David Zalkaliani has met with Sweden’s State Secretary for EU

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Tuesday, 05 November 2019 15:02

Within the framework of his visit to the Kingdom of Sweden, the Georgian Foreign Minister met with the State Secretary to Minister for  EU Affairs Paula Carvalho Olovsson.  

Discussing the issues of Georgia-EU cooperation, the parties highlighted Sweden’s particular role in fulfilling Georgia’s European integration goals. The Minister thanked Sweden as the initiator of Eastern Partnership accentuating the importance of Sweden’s involvement in formulating EaP’s new policy and strategic vision.
The parties reaffirmed that Sweden makes significant efforts to bring Georgia closer to various EU institutions and standards that is reflected in Sweden’s practical assistance in many fields.
The Georgian Foreign Minister briefed the Swedish party on Georgia’s progress both within the EaP framework and on the European integration path, in general. Zalkaliani also spoke about Georgia’s priorities regarding the EaP. He said that Georgia is interested in greater functional integration with the EU. Conversations also included the successful implementation process of the Association Agreement and the Georgian Government-initiated Roadmap aimed at ensuring more functional and institutional rapprochement with the EU.

Paula Carvalho Olovsson reaffirmed the Swedish Government’s commitment to further support and assist Georgia in carrying out reforms on its European integration path. The Parties also discussed the situation in Georgia’s occupied regions and the role of the EU in peaceful resolution of the conflict. The importance of prioritizing Georgia on the international agenda, as well as in the bilateral format of relations with Russia and the need to duly react to the humanitarian crisis on the ground was also highlighted at the meeting. The Minister expressed his gratitude for Sweden’s active involvement in the EUMM to ensure stability and security in the occupied territories. 

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  • David Zalkaliani has visited Leuville Estate and the Leuville cemetery of Georgians

    France - Within the framework of his visit to France, the Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani visited the Leuville Estate and the Leuville cemetery of Georgians.
    Paying tribute to the memory of the members of the government of the First Democratic Republic, David Zalkaliani laid wreathes of flowers on the graves of the President of the first Republic, Noe Zhordania and the Foreign Minister Akaki Chkhenkeli. 
    Zalkaliani also met with the granddaughter of the first President.
    According to the Georgian Foreign Minister, the Leuville Estate is a symbol of historically strong friendship between Georgia and France.

  • David Zalkaliani has met with the German Bundestag's Defence and Security Committee Chairman

    Germany - Within the framework of his visit to Berlin, Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani met with the German Bundestag's Defence and Security Committee Chairman Wolfgang Hellmich.

    Highlighting Georgia-Germany successful inter-parliamentary relations and defence and security cooperation, the sides highly appraised Georgia’s NATO integration process and reforms carried out to improve democratic development and interoperability with NATO.

    Defence and Security Committee Chairman once again highlighted Georgia’s special contribution to NATO-led peacekeeping operations.

    Conversations included the difficult security and humanitarian situation in Georgia’s occupied regions and the Georgian Government’s initiatives to ensure de-escalation of the situation and reconciliation of the communities torn apart by the war.

    The parties also discussed the global challenges and stressed the importance of active engagement to deal with them.

