The first sitting of the EU Integration Committee

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Monday, 21 November 2016 17:45

The Chair of the Committee elected Irina Pruidze as the First Deputy and Beka Natsvlishvili from majority and Giorgi Kandelaki from minority as the Deputies. The Committee also developed the Regulation.
The first sitting was chaired by the Chair, Tamar Khulordava. “It is the greatest responsibility for me to chair the Committee and to work with you. I hope our cooperation will be productive. I would like us to be active because EU integration is the directions which is most important not only deriving from the foreign policy but in terms of domestic political processes and reforms. We have much to do to contribute our mite in and facilitate to effective implementation of EUAA in Georgia. In terms of implementation of legislative initiatives or Parliamentary oversight, we shall be extremely active. One more important direction is relations with EU structures and we are aspired to maximal approximation therewith. I hope for your support during all these processes”. The Committee is composed of: Irina Pruidze, Beka Natsvlishvili, Sofio Katsarava, Giorgi Mosidze, Irakli Abuseridze, Tsotne Zurabiani, Guram Macharashvili, Merab Kvaria, Gia Gachechiladze, Giorgi Kandelaki, Tinatin Bokuchava, Salome Samadashvili, Giorgi Lomia.


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  • The sitting of the Bureau

    The Bureau discussed the drafts on Constitutional Changes and on Autonomous Republic of Adjara. According to the procedures, the drafts shall be submitted to the Procedural Issues and Rules Committee to verify authenticity of signatures to be followed with set up of the steering commission of public consideration and promulgation of the Constitutional draft.The agenda of May 3-5 plenary sessions includes more than 90 drafts, new initiatives and organizational issues.MPs will consider with the I reading the draft on Entrepreneurship and the draft on Securities Market. MPs will discuss the issues for II and III reading.The Bureau registered new legislative initiatives, including the draft Resolution of the Parliament on Declaring the Resolution on Set up of the State Constitutional Commission and Endorsement of the Regulations of the State Constitutional Commission Void, declaring the Resolution of December 15, 2016 void.The Bureau decided to start consideration of the drafts on General Administrative Code and on Special Penitential Service. The organizational issues included the reports by the Ministry of Finance, National Bank, National Statistics Office and Board of Trustees of the Public Broadcaster. The plenary session will be held on May 3 at 12h00.

  • The meeting of MPs with Marneuli Public School children on the occasion of Europe Day

    The topic of the meeting initiated by the EU Integration Committee and supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Marneuli Public School N8 was “Georgia and EU”.
    The meeting held on the occasion of Europe Day was attended by the EU Integration Committee member, Giorgi Mosidze, Marneuli Single Mandate MPs, Tamaz Naveriani and Ruslan Gajiev, as well as the Director of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung South Caucasus Representation OfficeThomas Schrapel.
    G. Mosidze spoke about foreign political course, EU aspiration and importance of membership of Georgia of European family. He emphasized EU member states and European Parliament activity and touched upon visa free travel to EU, importance of education and educated youth and their role in state development. “We shall show our new generation the prospects deriving from EU integration. Georgia transits to the new stage of relations with EU. We already have the visa liberalization and expect further approximation to EU. We shall provide our youth with the information about Europe, its values and perspectives it offers”.
    Children asked about the benefits of EU and NATO integration, changes of youth granted under EU integration etc. MPs provided the information about the competition held in Parliament on the occasion of Europe Day, allowing exposing their works on “Europe with my eyes”.
    The competition will be held on May 8 and the authors of the best works will be awarded. Tomorrow, the Committee will hold the meeting in Akhalkalaki.

