The meeting of Sofio Katsarava with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 13:15

The Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sofio Katsarava hosted the Ambassador of Turkmenistan, H.E. Dovletmurat Muratov. The parties discussed bilateral visits, inter-Parliamentary relations and Friendship Group action plans, as well as political, economic and cultural cooperation. The parties discussed the details of the events scheduled in the Parliament on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations to be held on June 20.
The meeting was attended by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Head of Georgia-Turkmenistan Friendship Group. 

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    The Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Nikoloz Samkharadze held an online introductory meeting with his Lithuanian counterpart, newly elected Laima Andrikienė.

    The parties discussed the bilateral relations and cooperation prospects in the bilateral and multilateral formats.

    The parties touched upon the foreign policy priorities of both countries and overviewed the security milieu in the region, developments in Ukraine and NATO integration of Georgia.

    N. Samkharadze introduced the grave situation in the occupied regions of Georgia and dwelt on the Russian policy becoming an annexation policy. He emphasized the Parliamentary reforming agenda.

    The guest invited N. Samkharadze with the official visit to Vilnius.

  • The meeting of the Czech Ambassador in the Foreign Relations Committee

    The Chair of the CommitteeNikoloz Samkharadze and the First Deputy, Giorgi Khelashvili held the meeting with the Czech Ambassador, H.E. Petr Mikyska to discuss the Georgia-Czech relations, cooperation priorities and inter-Parliamentary directions.

    Georgian MPs informed the Ambassador about the Parliamentary Resolution on Foreign Policy and stressed the foreign priorities jointly developed by the Parliament and Government. As noted, EU integration is one of the top priorities of Georgia and the country is getting gradually ready to apply for EU membership in 2024.

    The parties overviewed the domestic political situation in Georgia, democratic reforms, regional security and the pandemic management issues.

    The Ambassador expressed intact support to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and the foreign policy of the country. As noted, Czech Republic undertakes several important projects in Georgia facilitating the political and economic development of the country.

    The parties agreed on cooperation formats and communication ways.

  • Nino Goguadze assessing the decision made on Georgia issue at the 1285th sitting of the CoE Committee of Deputy Ministers

    The First Deputy Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Nino Goguadze assessed the decision made on Georgia issue at the 1285th sitting of the CoE Committee of Deputy Ministers. 
    The CoE Committee of Ministers made an important decision yesterday. Since Georgia accessed CoE in 1999, no such important document on conflicts in Georgia has been made. It is an unprecedented decision indeed when the Committee unequivocally expressed its position that Georgia fails to exercise legitimate jurisdiction on own territories due to deployment of Russian Military Forces and Russian illegal actions thereon. European countries stated that they will never recognize independence of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali. The decision provides the facts of violation of human rights taking place on these territories. Unfortunately, we know about multitude of such facts and responsibility is imposed to Russia. European countries unequivocally call on Russia to allow Georgian citizens residing on the occupied territories having education in their native language and allow the IDPs residing in Georgia returning to their homes in dignified manner”.
    It is a very principal position of the international community and any process ongoing in Georgia concerning development of the country, occupied territories and conflicts will always remain in international agenda. “Our partners in various form and various formats express support to Georgia. It is the greatest achievement of our Government and the result of the greatest efforts undertaken by the Parliament and the executive authority of Georgia”.
    For the first time, the decision made at the 1285th sitting of the CoE Committee on May 3, 2017 provides that the conflict is between Russia and Georgia. The decision underlines that the policy and actions Russian Federation conducts towards the Georgian regions – Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia, including conclusion of so-called Agreements with the Georgian regions and held referendum/elections impede to peaceful resolution of the conflict, undermines efforts directed to security and stability of the region, grossly violates territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and have no legal force.
    The decision also underlines that none of the illegal acts of Russia aiming at change of the status of Georgian regions will have legal consequences. Correspondingly, the Committee calls on Russian Federation to stop and annul this process and adhere to the international law requirements, including the Cease-fire Agreement of August 8, 2008.
    The CoE Committee calls on Russian Federation to ensure immediate and unlimited entry of CoE agencies to the territories left beyond the control of Georgian Government.

