeseen humanitarian crises that can arise throughout the year, and €108.2 million will be committed to horizontal activities, innovative projects and policy initiatives.

“Humanitarian needs are rising steeply. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has made a bad situation dramatically worse. Today, the number of people in need of life-saving assistance worldwide is higher than the population of the US,” said Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič. “The European Commission’s funding for 2023 will continue to make sure that humanitarian assistance is available for the most vulnerable, no matter who and where they are.”

Lenarčič also called for a shared responsibility for the entire global community, mentioning that currently only 10 largest donors provide for more than 80% of all humanitarian funding.

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Press release

EU Civil Protection Mechanism

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Employees of relevant units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are mobilized in Sagarejo district and are conducting investigative activities.

According to the investigation, N.A. (DoB 1974) fired several shots from the balcony of one of the apartments of the residential building, as a result of which 4 people died and 5 were injured in the yard of the building.
The accused person also opened fire to the directions of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs up on arrival at the spot, one of whom was also killed.
Additional police teams were mobilized at the scene of the incident, as well as a special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Upon their arrival, the accused person presumably committed suicide with a firearm.
Miners are starting to work at the site and more information will be released later.
The investigation is being conducted under Article 109, sub-paragraph "L", Article 236 part III of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which refers to premeditated murder committed under aggravating circumstances and illegal purchase, storage and carrying of firearms and ammunition.
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USA to allocate 63 million US dollars for Georgia

USA to allocate 63 million US dollars for Georgia

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