The Draft Resolution provides significant progress of Georgia

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 12:50

The draft resolution was submitted to the PACE session in Strasbourg, concerning the current state in sundry CoE states in terms of freedom of media. The draft provides that Georgia achieved significant progress in media pluralism and freedom of media terms. Inclusion of the hereof issue to the draft resolution by the Georgian Delegation was supported by many partner states.
As the head of the Parliamentary Delegation, the First Deputy Chairperson, Ms. Tamar Chugoshvili stated, the change offered by the Georgian Delegation has not been fully considered. “The change we offered was partially shared, providing that in media terms, legislation of Georgia provides the best milieu for media to freely exist, hold activity and create pluralistic environment. The reporter agreed to this part. The resolution also provides that the ongoing court dispute entails questions in the international or local civil society that we naturally know. We know that the dispute entails significant turmoil. Thus, it would be preferable to as soon as possible make the decision and eliminate the doubts. These positive estimations and opinions are reflected in the resolution and it is what matters. I consider that the reporter could deeper search the essence of the issue and give better estimation to media context in Georgia. Howeverit is our task to provide the society and PACE members with full information and we serve for this task”.
The PACE set up the platform in 2015 studying freedom of media in CoE member states and namely the facts of assaults on journalists. It is the first time that the resolution provides positive record regarding Georgia.

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  • Georgian FM will deliver a speech at the Winter Session of PACE

    Georgian Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani will deliver a speech at the Winter Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg today.

    Within the framework of Georgia’s Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Davit Zalkaliani will discuss Georgia’s activity report and presents the priorities of the Georgian Presidency. Georgian FM will also answer the questions from Assembly members.

    On January 30, the Georgian Foreign Minister will attand the OSCE Permanent Council meeting in Vienna.

    The President of Georgia will also leave for Strasbourg. On January 28, Salome Zurabishvili will address Assembly members and will speak about the ongoing developments in Georgia and the human rights situation in the occupied territories of Georgia.

    At its winter session in Strasbourg (27-31 January 2020), the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will elect its new President. Only one candidature has been received.

    The Presidents of Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, as well as the Georgian Foreign Minister and President of the Committee of Ministers and the newly-elected Secretary General of the Council of Europe, will address PACE and answer questions.

  • The sitting of the Bureau

    The Bureau chaired by the First Deputy Chairperson, Tamar Chugoshvili discussed agenda for May 17-19 plenary sessionsMPs will consider with the III reading the draft on Declaration of the Law on National Investment Agency Void; with the II reading the drafts on Red Cross Society; and on Imprisonment Code.
    The agenda also includes the legislative initiatives by the Majority Factions and MP, Roman Gotsiridze envisaging changes to the Tax Code. The Chair of the Procedural Issues and Rules CommitteeGiorgi Kakhiani considers initiation of the drafts in one package expedient. As R. Gotsiridze stated the remark is acceptable and submission of the drafts was not pre-designed and the initiatives have been registered 2 months ago.
    According to the Chair of the Legal Issues CommitteeEka Beselia, the Bureau is entitled to reject the drafts if detects gaps or if decides the draft to impede activity of the Parliament.
    According to T. Chugoshvili, it is no pleasant tendency and expressed her hope that MPs will abstain from such submission form of initiatives in the future. The agenda also includes some documents for ratification:
    Agreement between Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on International Motor Traffic;
    Agreement between Georgia and Belarus on Air Traffic;
    Decision of the Joint Committee N1/2016 set up under the Free Trade Agreement between Georgia and Turkey on Changes to the Protocol II on Definition of the Concept of Origin of Goods and Methods of Administrative Cooperation.  The next Bureau sitting will be held on Monday to further specify the agenda.

  • Tamar Chugoshvili: I would hail if the Speaker of the Parliament and the President of Georgia jointly introduce the Constitutional Changes to the population

    The Parliament invites the President of Georgia to participate in public consideration of the Constitutional Changes, as stated by the First Vice Speaker, Tamar Chugoshvili.
    “Regarding the public consideration of the Constitutional Changes, we have offer to the President – we want to invite him to participate in public considerations. I would hail the fact if the Speaker of the Parliament and the President of Georgia jointly introduce the Constitutional Changes to the population, especially that the President and his Administration have already started this process for a certain period and we start it now deriving from the requirements of the Rules of Procedure. However, we can consolidate these two processes”.

  • The meeting of Tamar Chugoshvili with CoE Human Rights Commissioner

    “The human rights state in Georgia was very positively estimated”, - the Head of the Parliamentary Delegation to PACE, Tamar Chugoshvili stated after the meeting with the CoE Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks. 
    The report by the Commissioner on Georgia provided the recommendations, though as appeared after promulgation, the greatest part of the recommendations is already implemented. “Promulgation of the report revealed that the greatest part of the recommendations is already implemented. The recommendations envisaged the activities in terms of judicial reform. All the recommendations are already covered with the third wave of judicial reform”, - T. Chugoshvili stated.
    The Constitutional reform ongoing in Georgia also meets the recommendation, envisaging increased quality of independence of Prosecutor’s Office.
    “Within the Constitutional reform, we significantly increase independence of the Prosecutor’s Office and it meets one of the recommendations of the Commissioner. So, remarks expressed towards Georgia or recommendations are factually shared by the Parliament”.
    She invited the Commissioner to Georgia. The meeting was attended by the Chair of the Legal Issues Committee, Eka Beselia and the Resident Representative of Georgia to CoE, Constantine Korkelia.

  • The PACE Monitoring Committee sitting to be held in Tbilisi in 2018

    The PACE Monitoring Committee schedules the sitting in summer, 2018 in Tbilisi, as the Head of the Parliamentary Delegation, the Monitoring Committee member, Tamar Chugoshvili stated. Today, the Monitoring Committee considered the report providing the most positive estimations on Georgia. The main recommendation envisaged necessity to continue judicial reform and particular attention to the Venice Commission recommendations upon Constitutional reform.
    “The co-rapporteurs introduced the positive estimations. Today, we heard the similar reports on four countries and the most positive was concerning Georgia. Both co-rapporteurs made positive accents on necessity of judicial reforming and consideration of Venice Commission recommendations upon Constitutional reform”.
    According to the opposition MP, Giorgi Kandelaki, the Committee touched upon the Constitutional changes and hoped for consideration of Venice Commission remarks.

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