Biopic about Lesya Ukrainka to be directed by Nana Janelidze

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018 14:51

Biopic (biographical movie) about Lesya Ukrainka will be directed by Georgian movie director and scriptwriter - Nana Janelidze. Also, casting will be held shortly and the project team will start filming a teaser.

Cinematic portfolio of Nana Janelidze includes 5 feature-length works directed by her and 6 works in which she is the author of the script. In particular, she wrote the script of Repentance (მონანიება) (directed by Tengiz Abuladze, 1987). The movie received the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival and was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film.The movie about Lesya Ukrainka will be the first filmstrip of Nana Janelidze made in Ukraine.

“Lesya Ukrainka – it is a dusty portrait on a school wall, this is a live, passionate, jealous and dedicated woman who is fighting a deadly disease. She spent greedily and “felt” each moment, given to her by her fate, in order to depict in her work the heavy burden of her big talent. As soon as I heard about the project, I instantly felt that I wanted to work on it because this is really inspiring” – Nana Janelidze says.

The movie with the working title “Lesya Ukrainka. Forest Edge (Uzlisia)” is the story of a great poetess from her early years until her last days of life. The two realities – daily life and Lesya’s inner world are closely intertwined and depict all key turns of her fate. Alexander Lavrenchuk is working on the script of the biopic. Experts of the life and work of Lesya Ukrainka are actively involved in the process of work on the picture by the team. Julia Sinkevych (JS Films, General Producer of Odessa International Film Festival) is the creative producer and author of the idea, and Maria Moskalenko (FX FILM Georgia) is a co-producer of the movie.

"To us, the story of Lesya Ukrainka is very personal. We wanted it to be filmed by a woman. We discussed directors from Ukraine and from Georgia – because Lesya Ukrainka’s life is closely linked to these countries. We needed a director with a new and unbiased view and all these characteristics are wonderfully combined in Nana Janelidze. The script inspired her from the first lines – and now we are actively working on it and will soon start filming a teaser” – say the producers: Julia Sinkevych and Maria Mosalenko.

On September 12, a grant agreement on the support of the project was signed between the company JS Film and Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The project “Lesya Ukrainka, Forest Edge (Uzlisia)” won the competition of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and took the first place among international cooperation projects in the category of audiovisual art and the 3rd place among all international projects.    

Notably, the biopic script was selected for participation in the program ScripTeast.

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is a state organization established in 2017 in accordance with Ukrainian law. It is aimed at promoting development of national culture and art in the country, ensuring favorable conditions for intellectual and spiritual development of the society, wide accessibility of national cultural heritage for the citizens, promoting cultural diversity and integration of Ukrainian culture in the world cultural space. In accordance with the effective legislation, Ukrainian Ministry of Culture carries out management and coordination of the foundation activity.

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  • The 5th season of the International Congress of Foreign Real Estate and Investment 04-05.10.2019 Munich GERMANY

    The main aspects of presentations of the Congress participants:

    Policy and open inter-state dialogue foreign real estate from 27 countries, residential and commercial real estate, gold and gold assets, Permanent and second citizenship, banks and lending in Germany and European funds, IT technologies and investments in promising startups, ICO and venture investments cryptocurrencies-blockchain, shares and bonds of national companies, film industry and Antiques, helicopter and yacht business, Oktoberfest, fashion and expensive clothes, luxury goods. Members of Congress — investors from 29 countries and sales proposals for investors from 40 countries.

    Press conference

    Congressmen will have the opportunity to interview at a press conference with world media, including ABC, CBS, NBC, The Los Angeles Journal, Yahoo Finance, The New York Journal, Digital Journal, Singapore Roundup, The American Reporter, London Post and other.

    Novelties of Congress 2019


    including networking opportunity with investors of the ‘Start Up’ segment with the support of ER- Telecom , SIBUR-Khimprom, Uralkali, URALCHEM, Promobot, CodeBits Interactive etc.

    13.09.2019 Demo Day, Russia Morion Digital (t. Perm ). Startups will present thair projects to representatives of companies ER-Telecom, SIBUR-Khimprom, URALCHEM, Uralkali to obtain pilot projects with corporations.

    Investors Day 4.10.2019 international Congress Munich

    What a Start-Up Gets ?

    -     Presentation of the project to the European investment audience with a total potential of over 200m € - Business lending and refinancing at European rates - Grant of $100,000

    -     Presentation at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon (4 -7 November 2019)

    What the Investor Gets ?:

    - Investments in promising startups from 500 applications that have been selected up to 50

     - Join the investors club

    - Quality networking with like-minded people


    Congress in conjunction with Christian Grosse event host of OPEN INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE advocate for open political dialogue . The project provides for the award of outstanding politicians and representatives of the state for making a special contribution to the development of bilateral interstate relations according to The New York Journal.


    Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Germany – Dauren Karipov (Kazakhstan) ;

    His Excellency Sheikh Saud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani , Ambassador of the state of Qatar in Germany (Qatar) ;

    The Ambassador of Georgia in Germany – Elguja of Hokrishvili (Georgia);

    Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the Federal Republic of Germany – Oleg Serebryan (Moldova) ;

    Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Germany – Ramin Hasanov (Azerbaijan) ;

    Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in Germany, Erines Otorbaev (Kyrgyzstan) ;

    The Ambassador of Armenia in Germany Ashot Smbatyan (Armenia) ;

    Ambassador of Slovenia in Germany-Frank Booth (Slovenia) ;

    Charge d'affaires of Afghanistan in Germany – Abdul of Ariai (Afghanistan);

    Honorary Consul of Azerbaijan in Germany – Otto Hauser (Azerbaijan) ;

    Consul General of the Republic of Belarus in Munich – Andrey kulazhenko (Belarus) ;

    Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Munich – Snezhana Miljanic (Serbia) ;

    Bundestag Deputy from the CDU – Gerhardt Hauptmann (Germany) ;

    Bundestag Deputy from the CDU – Thomas Barei (Germany) ;

    Volker Treier, managing Director of the DIHK (Germany) ;

    The members of the land Board CSU party of Germany – Ozan Lubas (Germany) ;

    First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Central government Committee of CSU of Bavaria on migration and integration – Sergey Chernyavsky (Germany) ;

    Russian politician, acting adviser to the President of the Russian Federation class I – Aslambek Aslakhanov (Russia) ;

    Governor Of Kaluga Region – Anatoly Artamonov (Russia) ;

    Adviser To The Governor Of Kaluga Region – Kutsko Nikolay Vasilyevich (Russia) ;

    The head of the city of Volgograd – Vitaly Likhachev (Russia) ;

    Candidate for the Presidential Election of Russia 2018 – Sergey Baburin (Russia) ;

    Candidate for the Presidential Elections of the Russian Federation 2018, Chairman of the National parent Committee of the Russian Federation – Volynets Irina Nikolaevna (Russia);

    Director of «Eastern European company» – Kuznecov Aleksey Vladimirovich ;

    Doctor of economic Sciences, Professor – Alexander Rutskoi ;

    Owner Of «Georgia Times» – Malkhaz Gulashvili (Georgia)

    3 )Congress Awards 2019

    The winners of the Award, the most successful, according to the Expert Council and the new York Journal version, will be awarded with honorary statuettes and souvenirs of Congress.

    Award Winners:

    Grigoriy Avetov

    Event host of a large-scale business event SYNERGY GLOBAL FORUM. Supervisor of investment projects to support startups.

    Vladimir Nikolaev

    Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the St. Petersburg international Housing Congress

    Kseniya Korzun

    General Manager of International immigration and Luxury Property Expo (London, Monaco, Cannes, Moscow, Mumbai, Shanghai, Bangkok, Kiev)

    Gulshat Usenbaeva

    Organiser of LUXPRO Business Events business event in Monaco, as well as judge of international beauty contests and co-author of the book «Global Citizen».

    4) Expert opinion of leading congressmen

    Business club, Tarutao with the support Republic of Bashkortostan under the President The total annual turnover of the club's residents is 3.7 billion rubles. Residents of the club deputies of The state Duma. The purpose of Tarutao to combine all of the business Community in Russia to the club under the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. Special gift to guests of the Congress residence for 1 year under special conditions.

    Round table

    with the participation of the Head of the Bavarian-Russian cultural society – Roman Naydich,

    Esteemed guests include the managing partner of the German company Kaiser Estate - Boris Bronstein, along with Mr. Sander and Mr. Kuzin, presenting the Global Real-Estate

    Forum, as an international platform for business development and investment.

    5) Vladislav Bermuda Bogatyr «Free Marketing»

    • Presentation of «25 Creative Ideas to earn a Million» by the Investor Vladislav Bermudа,

    co-founder of the service of free air travel «Fly free». Presentation of the bestseller V. Bermuda, raffle and gifts to congressmen. Increase the profit of your business.

    6) Features of the advertising campaign in Germany :

    • Presentation by media marketing company «» with a completely innovative outlook on business development in Germany. Bem Media enjoys a huge audience, with a monthly circulation of more than 900,000 copies of the Russian-language press in Germany alone, along with the popular TV channel «TVRUS» (more than 6 million subscribers).

