The Republic of Turkey provided substantial medical equipment and medicines in support to Georgia

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Friday, 16 October 2020 14:49

The Republic of Turkey provided significant medical equipment and medicines to Georgia, including respirators, PCR diagnostic kits and personal protective equipment in order to support the country in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
The donation of the Republic of Turkey is aimed at assisting the population of Georgia during the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular those who are affected by the Russia-Georgia conflict. This is especially important against the background, when the humanitarian situation in Georgia’s occupied territories has been further deteriorated amid the pandemic. Consequently, a large part of the humanitarian aid will be directed for addressing the needs of the people affected by the existing conflict between Russia and Georgia.
The Agreement between the Governments of Georgia and the Republic of Turkey on Donation in the Field of Healthcare was signed by the Deputy Minister of Health of Turkey Emine Alp Meşe and the Ambassador of Georgia to Turkey Giorgi Janjgava.


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  • An Online Prayer Meeting for Religious People Around the World to End COVID-19

    Amid the corona crisis, which causes about 500,000 confirmed cases and 8,000 deaths a day worldwide, a Korean-based religious organization called Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (hereinafter referred to as Shincheonji Church) hosted an online prayer meeting, “3rd Global Prayer Service of Religious People” on November 15th.

    Broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of Shincheonji Church, the prayer meeting was organized to pray for not only the patients and their families in sufferings but also the government, medical staff, and volunteers fighting to overcome COVID-19. Along with 200,000 domestic and foreign members of Shincheonji Church, about 56,000 people around the world wishing to defeat this pandemic joined the prayer meeting at the same time.

    Religious leaders from all over the world added their aspirations for the end of COVID-19 in the online prayer meeting. Their words carried the weight and sincerity as they have continued to work with Chairman Man Hee Lee, a representative of an international peace NGO called HWPL

    Chairman Lee, as a war veteran, has practiced peace activities based on the love for humanity toward many victims of war and the words of Jesus, “glory in heaven and peace on earth,” as a believer. He suggested an online prayer meeting because “as the world is suffering from COVID-19, religious people around the world need to pray together to end this disaster."

    “Too many people are suffering from COVID-19. In particular, many were infected within our church last February. Both the church members and citizens suffered a lot. We must actively step forward and pray to God for the extinction of COVID-19 in the globe and for the nation and the people,” he said.

    352 religious leaders from Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, and Hinduism, representing 73 countries participated in the prayer meeting with one heart transcending religions and denominations. They shared the need of overcoming the crisis by taking the lead in resolving a disaster as religious leaders.

    Dr. Anak Agung Diatmika, Secretary for International Relationship of PHDI Jakarta, said, “Genuinely from the inner of our heart consider as WE ARE ONE. We should continue our prayer till the end of the COVID-19 pandemic from the earth and continue our synergy among world religious leaders to keep the world peace, harmony, justice, and prosperity. I am so happy I can join this that truly brings world peace and harmony.”

    Following this prayer meeting, about 4,000 recovered patients from COVID-19 who are also Shincheonji Church members will donate blood plasma to develop convalescent plasma treatments. Shincheonji Church has already conducted two large-scale plasma donation of 1,700 church members last July and September, and among them, 312 recovered patients donated twice.

    Regarding the large-scale blood plasma donation, Rt. Hon. Hrant Bagratyan, Former Prime Minister of Armenia, sent his congratulatory message, “the action of those who decided to donate plasma at the request of the government deserves praise. If a vaccine is developed through plasma donation, it would be helpful worldwide."

    A Shincheonji Church official said, “We have been conducting online service since February 18th, and praying at each worship service for the end of COVID-19, the safety of the quarantine authorities and medical staff, and the recovery of the patients. We will do everything we can with a responsible attitude until the end of the COVID-19 crisis.”

    Press-release of HWPL


  • The President of Turkmenistan made a video statement at the International Forum for Northern Economic Cooperation

    On October 30, 2020, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a video statement at the International Forum for Northern Economic Cooperation which took place in Seoul in the format of a videoconference. 

