The President of Georgia and the President of the Republic of Belarus Make Joint Press Statements

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Thursday, 02 March 2017 11:15
The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili and the President of the Republic of Belarus, H.E. Aleksandr Lukashenko have made joint press statements. The presidents have conversed about the issues discussed at tete-a-tete and extended meetings. President Margvelashvili has expressed his gratitude toward President Lukashenko and the Belarusian people for their warm reception. “We have discussed the important potential that your visit to Georgia has created for the Georgian-Belarusian relations. Following your visit, we opened the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to Georgia. Your visit has also triggered development of trade relations and increase of touristic potential. I am glad to hear that the Republic of Belarus is ready to strengthen relations with Georgia and to use all potential of our nations, in order to ensure the increase of well-being of our populations. We have discussed the issues of cooperation in various production areas, trade growth, promotion of touristic potential, and the prospects of strengthening cooperation in the areas of culture and education. Today we have signed new bilateral documents, which will create more opportunities to further strengthen our relations. Let me thank you for your unwavering support of Georgian state and let me assure you that the Georgian-Belarusian relations will further be enhanced. Thank you for this very interesting and all-encompassing dialogue and I believe that this dialogue holds a serious potential", - stated the President at a joint press conference. As President Lukashenko pointed out, Georgia represents a prospective and an important partner for the Republic of Belarus in the Caucasus region, with which the Republic has diplomatic relations for more than 20 years. “We trust each another and I am sure that by opening the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to Georgia we will further contribute to our cooperation. In the last period the governmental contacts have become more dynamic. The intergovernmental commissions play an important role in this process. Such close relations result in positive outcomes in the areas of trade and economics. Despite the difficult situation, the volume of trade turnover between our countries is increased by 63%, as compared to 2016 and reached the highest level in 5 years, close to 110 million. Our production is well-known in this sunny, mountainous region and grocery and furniture shops also work very well. At the meeting, President Margvelashvili and I have discussed a new phase of cooperation, which includes agricultural production, construction of sports facilities, and manufacture of utility equipment. Our country is also interested in the wine and fruit import. We have also conversed about the creation of joint ventures on the territory of Belarus […]. Very often our citizens choose Georgian resorts and the number of tourists has increased by almost 30%. By number of visitors to Georgia, the Republic of Belarus holds the 11th place and we envision beneficial prospects for the future as well. I would like to tell our Georgian friends, who will listen to my speech today or tomorrow that you have always been close to us. 15 thousand Georgian citizens were killed in Belarus in fight against Fascism and we will always have a great respect toward the Georgian people and culture. We will do our best for our brotherly nation, for the Georgian people”, - stated President Lukashenko. Following the joint press conference, President Margvelashvili and President Lukashenko signed a joint statement.
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  • President Margvelashvili Expresses Sorrow over the Death of a Georgian Soldier in Afghanistan

    The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has expressed sorrow over the death of the Junior Sergeant from Georgia, Mdinari Bebiashvili in Bagram airfield territory, Afghanistan. Mr. Bebiashvili was participating in the Resolute Support Mission.
    "I bow before each and every person who serves the homeland; who has sacrificed own life; who has been separated from families.
    I show my respect for these militaries and express gratitude on behalf of Georgian citizens”, - the statement of the President reads.
    President Margvelashvili has shown support to the family members, friends and companions of the deceased.
    He has also wished a rapid recovery to other Georgian soldiers, wounded in the Bargam attack, who receive medical assistance in Bagram airfield hospital.

  • President Margvelashvili Expresses Concern about Russian Border-Moving in the Village of Bershueti

    The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili expresses concern about Russia moving the border in the village of Bershueti, Gori district and hopes that the international community will instantly respond to this action.
    The Advisor to the President for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tengiz Pkhaladze has made this statement today.
    "It is extremely important any action that violates Georgia’s territorial integrity to be strongly condemned. Georgia will use all diplomatic means to stop the creeping occupation.
    On the order of the President, information about this incident of border-moving will be immediately delivered to our partners, friendly states, and international organizations and no act that violates Georgia’s territorial integrity will be left unanswered”, - stated Mr. Pkhaladze.

