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"Let me greet our fellow citizens!

I wish to make several statements in reference with the development of events in recent days.

First of all, of course, I would like to once again express my sincere condolences and share the grief of the family of Alexander Lashkarava, his relatives, colleagues and everyone else. Death of any human being is of course a tragedy. It does not matter what the reason may be behind this.

I want to tell the public that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is working actively. All the relevant actions were taken very efficiency already yesterday. In addition, an appropriate forensic examination is scheduled, at the initiative of the family of the deceased and at the request of the television company, an independent expert is involved in the process and all questions will be answered fully, in the shortest possible time. In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia led by Vakhtang Gomelauri made a statement yesterday, noting that an independent, international expert will be engaged in the process to make sure that no questions are left unanswered.

I also wish to share with you my assessment of the issue in general, on the development of events in recent days.

Of course, it was yet another failed conspiracy against the State, masterminded by anti-state and anti-church forces, which failed and will never be successful in our country.

We all saw that the tragedy of this person was attempted to be used for their own political agenda. What may be more immoral than using the tragedy of a deceased person for one's own political goals?!

Of course, it does not matter what led to the death of Alexander Lashkarava. Every offender will be punished absolutely with full force of the law. Police have already detained 4 individuals, who participated in the beating of the referred individual.

I wish to once again state that any and all forms of violence are intolerable. We condemn and have always condemned, we will further prevent any form of violence in the country. We will not let violence reign in our state!

As for my response measures in general, I condemned the fact of violence on the following morning of course. Violence targeted against journalists and cameramen is of course absolutely unacceptable. It is an unimaginable fact and we of course condemn it. Police efficiently responded to the matter on the following day.

Secondly, I wish to once again remind the public how the events were developing prior to the fact and how we reached that day.

You may well be aware that I made a statement in advance to the event on July 5, announcing that a very large, wide-scale provocation was planned against our country and our population. I indicated the specific name and surname of the person behind the revenging, radical conspiracy. It is Mr. Saakashvili and his radical groups. Questions were asked on the linkage of the LGBT community and event organized by them specifically with Saakashvili. One of the co-organizers and supporters of the referred event was NGO Shame, which is absolutely managed by organizations of Saakashvili. It is a confirmed fact, my friends. I also wish to tell you that a wide-scale civil collision was masterminded with an engagement of police army and the perpetrators were aiming at making the State use its power against our own people and citizens. Of course, we prevented it. We had all the risks assessed well in advance and we did not make it happen. However, what actually happened - let me repeat - is utterly bad and unfortunate, however I wish to remind everyone that violence happens everywhere and in any country of the world. Let me remind several facts to our public: in the heart of Europe - France and not only, in Great Britain, everywhere - we remember uninterrupted violent, aggressive street rallies and demonstrations lasting weeks and wounding dozens and hundreds of people. Many died or were wounded. We also remember the violent, aggressive street rallies in the USA that lasted months. Private cars were set on fire and private property got damaged in many cities, people were killed... Let me repeat that we assessed these risks well in advance in our country and said that this is impermissible. We told the LGBT community and Ambassadors of our partner countries prior to the event that the so-called parade on Rustaveli Avenue contained provocative signs and nature, thus making it unjustified to be held downtown. Violence, offences and crime happening in a state may not be generalized. Of course, it may happen any time, in any country, but it does not mean that it should ultimately lead to chaos and disorder. I wish to once again state that I personally guarantee that all the offenders participating in the referred provocation will be exemplary punished. I do not want to talk about speculations as the investigation is working on several versions, covering the insights on how the mentioned aggressive individuals happened to be targeting journalists and cameramen in their attacks. This is a legitimate question, which should be addressed by the investigation. There is a version that the referred provocation may have been masterminded by the revenging, radical power. We remember it well and nobody will forget the methods with which the referred offenders and killers were governing our country, when even terrorist attacks were planned to achieve their political goals against our population.

