Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the developments at the occupation line, close to the village Chorchana situated in the territory controlled by the government of Georgia

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Friday, 30 August 2019 17:48

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses concern about mobilisation of military equipment and personnel by the occupation forces at the occupation line, close to the village Chorchana situated in the territory controlled by the government of Georgia.

Such destructive actions, as wells as the totally unacceptable statements of the leaders of the occupation regime represent yet another provocation, which further aggravates the security environment and aims at destabilisation of the situation.

Georgia fully complies with the undertaken commitments, firmly pursues the peaceful conflict resolution policy and uses all the available diplomatic instruments in order to reach deescalation of the situation and stopping the illegal processes.

The Georgian side continues to inform the international community about the developments on the ground and works closely with the Co-chairmen of the Geneva International Discussions, the EUMM and the diplomatic corps accredited in Tbilisi.

At the same time the Georgian delegation raised the issue at the meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism in Ergneti on the 29th of August.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls on the Russian Federation to cease such illegal actions, implement its international commitments, inter alia the 12 August, 2008 Ceasefire Agreement and respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia appeals to the international community to give due reaction on the illegal developments at the occupation line and take the relevant measures to ensure these actions are ceased.

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  • Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the so-called presidential elections in occupied Abkhazia region

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia refers to the conduct of the so-called presidential elections in occupied Abkhazia region, as another illegal act directed against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.
    While hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons and refugees are expelled from Abkhazia region as a result of ethnic cleansing, and the occupying power fully controls the situation on the ground, it is obvious that in such circumstances the so-called elections cannot have any legal effect, as they fully contradict the fundamental norms and principles of international law.
    It is evident that the so-called presidential elections represent yet another futile attempt to legitimize the ethnic cleansing, the ongoing illegal occupation and steps towards factual annexation of Abkhazia region. The international community will never accept the attempt of forceful change of sovereign borders of Georgia, as well as other illegal steps of Russia in terms of erection of barbed wire fences along the occupation line, military build-up and grave violations of fundamental human rights on the ground.
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls on the Russian Federation to respect the undertaken international obligations, fulfil the EU-mediated 12 August 2008 Ceasefire Agreement, and reverse its illegal decision on recognition of so-called independence of the occupied regions.
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia also appeals to the international community to give a due assessment and take effective measures to counter the illegal processes taking place in the occupied territories.

  • Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

    Expert groups from the Georgia-Azerbaijan State Border Delimitation Commission are jointly carrying out works on the sections of the state border still remaining undefined. In particular, on 20 August, experts surveyed border areas near the village of Vakhtangisi and the David Gareji Monastery Complex.  They examined the positions of the two commissions and presented their visions on the sections in question. The Georgian expert group clarified its position to the Azerbaijani side regarding the delimitation of the border section concerned. The results will be submitted to the co-chairs of the Commissions for further consideration. 
    Similar work is scheduled to be conducted on other disputed sections of the border. Experts’ working meeting at the first stage will last until 23 August and will be shortly followed by the second stage – visit to the yet-to-be-agreed sections of the border.   
    The expert meetings will be followed by a meeting between the two commissions in Tbilisi in September.

  • EU Monitoring Mission illustrates its mandate to local Armenian community

    On 9 August, Head of the EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) in Georgia Erik Høeg visited Akhaltsikhe in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of the country.

    During the visit, Høeg met with representatives of local authorities as well as with civil society, and delivered a public lecture on the 11 years of continued EUMM presence in Georgia.

    In his lecture, the Head of Monitoring Mission gave an overview of EUMM objectives and activities, highlighting the role of the Mission in promoting stability and confidence building. The Head of Monitoring Mission stressed the unbiased nature of EUMM reporting, based on the principle of impartiality. 

    The visit is part of an outreach strategy to increase understanding of the mandate and activities throughout Georgia, including in regions with considerable presence of ethnic minorities.

    The visit coincided with EUMM Georgia launching an Armenian and Azeri language version of its homepage – 

    The EUMM mandate – defined by EU Member States – covers the whole of Georgia within its internationally recognised borders. As part of its normal monitoring activities, EUMM patrols also regularly visit the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. 

    The EUMM was started in September 2008, following the EU-brokered Six-Point Agreement that ended the August war between Russia and Georgia.

    It contributes to the stabilisation, normalisation and confidence building between the conflict parties. The mission provides civilian monitoring of parties' actions, including full compliance with the Six-Point Agreement and subsequent implementing measures throughout Georgia. It also informs European policy – in support of a durable political solution for Georgia.

  • Avaza National tourist zone hosts the forum dedicated to the aspects of financing of the GDS

    Hazar Hotel of Avaza National tourist zone hosted the conference “Financing for support of the realization of 2030 Global Agenda under Sustainable Development.

    This forum was organized by the United Nations Permanent Representative Office in our country together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finances and Economy of Turkmenistan. The UN Deputy General Secretary, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe Olga Algayrova, Permanent Coordinator of the UN to Turkmenistan Elena Panova as well as specialists of numerous international organizations and financial structures were among the foreign guests of the forum. These are Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian Development Bank.