  • The Parliamentary Delegation visits Hungary with invitation of the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee of Hungarian Parliament

    The Parliamentary Delegation, headed by the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sofio Katsarava and composed of Giorgi Khatidze, Irakli Mezurnishvili and Giorgi Lomia visits Hungary with invitation of the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee of Hungarian Parliament.
    Georgian MPs have already held the high rank meetings with the Chair and members of the Foreign Relations Committee of Hungarian Parliament, Minister of Foreign and Trade Affairs, Chair and members of the European Affairs Committee, Hungary-Georgia Friendship Group Chair and members and the Deputy State Secretary of Defense and Security Policy of the Ministry of Defense.
    The parties discussed the priorities of foreign policy and foreign relations of Georgia, considered inter-relation and bilateral and multilateral Parliamentary cooperation. The parties also overviewed politico-economic cooperation and territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. Hungary expressed support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. Hungary confirmed support to foreign policy of Georgia and ongoing reforms. The parties touched upon cooperation in economic, trade and educational spheres and considered tourism potential of Georgia.
    The meetings were productive and interesting we held with our colleagues in Hungarian Parliament. We spoke about cooperation prospects. At the meeting with the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee we spoke about Visegrad Group closer relations after Hungary becomes the presiding country of EU in July. We outlined the plans on enactment of cooperation between Visegrad Foreign Affairs Committees and our Committee. We overviewed our foreign policy priorities and further visa liberalization agenda. Hungary expresses full support in this direction and in reforming for NATO integration”, - S. Katsarava stated.

  • Europe Day celebrated in Ilia State University

    The Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sofio Katsarava and the Vice-Speaker, Sergi Kapanadze held the meeting with the students of Ilia State University with participation of the Ambassador of the Netherlands, H.E. Johannes Douma.
    The invited guests and the students discussed foreign political course of Georgia,  EU aspiration, road so far, challenges, EUAA and progress made by Georgia. The parties also touched upon DCFTA, visa free travel and institutional and legislative harmonization with EU. “We celebrate the Europe Day with the students. We want to be the part of Europe and have the greatest will and sense of unity of identity and values”, - Rector of ISU, Giga Zedania stated.
    S. Katsarava spoke about the foreign course of Georgia and introduced the Resolution on Foreign Policy of Georgia and the main directions therein. “We have clearly declared and formulated foreign course – Euro-Atlantic. Our relations with EU are unprecedentedly intensive. Our foreign course envisages EU integration and it is not the declared statement only. It is important for us to strive to at maximal extent approximate with European family and to share all the values we have with European countries to be the part of this family”.
    She spoke about visa liberalization success and reforms resulting in visa free travel. She emphasized benefits of visa free travel. “Other than it is the best decision in practical terms, it has the greatest political meaning as well. For EU integration it is another step forward to ensure maximal integration of Georgia to European family. Visa liberalization served as the greatest impetus and motivation for us to do our best for integration”. More than 11 000 citizens have already enjoyed visa free travel and only 26 citizens were banned to enter Schengen due to absence of some documents. “It is the merit the Government contributed managing provision of our citizens with correct and comprehensive information about visa free travel”.
    She emphasized economic integration and stated that improvement of economic situation is one of the priorities. “We strive to increase the standards to ensure intensified export of our production to EU market. Economic integration with EU is of utmost importance for Georgia”.
    S. Katsarava spoke about importance of education and educated generation and emphasized the programs and projects allowing Georgian citizens studying beyond Georgia. “We hold negotiations with EU member states regarding education in bilateral format to allow Georgian students learning in European Universities”.
    She underlined the steps made by the Parliament in EU integration terms. “Our task is to ensure maximal harmonization of Georgian legislation with EU standards”. She emphasized DCFTA and spoke about activities of executive and legislative authorities for EU aspiration. “There are various formats and delegations within which we hold the meetings with our European colleagues to demonstrate the progress we achieved. This was this progress serving the basis for visa liberalization for us, which is a historical achievement. Our Government is mobilized to make the task we declared – foreign policy – tangible for everyone. Any step we make regarding our citizens aims to increase quality of life. Georgia with European quality and standards is we aspire to. I believe that soon we will achieve more on EU integration path”.
    As she announced, Georgia celebrates 25 years of diplomatic relations with many countries. “This event is celebrated in the Parliament to underline where Georgia was 25 years ago and were it is now”.
    S. Kapanadze touched hereof issues and spoke about neighborhood policy and Eastern Partnership. According to him, the process started long ago expires. “It will be important for Georgia how it can answer the question “what comes next” as it process started long ago now expires. It at some extent depends on the developments in EU today. I would like Georgia to express its will of EU membership. Parliament of Georgia has already declared it though I would like it to state the particular date of appealing for membership”. It would be preferable to have EU commitment to give new format of relations for EaP member states – Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.
    “The primary task we assigned is what to do next”. “We have particular attitude to Georgia. When we ask about what Georgia can do next in EU integration terms, the answer is – hard work. We shall find the new format of cooperation and new model of relations”, - the Ambassador stated.
    The EU Integration Committee and the Ambassadors of EU member states are to hold the meetings with the students in Tbilisi and other cities during the week on the occasion of Europe Day.

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