OSCE Media Freedom Representative strongly deplores the continued practice of judicial persecution of journalists in Russia

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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 10:55

VIENNA, 15 August 2022 – Following recent cases of criminal and administrative charges against journalists and media professionals in the Russian Federation, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Teresa Ribeiro, strongly deplores the continued practice of judicial persecution resulting in further decline in media freedom and access to information.

“Over the last few weeks, a considerable number of new cases of judicial persecution have been brought to my attention,” said Ribeiro. “These cases often refer to the alleged ‘dissemination of false information about the Russian armed forces,’ which is criminally punishable under a new law adopted following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Marina Ovsyannikova, former producer at Pervyi Channel, has been charged with ‘dissemination of false information about the Russian armed forces’ and faces up to ten years imprisonment for a single-person picket she organized in front of the Kremlin on 15 July. Perviously, Fortanga’s editor-in-chief and journalist Isabella Evloyeva faced a criminal charge for a similar offence of ‘dissemination of false information’ based on her posts on Fortanga’s Telegram channel about the losses of the Russian army and the bombardment of a shopping mall in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.

“The charge of spreading ‘false information’ in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine is being instrumentalized for the purposes of silencing dissenting voices,” Ribeiro said.

Furthermore, administrative fines continue to be used to financially undermine media outlets and journalists. For example, authorities imposed a fine on Novaya Gazeta for ‘abuse of media freedom’ and threatened to invalidate its registration both as a print and digital outlet. Vladislav Postnikov, editor-in-chief of the Ekaterinburg-based independent news outlet, Vietchierniye Vedomosti, and Sergey Smirnov editor-in-chief of Mediazona were also fined on charges of ‘discrediting the use of Russian armed forces.’

On 9 August, Life.ru journalist and former correspondent for Kommersant and Izvestia, Alexandra Bayasitova, was put in pre-trial detention and charged with ‘extortion in order to get property’ (art. 163-6.3, Criminal Code). She faces up to 15 years imprisonment if convicted.

“Journalists must not be punished for carrying out their professional duties. In addition, pre-trial detention should not be used for putting unjust pressure on media workers. By violating OSCE commitments, Russian authorities deny their citizens access to essential information and create an atmosphere of fear and repression,” concluded Ribeiro.  

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media observes media developments in all 57 OSCE participating States. She provides early warning on violations of freedom of expression and media freedom and promotes full compliance with OSCE media freedom commitments. Learn more at www.osce.org/fom, Twitter @OSCE_RFoM and facebook.com/osce.rfom.

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    On 8 September 2022, Personal Representatives of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office on promoting tolerance and combating discrimination: Rabbi Andrew Baker, Ambassador Ibrahim Haqi Musa and Associate Professor Dr. Regina Polak visited Georgia: The purpose of the visit is to assess the best practices and challenges of promoting tolerance and combating discrimination in the OSCE Member States.
    On 13 September, the members of the delegation met with the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lasha Darsalia. At the meeting, the sides discussed issues of close cooperation between Georgia and the OSCE.
    Lasha Darsalia spoke about the policy of promoting peaceful coexistence and equal opportunities for Georgian citizens of different ethnic origin and religious beliefs. It was noted that Georgia pays great attention to creating equal opportunities in all areas, including in the education sector, providing quality education and information in the minority languages . The first deputy minister provided the representatives with detailed information about the grave situation and gross and systematic violations of human rights in the Russian-occupied territories of Georgia, and also highlighted the Georgian Government’s efforts towards de-occupation and peaceful resolution of the conflict.
    The First Deputy Minister also spoke about the difficult situation in Georgia’s occupied territories in terms of freedom of religion and protection of cultural monuments. According to Lasha Darsalia,  a parallel event is planned to be held in Warsaw, within the framework of the Human Dimension Implementation Conference, by the end of September.
    Within the framework of the visit, the members of the delegation also held meetings with representatives of other Georgian state agencies, non-governmental sector and religious organizations. The OSCE representatives will prepare a report on the visit.


    In order to improve and maintain on a systematic basis the rules for the stay of citizens of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Türkiye, the Turkmen side requested the state of the Republic of Türkiye to introduce on a temporary basis a visa regime of various categories for citizens of Turkmenistan.

    Ministry of Foreign affairs of Turkmenistan.


    On August 22, 2022, the media forum "International Initiatives of Turkmenistan: New Horizons of Cooperation" dedicated to the results of the International Conference of Ministers of Transport of Landlocked Developing Countries was held in the conference hall of the State Committee of Turkmenistan on Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography.

    The main goal of the forum, held in Turkmen, Russian and English languages, is the role of the media in further strengthening international cooperation. One of the main topics discussed was the significance of the new constructive initiatives put forward by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov at the International Conference held on August 15-16, 2022.

