ADB Approves $415 Million Loan to Improve Georgia's North–South Road Corridor

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Thursday, 01 August 2019 16:42

TBILISI, GEORGIA (1 August 2019) — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $415 million loan to Georgia to build a new highway as part of a wider government program to improve the country’s transport network and enhance Georgia as a regional trade and tourism hub.

The Kvesheti–Kobi Road Project is the first in a series of upgrades planned for the North–South Corridor, which is a vital transit route for Georgia, Armenia, and regional trading partners. The corridor also intersects with the East–West Highway to the north of Tbilisi, the capital, providing access to the shortest link connecting Central Asia with Europe and East Asia.

The 23-kilometer (km) bypass will be built between the towns of Kvesheti and Kobi and pass through the spectacular Caucasus Mountains in the country’s northeast. It will provide a safer and faster travel alternative for residents, tourists, and freights trucks who face worsening delays on the current road, especially on the Jvari Pass section, which is highly exposed to avalanches in winter.

The bypass will follow a new alignment through the Khada Valley and include engineering features such as Georgia’s longest tunnel (9 km) and its most advanced arch bridge spanning the Khadistskali River. The road will also provide a much-needed link to services and job opportunities for the valley’s remote communities.

Currently, the 3,500 vehicles that use the existing 35-km road each day face high accident risks as well as road closures of more than 40 days a year, mostly in winter. With traffic numbers expected to double over the next 10 years, building a shorter, safer, and faster road that is operational all year is a national priority.

“A high-quality road network is essential for the growth and development of Georgia, which is located at the center of transit and trade routes linking Europe and Asia,” said ADB Director General for Central and West Asia Mr. Werner Liepach. “The new bypass road will greatly improve the North–South Corridor and help enhance trade and regional connectivity, as well as increase the number of visitors in the region, which is home to world-class natural and cultural heritage assets.”

Total transit trade along the North–South Corridor in 2015 amounted to 1.3 million tons of freight, or 12% of Georgia’s total transit trade. Meanwhile, tourism accounts for around 7% of Georgia’s gross domestic product, with the North–South Corridor towns of Gudauri and Stepantsminda among the country’s prime destinations. By diverting freight trucks away from Gudauri via the bypass, the Kvesheti–Kobi Road Project will contribute vital infrastructure for Gudauri to become an internationally-recognized winter resort.  

The project is estimated to cost $558.6 million, with cofinancing of $60 million anticipated from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and $83.6 million from the Government of Georgia. The road has been designed to European standards and will be single lane each way plus an additional climbing lane uphill for heavy vehicles. To overcome difficult terrain challenges in the Caucasus Mountains, it will require 5 tunnels at a total length of 11 km and 6 bridges at a total length of 1.6 km.

During project preparation, the Roads Department of Georgia, ADB, and EBRD conducted extensive assessments and consultations with local communities, civil society organizations, and other project stakeholders. Every care has been taken to ensure the environmental and social impacts of the project are minimized and mitigated, including measures to protect the Khada Valley’s biodiversity and cultural heritage sites.

Informed by consultations with local residents, the bypass will be complemented by around 5 km of access roads to connect remote communities in the Khada Valley, which are currently snowbound during winter. The project will also establish a multipurpose visitor center as a hub for tourism activities and to enhance women’s access to economic opportunities.

“The bypass and connecting roads will provide these communities with year-round access to hospitals, schools, and other vital services,” said ADB Transport Specialist for Central and West Asia Mr. Kamel Bouhmad. “The visitor center will focus on community-based tourism to increase the benefits the road will bring.”

Road construction is expected to begin in 2020.

ADB is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. In 2018, it made commitments of new loans and grants amounting to $21.6 billion. Established in 1966, it is owned by 68 members—49 from the region.

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    Share of practice in prevention and combat against the spread of coronavirus and further measures for investment to health protection sphere and universal health coverage have been the main goals of virtual meeting organized by Asian Development Bank and the Ministry of Finances of Japan.

    It was highlighted that pandemic of dangerous infectious disease has caused global crisis, having made negative impact on all aspects of life activity of humankind.

    At the same time, consolidation of efforts in support and promotion of universal health coverage, which is to provide access to qualitative medical services for the population, receives special currency. The achievement of this goal will support to dynamic rehabilitation of the economies and protection from similar major threats in future, having provided favourable opportunities for sustainable development and progress in Asian Pacific region.

    In this regard, it is worth to mention that important initiatives of the Head of the State, which are aimed at consolidation of international efforts in combating against new threat including initiatives for activation of fruitful cooperation in scientific diplomacy and in WHO direction, were approved and supported by the world community.

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  • “Turkmenistan - is the heart of the Great Silk Road. XXI century global transport diplomacy initiated by Turkmenistan”

    On December 31, 2018, the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Georgia held the briefing entitled “Turkmenistan - is the heart of the Great Silk Road. XXI century global transport diplomacy initiated by Turkmenistan”.