As for the rally held yesterday in general, I wish to share my own opinion and assessment with the public. There were classic anti-state, anti-church and therefore anti-national messages that were voiced yesterday. We witnessed aggressive calls for jailing the Patriarch. I do apologize for repeating it publicly. They were also calling for our resignation. This is understandable. It is normal. It is their dream. However, I wish to tell the public who was calling for all these. In general, we welcome the presence of an independent, unbiased media in our country and we do our best to develop a free and unbiased media community in the country to have unbiased journalists. We will do everything required to make it happen. I once again express my respect to them, as many professionals are working in media, but let us stay away from being deceived - without extra coquetry - let us say straight - opposition television companies well known by public - Mtavari Arkhi, TV Pirveli and Formula - are directly managed by Saakashvili and embezzled public funds. Respectively, agendas of the UNM and revenging, radical power are absolutely identical. They have one common goal to somehow overthrow the government and come to power by violence again, which is of course unachievable. We will not let it happen! I wish to remind them that the only way to come to power is through elections, my friends. You are well aware that several elections are ahead. They have been losing all the previous ones and will lose the upcoming one again. We will have a convincing victory at the upcoming elections.

I wish to once again share my own assessment of why we went against the so-called parade. Well, why is it called a parade, to start with? I know only one parade that is held in our country and that is of our army. Other names and locations exist for any other event that may be held for the freedom of expression. Police did offer them several. Let me remind the public that LGBT community was gathering prior to that for 3 days absolutely with no barriers and celebrating this week. No restrictions or aggression were witnessed. Police prevented all of the latter. However, when 95% of our population is against a demonstratively promotional march or parade, we should all comply with it, my friends. It is the viewpoint of an absolute majority of our population. Being an elected choice of our people, our authorities need to be considerate of it. We will always do so. It will no longer happen that minorities decide the fate of the majority in this country, when any decision was taken in a violent manner. This is not a signature of future.

Let me remind the public that we did our best to assure the freedom of expression as promulgated in the Constitution of Georgia and guaranteed by law. Inter alia, we passed an Anti-Discrimination Law to eradicate discrimination of any form and our citizens have no problem towards people of different orientation in ordinary, daily life, however when events get organized in a provocative manner with a political agenda - it is unacceptable. We will contradict this as we know who is behind it. Political agenda is backing this, nothing else. Police have detained offenders. No compromise will be made from our side. We should not let it happen. We remind every abuser that they will be held accountable. On the other hand, police worked at a very high level when there was a risk of clash between the conflicting sides on the following day and 100 individuals were detained at the rally. Almost 3500 policemen were deployed in the capital city on July 5. Let me remind you that we expected the main event to start from 17:00 to 18:00. Of course, these violent facts were not in the intestates of the Government or Church either. Respectively, it was only within the interests of one individual and one revenging political power. It may be said quite freely that it was within the interests of Russia as well to instill national division. Perpetrators wanted to see a split in the society again by even presenting the European values in a wrong manner, by discrediting it. All of these, of course, are well conceptualized by our opponents, but they intentionally repeat and do what is not within the interests of our country.

Thus, I wish to once again tell our public that we have absolutely full control over the situation. Any individual has the right to gather at any time - be it media representative, opposition media or other - and express own opinion within the frameworks of the law and Constitution of Georgia. However, I wish to say herewith that any attempt of going beyond the law or Constitution, will be prevented with maximum severity. Everyone will be punished most harshly in the name of the State and law, if and when they go beyond the law or Constitution of Georgia.

We now have a new main agenda to advance our country and quickly recover our economy. We have a positive trend and you may well agree that a very high economic growth was achieved in the volume of 45%, while 25% was witnessed in May. Our economy grew by 11% in the first 5 months of the year.

We are launching very significant renovation programs in every municipality of the country in the coming 1-2 weeks.

Sadly, destructive opposition forces want to derail all these plans. They will not be able to prevent this. We stand as a guarantee to making this process and development path continue in future. Of course, we will have elections in October and we should all - the entire State - be mobilized and we are indeed to hold elections in the most open and peaceful manner so that our citizens once again make their choice.

Herewith, let me share information on the most recent decision: We are appointing two Deputy Prime Ministers of Georgia today. Ms. Thea Tsulukiani and Mr. Levan Davitashvili will serve as Deputy Prime Ministers from now on.

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China's rapid social and economic development has been achieved under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which constituted the root cause for China's great changes and remarkable achievements, said Ali Ahmadov, Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan and Vice Chairman of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party. #CPC100Years #GLOBALink

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Connecting digital currency to Visa's global network helps move money for the crypto community

Today the value of crypto assets held in regulated digital wallets is in the hundreds of billions. For the tens of millions of people using those platforms, one of the simplest ways to spend crypto is through a Visa card.