    The heads of states, renown political figures, representatives of academic circles, leadership of ministries and departments of trade-economic, healthcare, education, communication and high-tech sectors, representatives of non-governmental organizations and private sectors of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea and other countries participated to the Forum in remote mode.    

    During his video address to the participants of the Forum, the President of Turkmenistan emphasized that considers the given event as a well-timed initiative aimed at long-term development of international economic, trade and investment cooperation in Eurasia.  

    The head of state shared his vision on the creation of new plans and strategies for comprehensive development on the Eurasian space and added that “in Turkmenistan we call it the revival of the Great Silk Road, thus emphasizing the historical continuity of the unique nature of relations between the nations living here and the states located alongside”.  It was underlined that the given format is intended to contribute to the geo-economic processes along the routes of East-West and South-North.    

    During his address, the President of Turkmenistan especially underlined the importance of diversification of cooperation on the regional and worldwide scales.  He told about the efficiency of Turkmen-Korean relations, gave examples of a number of joint projects in the oil and gas, as well as gas chemical industries with active participation of the Korean companies.    

    Amongst the main topics of discussion on the Forum were the changes originated from the coronavirus pandemic and further promotion of North economic cooperation.  In this regard, it is vital to note that under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Turkmenistan stands for the constructive international cooperation and calls for the application of scientific diplomacy tools for strengthening the collaboration in the area of healthcare and scientific research between the countries of the world. 

  • Azerbaijan and Turkey were among the countries that supported Georgia in the UN

    On September 3, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution entitled “Status of Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees from Abkhazia, Georgia and the Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia, Georgia”. As Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia noted, this year the document had unprecedented support – has been supported by 84 member states, only 13 opposed. Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili expressed her gratitude to all 84 countries that have stood next to Georgia this year.

    It is noteworthy that our neighboring Azerbaijan and Turkey have once again expressed support for Georgia, joining the global call to ensure the observance of the rights of the Georgian population expelled from Abkhazia and Samachablo. With Russia's position, everything is clear. But Armenia acted in a very non-trivial way – it did not take part in the voting. It is difficult to imagine that the immediate neighbor of our country, who assures of friendship in the course of bilateral contacts, is poorly informed about the state of affairs of internally displaced persons in Georgia. However, Yerevan has avoided expressing a clear position on this issue.

  • President of Azerbaijan: Without any hesitation, we support Turkey and will support it in any circumstances

    As reported earlier, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has today accepted credentials of the newly appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Greece to Azerbaijan, Nikolaos Piperigos.

    AZERTAC presents some excerpts from President Ilham Aliyev's remarks at the meeting.

    “It is not Azerbaijan that has occupied the territory of Armenia – Armenia has occupied Azerbaijani territory. This is reflected in the documents of all international organizations.”

    “The last issue I want to touch upon is the recent tension between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean region. I can tell you, and it is no secret, that Turkey is not only our friend and partner, but also a brotherly country for us. Without any hesitation whatsoever, we support Turkey and will support it in any circumstances. We see the same support from our Turkish brothers. They support Azerbaijan on all issues, and we support them on all issues, including the issue of exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

    “I want you to know our position. This position has already been officially announced by the Azerbaijani government on my instructions. I can tell you again that Turkey is not only a friend but a brotherly country for us. The Turks are our brothers. So we will be with them in all matters.”

    “I want to find something positive to touch upon, but unfortunately I can't find it. Perhaps we hope that the new government of Greece, which came to power relatively recently, will reconsider the policy of the previous government against Azerbaijan.”

    “We can restore contacts and discuss issues that create positive dynamics. But, of course, that will depend on the policy and position of the Greek government.”


  • Туркменистан принял участие в обсуждении вопросов межпарламентского взаимодействия

    Руководство Меджлиса Туркменистана приняло участие в двухдневной пятой Всемирной конференции спикеров парламентов, организованной в онлайн-формате Межпарламентским союзом, в партнёрстве с парламентом Австрии и Организацией Объединённых Наций.

