Irma Inashvili met with Martina Quick

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 16:32

Irma Inashvili, the Deputy Chairman of Parliament, met with the Swedish Ambassador to Georgia Martina Quick. According to reports, the bilateral cooperation and future relations were discussed at the meeting.
As the Ambassador said, representatives of Sweden Parliament will cooperate with Georgian side. The Ambassador has also interested in the working process of State Constitutional Commission.

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  • Irma Inashvili met with the Ambassador of Germany

    The Deputy Chairperson of Parliament, Member of the Faction “Patriots of Georgia”, Irma Inashvili held the meeting with the Ambassador of Germany, H.E. Heike Peitsch.
    The parties discussed domestic and foreign policy of the country, bilateral relations and inter-Parliamentary cooperation. “I have informed the Ambassador about the Parliamentary activity of our Faction. She asked about the activity of the Constitutional Commission and our position on various initiatives. For instance, we support the Universal elections of the President or the election of the President by the Parliament etc.”, - I. Inashvili stated.
    The parties touched upon relations between Georgian Parliament and German Bundestag. “In this view, I have invited German female MPs to Georgia and we agreed on cooperation for the visit”. The parties discussed the aid German Government has rendered to Georgia since restoration of independence. I. Inashvili thanked the Ambassador for support and aid to our country. “We agreed to further cooperate and emphasized the importance of German experience in electoral system. In this regards, our Staff will actively cooperate with the Embassy”.

  • The sitting of the Bureau
    The Bureau considered the agenda for March 9-10 plenary sessions and defined the leading and mandatory Committees. The agenda concludes 55 drafts, including 9 documents for ratification. The Bureau discussed the consideration procedure of the changes to the Rules of Procedure developed by the Faction Patriots of Georgia. According to the Deputy Chairperson, Irma Inashvili, the changes allow MPs making statements at every plenary. According to the Chairman, Irakli Kobakhidze, the issue is relevant. “The issue is relevant indeed. We have many times witnessed the problems around this issue. It would be preferable to consider the draft Resolution with participation of the Factions to achieve to the optimal version”. MPs will consider the issue within 2 weeks. “We assume responsibility for initiation of the draft and for consideration thereof within 2 weeks. The issue is urgent and relevant as the Rules of Procedure provides the regulations creating problems in practice”.
  • The briefing by Irma Inashvili
    The Deputy Chairperson of Parliament, the Member of the Faction “Patriots of Georgia”, Irma Inashvili echoed the initiative of the Foreign Affairs Minister of Austria, Sebastian Kurz concerning deployment of the Refugee Centers beyond EU: “We understand that Libya, Syria and other countries encounter grave situation due to tense state of war, that Europe has to receive refugees and they try to find the way out but no one shall think that Georgia is a solution”. She spoke about risk factors that may follow this idea. Establishment of refugee containment camps will convert Georgia into the buffer zone, which bears danger for the country. “The statement envisages establishment of refugee containment camps, which will entail new source of tensions in the country. I hope that we all, and first of all the Government, understand that Georgia shall not become the buffer zone. We hope that no camps or whatever they are called, shall be established in Georgia, the country with own more than 300 000 refugees with unsolved problems”. According to her, the Austrian Foreign Minister visited Georgia in February, he studied the situation in Georgia and visited the IDP settlements. She called on the Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to make the public statement and inquire clear explanations by the Austrian Foreign Minister about his statement. “Georgian Government keeps free communication with Mr. Kurz. The Foreign Affairs Ministry shall make the official and public statement regarding this idea and once more address to the Austrian Foreign Minister for provision of explanations. I hope that the Government will have an intact position and will prevent implementation of similar ideas in Georgia, especially that none EU or any other European structures imposes this obligation on us as on the associated members”. The briefing was attended by the Leader of Alliance of Patriots, David Tarkhan-Mouravi. Indication to establishment of Refugee Center in Georgia was made by the Austrian Foreign Affairs Minister in one of his interviews. Mr. Kurz considers that deployment of IDPs from the Near East and North Africa may be implemented in Egypt, Balkans and Georgia.
  • The Parliament of Georgia hosted the Reception in honor of female MPs

