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For more than 100 years, Russian literature has deeply influenced generations of Chinese readers and played an important role in China-Russia cultural exchanges.

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The history of our country counts the whole breadth of state and public figures, real heroes, thinkers or just decent human beings. Otar Abdushelishvili is among such prominent ones. The freedom-loving man who could not be the follower of the totalitarian age, regime propaganda and ideology in the common narrative of the Soviet Union. The person who lived with audacity and pride, patriotism, intellectual analysis and acted with high citizenship goal with the view of loving his motherland. The person who, even in those hopeless 90ies never gave up and adapt to the chaotic rules. He loved with gratitude and lived in a way which would have been desirable for God.  

Mr. Abdushelishvili, as the man living his life with dignity, tremendous love towards his family, was distinguished with his personal relations as well. High moral traditions, calm and balanced nature with noble manly behavior were deeply rooted in his personality.

Without exaggeration I would like to note that it is impossible to get familiarized with his life and not feel how special he was. He had his goals and knew that he would have to achieve them. He was the source of great motivation, a progressive, purposeful and uncompromising manager. The patriot of his country always praying for it, the distinguished public figure who occupies one of the prominent places among brilliant fellow countrymen. 

Otar Abdushelishvili was born on September 21, 1941 in the family of a teacher. He spent his youth in the oldest part of his country. In 1958 he successfully finished secondary school N 5 in Poty and in the same year started studying at the Poty port repair workshop first as an apprentice and then as an electric-metal worker. In 1959 he started studying at the Politechnic Institute of Georgia which he graduated with the specialism of chemical technology of plastic masses. Then he worked for one year at Poty large-scale bakery as a technologist and in 1966 his maritime life starts.  He became the master of Poty Ocean Fishery division fish fleet production on long-distance ships and then moved to the position of the assistant of the ship captain for demonstrating hard work and special skills in the field of fishing. From 1986 he was approinted as the head of the department of fish processing and selling of the same division and in parallel manner fulfilled the duties of the head of fish production on fish-catching ships. He has been granted numerous awards and gratitude dimplomas for efficient management of the fish catching process.   

The most active years of his activities start from 1971 when he was moved to Tbilisi at the position of the engineer of the division of ocean fish catching of the Georgian Socialist Republic. In the same year he was enrolled in the Astrakhan technical institute of industry and economy and finished its faculty of technology of fish products in 1975. In the process of workihg he has been granted state awards for successfully meeting the objectives of the state plan of fish production and efficient organization of the production process. Since 1975 he has been appointed as the head of production division of the same department. He was granted gratitude for efficient organization of the operation of the workshop of Poty fish factory, which significantly improved meeting the objectives of the fishing season.

Since 1975 he was transferred to Tbilisi and appointed as the director of the fourth refrigerator where he demonstrated efficient skills of the manager and entrepreneur in various fields.

Then ministry of trade of Georgia granted numerous certificates of gratitudes to him for efficient management. He achieved  a lot of success in the field of effective organization of the system of civil protection of production. He was given gratitude by the civil defence management annually for achieved success and maintaining good condition of the sites of the civil defence system, their constant readiness for urgent situations, providing workers with protection means, storing chemical substances in shelters accordingly well and providing high quality work, exemplary discipline and fulfilling the general plan well.    

In 1975 he was transferred to the position of the managing deputy head  - chief engineer of the “Georgian Fish Production and Selling” union of the Soviet Republic of Georgia where he worked until 1992. He demonstrated his top management skills here as well. It was under his supervision that fish storing refrigerators for tinned food  were constructed in various regional centres of Georgia. He was the initiator of many innovations in technical processes. As a result of famous events of 1992 the division was reorganized, sites changed into joint-stock companies and, as a result, he resigned.    

In 1985 he went through numeous courses at the management institute of state people’s economy of Georgia and prepared work on modern management methods in production organizations in terms of planning and organizing modern management methods using economic-mathematical methods and computer science.

In 1994 the “Saktevzi” concern was established and he was elected as its president. Later on, this service was reorganized and Otari was transferred to the newly-created fish economy department as the head of the fish economy department where he worked until 2002.

For the significant contribution to the field he was awarded with the Order of Honor in 2002 after which he stepped down from the position and spent the rest of the period in his beloved village of Gorisa in Sachkhere region where he maintained agricultural activities.