    7) Marketing Agency for congressmen at LTC MediaVerlag:

    • «Blesk», «Brilliance», «Neue Zeiten», «Russian Voyage», «Career». 17 years of advertising campaigns for: Ministry of tourism of Israel, Aeroflot, Transaero, S7, MAU (international airlines of Ukraine), AirAstana.

     8) British Concierge service «BSI LIFESTYLE» with many years of experience

    •Special thanks to exclusive private Concierge club «BSI LIFESTYLE» for their support in the placement and organization of leisure of our VIP delegates. 20 years of trust from the 100 most successful and richest people in the world

    9) Business Consultant & Boske Capital Group

    Will submit to the Congress a business Desk asset management:

    -8 psychological techniques to increase sales

    -21 practices for successful transactions.

    10) Viral marketing without a budget:

    «Hype» and «Explosive PR»?

    Indoor creative club President Roman Maslennikov - the first meeting of the PR-club Munich 05.10.19.

    Five best creatives in speed dating mode for congressmen will give 15 PR-ideas, implementing from scratch reputational benefits without the investment.


    free participation in the hype marathon, a six-month subscription to the closed Telegram channel with ideas for every day, the book «Hype» autographed by the author and free participation in the PR club 05.10.19.

    10) Dmitry Nagiev Charity Fund

    Supported by: Emin Agalarov, Evgeny Petrosyan, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Dmitry Khrustalev, Valdis Pelsh, Thomas Nevergreen and many others.

    The curator of the auction is Dmitry Nagiyev.

    free participation in hype-marathon, a six-month subscription to enclosed Telegram channel with ideas for each day, the book «Hipanem» autographed by author free PR club 05.10.19.

    ▪  For the first time in the history of the congress we will gather participants and guests for a Charity Auction in support of the Dmitry Nagiyev Charity Fund. Among the auction lots will be presented not only valuable creative works, but also personal belongings from our contemporaries who turned their lives into art. Funds raised at the auction will be used to treat children and fund hospital wards supported by the foundation.

    11) Investments at the genetic level. Closed discussion podium Medical Centre Trivaks

    Irina Trivaks: «Just treat patients it is not enough today , it is necessary to improve the biological code of healthy.» Yuval Noah Harari, Israel

    I. investigation of the risk of hereditary diseases

    II. Hypoxia as a source of «second breath»

    III. Hormones - good gradually. How never to grow old? Celebrities choose Exclusive medicine of Bavaria

    12) Open session Dr. Andrew Khurcha (Vienna/Austria) Rector of the Academy of TOP Management-President of the international investment and consulting group AG.CAPITAL Founder and Evangelist, «the theory of Optimal Positioning» environmental management system of business and life .

    Author and lecturer of the certified MBA course «Strategic and operational management in the company». Creator of the legendary technology «Revolver sales». Author - developer of CRM systems for real estate market «DOM-KRAT». TOP 10 coaches-consultants in leadership and business management TOPTRAINER ID «personnel Management». Included in the rating «Best business coaches of Russia-2019» Founder of the Federal network of real estate agencies «Alfa».

    13) Gala-Evening

    •Street Models Show and 50 beauties in the Top Beauty International & Parade Event Group project. On the podium will go the girls who have passed selection from 1000 participants.

    ▪ Fashion Favorite 2019 & Fashion Investment will open the new Ambassador PACO RABANNE Veronika Jeanvie collection , Parisian couture dresses from Kazahstan will present Rustina with her Fairytale Concept Collection .The presentation of this collection made a splash in Cannes! For the first time the new collection 2019-2020 MIRACLE will be shown, with special gifts and compliments, especially for Congressmen and guests of the Congress!

    ▪ Fashion Show from event group «World Kids Fashion». Charity fashion show for children and adults. Designers and brands will present their collections: Anna Ramakaeva, Sarafan Moscow, Voronova dress, Dasha Verona, supporting The Dmitry Nagiyev Charity Fund.

    ▪ For those interested in painting, an exhibition of 3D paintings by the famous art artist of Bavaria Tatiana Shraiber will be held. All paintings are structural, with the effect of 3D, gold potal, stones, epoxy, in its own style Tatiana_Art_Woman.

    ▪ Chess tournaments between amateurs and professionals alike.

    ▪ Entertainment program including dancers, gymnasts, and music with the participation Master class and presentation of the paintings of Mr. Funtikova entrepreneur, artist, actual, academician of the International Slavic Academy. Mind-expanding paintings and gifts to congressmen from the Maestro.

    Other events for guests of the Congress:

    ▪  Tour of the Nymphenburg Palace.

    ▪  It will be a pleasant surprise that the organizers, as true innovators, decided to expand the scope of standard conferences and congresses and hold a presentation of partner companies at informal discussions in the Festzelt Tradition VIP box at Oktoberfest.