    The event was attended by the heads and representatives of relevant structures, TV and radio channels, the State News Agency, editors of newspapers and magazines, foreign media accredited in Turkmenistan, as well as videoconferencing - journalists from the world's leading news agencies.

    The speakers emphasized that the active position of Turkmenistan in consolidating efforts to develop solutions to urgent tasks related to the achievement of the SDGs, where a significant role is assigned to the transport sector, was noted at the conference in the Avaza National Tourist Zone. Much attention was paid to initiatives and major projects jointly implemented with foreign partners to create an extensive multimodal transport, transit and logistics infrastructure on a regional and transcontinental scale.

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    Expressing gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the attention paid to the development of national media, the participants stressed that the current media forum has become a good platform for the exchange of experience between relevant structures and building up long-term international cooperation in this area.

  • Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks to Media at Mtskheta-Mtianeti Regional Hub

    Ambassador Degnan: Well, it’s a beautiful day to be here at the Regional Hub, which is a wonderful example of the great partnership between the Peace Corps and the local communities here along the Administrative Boundary Line. There’s a long history here between Peace Corps and the communities here trying to help youth, to support entrepreneurs, and just to improve the quality of life here for the people living along the ABL. This is a really exciting time because we know how much Georgians have missed our Peace Corps volunteers. We’ve missed them a lot too, and we’re looking forward to them coming back very soon, not just here in the Mtskheta area, but throughout Georgia. So, today is a day for us to celebrate that wonderful partnership between Peace Corps volunteers and all they’ve done with their great partners here in the regional hub.

    Question about a letter from former GD MPs about judicial reform 

    Ambassador Degnan: Let me start by saying that for decades we have been working with Georgia on judicial reform, and there has been some very important progress over the course of the last decade in particular, where we’ve seen some good reform efforts. Everyone knows that there is more work to be done there. That has never been an issue of debate, so it’s a little puzzling why there is such resistance now to doing the work that everybody has been saying for a long time: it needs to continue to improve Georgia’s judiciary, to make sure that it truly is independent, impartial, autonomous, and responsive to the public. In this case, it is baffling to me why there is a question about the kind of consultation that has been ongoing, not just with the United States, but with other legal experts, domestic and international, for decades on judicial reform. That consultative process has resulted in improvements in Georgia’s judiciary. There is more to be done, and that includes commitments that the Georgia’s political leaders across the political spectrum have already agreed to multiple times over multiple years: that these kinds of improvements still need to be made.

    There are recommendations from the Venice Commission and ODIHR. These are international legal experts who provide this kind of advice globally to countries like Georgia and other countries as to how to improve their judicial system. Many of them have been fulfilled. Many of them have not. These are the same steps. These are the same reforms that Georgia’s political leaders have agreed to do, both in the April 19th agreement, after the April 19th agreement, and before the April 19th agreement. Some of these are now being discussed in the judicial working groups that Parliament is hosting, and that the opposition and civil society have also contributed to this group. Obviously, the United States has also helped Georgia for many years in building its democratic institutions. That includes a diverse Parliament that represents the Georgian public.

    I’m not sure what this group (the quartet) represents. I’m not sure who they represent, and I’m not sure how different they are from the ruling party that they say they left. What I can say is that the accusations that they most recently made against the United States and others are reckless conspiracy theories that have no basis. In fact, it’s very important to keep in mind that the United States works with all political parties across the political spectrum. We meet with Georgians from across the political spectrum, and we have for over 30 years. This is how we know how we can better support Georgia in trying to help Georgia develop its democratic institutions, develop its economy, ensure that it is more secure and stable as a democracy. This is the work that we’ve been doing with our Georgian partners for over 30 years and what we will continue to do in the coming years. I would say that any accusations that we are responsible in any way for the polarization that exists here is an attempt to shift the blame from those who know they are responsible to Western partners, who have done nothing but tried to help Georgia for 30 years along its European path. That is all we have done. I can say from the two and a half years that I’ve been here. Almost every single day, I have worked to try and bring Georgia’s political leaders together to try and bridge the deep polarization that existed long before I got here. And I think it’s important for Georgians to remember, to look back three years, four years, and remember where this depolarization came from. Things like Gavrilov’s nightthings like broken political promises and anti-democratic actions. That’s where this depolarization came from, not from Western partners, who again, have only been trying to help Georgia bridge this deep polarization so that the Parliament and other institutions can focus on what’s really important to Georgians: jobs, high prices, good education, better public health. That’s what Parliament needs to be focusing on, and now, in particular, the 12 recommendations that the European Commission has put forward, including pledges that Georgia’s political leaders have made before, and said they were going to do. This is the time to get that done. This is the time to really focus, in an inclusive manner, together, to put aside differences and focus on getting that candidate status.

    By  | 
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    FUZHOU, July 14 (Xinhua) -- Lai Shu Jen, a young musician from Taiwan, has been promoting rural culture to aid rural vitalization in Xiamen, east China's Fujian Province, via new media.

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