We’re partnering with 50 of the leading crypto platforms on card programs that make it easy to convert and spend digital currency at 70 million merchants worldwide. With more than $1 billion spent on crypto-linked Visa cards in the first half of 2021, it’s clear that the crypto community sees value in linking digital currencies to Visa’s global network.[1]

What’s more, these programs don’t require coffee shops, dry cleaners, or grocery stores to directly accept cryptocurrencies at the checkout. It’s the magic of “tap and go” without the complexity of new acceptance points or cryptographic keys.

We’ve been busy at Visa, connecting the crypto economy to our ‘network-of-networks,’ a strategy designed to add value to all forms of money movement, whether on the Visa network, or beyond. 

Here’s a look at the trends we’re seeing and the progress we’ve made against our digital currency roadmap.

  • An expanding and evolving ecosystem: We’ve been growing our relationships with today’s leading digital currency platforms— FTX, Coinbase,, and CoinZoom, to name a few. The expertise and treasury infrastructure we’ve built have helped establish Visa as the network of choice for crypto native companies. In fact, today one-quarter of the companies in Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program are working to issue Visa cards linked to a crypto platform.[2]

These platforms are diversifying to meet an array of consumer needs, with new tools and features spanning interest accounts, lending and direct deposits. In this context, it’s more important than ever for financial institutions of all stripes to establish a crypto strategy.

  • Rewards Reimagined: Consumers want choice in all things, and loyalty and rewards are no different. Programs like the BlockFi Rewards Visa Credit Card let users spend fiat and earn crypto rewards in a similar way other cards offer rewards programs for airline miles or hotel points.[3]By combining engagement in the crypto economy with the utility of a standard Visa card, these programs have potential to win long-term customer loyalty among both crypto enthusiasts and new adopters.
  • Stablecoins come to the fore: With more than $100 billion worth of stablecoins in circulation and hundreds of billions exchanged each month on public blockchains, stablecoins are starting to live up to the promise of “digital fiat”: the developer-friendly characteristics of cryptocurrency combined with the reliability of fiat-backed reserves.

We’re seeing digital wallets and crypto platforms build payment products entirely with digital currency. For example, the fast-growing FTX platform, a new Fintech Fast Track member we’re announcing today, is paying fifty per-cent of their remote employees in USDC. We’re making our network more accessible to this growing ecosystem with capabilities like USDC settlement and through our partnership with Circle. As we look to the future, stablecoins are on track to become an important part of the broader digital transformation of financial services, and Visa is excited to help shape and support that development.

Interested in learning more? Check out Visa’s outlook on digital currency

[1] Cumulative payment volume for Visa card programs linked to a digital currency platform, January 2021-June 20211

[2] Visa Fintech Fast Track Participants for North America with plans to issue Visa card programs.

[3] Please see the BlockFi Rewards Program and Crypto Rewards Account Terms for more information.


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In recent days, a number of Russian media outlets have been spreading unproven and plainly biased reports about the situation on the Turkmen-Afghan border.

In particular, RBC TV channel spread untrue information about the alleged deployment of Turkmenistan's military equipment and artillery to the border with Afghanistan, which means nothing but false information in the pursuit of cheap sensation.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan declares that thanks to the brotherly relations of the two neighboring states and their peoples, the Turkmen-Afghan border is the border of friendship and cooperation. According to the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan, all military units, their personnel and military equipment at Ministry’s disposal are remaining in the place of permanent basing and continue to carry out planned training in accordance with the program.

In accordance with the old traditions of good-neighborliness, and with strict adherence to the inviolable principles of the international law and obligations enshrined in bilateral agreements, Turkmenistan is committed to maintaining and strengthening peace-loving and good-neighborly relations with the fraternal Afghanistan.

The Turkmen side was and remains committed to objectivity and honesty in the media space, to dissemination of only verified and thoroughly weighted information. This is extremely important under the current conditions of actualization of a number of aspects of international affairs, including the issues of peaceful settlement of the situation in Afghanistan. Turkmenistan stands for the search and implementation of political-diplomatic mechanisms and instruments to restore peace in the long-suffering Afghan land.


Press-service of the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan

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Georgian Lari Drops in Value against US Dollar

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Georgia: EU approves first payment of budget support to DCFTA and SMEs

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IFC and Partner Help Georgian Companies Improve Food Safety Standards to Increase Exports

IFC and Partner Help Georgian Companies Improve Food Safety Standards to Increase Exports

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is partnering with the Young Scientists’ Union, Intellect, to...

Georgia Adopts a Law on the Development of Mountainous Regions

Georgia Adopts a Law on the Development of Mountainous Regions

Targeted, poverty reducing benefits for people living in the highlands of Georgia, as well as incent...


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