  • The sitting of the Foreign Relations Committee

    The Committee considered the draft Resolution on Condemnation of Actions by Russian Federation directed to Annexation of Occupied Territories of Georgia, introduced by the Faction “European Georgia” MP, Giorgi Kandelaki. The draft is initiated by Minority Factions: European Georgia, Movement for Freedom – European Georgia and Movement for Freedom – Regions. The document condemns actions by Russian Federation aiming at annexation of occupied territories of Georgia and occupation of Georgian territories, condemns steps by Russian Federation for further integration of occupied territories, including through illegitimate elections and illegal referendum.
    The Parliament calls on international community to keep protecting territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and support of NATO integration of Georgia. The Parliament calls on the Government to enact multilateral legal, political, humanitarian and other leverages in international organizations for condemnation of Russian actions, to stop financing media publications maintaining Russian propaganda, to terminate cooperation with the groups dignified with clear anti-Western ideas and opposing EU and NATO integration of the country, as well as undertake all reasonable measures to re-include Georgia issue into the agenda of dialogue of international community with Russia.
    The Committee expressed unanimity that the Parliament shall express political position with the draft, though the Majority did not support the draft due to the record regarding the Government. As MPs stated, the text fails to due reflect reality and is not result-oriented. The context thereof does not rely on objective information regarding the activities of the Government in various formats.
    As noted, the Parliament will adopt the uniform political resolution clearly formulating the positions of the Parliament regarding Russian aggressive actions aiming at annexation. “We are unanimous regarding occupied territories and actions by Russia. We have the principal discord regarding the Government record in the draft. The fact that the issue shall be re-included into the world political dialogue is not a correct formulation as it is reflected in all statements and resolutions as a result of executive and legislative authorities. It is in the world agenda resulting from the efforts of our Government. So, we cannot support this draft in this form. In the nearest future, we intend to submit the resolution providing pragmatic and rational accents taking the state interests into account”, - the Chair, Sofio Katsarava stated.
    There is no different opinion about our territories occupied by Russia and about developments in Tskhinvali and Abkhazia. Referendum in Tskhinvali is continuation of Russian annexation. The primary task of our team is to ensure support of non-recognition policy in international relations. Results of this policy are crystal clear. Many of our partners in their official documents condemned the recent fact related to referendum in Tskhinvali. It is the result of policy the Government conducts. Expression of Parliamentary position is important and we have the resolution under development to be submitted to the Parliament”, - the First Deputy Chair, Nino Goguadze stated.
    The Protocol on Accession of Georgia to the Constituent Agreement of Energy Unions signed on October 14, 2016 was introduced by the Deputy-Energy Minister, Mariam ValishviliThe document defines terms and conditions of implementation of EU legislation on gas, energy, environment, competition and statistics. Accessing the document, Georgia will start implementation of directives up to 2023 concerning: energy and gas supply safety, crisis management, reserves for prevention of oil deficit, formation of competitive and liberal markets, use of renewable energy, environmental protection etc. The Committee supported the draft. The Agreement on Air Traffic between Georgia and Belarus allows air enterprises international air traffic between Georgia and Belarus. Tariffs shall be defined independently by air companies and flight frequency will depend on aviation market needs. “The Agreement facilitates to regular air traffic between two countries, increase of free competition, tourism and improvement of service”, - the Deputy-Energy Minister, Giorgi Cherkezishvili stated. The Committee supported the document.

  • The sitting of the EU Integration Committee

    The draft Resolution on Condemnation of Actions by Russian Federation to Annexation of Occupied Territories of Georgia was introduced by the Faction “European Georgia” MP, Giorgi Kandelaki. The draft is the initiative of Minority Factions: European Georgia; Movement for Freedom – European Georgia, and Movement for Freedom – Regions. The draft condemns actions made by Russian Federation directed to occupation of Georgian territory and annexation of occupied regions. The draft calls on the international community to further ensure protection of territorial integrity of Georgia and internationally recognized borders of the country and further support NATO integration of Georgia and calls on Georgian Government to condemn actions made by Russian Federation through enactment of various legal, political, humanitarian and other leverages in international organizations.
    MPs expressed uniform position that the Parliament shall express its position regarding the ongoing processes on occupied territories, though the Committee did not support the draft in current edition due to the record made in regards with the Government. The text fails to properly reflect reality the Committee stated, and is not result-oriented. The context thereof is not based on objective information.
    The Parliament will adopt the uniform political document – Resolution to condemn actions made by Russia. The hereof draft cannot be principally shared as it fails to recognize the activity made by the Government. It does not correspond to reality and hence, the Committee does not support it. Much is done as by the executive so by the legislative authority to actively and unilaterally express the position supporting sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia on the highest level by partners. Georgian diplomacy actively strives to maintain Georgia issue into the international agenda”, - the Chair stated.
    The Committee will develop the alternative version clearly providing the positions of the Parliament in regards with aggressive actions of Russian Federation aiming at annexation.
    The Committee considered the Protocol on Accession of Georgia to the Constituent Agreement of Energy Union signed on October 14, 2016, introduced by the Deputy-Energy Minister, Mariam Valishvili.
    According to her, the Energy Union aims at creation of the investment milieu in view of uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity for infrastructure in various countries; arrangement of uniform regulatory area in energy network; increase of safety of supply through increased investments and developed cooperation mechanisms; improvement of environment and facilitation to energy efficiency measures and application of renewable energy.
    The frame agreement concludes 25 legislative directives and regulations on gas, electricity, supply safety, renewable energy, oil, energy efficiency etc. Georgia, on the one hand between EU and European Nuclear Energy Unions and Member states and on the other hand under EUAA, has assumed harmonization of legislation on energy with EU standards.
    The Agreement allows Georgia becoming the member of European Energy Union. In mid-term perspective, the Energy Union aims at creation of regional integrated energy base allowing trans-border trading and providing energy supply taking climate change and social aspects into account. Accession to Energy Union and application of respective legislative frame will accelerate:

    • Formation of modern and competitive energy sector;
    • Financial sustainability and increased rights of consumers;
    • Harmonization of legislation with EU Environmental Law;
    • Inflow of investments in energy sector.

    Membership of Georgia in Energy Union will facilitate to implementation of EUAA obligations and establishment of European energy legislation will facilitate to creation of regulated and stable investment milieu, improvement of sector structure, increase of professional and institutional capacities and long-term development prospects.

    The Committee supported the draft.

  • The sitting of the Bureau

    The Bureau considered the agenda for April 19-21 plenary sessions and assigned the leading and mandatory Committees for new initiatives.
    The agenda includes 15 issues: for I reading the drafts on: Higher Education; Red Cross Society; Rules of Procedure; for the II reading the drafts on: State Property; Machakhela National Park; Regulation Fees. MPs will hear the report by the Personal Data Protection Inspector on activity for 2016.

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