  • Our achievements should be attributed to close cooperation between Georgia and the Council of Europe – Zalkaliani
    “The ownership of these achievements should be attributed to both the Council of Europe and Georgian authorities as an example of our rewarding cooperation” - Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani said at the ceremony of launching the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023.
    According to the Minister, the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023 is an outstanding result of constructive cooperation between the Council of Europe and Georgia and includes projects to be carried out during the next four years by the Georgian Government jointly with the CoE. The Action Plan serves to assist the Georgian Government in carrying out reforms  in the areas of human rights, rule of law and democracy.
    Zalkaliani expressed his satisfaction at the fact that the concrete projects that have been implemented under the previous two Action Plans have been appraised as highly successful and they have already yielded tangible results. During the ongoing AP 2016-2019 significant progress has been achieved with regard to capacity building of national institutions concerning the protection of human rights, judiciary, fight against money laundering, penitentiary reform and elections. Ratification of Istanbul convention and in general, promotion of gender equality and combating violence against women is also one of the outstanding results of constructive cooperation with the Council of Europe in the framework of previous Action Plan 2016-2019. According to Zalkaliani, Georgia clearly demonstrated its adherence to European values. He emphasized that Georgia-CoE cooperation helps Georgia firmly establish itself as a law-based country.
    The Minister thanked the European Union, Council of Europe and member states for the generous financial contributions endowed to the Action Plan 2016-2019. In the words of Zalkaliani, Georgia will continue broadly-based reforms taking into consideration reports and recommendations of different monitoring bodies of Council of Europe. According to him, the overarching priority theme remains the same: assisting Georgia to further refine legislative framework, institutional setup and deliver practical benefits to the citizens.
    The Minister, however, added that the government’s tireless efforts to expand these benefits to the whole territory of Georgia is still deterred by the Russian Federation. In these circumstances, the engagement of the Council of Europe through the Confidence Building Measures between the war-torn communities is utterly important.
    On 11 November 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the launching of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023. The Action Plan was presented by Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani and  Secretary General of the Council of Europe Marija Pejčinović Burić who arrived in Tbilisi on 11 November.
    With a total budget of €17.5 million, this four-year Action Plan will build on the achievements of the previous one. It will strengthen democratic security in Georgia by developing and effectively implementing policies and legislation in a number of areas where the Council of Europe provides added value: ensuring the harmonised application of European human rights standards; strengthening local democracy, human rights and the rule of law; enhancing social rights protection; supporting criminal justice and penitentiary system reforms, etc.


  • David Zalkaliani has met with the Special Envoy of the Global Engagement Center
    Within the framework of the NATO Georgia Public Diplomacy Forum held in Tbilisi, on 30 October 2019, the Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani met with the U.S. Department of States Special Envoy and Coordinator of the Global Engagement Center, Lea Gabrielle. 
    The parties highlighted the importance of the U.S.–Georgia Strategic Partnership, which has reached an all-time high, to which attests the exchange of high- and highest-level visits, dynamic cooperation in the areas of defense and security, as well as the approval of e Georgia Support Act by the House of Representative.
    Paying special attention to the Russia-led ongoing occupation, creeping annexation and illegal borderization process and the human rights violations in the occupied regions, Zalkaliani underscored the urgent need to combat Russian disinformation and propaganda campaigns designed to trigger anti-western sentiments among the Georgian population and skepticism about Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration prospects. He said that Georgia is in need of help from the U.S. and its western partners to combat the occupation and the anti-western campaign.

    According to Lea Gabrielle, the U.S.  highly appreciates strategic partnership with Georgia and is committed to make this cooperation even more diverse. She said that the U.S. unequivocally supports Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations and condemns Russia’s illegal occupation of the Georgian territories. Besides, Lea Gabrielle confirmed that the U.S. is ready to share with Georgia its experience.

  • David Zalkaliani has congratulated the Turkmen people on the Independence Day of Turkmenistan

    Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani attended the reception to mark the 28th anniversary of the independence day of Turkmenistan.
    Speaking before the attending audience, David Zalkaliani wished the Turkmen people peace, prosperity and success.
    According to the Minister Cooperation between Georgia and Turkmenistan has always been characterized with dynamism and is based on extraordinary close friendship of our nations.
    “We overcame challenges related to establishment of states and during this process, we have extended hand of friendship to each other on many occasions, that will never be forgotten” – Zalkaliani said.
    The Minister also paid special attention to the need to develop transport and transit cooperation between the two countries.
    “As you all know, ancient “Silk Road” used to cross our countries and the revival and development of this transport corridor and utilizing its potential is of high importance. We spare no efforts to achieve this goal. Georgia fully supports new initiatives that will bring more integration between the states of the Caspian and the Black Sea and we are ready to facilitate all prospective endeavors” – Zalkaliani noted.

    The Minister noted positive dynamics in the field of economic cooperation. According to him, the number of tourists traveling from Turkmenistan to Georgia is increasing significantly.  Zalkaliani also welcomed the intensified political relations and exchange of high-level visits during the past period.

    The Minister noted with satisfaction that Georgia and Turkmenistan are successfully cooperating on the international arena and thanked Turkmenistan for its support of Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
    “There is no pending issue between our countries. Turkmenistan is an active supporter of Georgia, similarly Georgia has always paid close attention to the issues concerning Turkmenistan” – Zalkaliani said.  

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