Pan-European Peace Forum Advocates European Leaders' Support for Peace in Korea

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Monday, 14 May 2018 18:12

Frankfurt am main, May 12 – European experts and South Korean peace activists have voiced their support for peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula at the 'Pan-European Peace Forum' held in Frankfurt.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), a Seoul-based peace NGO as in consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), organized the event to advocate international cooperation for global peacebuilding and support for the peaceful reunification of the two Koreas.

Chairman Man Hee Lee, a Korean War veteran, appealed to attendants of the forum, “More than anything else, a peaceful world without war would be the greatest legacy to hand down to our children. If a single country achieves peace, it does not mean the world has become peaceful. Peace has to be realized in the entire world. If each person walks in the path towards peace, peace will be accomplished in the global community.”

Frankfurt city council member Dr. Manfred F. Welker delivered a speech on the need for civil society’s active participation. Recalling the small gatherings in Leipzig that sparked peaceful demonstrations for Germany's reunification, he said what will bring two Koreas together is "not just government cooperation but - as we have seen from Nikolaikirche [St. Nicholas Church, Leipzig] - it will be by the collaboration and efforts of the people.”

Prof. Dr. Hans Köchler from Austria, president of International Progress Organization, said the issues of denuclearization and reunification of Korea are mutually reinforcing. He pointed out the prospect of a reunified Korea will be "the best security guarantee to both the North and the South.”

He also maintained that nuclear disarmament should be carried out not only in Korea but also in the rest of the world, saying “there must be no policy of double standards concerning disarmament obligations of states.” Dr. Köchler is serving as a member of HWPL Peace Advisory Council, a group of policy makers and experts from civil society for advancing peace in the international community.

At the end of the event, Dr. Welker presented to HWPL delegation a Letter of Support for the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula and global peace. As in line with its advocacy campaign for global peacebuilding, HWPL is collecting the Letters of Support from state officials to civil leaders, which aim to being sent to the leaders of two Koreas.

Meanwhile, HWPL, to build sustainable peace, is implementing peace education programs in various educational institutions and collaborating with educational experts and teachers worldwide to develop peace education textbooks and curriculums.

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    The first meeting of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) Central Advisory Council is to take place in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi on 12 June. Its objective is to hear from representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country’s regions and local experts about their experience with DCFTA-related issues in their day-to-day business.

    The event has been organised by the EU-funded project entitled “Georgia on European Way: Creation of Effective Model for DCFTA and SME Strategy Implementation”. It will bring together representatives of 10 Local Advisory Councils (LAC) established in all nine regions of Georgia and the Autonomous Republic of Adjara in April and May 2018, as well as state institutions and bodies responsible for decision-making and the implementation of the DCFTA.

    The DCFTA Central Advisory Council was established by the project in order to facilitate the sharing of experience, questions and recommendations concerning the implementation of DCFTA-related rules and legislature in Georgia.

    The project aims to establish regular meetings of LACs in regions of Georgia every four months and then subsequent meetings of Central Advisory Councils at national level in Tbilisi. This will feed into decision-making with recommendations, questions and suggestions from the regions regarding the DCFTA Agreement implementation.

    The “Georgia on European Way” project is funded by the EU as part of its EU4Business initiative. It seeks to strengthen the capacities of Georgian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Business Support Organisations (BSOs) in supporting the implementation of the DCFTA with the EU, as well as the SME strategy for Georgia, through capacity building, awareness raising and the creation of advisory councils bringing together representatives of local and central government, SMEs, CSOs, BSOs and international experts.

  • Together for environment with Young European Ambassadors

    Fifteen Young European Ambassadors from Georgia initiated flower-planting action “Our Future Is Green” in Chiatura on 10 June. They planted flowers in the garden of Public School 5 with school students and other teenagers from “Students’ Self-Government” project implemented by NGO “the Union of Chiaturians” to raise awareness about the environmental issues and the importance of World Environment Day. Young European Ambassadors will present EU youth initiatives and opportunities for Georgian youth in the field of education and mobility.
    Mariam Bitsadze
    Why in Tchiatura? This place carries a huge importance. It is one of the most polluted city in Georgia, where the level of polluting drinking water, air and the whole nature is extremely high. I as a Young European Ambassador reckon that every taken action can influence others and this is my personal aim. It is important to involve as many people as possible and let them see the importance of integrity.

    Mariam Avakova
    Earth is a treasury, which humans have been awarded. We are part of Nature and we have to feel and recognize the connection between nature and our health, the feeling of connectedness to the nature is the core element in order to change awareness, Desire is not sufficient, it needs right action, we have to act, realize, teach, recognize and feel. This thought empowers and encourage me to rise my motivation to make my impact towards this issue, this is what I feeling, my voice is matter my engagement is important for community.

