A special briefing of Free Democrats is scheduled for 15:00

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 11:45

A full complement of Free Democrats will hold a special briefing today – the press office of the party said today.  Presumably, it will be known today, what will be reorganized in the party and who made the decision to stay or leave. Briefing of the party is scheduled for 15:00.
The partial leader Irakli Alasania said on October 10 that he leaves party and politics temporarily. Also
it is reported that the other leaders of Free Democrats are going to leave the party. 

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  • Information of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Georgia regarding the next massive attack by the military forces of Armenia against the civil population of Azerbaijan and measures undertaken by the Azerbaijani side

    A special briefing regarding the situation on the front line took place at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Georgia.

    The embassy's adviser, Eldar Bayramov, said that a large-scale attack on Azerbaijan got carried out by Armenia yesterday morning. The Azerbaijani military fired back.

    Eldar Bayramov stressed that as a result of the bombing settlements and civic facilities, Azerbaijani civilians were killed and wounded.

    Around 06:00 hours, on 27 September 2020, the armed forces of Armenia blatantly violated the ceasefire regime and launched an intensive attack on villages of Gapanly of Tartar district, Chiragly and Orta Garvand of Aghdam district, Alkhanly and Shukurbayli of Fizuli district and Jojug Marjanli of Jabrayil district of Azerbaijan.

    The bombardment of densely populated civilian areas and installations situated along the front line by Armenia's armed forces has been deliberate and targeted. There are reports of dead and wounded among civilians and military servicemen. Extensive damage has been inflicted on many homes and civilian infrastructure.

    For instance, as of 27 September, 20:00, according to the preliminary estimations, 19 Azerbaijani civilians have been hospitalized with different wounds. Elbrus Gurbanov and his 4 family members, including two under-aged, were perished, and the house was totally destroyed in the Gashalty village by the city of Naftalan. 

    Armenia's deliberate targeting of residential areas and the civilians is a gross violation of the international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Convention of 1949. Targeting the civilian population is a tactic incorporated in the combat training of Armenia's armed forces, and the Khojaly genocide perpetrated in February 1992 has been a vivid testimony to that.

    Armenia plans to occupy Azerbaijani lands and does not conceal that. Their military-political leadership tried to threaten Azerbaijan with a new occupation, a new policy of occupation for new territories – this is the policy of Armenia’s military-political leadership today.

    Azerbaijan has issued repeated warnings to the international community that Armenia is preparing for a new act of aggression and war. We have repeatedly stated that Armenia's ongoing military aggression against Azerbaijan and the presence of the armed forces of Armenia in Azerbaijan's occupied territories have remained a significant threat to regional peace and security.

    With the General Debate at the UN General Assembly's 75th Session underway and the world fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Armenia's political-military leadership has resorted to another military provocation. By doing so, Armenia's leadership demonstrated once again a flagrant disregard for the international law, UN Charter and the international community.

    The armed forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan are undertaking necessary counter-offensive measures to prevent Armenia's another military aggression and ensure the security of the civilian population.

    In the course of a successful military operation, units of the Azerbaijani Army have so far liberated the villages of Garakhanbeyli, Garvand, Kand Horadiz, Yukhary Abdurahmanly and Ashagy Abdurahmanly of Fizuli district, as well as Boyuk Marjanli and Nuzgar of Jebrail district of Azerbaijan. In addition, enemy posts in the Aghdara and Murovdag directions were destroyed, and a number of dominant strategic heights were taken under the control of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani army is currently continuing to fire and strike at the enemy's military positions, as a result of which most of the enemy's military equipment was destroyed.

    Azerbaijan exercises its right to self-defense and repulse aggression in full compliance with the UN Charter and international law. And the responsibility for the present situation and future developments lie squarely with Armenia's political-military leadership.

  • David Onofrishvili said that he is not going to involve in politics

    Free Democrats’ former member David Onofrishvili said that he is not going to involve in politics or take any position. He made this statement today at press conference.
    “I want to reiterate that I do not want to become involved in politics and I am not going to take any political position. Unfortunately, the society preferred two partial parliament and the alternative political party as it is Free Democrats was not supported enough. We were politically active. I had 41 legislative initiatives, most of which were approved. We were very active both within and outside the country ", - said Onoprishvili.

  • The former leaders of Free Democrats call for supporters to support Georgian Dream

    The former leaders of Free Democrats call to the supporters to support Georgian Dream in the second round of elections. This statement was made by Zurab Abashidze, Davit Onoprishvili and Gia Tsagareishvili at press conference today.
     “The second round of elections will hold in several days. There are only the candidates of two main political parties: Georgian Dream and National Movement. There is no alternative here. I call to my supporters to support Georgian Dream,”-Davit Onoprishvili said.
    He also called to support one of the candidates of Free Democrats in Chiatura, Temur Gaprindashvili.

  • UNM, Free Democrats, Republicans and National Forum could make a coalition - Giorgi Baramidze

    According to the member of United National Movement Giorgi Baramidze, there were discussions behind the scenes that National Movement, National Forum, Republicans and Free Democrats could unite and change the parliament majority. According to him, this issue was discussed by the members of majority and after Free Democrats left the coalition but one of the opponents was Republican Party.
    “We had an opportunity to discuss this issue, Bidzina Ivanishvili to be removed from government and to change the situation in the parliament but we couldn’t reach an agreement. The republicans didn’t agreed it,”-Giorgi Baramidze said. 

  • Free Democrats doesn’t plan to enter any coalition or alliance-Tamar Kekenadze

    Free Democrats doesn’t plan to enter any coalition or alliance and it is going to get ready for the local elections independently, - this statement was made by the Acting Chairperson of Free Democrats Tamar Kekenadze. According to her, Free Democrats will not unite with any party or coalition even with pro western one.
     “We firstly participated in the elections independently. Our goal is to win in the second round. There are some challenges. A full reorganization is underway. We are going to cooperate with all pro western political force but we don’t plane to unite with them at this time,”-she said.

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