World Bank pledges EUR 85 mln to support job creation and pandemic-affected firms in Georgia

Published in Economics
Wednesday, 12 May 2021 12:36

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Georgia impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are to benefit from EUR 85 million in financing support, approved today by the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors. The new Relief and Recovery for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) project aims to help businesses and create jobs by expanding and strengthening programs that support MSMEs and by promoting the digitalization of Georgia’s economy.

“Through this latest support package, the World Bank will boost job creation and support firms that are the backbone of Georgia’s economy and key to a resilient recovery,” said Sebastian Molineus, World Bank Regional Director for the South Caucasus. “This includes helping firms gain easier access to finance and funding investments in financial infrastructure that will promote technology adoption and the use of digital financial services.”

The project will support at least 6,000 MSMEs across the country, increasing businesses’ chances of survival, preserving productive assets, and helping firms adjust to the new economic and public health challenges.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), on the other hand, will be eligible for support through co-financing of interest payments under EG’s Produce in Georgia program, which will reduce their borrowing costs and address immediate liquidity constraints. SMEs will also benefit from access to partial credit guarantees through financial institutions, which are designed to address high collateral requirements and heightened risk aversion of financial institutions.

“Development of small and medium enterprises is a priority for the Government of Georgia, as it is a precondition for private sector growth, the creation of new jobs and the strengthening of the entrepreneurial culture in the country,” said Natia Turnava, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. “In this regard, the support of the World Bank and the allocation of EUR 85 million to help Georgia’s small and medium-sized enterprises in the post-pandemic period is invaluable.”

The project will also help strengthen the country’s financial infrastructure and increase the use of digital financial services. This includes support for upgrading the payment systems infrastructure by introducing a new instant payment system (IPS), the rollout of a digital know-your-customer (KYC) registry, and strengthening the secured transactions framework, aimed at broadening access to finance through increasing the use of movable collateral, such as vehicles, equipment, and intellectual property.

As a special consideration for the effects of the pandemic on firms, the project will also support the design and provision of technical assistance to firms to adjust to the new normal, via the adoption of relevant managerial, digital, and other COVID-proofing practices. The focus will be directed at the identification of key skills needed to facilitate digitalization and COVID-proofing in key economic sectors, with particular focus on the needs of female entrepreneurs, climate change, and the green economy.

This project is part of the World Bank’s broader support for the people of Georgia and is the third lending operation to the country directed at mitigating the social and economic impacts of the pandemic.

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  • Georgia Ranks 35th Globally by Government Integrity and Advances within Top 20 of European Nations in 2022

    Georgia ranks 35th globally and advances within Top 20 of European nations by Government Integrity in 2022. It was announced by Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia at the Executive Government Meeting today.

    The Head of Government of Georgia also noted that according to the Index of Public Integrity (IPI) of the European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State Building (ERCAS), the country has been positioned second after Estonia in the post-soviet bloc.

    "Updated IPI was published some time ago. It is a global overview carried out by a leading research institution and number one think-tank of the world, based in D.C. I refer to the Heritage Foundation and its surveys. Georgia ranks 35th by Government Integrity and has thus advanced within the Top 20 of Europe. Second source of the international rating system is ERCAS and its IPI, positioning Georgia 32nd in the world, second in the post-soviet bloc after Estonia. I wish to tell our fellow citizens - our people - that the performance of our government resulted in these indicators. I also wish to tell you for comparison purposes that in line with the referred indexes, Georgia is ahead of 14 NATO member states and 12 EU member states this year with its government integrity indicator. I can list several countries within this category: Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Check Republic, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania and others, I will not list them all. For comparison, I wish to also tell you that in 2012, when the previous rule was telling the entire world and our people that we were number one state by reforms, performance resulted in different indicators as Georgia ranked 69th under this very index. No discussion was about the Top 20 back then. This is for comparison and information only, to once again remind our society" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

    According to him, the second important success is the Global Peace Index of 2022, according to which Georgia ranks 2nd globally by the progress achieved in the last decade of peace.

