Khaduri,Bakradze,Javakhishvili,Eloshvili and Dumbadze will not be in the new Cabinet of Minister

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016 15:15

Nodar Khaduri, Davit Bakradze, Nodar Javakhishvili, Ilia Eloshvili and Gela Dumbadze will not be in the new Cabinet of Minister. As the Acting Prime Minister stated today, he thanks to them for their work and says that they will stay in the ruling team.
According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Davit Bakradze will be Georgian Ambassador to US, Ilia Eloshvili will continue his work as the Deputy Energy Minister. As for the State Minister for Diaspora Issues, Mikheil Janelidze will lead it as the Foreign Minister. 

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  • Davit Bakradze met with Donald Trump

    US President has hosted Georgian Ambassador to the United States. The meeting between Davit Bakradze and Donald Trump was held at the White House. US Leader held an introductory meeting with the newly appointed Ambassadors. He congratulated Davit Bakradze on starting his mission and wished him success. 

  • Davit Bakradze's article in Neweurope

    Georgia-Tbilisi – Just before the end of 2016, final decisions were made to grant Georgia a visa-free regime with the EU. In addition to the tangible result of Georgia’s European integration, this decision positions Georgia to become a hub of energy, data, goods, capital, services, and talent, connecting several world regions. That is a big role for a small country and a young democracy, but Georgia is up to the task
    Georgia must now rise to the challenge of politically defining the significance of its location or risk that its location will determine the politics of the country. Georgia is determined never again to let that happen. This is why our relationship to Washington has been indispensable.
    In the early 1990s, the South Caucasus was envisaged as a corridor for the energy resources of the Caspian basin and, perhaps, of Central Asia. In time, what came into being was a smaller but scalable project that bound together Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, untapped the riches of the Caspian and, in the future, could become a hedge for Europe’s energy supply. Ambitious ideas have a life of their own.
    There are some who still dwell on the perceived failure of the Nabucco project. But, the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline project followed much of the same route, bringing Caspian resources to Europe — particularly to Southeastern Europe which is dependent on Russia for over 90% of its natural gas needs.
    It is worth noting that vision to carve out a role for the region in the European landscape came from Washington. Washington listened to local aspirations and facilitated the gathering of regional, European, and global stakeholders to work together towards a future that would fortify the processes of democratization, liberalization, and development. Beyond building pipelines, Washington hoped to harness relationships. And that vision has materialized.    
    For some time now, the region and the energy-honed relationship has had a life of its own. The three countries have gone on to build a regional electricity market on the foundations of a grid funded by European institutional investors. The South Caucasus is the last leg of a 12-day trip from China to Europe. As bullet speed trains are reanimating the ancient Silk Road the region is making its pitch to the world as an industrial hub, with cheap electricity, low regulation, competitive corporate taxation rates, an educated workforce, and necessary infrastructure.
    In February 2016, the Government of Georgia selected a US-Georgia Consortium for the development of the Anaklia deep sea port. The €3,3bn project will be the only one of its kind on the eastern shores of the Black Sea that can be reached by Panamax-size ships. That creates a maritime direct Launch Pad from Central Europe to the Middle East and China. In the short run, the port will connect Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kirgizstan, and Tajikistan, to the west. In the medium run, Anaklia is the port of convenience for a minimum of 146 million people. In the long term, Anaklia is a global gate from emerging to developed economies. 
    Beyond joint ventures, the political landscape in Georgia still bears the marks of Washington’s formative involvement in its development and the two nations share a common world view. Now, as Georgia carves out its own space in the emerging economic environment. Georgia is building on its DCFTA agreement with the EU, EFTA, FTAs with CIS countries, including Russia and Turkey, to speed up the process of concluding a Free Trade Agreement with China. Market access is matched by a low taxation, low regulation, and high transparency regime, of the kind that makes Georgia one of the easiest places to do business in the world, according to the World Bank.
    The vision driving all these efforts to promote economic, energy, and infrastructure interconnectedness is a safer and peaceful region.
    This “can-do,” pro-business, problem-solving attitude that views regulation as the software that unleashes the creative spirits of entrepreneurship was born  in the early days of Georgian independence and further advanced in recent years  With an eye towards the future, Georgia is not building trade links to the world merely to sell its wine, mineral water, honey, or fruit that its 3.8 million person economy can produce. We envision a future where Georgia transcends its size and geography to attain  greater significance in the global economy and forges ahead with politically defining the importance of its location.

    author: Davit Bakradze

  • Meeting with TCC Representatives

    Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili met today with representatives of the China Tianchen Engineering Corporation (TCC). The parties discussed Georgia's investment potential and prospects of cooperation.
    At the meeting, the growing dynamics of the economic and investment relations between Georgia and China were emphasized, and the importance of the free trade agreement was pointed out.
    The discussions also involved the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation's ongoing project, Gardabani Thermal Power Station 2, which is implemented by TCC. The parties expressed hope that Gardabani Thermal Power Station will prove yet another important energy contributor to Georgia's power grid and an important step strengthening the country's energy security.
    TCC is one of the largest engineering and industrial corporations in China, with its engineering projects covering over 30 countries. TCC has impressive experience in constructing underground natural gas storage and combined cycle power generators. 
    Held at the Administration of the Government, the meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Giorgi Gakharia, Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation CEO Davit Tvalabeishvii, and Deputy Minister of Energy Ilia Eloshvili. 

  • Zurab Alavidze will head the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia

    Former Minister Nodar Javakhishvili, introduced the new minister Zurab Alavidze to officials of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.
    As said Nodar Javakhishvili, the Ministry has a complex and ambitious program. He wished success to the new minister in this difficult mission.
    Zurab Alavidze thanked Nodar Javakhishvili for his work and said that he would do everything possible to more effectively continue the successful work of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure.

  • Three new faces in the new Cabinet of Minister

    Three new faces in the new Cabinet of Minister – Giorgi Gakharia, Zurab Alavidze and Viktor Dolidze.
    Giorgi Gakharia will take the post of Economy and Sustainable Development Ministry of Georgia. Zurab Alavidze will be Minister of Infrastructure and Viktor Dolidze will take the post of the State Minister for European and Euro Atlantic Integration of Georgia.
    As Giorgi Kvirikashvili said, all of them are qualified politicians. 

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