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Wednesday, 21 September 2022 09:20

The Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested one person, G.N. (DoB 1985) for attacking one of the branches of "Bank of Georgia” in Kutaisi as well as for committing a terrorist act, taking hostages for terrorism purposes, and illegal purchase, storage, and carrying of ammunition.

As a result of operational-investigative activities it was established that an armed person broke into the branch of "Bank of Georgia" located on Shota Rustaveli Avenue in Kutaisi and took 14 people as hostages to get a large amount of cash as ransom.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs gradually released all hostages, which was followed by detention of the attacker on the spot as a suspect. No one was injured as a result of the incident.

The case is being investigated under Articles 236, 323 and 329 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

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    The Ministry of Internal Affairs launched an investigation under articles 353 and 187 of the Criminal Code of Georgia in connection with violent incidents that took place in Tbilisi, Rustaveli Avenue, near the Parliament building.

    The law enforcement officers arrested 66 people in accordance with Articles 166 and 173 under the Code of Administrative Offenses, on the facts of minor hooliganism and disobedience to the legal request of the law enforcement officer. The facts of the offense committed by the mentioned individuals shall be submitted to the court within the time frame established by the law.
    From the side of the Ministry, the appropriate legal assessment will be given to the actions of all individuals who facilitated and organized the development of a peaceful protest into violent action.
    Yesterday, throughout the day, the relevant units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were mobilized near the parliament building in order to ensure the public order and peaceful conduct of the manifestation.
    Later, the protest of the gathered went beyond the limits established by law on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and took a violent turn.
    Participants of the rally attempted to block entrances of the Parliament, which was prevented by police. Despite numerous calls from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to express their protest in a peaceful manner within the framework of the law, rally participants continued their violent actions and ignored the legal requirements of the law enforcement officers.
    The police, in order to ease the tension and de-escalate the situation, opened the road and called on protesters to disperse. However, the rally participants threw various objects - stones, inflammables, blunt objects – to the direction of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, physically assaulted and resisted the policemen. Participants of the rally damaged and set fire to vehicles belonging to the Ministry as well as special police equipment.
    In order to restore public order and foil violations of the law, the police was forced to gradually apply proportional force and special means of coercion provided by the Law of Georgia "On Police" based on the necessity and after the appropriate warning.
    Later, the gathered people started an organized attack on the parliament building, throwing the so-called "Molotov cocktails" and pyrotechnics, including in the direction of law enforcement officers.
    Members of the manifestation set fire to the building of the legislative body, threw stones, smashed windows and damaged the iron protective barriers.
    There was a mass violation of law and order from the side of rally participants, which persisted continuously for several hours.
    As a result of the violent actions of the assembled citizens, up to 50 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were injured, several of them required surgical intervention and are still in medical institutions. During the manifestation, citizens were injured as well.
    The Ministry will study all facts of violation that took place during the manifestation and will give an appropriate legal assessment to each one of them.

    Employees of relevant units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are mobilized in Sagarejo district and are conducting investigative activities.

    According to the investigation, N.A. (DoB 1974) fired several shots from the balcony of one of the apartments of the residential building, as a result of which 4 people died and 5 were injured in the yard of the building.
    The accused person also opened fire to the directions of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs up on arrival at the spot, one of whom was also killed.
    Additional police teams were mobilized at the scene of the incident, as well as a special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Upon their arrival, the accused person presumably committed suicide with a firearm.
    Miners are starting to work at the site and more information will be released later.
    The investigation is being conducted under Article 109, sub-paragraph "L", Article 236 part III of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which refers to premeditated murder committed under aggravating circumstances and illegal purchase, storage and carrying of firearms and ammunition.
  • Kutaisi wins national best practice award for smart eco-city portfolio

    The National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG) announced the winners of its annual best local government and municipal practices competition.

    The initiative was supported by the European Union, UNDP and Denmark, under their broader assistance for regional and local development in Georgia, including through the EU-funded programme Mayors for Economic Growth Facility (M4EG). Fourteen municipalities were awarded this year, with Kutaisi winning the national award for the smart eco-city portfolio.

    Earlier this year, Kutaisi was selected by the EU and UNDP for a two-year-long journey to explore a smart eco-city model and nature-based urban innovation and facilitate the transition towards green and sustainable life. This municipal transformation portfolio received €225,000 in funding from the EU under the M4EG Facility.

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  • Kutaisi hosts regional conference to strengthen cooperation between EU4Culture network cities

    On 6-7 October 2022, in Kutaisi, Georgia, the EU4Culture project organised its Second Regional Network Conference to facilitate cooperation between the 14 non-capital cities and towns from five Eastern Partnership countries that have prepared Cultural Development Strategies under the project.

    The event focused on the facilitation of networking between the cities that joined the ‘EU4Culture Cities Network’ and explored grounds for further cultural cooperation between them. Mayors and other representatives of the cities, project partners and international experts participated in the conference.

    Conference networking sessions and panel discussions highlighted the benefits for the cities of regional cultural cooperation, encouraged them to identify common areas of interest and plan future joint activities. The EU4Culture winning cities that have received EU funding of up to €300,000 to implement the Cultural Development Strategies presented their strategies.

    EU4Culture facilitates cooperation between non-capital cities from the Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. For this purpose, the project established the ‘EU4Culture Cities Network’. The network brings together 14 cities that received EU4Culture support to prepare Cultural Development Strategies, and serves as the platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between them.

    “The EU4Culture Cities Network is a unique cooperation platform for the cities to share experiences and generate new ideas that will enable them to develop joint cultural partnerships. The EU supports cultural exchanges because they contribute to preserving our capacity to unleash the power of creativity to invent our future,” said Christophe Masson, Team Leader Inclusive Societies,at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations.

    EU4Culture is funded by the European Union and  implemented by the Goethe Institut, Institut Francais Georgie, Danish Cultural Institute and Czech Centers.

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  • Employees of the relevant units under the Ministry of Internal Affairs are mobilized in Kutaisi

    Employees of the relevant units under the Ministry of Internal Affairs are mobilized in Kutaisi, on Shota Rustaveli Avenue, conducting operational and investigative measures. The investigation was launched on the fact of the attack on one of the branches of "Bank of Georgia", the act of terrorism, taking hostages for terrorism purposes, and illegal purchase, storage and carrying of ammunition.

    In the course of operational-investigative activities it has been established that an armed person broke into the branch of "Bank of Georgia" located on Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Kutaisi and took several people as hostages in order to appropriate large amount of cash.
    At the moment, 12 people remain in the building as hostages. Law enforcement officers are taking all necessary measures for their timely and safe release.
    The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on the media representatives to observe the safety norms and follow the instructions of the police on the spot.
    The incident is being investigated under Articles 144, 236, 323 and 329 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

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