    Press Service of the Government Administration

  • Memorandum on Launching Industrial Production of Wind Power Plants in Georgia Signed

    Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, State Military Scientific Technical Center Delta and Georgian Wind Energy Association signed a Memorandum of Cooperation thus undertaking the obligation to facilitate the introduction of industrial wind power generation in Georgia, which in turn, will lead to creation of new jobs, integration of wind farms into the energy infrastructure, and generation of more electricity in the country.

    The Memorandum was signed by Romeo Mikautadze, Deputy Minister, Ioseb Loladze, General Director of State Military Scientific Technical Center Delta, and Mamuka Mikashavidze, President of Georgian Wind Energy Association.

    The Memorandum envisages negotiations with the leading companies producing wind power generation equipment, as well as with interested parties interested in purchasing such equipment and its components.

    According to the document, the parties will also make efforts to find potential investors interested in financing and developing the production of components of wind power plants on the territory of Georgia and/or their procurement.
    New plant, which will manufacture wind generators and their components in full compliance with the modern standards, will be located in the territory owned/used by Delta.

    The Memorandum also envisages cooperation with the Government of Georgia, relevant agencies, international donor organizations, financial institutions and interested business circles in order to provide the use of wind energy in Georgia, electricity generation and rapid development of supply to the population.

  • Prime Minister presents new Ministers of Economy and Agriculture

    Today, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili presented new Ministers of Economy and Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection and Agriculture. On the decision of the Head of Government, Vice Prime Minister Levan Davitashvili and Otar Shamugia are appointed as Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development and Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, respectively.
    During today's briefing at the Administration of the Government, the Prime Minister thanked Natia Turnava, ex Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, for her work, pointing out that she remains a member of the team.
    "Levan Davitashvili needs no introduction as he and his work are known to all. Levan has proved successful as Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture. Over the past 5 years, he has served the ministry, the country, his duties, and has implemented numerous important reforms. Now Levan is appointed Minister of Economy. With an educational background in economics, he is very knowledgeable and experienced, and I am convinced that he will make a successful Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development. At the same time, Levan will keep his position as Vice Prime Minister. As for Ms. Natia Turnava, on behalf of the Government and my own, I would like to thank her for her work. She has implemented many important activities throughout her 3-year tenure. Natia has been and remains a member of our team. She has her plans, visions, and aspirations that she will describe herself a little later. I would like to thank her once again and wish her success," the Prime Minister said.
    The Head of Government also presented Otar Shamugia as new Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture. Shamugia, with his experience of working at the ministry for 16 years, has firsthand knowledge of the needs of agriculture and environmental protection.
    "As for the new Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, I present to you Mr. Otar Shamugia, formerly Deputy Minister under Levan Davitashvili. Allow me to single out a few important details about Mr. Shamugia. Otar is a refugee from Sokhumi, born and raised in Sokhumi. As a refugee, he has lived in Zugdidi and Tbilisi, eventually succeeding thanks to his honest, diligent work. Otar has served in the ministry for 16 years. He knows exactly what is necessary for agriculture and environmental protection. Once again, I wish success to our new Ministers. Now our primary task is to develop the economy, overcome poverty, and create jobs. In this direction, I am working hard together with our economic team, and we will present many innovations to the public," the Prime Minister said.

    The newly appointed Ministers thanked the Prime Minister for his trust. Natia Turnava briefly summarized her work as Minister of Economy, promising the public to announce her plans in near future.

    Press Service of the Government Administration

  • Natia Turnava Congratulated Georgia Citizens on New Year from National Dispatch Centre of State Electric System

    Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Natia Turnava traditionally congratulated the New Year from the National Dispatch Centre of the Georgian State Electricity System – a place where the country’s energy sector is managed from.

    Natia Turnava got acquainted with the operation of the control shield equipped in compliance with the latest technologies, which is responsible for the operational management of the power system.

    “I would like to congratulate all Georgian citizens on the New Year and wish them well-being, success, health and an ending of the epidemic. We are confident that the next year will be a year of development, new successes and accelerated reforms,” – Natia Turnava said.