    The briefing was attended by the Head of media holding “Akhali Sakartvelo”, the honored journalist of Georgia, political scientist Mr. B.Nachkebia, Editor of a newspaper ”Resonance” Mr. A.Gvimradze, Editor of the international magazine “Geo Traveler” Mr. N.Iloshvili, General Director of “Georgian Business Week” Mr. V.Miroshnichenko, Director of the “News Day Georgia” news agency Mr. A.Otinashvili, Editor of a newspaper “Free Georgia” Ms. M.Muradova, and other representatives of Georgian media.

    In his speech, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan in Georgia D.Muratov noted that building new roads and railways, seaports and bridges, Turkmenistan revives the Great Silk Road in the third millennium. He also stressed that 2018 is held under the motto “Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great Silk Road”.

    The participants were informed of the success of the Turkmenistan’s transport diplomacy. The Ambassador also underlined that unanimous adoption of the new UN resolution "Strengthening the links between all modes of transport to achieve the Sustainable Development goals" is another confirmation of growing authority of Turkmenistan in the world arena, dynamic character of the dialogue with the UN and high trust of the UN that sees Turkmenistan as a reliable and responsible partner.

    Taking active position in consolidation of common efforts in this direction including in the UN and other competent international organizations’ format, neutral Turkmenistan initiates and successfully implements large infrastructural projects together with foreign partners making considerable input to the formation of combined transport infrastructure in regional and global scale.

    At the end of the briefing, representatives of the Georgian media  expressed their gratitude to the Embassy of Turkmenistan and personally to the Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Georgia D.Muratov for organizing and conducting the briefing and noted that initiating important proposals, including on the implementation of major projects in the transport and communication sphere, Turkmenistan makes its significant contribution to the formation of the architecture of the new geo-economic space.




  • Loan Agreement between Georgia and ADB-Bureau discussed

    The Bureau discussed the agenda for November 30-December 2 plenary sessions. As the Chairman, Mr. Irakli Kobakhidze stated, the agenda will include four draft resolutions on termination of authority ahead of time for MPs: Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Kakha Kaladze, Giorgi Gakharia and Sandra Roelofs. The authority of Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Kakha Kaladze, Giorgi Gakharia is terminated due to appointment on the Governmental positions, while authority of S. Roelofs is terminated on the basis of the personal refusal. The plenary agenda also includes four documents for ratification:

    • Loan Agreement between Georgia and ADB (ordinary transactions)(internal resource mobilization improvement for inclusive growth program – sub-program 3);
    • Loan Agreement between Georgia and ADB (special transactions)(internal resource mobilization improvement for inclusive growth program – sub-program 3);
    • Loan Agreement between Georgia and IBRD of September 3, 2014 (E-transmission line enhancement project), Change N1;
    • Agreement between Georgia and EU on Exchange and Protection Security Procedures of Classified Information.

    MPs will also consider two draft resolutions on expediency and inexpediency of further consideration of the drafts initiated in the preceding Parliament. The Bureau took note of the statement of the citizen, Zaza Rukhadze on non-consideration of his candidacy on the position of the Member of the Constitutional Court.

  • ADB will allocate 100 million US dollars of financial resources to Georgia

    The agreement “Mobilization of internal resources to improve inclusive growth program“ was signed between Asian Development Bank and Georgia today. The document was signed by the Finance Minister of Georgia Nodar Khaduri and the permanent representative of Asian Development Bank to Georgia Yesim Elhan-Kayalar.
    In the frames of the program, Asian Development Bank will allocate 100 million US dollars of financial resources to Georgia. The main goal of the program is increasing state and private investments. 

  • Dariali road was opened

    Dariali road was opened. Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Nodar Javakhishvili, Secretary of State Security and Crisis Management Council Mindia Janelidze, and chairman of the Roads Department, George Seturidze coordinate the ongoing works in the Dariali Gorge.Traffic is allowed with special schedule for all types of vehicles. The special service of the Interior Ministry controls the movement of vehicles.
    In particular, from 05:30 am to 08:00 pm  movement of  all types of vehicles is allowed in the following rules:
    - Truck traffic on both sides at the same time  is prohibited;
    - Traffic will be passing without stopping of the vehicles;
    - In case of Intense precipitation, traffic will be prohibited  (based on information received from the NEA);
    - From 08:00 pm to  05:30 am traffic for all types of vehicles are forbidden.
    As a result of heavy rain on June 23, the torrent flowing from the Devdoraki Gorge blocked the river-bed of Terek, consequently Terek River changed its direction and about 800m road section of Mtskheta-Stephantsminda-Larsi highway was swept away by the floodwater. Due to the natural disaster activation process there was banned the road traffic for any kind of transport in the dangerous zone, on the road section 134km-135km of Mtskheta-Stephantsminda- Larsi highway.
    Opening of the road has become possible as a result of 24 –hour work of “State Construction Company” and Roads Department of Georgia.

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