    Soso Dzamukashvili
    Promoting Environmental Protection is key for development. We live in it, we breathe it, we are inseparable parts of it. Obliterating the environment around us means damaging ourselves and it is inevitable. People sometimes take environment for granted and they do not realise how frail it is. Hence as a Georgian Young European Ambassador, I would like to contribute to raising awareness about environmental issues and thus uphold environmental friendly attitudes to multiply in the society, which can be an eventual solution to the problem.
    Young European Ambassadors will led series of civic engagement actions in the Eastern Partner countries in the framework of the World Environment Day (5 June). The actions will take place between 2 and 10 June 2018 and will revolve around tree-planting activities that raise awareness about the EU’s role for environment protection and promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle in the Eastern Partner countries. They will directly engage with local audiences by reaching out to local communities (school pupils, NGOs, university students.
    The EU funded ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project places a strong emphasis on engaging young people. For this reason, the project launched the ‘Young European Neighbours’ (YEN) network and the ‘Young European Ambassadors’ (YEAs) initiative in June 2016, which aims at fostering cooperation and sustainable links between young people and youth organisations from the European Union (EU) Member States and the Eastern Neighbourhood countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.
    The network is primarily an online platform that facilitates the mutual exchange of ideas and information on the EU, as well as promotes engagement of young people in outreach action. It focuses on people-to-people contact and dialogue-driven activities that will contribute to an enhanced understanding and perception of the EU and a greater appreciation of its relationships with the Eastern Neighbourhood.


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    The main topics of the meeting referred to the state programmes and initiatives designed to promote rural development through the diversification of local economies, improvement of social and public services, increasing of employment and sustainable use of natural resources.

    The event in Stepantsminda was the second in a series of public discussions in the regions. Organised by the country’s Environment Protection and Agriculture Ministry, the event was supported by the EU in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and People in Need (PiN) mission in Georgia.

    Kazbegi LAG was established with the support of the EU in the framework of the rural development project implemented by PiN Georgia within the second phase of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD). It is one of eight LAGs created with EU support in several municipalities in Georgia.

  • We will do our utmost to ensure that the Leuville Estate becomes Georgia’s cultural centre in Europe – Mikheil Janelidze

    “Once the Leuville Estate was handed over to Georgia, the government undertook to create a historical and cultural centre of Georgia in Europe. Works are already underway that will lead to the intended outcome” – the Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze said when speaking before the Diaspora forum.
    According to Mikheil Janelidze: “The French company, which is preparing the concept for rehabilitation works of Leuville Estate, has been selected. It will ensure that these works are carried out in compliance with high standards. We will do our utmost to ensure that the Leuville Estate becomes Georgia’s cultural centre in Europe”.

  • International NGO HWPL signed MOU for "Peace Culture City Project" with Tîrgu Mureş City in Romania

    Appealed to Romanian youth and citizens to join in the activities calling for the establishment of international law for peace

    On May 20th, Tîrgu Mureş City in Romania and the UN ECOSOC-affiliated NGO Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) signed an MOU for 'Peace Culture City Project' to develop a culture of peace through cultural exchanges and peace education.

    “Tîrgu Mureş City is a multicultural and historic city. HWPL is working to raise awareness of the world in culture, civilization, and history through continuous and constructive peace education and cultural exchange. Through this MOU, we hope that Tîrgu Mureş City and HWPL will be able to make each other’s culture more beautiful through “A Culture of Peace - the City project,” said Mayor Dorin Florea.

    Regarding this peace-building cooperation, Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL said, "I am glad to be able to communicate with the progressive City of Tîrgu Mureş through the MOU.”

    As for the role of individuals in working for peace, "Let us leave peace and better culture for future generations as a higher state of culture through exchange of culture of peace," he added.

    Then, Chairman Lee of HWPL and its peace delegation participated in the youth event titled "Youth, Let's Voice out" in Bucharest Parliament House. The event was jointly hosted by HWPL, its affiliated organization, International Peace Youth Group(IPYG), and the Romanian youth peace group, Master Peace Ro.

    "All mankind desires peace, nobody has wanted war. So, if we become one, we will be able to achieve peace. HWPL exists for youth. I hope all youth to join in peace activities of the IPYG and leave peace as a legacy for our future generations,” said Chairman Lee.

     “We have all shared to you our experience during a period of huge political, economic, culture, and scientific, technological transformation. We hope that this working experience will contribute to your future in the next period of big transformation ahead of you,” said Hon. Emil Constantinescu, the former president of Romania.

    Mr. Dragomir G. Marian, President of MasterPeace Ro said, "More than 1,000 youth have signed the DPCW and expressed their support. Today, I am happy to see the culture of peace promoted by the Peace Letter project." And he expressed his hopes for the youth in Romania to continuously promote the activities of culture of peace with HWPL, such as peace education and peace walk.

    The DPCW with 10 articles and 38 clauses includes provisions to avoid war-related actions and achieve peace, including respect on international law, ethnic/religious harmony, and spreading a culture of peace. In order to advocate peace and conflict resolution, HWPL has engaged in peace education and “the Legislate Peace Campaign” to raise awareness of peace to students and citizens around the world.

    In this event attended by 200 young Romanian youths, HWPL introduced the DPCW proposed as a solution to the dispute, and the participants wrote the 'Peace Letter' urging the president to support the DPCW.

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