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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 10:00
A hundred representatives of business supporting organisations (BSOs) from 18 countries from the EU, the Southern Mediterranean and Western Balkans as well as Turkey, attended the 3rd Euromed Invest Academy Serbia organised last month in Serbia under the theme “Cooperation - Complementarity between the South Mediterranean and the Western Balkans”.
The Academy was focused on further development of business and investment opportunities between the Southern Neighbourhood and the EU Enlargement countries through two main components: benchmarking between both regions on their relations with the EU and better understanding between regions to improve business and investment opportunities.
The objective of the EUROMED Invest project is to boost private business and investment within the Euro-Mediterranean region to contribute to an inclusive economic development. The project activities aim to empower Euro-Med business and investment networks to implement targeted strategies in support of SME development in specific sectors: agri-food, water and alternative energies, tourism, transport and logistics, cultural and creative industries.
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  • Erdogan – Turkey’s security begins in Nakhchivan, Cyprus, Batumi and Balkans

    President Erdogan today made quite an important political statement that the issue of national security. In particular, he made it clear that national security issues are not inside, but outside. One  of the places where this issue is resolved, he called Nakhchivan – the  Azerbaijani region bordering with Turkey.
     "We must destroy the threat against Turkey in the bud. We should not forget  even for a minute that the Turkish security  begins not  in the provinces of Gaziantep, Hatay, Kars and Artvin,  but in the Syrian Aleppo and Idlib, in Cyprus, in Nakhchivan, Batumi, in the Balkans," said the President, speaking in Ankara.
     Erdogan said that the forces, which can not openly challenge Turkey, try to act surreptitiously. "It is interesting that those who had no shame, accuse Turkey of refusal to deal with LIH today require Ankara to stop the anti-terrorist operations in the region. Ankara advised not to send troops to Syria further than 20 kilometers inland. However, no matter what anyone said, we will continue to go on its way," quotes Erdogan the  Anadolu Agency.
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  • NATO-EU Joint Declaration

    Joint declaration by the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission, and the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    We believe that the time has come to give new impetus and new substance to the NATO-EU strategic partnership.
    In consultation with the EU Member States and the NATO Allies, working with, and for the benefit of all, this partnership will take place in the spirit of full mutual openness and in compliance with the decision-making autonomy and procedures of our respective organisations and without prejudice to the specific character of the security and defence policy of any of our members.
    Today, the Euro-Atlantic community is facing unprecedented challenges emanating from the South and East. Our citizens demand that we use all ways and means available to address these challenges so as to enhance their security.
    All Allies and Member States, as well as the EU and NATO per se, are already making significant contributions to Euro-Atlantic security. The substantial cooperation between NATO and the EU, unique and essential partners, established more than 15 years ago, also contributes to this end.
    In light of the common challenges we are now confronting, we have to step-up our efforts: we need new ways of working together and a new level of ambition; because our security is interconnected; because together we can mobilize a broad range of tools to respond to the challenges we face; and because we have to make the most efficient use of resources. A stronger NATO and a stronger EU are mutually reinforcing. Together they can better provide security in Europe and beyond.  
    We are convinced that enhancing our neighbours' and partners' stability in accordance with our values, as enshrined in the UN Charter, contributes to our security and to sustainable peace and prosperity. So that our neighbours and partners are better able to address the numerous challenges they currently face, we will continue to support their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, as well as their reform efforts.
    In fulfilling the objectives above, we believe there is an urgent need to:
    Boost our ability to counter hybrid threats, including by bolstering resilience, working together on analysis, prevention, and early detection, through timely information sharing and, to the extent possible, intelligence sharing between staffs; and cooperating on strategic communication and response. The development of coordinated procedures through our respective playbooks will substantially contribute to implementing our efforts.
    Broaden and adapt our operational cooperation including at sea, and on migration, through increased sharing of maritime situational awareness as well as better coordination and mutual reinforcement of our activities in the Mediterranean and elsewhere.
    Expand our coordination on cyber security and defence including in the context of our missions and operations, exercises and on education and training.
    Develop coherent, complementary and interoperable defence capabilities of EU Member States and NATO Allies, as well as multilateral projects.
    Facilitate a stronger defence industry and greater defence research and industrial cooperation within Europe and across the Atlantic.
    Step up our coordination on exercises, including on hybrid, by developing as the first step parallel and coordinated exercises for 2017 and 2018.
    Build the defence and security capacity and foster the resilience of our partners in the East and South in a complementary way through specific projects in a variety of areas for individual recipient countries, including by strengthening maritime capacity.
    Cooperation in these areas is a strategic priority. Speedy implementation is essential. The European External Action Service and the NATO International Staff, together with Commission services as appropriate, will develop concrete options for implementation, including appropriate staff coordination mechanisms, to be presented to us and our respective Councils by December 2016. On the EU side, the High Representative/Vice President of the Commission will steer and coordinate this endeavour.
    We will review progress on a regular basis.
    We call on both organisations to invest the necessary political capital and resources to make this reinforced partnership a success.
    Signed at Warsaw on 8 July 2016 in triplicate.
    Donald Tusk
    President of the European Council
    Jean-Claude Juncker
    President of the European Commission
    Jens Stoltenberg
    Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization


    და ფინეთთანაც. 

  • Get inspired by the new Switchers website!

    The EU-funded programme SWITCH-Med (Switching to more sustainable consumption and production in the Mediterranean) has launched a news website - the switchers - to present the best environmental and social innovations in the Mediterranean and encourage change through showing concrete and visible efforts.

    Switchers are individuals, enterprises or civil society organisations that have been able to develop an eco and social innovative solution making an impact for sustainable living within the Mediterranean region, and contributing to the switch to a sustainable and fair consumption and production pattern.

    The website shares stories of entrepreneurs and civil society organisations, showing concrete examples of how a switch to sustainable food, housing, tourism, transport, clothing or waste management is possible. Currently over 50 initiatives were selected, available in French and English. The project invites all potential switchers to get in touch to be part of this community.

  • 15th FEMIP Conference: EIB reinforces innovation, entrepreneurship and jobs in the Mediterranean

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) hosted the 15th FEMIP Conference on 26 October in Luxembourg in partnership with the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM).

    The meeting explored the links between private sector finance, entrepreneurship and job creation, with a focus on tools for financing pioneering investments in the Mediterranean region.

    On the sidelines of the conference, the Luxembourg Presidency launched an initiative to support youth employment in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia through vocational training. The initiative seeks to bring together public institutions in the three countries and private sector developers to provide capacity building that triggers entrepreneurship in the three North African countries as a pilot that will be replicated at a later stage to include Mashrek countries.

    As one of the main lenders in support of economic and social development of the EU’s Mediterranean partners, the EIB has provided €1,322 million since 2011 to support the private sector in the region through direct loans, bank-intermediated SME facilities, micro finance and equity risk capital. 

  • Renewable energy: EU project promotes networking among companies of the Mediterranean area

    Companies of the renewable energy sector from Cyprus, Egypt, France, Italy and Jordan will gather in Palermo (Italy) on 4 November in the framework of b2b meetings organized by the ‘Small scale thermal solar district units for Mediterranean communities’ (STS-Med) project, funded under the CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme with the aim of implementing pioneering technologies to serve the energy demand of 20,000 end users.

    The aim of the event is to foster synergies in the field of innovative solar technologies, assess market opportunities, identify joint research projects, and define possible partnership agreements for technical or commercial collaboration.

    On 5 November, a dissemination workshop on the STS-Med project results will take place with the participation of energy and innovation experts from the Mediterranean area.

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