“MPs put a Pressure and Made an Aggressive Statements against Constitutional Court”

Published in Justice
Tuesday, 22 September 2015 17:50

"We witnessed that MPs put a pressure and made an aggressive statements against the chairman of the Constitutional court and decisions of the Constitutional Court, which were based on the international standards.  This was a  pressure, lack of respect for independent institutions,"- said a head of Transparency International Georgia Eka Gigauri.

The statement about importance of independence of Constitutional Court was made by other NGO’s too. The representatives think, that announcements oagainst Constitutional court are unacceptable. 

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  • The meeting of MPs with the convicts of the Penitentiary Department N5 for Women

    The members of the Human Rights and Civil integration Committee and the Minister of Corrections visited the Penitentiary Department N5 for Women to introduce the legislative initiatives on the reform of penitential system to the convicts. The Chair of the Committee, Sofo Kiladze and the Minister, Kakha Kakhishvili informed the convicts about the penitential system reform and about the novelties envisaged under new regulations – set up of the brand new Agency on Preparation of Convicts for Release and establishment of house arrest as non-custody penalty.
    The changes envisage the convict mothers of particular category to be allowed leaving the penitentiary department and the convicts in the particular risk department to be allowed enjoying long-term rendezvous. The convicts expressed particular interest regarding the changes concerning establishment of the e-bracelet and mitigation of penalty.
    MPs Anri Okhanashvili and Vano Zardiashvili answered the questions and made elucidations on certain Articles. After introduction of the changes to the Imprisonment Code, the convicts held the individual conversations with MPs.

  • The sitting of the Bureau

    The Bureau considered the agenda for April 19-21 plenary sessions and assigned the leading and mandatory Committees for new initiatives.
    The agenda includes 15 issues: for I reading the drafts on: Higher Education; Red Cross Society; Rules of Procedure; for the II reading the drafts on: State Property; Machakhela National Park; Regulation Fees. MPs will hear the report by the Personal Data Protection Inspector on activity for 2016.

  • The presentation of the web-platform “Budget Monitor” of the State Audit Service in the Parliament
    The Deputy Chairman, Zviad Dzidziguri and MPs attended the presentation of the web-platform “Budget Monitor” of the State Audit Service in Kutaisi Parliament. “Efficiency of Audit Service is conditioned with efficiency of the Parliament and communication between us. Correspondingly, it is an honor for us to have the opportunity to introduce our innovative project to further facilitate to budget monitoring, more accountability and transparency”, - the Auditor General, Lasha Tordia stated. Mr. Dzidziguri addressed the attendees and spoke about importance of the web-platform. “Audit Service is the most active eyes and years for us to see consumption of Georgian budget, and management thereof. They apply a very interesting software, allowing all persons concerned studying the directions of consumption of the State Budget funds not only the Central Budget but the Municipal Budgets as well in easy and understandable manner. For me, as for MP, it is very interesting. I believe, we all will be actively cooperating with the SAS and will further actively strive to support the Audit in development and better serving the country”. According to the USAID GGI program manager, David Smith, the Budget Monitor is unique and user-friendly. “It is a very interesting instrument as for the active citizens for media, NGOs and MPs and Parliament Staff. We call on MPs and Staff members to actively use the platform and SAS resources for budget control”. The presentation was introduced by the First Deputy Auditor, Nino Lomjaria stating the platform to be not only informative but analytical and interactive. “Unique nature of the platform lies not only in the fact that it is of high capacity and accumulates various information into one area but in the fact that in terms of various budgetary processes and budget management, the consumers are able to not only obtain information but to see the system problems in budget management. They can make prognoses, analysis, see the risks and inquire information about the problems in the budgetary processes and what are the solution ways”. The web-platform (budgetmonitor.ge) allows MPs, civil society, experts and citizens selecting the sphere of interest and obtain instant updated and reliable information about state incomes, costs, debt, infrastructural projects, program budget, procurements and SAS revealed gaps and issued recommendations.
  • Zviad Dzidziguri discussed March 9-10 Plenary agenda
    The Bureau chaired by the Deputy Chairman, Zviad Dzidziguri discussed March 9-10 Plenary agenda and organizational issues. MPs will consider the draft Resolutions for ratification and consider with the I reading the draft on Particular Protection of Green Plants and State Forest Fund within Tbilisi and on the Adjacent Territory. The draft envisages admissibility of issue of the permit for plant cut by the respective agencies upon alienation of the vegetated territory or construction thereon attributed to the II and III categories if the plants are dry, drying, amortized or hollow and the fact is confirmed by the person of respective experience and qualification. The agency issuing the permit, permit issue rule and terms shall be defined by Tbilisi City Assembly. MPs will also consider with the I reading the draft organic law on National Bank, defining the Bank for finance sector supervision instead of the LEPL Finance Supervision Agency. MPs will also consider with the I reading drafts on E-Documents and E-Reliable Service, defining legal basis for use of e-document, e-signature and e-reliable service. MPs will also consider with the I reading the drafts on Status of Military Serviceman; Labor Migration; and Tax Debts and State Loan Restructuring. The agenda includes up to 40 issues.
  • The meeting of MPs with the US Air Force College representatives
    The Defense and Security, the Education, Science and Culture, the Sector Economy and Economic Policy, the EU Integration and the Foreign Relations Committees held the meeting with the US Air Force College students and lecturers. American guests heard the information about specification of Parliamentary activity, foreign policy priorities of the country and Georgia-Russia relations. The meeting was interactive and was open by the Chair of the Defense and Security Committee with his welcome speech. Irakli Sesiashvili thanked the American guests for visiting the Parliament and for their interests to Georgia. Georgia-USA partnership relations are significantly developed and meetings of such format are always interesting allowing exchange of opinions and enhancement of cooperation. The Chair of the Education, Science and Culture Committee, Mariam Jashi spoke about ongoing reforms, educational system development and economic priorities of the Government. “In terms of sustainable development of the country, Georgian Government recognized education as the N1 priority and will attach particular attention during the next 4 years. Our main directions are internationalization of educational system to allow the country establishing the leading position in the region in educational terms and developing the bilateral and multilateral cooperation”. American guests asked about the foreign priorities, security challenges and EU and NATO integration aspects. The graduating course of the USAF College within the in-depth study and partner participation program holds the meetings in the region. This year, the College will hold the meetings in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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