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"The U.S. is a major factor causing the global refugee and migrant crisis, and its belligerent approach of using force has triggered several risks of refugees," said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson. #GLOBALink

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Luxembourg and Tbilisi, 29 December 2021 - The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) has committed to provide USD 2.5 million equivalent in Georgian lari (GEL) to its new partner, Lazika Capital, to expand access to finance in local currency for the underserved micro and small size enterprises (MSEs), including individual entrepreneurs, farmers and agricultural producers in rural Georgia.  

As a microfinance organization serving over 15,000 rural and semi-urban MSEs, Lazika Capital is well positioned to channel responsible financing to the target group in an effective and impactful way. By obtaining financing in Georgian lari, the micro and small enterprises can fund their growth and increase their business resilience, viability and stability in the longer run, while being protected from the exchange rate fluctuations – a risk that can materially compromise operations.

EFSE Board Chairperson Klaus Müller said, “Lazika Capital is a promising partner in joining efforts with EFSE to increase the level of financial intermediation and economic development in rural Georgia. This investment will expand the capacities of Lazika Capital to finance the underserved groups, thus contributing to furthering EFSE’s mission to promote economic prosperity in the region.”

“Since Lazika‘s creation and still, we have been very much committed to bringing something more added value than just access to finances. And the fact that we are well noted by EFSE, is a honor and additional motivation for us,” said CEO of Lazika Capital, Besik Shengelia.

Through this investment, Lazika Capital is expected to contribute towards the achievement of SDG 1: No Poverty, SDG 2: Zero Hunger, and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities.


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TOKYO, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- Twin giant pandas, male cub Xiao Xiao and his sister Lei Lei, who were born in June at Tokyo's Ueno Zoological Gardens, appeared to the public for the first time with their mother Shin Shin Wednesday, much to the delight of a limited number of lottery winners.

The furry balls of fun, unfortunately, for the hundreds of thousands of panda lovers in Japan, will only be on public display at the zoo for three days.
In addition, much to the frustration of the thousands of fans who would simply love to get a glimpse of Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei, both weighing around 13 to 14 kg, as they explore, climb and eat leaves in their enclosure, a cap on the number of visitors allowed to view the twins is in place, due to the rampant spread of COVID-19 in Japan, including in the capital.

Visitors could only see the pandas by way of a lottery system and the lucky winners began entering the panda area at the zoo at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning.
Each winner was only granted one minute, however, to gaze at the gorgeous creatures, before making way for the next visitor, in the zoo's bid to prevent the spread of infections.

"They were fluffy and cute. It was a miracle that I could see them biting leaves and climbing a tree," 55-year-old Naoko Kawazoe, a Tokyo resident who became the first visitor to meet the pandas after lining up at the zoo from 5 a.m., was quoted by local media as saying.
The two cubs' mother Shin Shin and father Ri Ri, both aged 16, are on loan from China. The pair were also parents to four-year-old female panda Xiang Xiang.

The birth of the twins was a first for Ueno Zoo, the oldest zoo in Japan, since it opened its doors in 1882. In commemoration of the normalization of bilateral ties, China first gifted Japan pandas in 1972.



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The “Georgian Detail” exhibit of artist Zeinab Barnovi was held at the Orbeliani Palace with the goal of popularizing Georgian culture and promoting the modern creative industry.

President Salome Zourabichvili, who toured the exhibit along with guests, wished Zeinab Barnovi success in her endeavours. Her works include examples of Khevsuretian clothes, headscarves, chikhtikopi, pillows, lamps, bags and photos created based on the motifs of Georgia.

Press Office of the Georgian President


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Exchange of 1 USD Equals 2.3978 GEL

Exchange of 1 USD Equals 2.3978 GEL

According to the new official exchange rate set by National Bank of Georgia, 1 US Dollar equals 2.39...


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