Several state agencies funding is reduced

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 14:13

Several state agencies funding is reduced. According to the 2017 draft budget, which will be discussed in Parliament committee sessions, funds of a number of ministries and other state structures is less than in 2016.
In particular, funding for the National Security Council, which this year was the 2-million, in 2017 will be 800 000. As for the State Security and Crisis Management Council, it will receive only 3,8 ml Gel. From 20 million to 17 million is cut funding for government administration.
As for the Interior Ministry – the fund is decreased by 10 ml Gel. This budget will regard to Intelligence services, Justice Ministry, Department of Penitentiary, Foreign Ministry, Energy Ministry and others. 

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  • Parliament approves state budget for the year of 2018

    The Georgian Parliament has approved the state budget for the upcoming year of 2018. 

    The document presented by new Financial Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, was unanimously approved by the MPs with 111 votes in favor. 

    Debates and discussion preceded the voting all day long. 

    The total volume of the state budget increases reaching 12,441 billion GEL.

  • The sitting of the Budget and Finance Committee

    The Committee considered the drafts on Declaring the law on National Investment Agency Void; State Support of Investments; Grants and Tax Code, introduced by the Deputy-Economic Minister, Irma Kavtaradze.
    The changes annul the legislative act setting up the LEPL National Investment Agency. The law on National Investment Agency is declared void and the Government has the 30-day term upon enactment of the hereof law for wind-up of the Agency. The successor of the NIA is defined to be the LEPL Produce in Georgia at the Ministry of Economy. The Committee supported the drafts.
    The Committee considered the drafts by GNCC on E-Communications; Broadcasting; License and Permission Fees; License and Permits and on National Regulation Bodies.
    The GNCC Chair, Vakhtang Abashidze elucidated that the part of changes concerns facilitation to media literacy development. “Today, the information field in electronic and broadcasting media became complicated for acknowledgment. It is hard to response to propaganda messages. Media literacy implies public awareness to provide the population with the ability of critical thinking”.
    This is the issue under development by European countries. There are the programs and scientific and analytical studies in this direction. The Committee considered it expedient to hold further consultations prior to the decision.


  • Conciliation to start on 2016 EU budget

    A three-week conciliation period started today, with the aim of reaching a deal between the Council and the European Parliament on the EU budget for 2016. This follows the adoption by the Parliament on 28 October 2015 of amendments that were not acceptable to the Council.

    The Council is particularly concerned that the Parliament wants to increase EU expenditure far beyond the ceilings agreed in the multiannual financial framework for 2014-2020. The Council considers that the 2016 EU budget cannot be decided in isolation from the expenditure limits agreed in the past and from the financial constraints that member states are currently facing. It also believes that it is wise to keep some financial leeway in case of unexpected events and financial needs. It therefore invites the Parliament to distinguish between measures that might be desirable and those that are essential.

  • Consideration of 2016 budget next Week starts next Week

    The Georgian Parliament will start consideration of the 2016 budget next week. The Committees schedule will be determined at the bureau meeting tomorrow. Members of Georgian Parliament have to complete the discussion in two weeks, after which the document with remarks will be returned to the Ministry of Finance .

    The opposition is not going to support the project, because thinks, that it is inadequate.

  • Sitting of the Budget and Finance Committee of Georgian Parliament

    The Committee considered the candidacies to the Members of the Board of the Financial Supervision Agency. 4 candidates: E. Urumashvili, E. Galdava, I. Kovzanadze and S. Ternes spoke about their programs. According to the rule, one candidate shall be elected with 5 years with rotation principle, others with 7 years.

    According to the Parliamentary Secretary of the Government, Sh. Tadumadze, the fifth candidate will be nominated in October. In line with the changes to the law on National Bank, 5 members out of 7 shall be nominated by the Government and elected by the Parliament with majority of the list composition.

    The Committee heard the actions plans of the candidates and asked the questions. After that, with secret ballot, the Committee supported the candidacies.

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