    Dispatchers working in shifts 24 hours a day at the National Dispatch Centre carry out operational negotiations with the power systems of the neighbouring countries; operation power plants, substations and high voltage power lines in normal and emergency situations; control power balances in power plants and provide protection and monitoring of the export-import schedules.

    “This is the central place where our energy sector is managed from throughout Georgia. Consumption is high, but our energy system can handle it. Everything is in order as a result of the work of our dispatchers who work here on the New Year’s Eve. I congratulate them and all those people who are on duty on the New Year’s Eve of the year of 2022 and wish them healthy and successful year,” – Natia Turnava said.

  • Visa and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development sign MoU to boost economic, innovative and cultural development of Georgia

    Visa and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia authorized a two-year partnership to support local tourism and SMEs, promote economic and financial inclusion and boost Innovations in Georgia

    Tbilisi, Georgia – DECEMBER 17, 2021 -Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments, has signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia to address the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) impacted by COVID-19, support local tourism, contribute to the progress of economic and financial inclusion, and drive innovations in Georgia.

    The document on future cooperation was signed by Natia Turnava, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development and Diana Kiguradze, Visa Country Manager for Caucasus Region. The official signing ceremony of the Memorandum was held at the National Museum of Georgia, one of the must-see cultural destinations in the country.

    This memorandum is aimed to foster cooperation between Visa and Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development establishing a collaborative framework, which will entail the following aspired objectives:

    • Support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) impacted by COVID-19, by offering joint educational programs, such as launching Visa Business Skills platform in cooperation with Enterprise Georgia and accelerate digitization process;
    • Promote local tourism and increase number of local and international travelers through joint activities;
    • Explore and accelerate innovations in Georgia, within tailored projects to promote economic and financial inclusion.

    The signing of a memorandum between Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and Visa will help to accelerate the digital transformation for Georgiansmall and medium-sized enterprises. Within the upcoming years, Visa will support both the Entrepreneurship Incentive Program - “Enterprise Georgia” - and the National Tourism Administration, which is very important given the international image of the global company. As a result of the cooperation, educational programs will be implemented to accelerate the digital transformation of the local small and medium-sized companies, as well as joint marketing campaigns will be planned in order to stimulate domestic and international tourism using the specific data shared by Visa. It is important that Visa is a supporter of small and medium-sized businesses, including the development of the tourism sector in Georgia.” – said Natia Turnava, Minister forMinister for the Economy and Sustainable Development.

    ”Signing of this memorandum today marks creation of an important collaborative platform for Visa and Georgia aimed at further development of the national economy. Focusing on three strategic pillars, such as SME’s support, local tourism development, and bringing innovations to the country, together with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and all involved parties, we aspire to achieve a long-term positive effect of our mutual work for society. At Visa we also believe in innovative and technological future of Georgia, that also preserves and endorses national cultural heritage and promotes the country as one of the world’s best destinations”. - noted Diana Kiguradze, Visa Country Manager for the Caucasus region.

    By supporting local tourism development, Visa will be sharing with the Ministry specific data, including deep analysis and insights of travelers’ patterns. Designed framework will enable effective tourist traffic stimulation strategy planning, helping to identify soft spots and gap analysis. It will help to promote and effectively explore touristic potential of the country, strengthening existing routes and opening new ones.

    With a global financial literacy initiative and ambitious goal to digitalize 50 million small and medium enterprises worldwide, Visa will present in Georgia its global digital platform – Practical Business Skills (PBS). This education platform featuring more than 50 online modules will address needs of entrepreneurs at various stages of the business lifecycles.


    About Visa Inc.

    Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is the world’s leader in digital payments. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, reliable and secure payment network - enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. Our advanced global processing network, VisaNet, provides secure and reliable payments around the world, and is capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a second. The company’s relentless focus on innovation is a catalyst for the rapid growth of connected commerce on any device, and a driving force behind the dream of a cashless future for everyone, everywhere.  As the world moves from analog to digital, Visa is applying our brand, products, people, network and scale to reshape the future of commerce. For more information, visit,,

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