The next sitting of the First Working Group of the Constitutional Commission

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Friday, 27 January 2017 15:55

The Working Group on Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms, Judicial Authority, Preamble of the Constitution and the General and Transitional Provisions of the Constitution held the additional sitting due to multitude of the agenda issues.
As the Chair of the Commission, Mr. Irakli Kobakhidze elucidated, the working group has considered the part of the issues at the first sitting and now resumes from the Article 19 of the Chapter II on Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms.
The representative of GYLA asked about consideration of the remarks by GYLA and noted that Georgian Young Lawyers Association has submitted the proposals regarding definition of the social rights and the adequate housing rights, though they cannot be reflected in any of the Articles. GYLA representative asked about possibility of development of the new Article and consideration procedures. In response, the Chair stated that the working group will reconsider the proposals by GYLA prior to accomplishment of consideration of the Articles of the Chapter II. The Commission members will discuss the healthcare and social issues, legal state and equality of property, educational and cultural development and free transit on the territory of Georgia.
The Commission member, Ms. Manana Kobakhidze spoke about alienation of lands to foreign citizens and commented to media: “We all agree that regulations are necessary, which will be in compliance with the main principles of the Constitution and the property right protection, though the problems related to unrestricted space of alienation of lands to foreign citizens will be otherwise “restricted” on the Constitutional level as well. All in all, the Commission will make the decision about the record to be made and so far, we are on discussion stage. The Commission was set up to discus all the proposals submitted for consideration. The Commission and the Parliamentary Majority has not yet made the final decision”. The sitting was attended by MPs, Chair of the Supreme Court, political parties, NGOs and Constitutionalists.


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  • The meeting of the State Constitutional Commission Members with the PACE Monitoring Committee

    he Members of the State Constitutional Commission held the meeting with the PACE Monitoring Committee members serving the visit to Georgia. Ms. Tamar Chugoshvili, the First Deputy Chairperson of Parliament, introduced the main principles, objectives and activity of the SCC. 
    The parties touched upon electoral system and undistributed mandates and blocs. I believe there are no questions about transparency and inclusive nature of activity of the State Constitutional Commission. We are aspired to at maximal extent approximate positions and manage to achieve consensus upon decision-making”, - she stated. The meeting was attended by the SCC members from various Factions and SCC experts.

  • The meetings of the First Working Group of the State Constitutional Commission continue
    The SCC Working Group on Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms, Judicial Authority, and the Preamble, General and Transitional Provisions of the Constitution holds the third meeting of the second round. The group working on the Preamble, Chapters I, II and V, has already held the meetings in view of development of the new edition of the Constitution. At the meeting today, SCC members started consideration of the Article 37, determining health care and ecologic issues. Today, SCC members will discuss remaining Articles of the Chapter II and move to the Articles of the Chapter V, regulating main directions of activities of the Constitutional and Common Courts and the Prosecutor’s Office.
  • The second round meetings of the State Constitutional Commission
    The SCC Working Group on Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms, Judicial Authority, Preamble and the General and Transitional Provisions of the Constitution held the second round meeting. The SCC Chair, Irakli Kobakhidze introduced the brief summary of the previous meetings and the regulation of the agenda. “The First Working Group of the State Constitutional Commission started the second round meetings two weeks ago. The group considered the Chapter I of the Constitution and the Chapter II on Human Rights up to the Article 20 inclusive. Today, we resume consideration with the Article 21 on property rights”. The group started consideration of the alternative drafts and the Article 21. The Commission members will in details consider the Chapter II Articles on fundamental human rights, property rights, labor rights, rights on education, freedom of expression and equality issues.
  • The PM talked about State Constitutional Commission

    Based on the country's needs and actual state of affairs, we must adopt a constitution fully in line with international standards, Georgia's Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili commented on the establishment of the State Constitutional Commission during the Government meeting session, also pointing out that the wider public is actively involved in the drafting of amendments to the country's supreme legislation.
    "Such broad participation in the work of the Constitutional Commission is unprecedented in Georgia, including constitutionalists, experts from the NGO sector, and international organizations. As you know, the Venice Commission confirmed the need to adopt amendments and commended the process itself. Unlike in the past, when the media were usually the source of information about constitutional amendments, and the whole process was purely political in nature, now, once and for all, we are about to have in Georgia a constitution drafted with broad participation and based on pressing needs and challenges," the Prime Minister stated.

  • The Members of Parliament and the representatives of Civil Sector agreed on enhancement of cooperatio

    According to K. Khutsishvili, the Chairman mentioned the reform in his speech that NGOs wanted to hear about. “I will be frank and state that we, NGOs consider the Constitutional majority of one party as a threat indeed when the Parliamentary governance system is still under formation but we consider that it is the greatest opportunity for reforming and the greatest responsibility you assume but it might give you a chance to ensure rapid progress of the country. We understand that we are under complicated situation and democracy in the world is under threat but Georgia still has a chance to be the leader at least in the region in terms of democracy and be a model for the transitional countries”. 
    NGOs have their opinions and proposals, developed policy documents and drafts. “Every NGO will be ready to closely cooperate with the Committees and the Administration of the Parliament”.
    The meeting continued with consideration of the thematic issues and the recommendations of the civil sector. NGPs spoke about sector directions and introduced their approaches for development of the country and reforming.
    The Chairman evaluated the importance and relevancy of the issues and expressed commitment for cooperation with NGOs. The State Constitutional Commission will cover development of the electoral system and all the gaps in electoral law and municipal election procedures will be improved as a result of consultations with CEC and NGOs. “The Government and the Parliamentary Majority cherish the ambition to develop the law to endure time and ensure long-term development of the country”.
    He touched upon judicial and law-enforcement reforms and stated that the third wave of judicial system will be soon accomplished, though it will need further development. As to the law-enforcement system, the institutional changes are necessarily to be developed on the Constitutional level and the Parliament shall further oversight the law-enforcement agencies.
    Speaking of minority rights, the Chairman touched upon improvement of legislation, elimination of hatred and better engagement of civil sector. He also spoke about situation in media and noted that lots of changes have been implemented since 2012, though some challenges still remain and media pluralism is the achievement of the Government.
    The Chairman spoke about social rights and EUAA obligations and underlined importance of involvement of NGOs. “Capacity building of the Parliament is important and we express commitment to study recommendations of NGOs. We are open for cooperation and can allocate some resources for better coordination”.
    K. Khutsishvli expressed her content about the meeting and thanked the First Deputy Chairperson for her particular merit in organization of the meeting.

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