    The Chairman of Parliament initiated the Official Reception “Gender Equality in Politics and Economy” with UNDP supportThe Chairman, Mr. Irakli Kobakhidze, the First Deputy Chairperson, Tamar Chugoshvili, the Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Martina Quick and the UNDP Resident Representative, Niels Scott opened the reception and delivered the welcome speeches.
    The Chairman spoke about importance of the event and stated that it is symbolic that February 21, 1921 is the day of adoption of the first Constitution of the Republic of Georgia. “I would like to note that the Constitution of the first Republic of Georgia was one of the most progressive documents in the world. The Constitution of the first Republic was ensuring the high standards of human rights and freedom, including equality principles”. Georgia was one of the first countries in the world where the voting right of women was endorsed under the Constitution. “Starting from the first Republic, women played an important role in political processes. In 1919 five women were elected as the Members of the Constituent Assembly of Georgia, taking acting part in political processes”.
    He emphasized the significant merit of the international partners, NGOs and state agencies in enactment of women participation in public and political life. “Naturally, we shall outline the adoption of the law on Gender Equality in 2010, as well as establishment of the Gender Equality Council. Adoption of the action plan was also important. I would like to note that the number of female MPs in the Parliament is gradually increasing”.
    He noted that the female representation compared to 2008 increased three times and constitutes 15%, which is the historical maximum. “The role of female MPs in Parliamentary life is high. We have 23 female MPs and 18 of them occupy the leading positions, including 2 Deputy Chairpersons”. The Chairman spoke about the challenges. “We are proud with the progress and increased role of female MPs in Parliament. However, I would like to note that the challenges remain, including low participation of women in political life, as well as stereotypes in the society. We shall all strive to deal with these challenges. The state agencies, international organizations, NGOs, all persons concerned shall take active part. The Parliament of Georgia expresses commitment for participation in the process”. He thanked the UNDP and Swedish Embassy for organization of the event.
    The First Deputy Chairperson and the Chair of the Gender Equality Council, Tamar Chugoshvili addressed the attendees: “I would like to thank UNDP and Chairman of Parliament for their joint initiative to organize the reception in the Parliament”. She spoke about importance of increased role of women in politics and noted that the gender balance in decision-making is in direct connection with economic welfare and development of the country. “Lots of surveys worldwide prove that women participation and gender balance in decision-making serve the fundamental basis for effective decisions and are in direct connection with economic welfare and development of the country”.
    The examples of the most successful countries in the world evidence that women participation in decision-making in high therein. She stated that despite there is much to do to increase the number of female members of Parliament and Government, we still witness the significant progress. “In Parliament we clearly witness that despite the number of female MPs is not high, they occupy the leading positions, are very active and productive”. Recently, the Parliament endorsed the renewed composition and the Statute of the Gender Equality Council. “The Council is composed of the representatives of the ruling party and the opposition. Although, we still have gender imbalance and women predominate in the Council, we also have male Members believing that gender equality is an important issue”.
    The GEC active cooperates with donor organizations (NDI, UNDP, UN WOMEN) and NGOs in development of the action plan. The Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Martina Quick spoke about particular role of female MPs. “You as female MPs, play the particular role. In the countries of high political participation of women, economic indices are quite high. If the country manages to ensure full involvement of women in decision-making and usage of their resources and skills, the country will be highly competitive”.
    In this term, Georgia achieved significant progress, though there is much to do. As she noted, against the background of 2017 Municipal Elections, more resources shall be consumed to increase women participation.
    The UNDP Resident Representative, Niels Scott stated: “We are glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with Gender Equality Council. We always cherished high expectations towards the GEC and the expectations are even further increased now”.
    The reception was attended by MPs, Government, civil society, international organizations and media. The event aimed at underlining the role of Parliament in establishment of gender equality and equal protection of rights of men and women.


  • The briefing by Irma Inashvili

    The Deputy Chairperson of Parliament, the Faction “Patriots of Georgia” MP, Ms. Irma Inashvili held the briefing to echo the developments around the Patriarchate of Georgia.
    According to her, it is a deliberate attack on Patriarchate to reduce authority thereof. She introduced the plan according to which in 2004-2005 the then Government was planning TV shows against the Patriarchate.
    “The plan was developed, commenced and still ongoing and we witness implementation of the hereof plan. The plan should be implemented by the Liberty Institute through the Chanel 1 of the Public Broadcaster after the Rose Revolution. The direct target of the plan was the Church and discretization of the Patriarch”.
    She introduced the records providing the concrete messages serving the basis for the PB to start development of the documentaries on Patriarchate. “The Chanel 1 of the then Broadcaster started implementation of the project. They developed various TV shows. I was the journalist who publicized the issue and openly spoke about the plan. As a result, the pace has been slowed down and programs have stopped. However, the current developments were prepared in 2004-2005. The plan was particularly defined and today we have to speak about the same issues. The issues concerned and still concerns the Church financing, the state in Synod, whether we can criticize the Patriarch etc.”.



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