    Укрепление межпарламентского взаимодействия, призванного вносить свой вклад в решение актуальных задач современности, выступает важной составляющей политико-дипломатической деятельности Туркменистана на мировой арене.

    В состав созданного более 130 лет назад Межпарламентского союза (МПС), штаб-квартира которого находится в Женеве (Швейцария), сегодня входят около 180 национальных парламентов и 13 региональных парламентских структур. Кроме того, ряд международных парламентских организаций имеют статус ассоциированных членов МПС.

    Нынешний форум предварил основную часть пятой Всемирной конференции спикеров парламентов, которая перенесена на 2021 год из-за пандемии COVID-19 и состоится в столице Австрии – Вене. Во встрече приняли участие более двухсот парламентариев и эксперты из разных стран мира, представители авторитетных международных организаций.

    С приветственным словом на церемонии открытия телеконференции к собравшимся обратился Генеральный секретарь ООН Антониу Гутерриш, который подчеркнул важность консолидации усилий парламентского сообщества для достижения Целей устойчивого развития, решения глобальных проблем в области здравоохранения, климата и экономики, принятия эффективных мер в целях смягчения социально-экономических последствий пандемии коронавирусной инфекции, с которой столкнулось человечество.

    В интерактивной беседе участники форума обсудили широкий круг вопросов, решению которых придается особое значение в политике. А именно - усиление межпарламентского сотрудничества, противостояние глобальным вызовам времени и продвижение Повестки дня в области устойчивого развития на период до 2030 года.

    Среди ключевых тем дискуссий – «Демократия и меняющаяся роль парламента в XXI веке», «Наука, технологии и этика: новые вызовы и неотложные решения», «Создание инклюзивной и устойчивой экономики, обеспечивающей благополучие и справедливость для всех».

    Были представлены доклады, в которых освещался лучший мировой опыт по претворению в жизнь гендерного равенства, расширения прав и возможностей женщин, активизации участия молодёжи в политической и парламентской деятельности.

    Особое внимание было уделено неотложным мерам, которые необходимо предпринять в связи с происходящими на планете изменениями климата, а также решению проблем, касающихся трудовой миграцией. Специальное мероприятие было посвящено борьбе с терроризмом и насильственным экстремизмом.

    Концептуальные подходы нашей страны по вышеназванным аспектам международной жизни были чётко сформулированы в официальных выступлениях Президента Гурбангулы Бердымухамедова на сессиях Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН, других высоких форумах.

    Широкую международную поддержку получили конструктивные инициативы туркменского лидера, нацеленные на обеспечение всеобщего мира и стабильности, выработку сбалансированных решений глобальных проблем экономического, экологического и гуманитарного характера, вызывающих озабоченность мирового сообщества, создание оптимальных условий для устойчивого развития в региональном и планетарном масштабе.

    В данном контексте следует подчеркнуть особую значимость предложений Президента Туркменистана по всемерному задействованию потенциала научной дипломатии в борьбе с распространением COVID-19.

    Отметим, что накануне туркменская делегация приняла участие в 13-м Саммите женщин-спикеров парламентов, посвящённом мерам реагирования на пандемию коронавируса с учётом гендерных факторов, также проведённом по видеосвязи Межпарламентским союзом под эгидой ООН.

    В ходе видеофорума также констатировалась актуальность инициатив главы Туркменского государства Гурбангулы Бердымухамедова по созданию международного Совета учёных-медиков, активизации сотрудничества ученых и специалистов, обеспечению условий для регулярного обмена мнениями экспертов различных профильных сфер в решении глобальных проблем, связанных с распространением вирусов и опасных для здоровья людей микробов.

    По итогам форума была принята Декларация, созвучная общей теме Конференции: «Парламентское лидерство во имя эффективного многостороннего подхода, обеспечивающего мир и устойчивое развитие народонаселению и планете».

    Государственное информационное агентство Туркменистана 

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