    Information: International Congress of Real Estate and Investments is held annually since 2016.

    Contact us : For participation in Congress:

    +7 (985) 927-77-00 + 49- 162-232-8-333

    For questions about the charity auction please contact : +7 915 093-07-66

    For FASHION SHOW contact : +7 915 093-07-66, +7 903 777-88-10

    Website :



  • The Artist who communicates with the language of the colors dispersed in air

    God almighty granted people the most precious gift immediately after birth – happiness of freedom and since then the human being is trying to be free or has been fighting to get back the freedom granted by God. However, to define the godly present - it is equally important to mention the substantial circumstance that in the history of the earth there is a period when the so-called “tamer torturers” composed of the same people deny the creator of the universe - God - and are trying to take away or restrict freedom.

    Therefore, I as an independent reporter, dedicated my newspaper article to the person whose dreams scattered in childhood were taken away by the soviet regime. The Dutch painter of Caucasian origin Ismal Bashirov belongs to this soviet era generation. Together with time change, he completely buried the past full of ache and made his creative dreams dispersed in childhood come true in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe.     

    There is  a period in the history when deeply educated people, excellent commanders-in-chief, politicians, diplomats and public figures of all the time are born. However, I do consider that among the greatest people craftsmen are distinguished who are united with many inter-related feelings with people. At the same time, art is the world where it is still possible to find people and exchange pleasant emotions.     

    I happened to find myself in such a pleasant world, the so-called Mecca of art in the Netherlands and became the co-participant of the personal exhibition at the gallery “Art of Stream” in Rotterdam. The author was a Dutch painter of Chechenian origin Islam Bashirov.

    A true environment of art was created in the area where the colleagues and friends of the artist arrived from Paris, Brussels, London and Amsterdam to assess his art created in several months.  

    Mr. Bashirov is a special case for this sphere of art since he is still a doctor by profession. At the beginning, together with developing a medical career, art was a certain type of hobby for him by means of which he got closer to the border of real mythological colors. Later on, similar to numerous people of other profession, he emancipated himself and got born in a new space.

    He dipcted the brush as his personal soldiers whose main responsibility is to assist the master   - with oil, tempera, watercolor or gouache paints, distribute on the painting the gamma of colors found on the planet, the one which has not been noticed so fat by anyone apart from  him. All this had a significant impact on getting him shaped as the free creator and contributed to the creation of his pseudonym as a painter Islam Abd An-Nur-kant, which replaced the surname on the actual painting.

    The fact that Islam Abd An-Nur-kant belongs to the contemporary followers of avant-garde art of the 21st century who make bold steps in abstractionism and het born with new volcanic ideas for the development of this direction of art every coming day.  

    Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso cubic school influence can be observed minimanistically in his art. However, despite this, his paintings to a great extent resemble performance of colors and rebellious feelings of his soul characteristic to the abstractionist. At the same time, his paintings are the poetry of thoughts which takes us to the spiritual harmony through abstract paths.    

    In terms of content, some paintings even resemble the surrealistic life, in which the distracted character of the painter like mist is shown as well as the ocean-type of depth. He belongs to the invisible inhabitant of the universe who is free from the iconographic world and by means of realized or unrealized memory paints eternal life wrapped in the air of the Earth together with all the fragrances of continuing this life. This makes the visitor feel the aesthetic emotion to a full extent and gives him/her the feeling of travelling in the mystical world together with the painter.

    Obviously, the works of the painter is available for all the strata of society. However, at the first stage it is possible for the visitor to understand his/her work and compare the colors scattered on the canvass with the revolutionary chaos. However, let me define that to understand the scientific work of Zigmund Freud, it is necessary to have the face to face dialogue with him. Therefore, what this implies is that if the person, with sub-conscious emotional feelings looks through the works of the painter several times, s/he will unexpectedly discover how the unlimited world of the creator gets awaken on the canvass together with the philosophy of cosmic colors dispersed in this world. After this, the visitor gets the desire to liberate him/herself from being liberated from being bound to everyday problems. 

    After the end of the personal exhibition of Islam Bashirov, my emotions towards his paintings appeared to be extremely impressive. I immediately got the feeling that he, as the infinite experimentalist painter achieved special creative maturity. He is a true discovery of avant-garde art and it is difficult to convey his narrative of words.

    I am sure, the world will soon see ascending of the creator known under the name of Islam Abd An-Nur-kant to the highest peak of abstractionism.    

    Additionally, the desire to buy work of Islam Bashirov is increasing day-by-day and one of the first buyers were his colleague doctors and rich patrons.   

    The exhibition was wonderful and I am still under pleasant impressions which will follow me in the long run. 

    By: Ilia Zukakishvili

    Independent Reporter

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