When people like Otar Abdushelishvili pass away to rest in peace, the universe gets devastated for a while and this very moment  gets fixed in our memory as the true one which helps us to recall personal relations in which joy and pain are of equal value. Afterwards, everything gets back to normal, the world which is much more massive than all of us, suddenly gets filled up and continues to exist.  

Sometimes, in relations both sides simply consider that they have obigations towards one another. However, this is the lucky case when I am proud that I knew the person who was indeed distinguished with his joyful nature, internal culture, tact, elevated thought and brilliant intellect.

Today is the day to commemorate Otar Abdushelishvili. He was unmatched with his way of life – similar to Pavarotti in the field of culture and I urge everyone to light candles for him.  A real state and public figure, a husband, an uncle, a grandfather, a brother, a real professional, an elderly friend and just a decent human being has passed away to rest in peace. We will all miss his wise pieces of advice and positive atmosphere. May him rest in peace.

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Georgian coast guard completed the final maritime training of the multinational exercise sea breeze 2021. This is reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
During the last stage, the vessels of the participating countries took part in the joint maritime training held in the Ukrainian waters. The MIA Border Police Coast Guard Department ships DIOSKURIA and OCHAMCHIRE crews, along with NATO and partner countries’ naval units, carried out search-and-rescue operations, naval shootings and tactical manoeuvres. The exercises aimed to share knowledge and experience, enhance interoperability and increase joint capabilities.
Co-organised by the U.S. Sixth Fleet and the Ukrainian Navy, the Sea Breeze exercise lasted for ten days in the Black Sea. Sea Breeze 2021 had the largest number of participating nations in the exercise’s history, with 32 countries from six continents providing 5,000 troops, 32 ships, 40 aircraft, and 18 special operations and dive teams.
Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Ministry of Defence of Georgia took part in the sea, land and HQ components of the exercise. Each element was planned and executed in full compliance with NATO standards and procedures.
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72 high quality laptops, 20 tablets, 200 vaccine carriers with 800 icepacks, 300 medical refrigerators with accessories, 300 thermometers, a specialized vaccine-carrier vehicle – this is just short list of the equipment that EU and WHO are donating to the government of Georgia to support the mass COVID-19 vaccination process to be launched in summer.

Today, Mr. Catalin Gherman, Deputy Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Georgia and Dr. Silviu Domente, WHO Representative and Head of the WHO Country Office in Georgia visited the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health to hand over part of the equipment and discuss further needs in support for a successful vaccination process.

This donation is just part of the assistance provided by EU and WHO to the Government of Georgia. Since the onset of the pandemic, EU and WHO have worked to ensure effective response to the current COVID-19 crisis and strengthen overall preparedness capacities of health sector in Georgia. Now the EU-WHO action to support deployment of COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination in Eastern partnership countries, supports the Government of Georgia with provision of necessary supplies, development of software and mobile applications, training of key personnel involved in vaccinations, monitoring of vaccine efficacy and safety, and development and implementation of a nationwide communication campaign to promote vaccinations and to address vaccines hesitancy.

“Vaccines and their roll-out are crucial to overcome the pandemic. In recent days Georgia has received vaccines from Austria and today the EU is proud to hand over equipment as part of our large scale support to Georgia via WHO to ensure that vaccines are used as effectively as possible for maximum impact. The EU and Team Europe continue to stand by Georgia in the pandemic,” – said Catalin Gherman, Deputy Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Georgia.

“We expect a real mass vaccination to be initiated in Georgia in July, and we hope the provided equipment will be very useful for the vaccination teams all over the country, along with other support provided under the current EU-WHO action,” – said Silviu Domente, WHO Representative and Head of Georgia Office.

This assistance is part of a wider support package provided by the EU and Team Europe consisting of GEL 1.5 billion of new and reallocated assistance to help Georgia deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, including support to vulnerable groups and economic recovery. That is one of the highest levels of EU assistance per capita to any country in the world and demonstrates the EU’s strong solidarity with Georgia at this time of unprecedented crisis.

In addition, the EU and Team Europe – including the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and Member States – are some of the strongest supporters of the COVAX, through which Georgia receives part of its vaccines. The EU and Team Europe have so far announced contributions of more than €870 million to the facility.

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