  • President Margvelashvili and President Nazarbayev Hold an Extended Meeting

    Following a tete-a-tete meeting, the President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili and the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, H.E. Nursultan Nazarbayev have held an extended meeting.
    The meeting has been attended by the Georgian delegation, which is comprised of the First Deputy Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, Mr. Dimitri Kumsishvili, the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Mr. Zurab Pataradze, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Davit Zalkaliani, the Head of the Administration of President, Mr. Giorgi Abashishvili, the Secretary of the National Security Council, Mr. Davit Rakviashvili, the Advisor to the President for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tengiz Pkhaladze, the Ambassador of Georgia to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Zurab Abashidze and members of the Parliament.
    The parties have mainly discussed the prospects of further strengthening trade-economic cooperation between Georgia and Kazakhstan.
    President Margvelashvili has congratulated his counterpart on a successful opening of the international exhibition, "EXPO 2017" and noted that he will also take part in this important forum.
    President Margvelashvili has invited President Nazarbayev to Georgia and pointed out that such visits give a significant impetus to further development of bilateral, political, trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian relations.
    As he further noted, Kazakhstan, Georgia's partner, is one of the leading investors in the country and the Government of Georgia does not spare efforts to strengthen cooperation in all possible spheres and identify new areas of cooperation.
    The parties have underlined that Georgia and Kazakhstan have a great potential for the development of bilateral, trade and economic relations and more efforts should be made to fully use this potential.
    Considering international agreements signed by Georgia in the field of trade, Georgia presents favorable conditions for further expanding trade relations with Kazakhstan.
    In regard to developing relations between the two countries, the parties have highlighted Georgia’s role, as a transit corridor, connecting Europe, Caucasus, and Asia and emphasized that Georgia actively works to become a logistical center in the region.
    For this purpose Georgia participates in international projects, such as: the new Anaklia port, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway and East-West highway projects.
    As underlined at the meeting, Georgia has historically been playing an important role in the Silk Road project for many years and is still involved in numerous transport projects.
    Georgia welcomes all new initiatives in these areas and is ready to discuss interesting and mutually beneficial suggestions in the collaboration process with partners.
    The meeting has also been focused on cooperation in the area of tourism. As noted, tourism between Georgia and the Republic of Kazakhstan develops rapidly on a daily basis.

  • President Trump Congratulates President Margvelashvili on the 25th Anniversary of Georgia-US Diplomatic Relations

    Dear Mr. President,
    On the 25th anniversary of our countries’ diplomatic relations, I extend to you and the Georgian people my warmest wishes and sincere appreciation for our longstanding friendship and cooperation.
    In the first quarter century of our partnership, the United States and Georgia have established a strong trans-Atlantic bond. We share common values, and have stood together under difficult circumstances to defend those values against international terrorism and regional instability. The United States supports Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internally recognized borders. We also recognize Georgia’s right to chart its own future. Georgian independence and democracy remain an aspiration to the world.
    My Administration and I look forward to future collaboration with you and the Georgian government to advance the shared values and prosperity of our two countries.
    Donald J. Trump

  • President Margvelashvili: Decision to Abolish the Constitutional Body - the National Security Council Is Based on a Wrong Understanding of the Current Situation

    As a part of the “Strategic Discussions of Tbilisi”, the President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili and the Secretary of the National Security Council, Mr. Davit Rakviashvili have hosted diplomats, representatives of legislative and executive branches of the Parliament and members of non-governmental organizations to discuss the security system in relation to the constitutional amendments.
    President Margvelashvili has shared his views on the deficiencies and challenges of the new security system in relation to the draft of the amended constitution.
    The President has spoken about the role and significance of the National Security Council, to be abolished according to the new Constitution and noted that before the constitutional amendment, negative attitudes toward the National Security Council were apparent in public statements, open boycotts against the Council’s activities and the decision to form a parallel structure, the Defense Council.
    According to the President, if a political will existed, coordinated cooperation in this regard would have been possible; however, unfortunately, according to the draft, the constitutional body – the National Security Council is already abolished.
    "In fact, the body which ensures reinforcement of Georgian army and armed forces and deals with serious challenges, is practically abolished according to the new Constitution and is substituted on the one hand by the Defense Council, which will function only during wartimes and on the other hand, by the slogan “Georgia should become a NATO-member country”, - stated the President.
    As he further pointed out, by introducing these amendments to the Constitution, unreasonable attitude toward the country’s security issues is highlighted.
    “The current decision, according to which the National Security Council should be abolished and other structures strengthened, only because the Council is under the President’s subordination, is astonishing.
    We should not have any political bias when it comes to the country’s security and defense; we should not be oriented to gain appreciation from individuals or politicians. If we thoroughly understand the current situation of Georgia, we will see that challenges that our country faces are very serious in terms of security and defensibility", - stated President Margvelashvili.
    According to the President, considering the fact that the country’s major challenge remains Russian occupation, the regional security environment is worsened since 2008 and the situation is escalated in Ukraine and Syria, the role of the National Security Council, the body which reacts on these challenges on a daily basis, is decisive.
    The National Security Council, aside reacting to the crisis, is committed to strengthen the country's defense capabilities. In this regard, Georgia’s integration process to NATO was coordinated with the National Security Council. Therefore, future cardinal changes in the Constitution, obviously, should formally be in accordance with our partners in NATO.
    Considering the current situation, the President considers the decision to abolish the National Security Council absurd. He believes that this decision is triggered by a wrong understanding of the existing situation.
    "I believe that it is a wrong understanding of the situation, to abolish the major constitutional body of the country, which ensures development of the military forces, civilian control over the armed forces and successful decision-making on the issues of the country's defense capabilities”, - noted the President.
    The President has also criticized reduction of a commander-in-chief’s functions and pointed out that according to the draft, a president only formally has a commander-in-chief’s functions and has no discretion to make any decisions.
    Seen by Nutsi Melitauri at Wednesday 18:55

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