    Representatives of ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, which deal with financing of the SDGs, as well as more than 150 delegates of foreign companies and business communities took part in the conference.

    They were familiarized with Voluntary National Review of Turkmenistan, which was presented to the world community at the High-level Political forum under the UN ECOSOC in New York. It was mentioned that according to the Resolution of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov from November 17, 2017, institutional structures of the SDG monitoring system in Turkmenistan has been approved, which includes the formation of the SDG Working Group. It includes representatives of more than 50 national ministries and departments, regional and Ashgabat administrations, public organizations, scientific and research institutes and universities.

    It was informed during the exchange of opinions about the support that the World Bank offers to the countries of Central Asia for promotion of the Programme of financing of development. Representative of the UNDP formulated the main trends of the SDGs’ financing in Central Asian Region, specific recommendations for Caspian States in this direction have been given.

    The EBRD delegate shared his view on what private sector and private capital are able to do to support the sustainable development and what support of investors and the Government is needed to entrepreneurs. Representative of the ADB told the most perspective financial instruments for elimination of deficiency of the SDGs’ financing.

    It was mentioned that owing to far-seeing policy of the Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the implementation of 2030 Agenda by Turkmenistan was provided by the development of integrated mechanisms of financing and their implementation on all levels.

    Thus, the share of budgetary expenses to social sphere including education, health protection, social provision is more than 70 percent according to the Programme of the President of Turkmenistan on social and economic development in 2019 – 2025. In addition, budget money are sent to creation of qualitative, available, cheap, reliable and stable infrastructure including transport, energy, water supply and sanitary for all. These measures are provided under the implementation of the programmes of reforms of social and living conditions of rural population, for realization of which it is planned to allocate about 10 billion manats.

    It was also mentioned that it is necessary to attract international finances as well as resources of private sector for the achievement of ambitious and integrated sustainable development goals. In this regard, the development of instruments and mechanisms of mixed finances by the partnership between the Government and private sector gains more appropriateness. The Government of Turkmenistan took number of measures for improvement of legal base and developed the programmes of support of private sector for creation of favourable conditions of its development. These measures allowed expanding the sphere and share of private sector in the branches of the economy as well as creating the conditions for intensification of measures for development of the partnership between the Government and private business.

    The state news agency of Turkmenistan


    We, as four political party groups representing the will of the Turkish Nation under the roof of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey;

    - Expressing that the terrorist organization FETO poses a major threat to the security of the Republic of Turkey,

    - Emphasizing that the Turkish judiciary has put on record the fact that those who planned and perpetrated this most bloody terrorist attack with the coup attempt against Turkey on 15 July 2016, were the leaders and members of this terrorist organization,

    - Considering the fight put up by our Veteran Assembly -which was attacked by FETO member traitors on the night of July 15th- for the sake of protecting the sovereign will and democratic achievements of the Turkish nation,

    - Commemorating gratefully our 251 martyrs who bravely resisted the coup attempt and gave their lives for this cause and expressing our gratitude to the thousands of veterans,

    - With the purpose of reiterating Turkish Nation’s strong will demanding that FETO members, particularly the terrorist organization’s ringleader Fetullah Gülen, must be held accountable before the Turkish justice, on the basis of the universal principles of law, for the crimes they committed,

    would like to underline the following:

    1. FETO ringleader Fetullah Gülen still lives freely in the USA. He continues to manage the terrorist organization from the USA and gives instructions to the members of the terrorist organization. The FETO ringleader continues to disseminate his twisted ideas, using the tactics of terrorist organizations such as DAESH and Al-Qaeda.

    2. It is unacceptable that no response has been given to the numerous demands of justice institutions for Fetullah Gülen and other leaders of the terrorist organization to be extradited to Turkey to be held accountable before justice.

    3. The fact that the USA authorities have not taken any action against FETO terrorist organization and Fetullah Gülen adversely affects the trust relationship between Turkey and the USA. As the four parties with groups in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, we share the strong reaction expressed by the Turkish society on this matter.

    4. The Grand National Assembly of Turkey will continue to protect the Turkish Nation’s trust in democracy, fundamental human rights, and freedoms.

    5. We expect from all our friends and partners, especially from the USA, to take into account the joint stance based on universal values against FETO of four party groups in our Assembly, and we call for the necessary steps to be taken for the extradition of Fetullah Gülen and FETO members to Turkey as soon as possible.



    Mehmet MUŞ

    Deputy of Istanbul

    Deputy Chairman of the

    Justice and Development Party Group




    Erkan AKÇAY

    Deputy of Manisa

    Deputy Chairman of the

    Nationalist Movement Party Group




    Engin ÖZKOÇ

    Deputy of Sakarya

    Deputy Chairman of the

    Republican People's Party Group




    Lütfü TÜRKKAN

    Deputy of Kocaeli

    Deputy Chairman of the

    Good Party Group


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